#WIWIWW (What I Wish I Was Wearing)

Happy Monday, friends! I have a good, old-fashioned outfit post for you today. I’m calling this post What I Wish I Was Wearing… or #WIWIWW.

Maybe we can make this a new trending hashtag!

I fell in love with this top when I saw this pretty floral print. It’s the perfect medium-size floral pattern grounded on a dark background, and I think the muted pink, taupe, and white shades make such a pretty contrast against the navy.

The flutter sleeves and gently flowing silhouette are feminine without being too froo-froo, for lack of a better word! I have to be careful with ruffles and florals, but this blouse hits all the right notes. It’s the perfect blend of classic and flirty.

This top runs true to size (I’m in the small) and it’s currently 40% off at Nordstrom! You can find more sizes at Zappo’s and Revolve, but it isn’t on sale at those retailers.

I paired this top with my favorite white skinnies and neutral heeled sandals, as if I was going out for drinks with girlfriends or a date night with my husband.

Don’t you like how I’m striding along by the pool, like I’m actually going somewhere? Hey, a girl can pretend!

These jeans are amazing, by the way, and currently 20% off with code VERYRARE. I have the 28 regular, for reference. They also come in petite and tall sizes.

If you don’t care for the button front and/or the 10″ rise, I have this 9″ pair from last year, and they’re just as good — nice, thick white denim that isn’t see-through at all. They’re also 20% off, and they come in tall sizes as well.

Sizes are limited, though, so another option is the 9″ toothpick jeans at J.Crew. (Did you know that J.Crew owns Madewell?) These are very similar to the 9″ Madewell skinnies, and they’re 30% off with code 5DAYs. These also come in petite and tall sizes.

These sandals are from last year, and I was super excited to find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack because they were one of my favorites. The leather straps are soft and pliable and feel really good against the skin, and the block heel is stable and easy to walk in.

I like this nude color a lot, but they also come in a nice cognac color, as well as white and a snake print that is calling my name… #toomuchsnakeprint #mustresist

I recommend sizing down half in these. I have a 7.5.

I accessorized with a few of my designer favorites — these D Yurman earrings were a Christmas gift from Paul, and the Lagos necklace was a birthday gift from my mom. Yes, I know, they spoil me!

I rounded up some similar-for-less options to the jewelry I’m wearing in the shopping widget at the end of the post.

Also, Nordstrom Rack is actually doing a Lagos event right now, and you can get some really good deals on this gorgeous silver jewelry. I rounded up some of my favorites in Saturday’s pajama post. (I know, so random! But I didn’t want you to miss out. They would make lovely Mother’s Day or grad gifts.)

I left the blouse untucked, and I think it works — especially with the heels. They help create a longer bottom half, even though the hem of the white jeans are where the eye actually stops.

A front tuck would give me a better overall proportion, but it’s fussy with a button placket, and I prefer to let it hang in this case.

Actually, I took this picture to Photoshop and drew the lines, and it is pretty close to that ideal 1/3 to 2/3 ratio, even untucked!

Anyway! If I had somewhere to dress up and go right now, and that’s a big IF (because we all know I don’t!), this is exactly what I’d wear.

For now, this blouse also looks really cute dressed down with blue jeans and flats, so that’s how I’ll be wearing it in the meantime.

I also love it with this draped faux suede jacket on top!

Outfit Details:

floral top (more sizes here and here) // white jeans (9″ option) // sandals // earrings // necklace // bracelet // blue jeans // flats // draped jacket

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. The top looks great on you. I especially like the jeans and draped faux suede jacket on top! Thank you for putting the lines on the pictures. Are you measuring from your neck to the bottom of the top (1/3) and then to the bottom of the pants, which should be 2/3??

  2. I am going to follow my husband to take his vehicle in for warranty check/repairs today so will wear my new white jeans and chambray top with nude sandals tp pretend things are back to normal!😊, Soon, I Hope.  We just have to be patient.

    1. Judy….so glad to hear I’m not the only one who puts on normal clothes to just go for a ride somewhere.  I’m so tired of leggings and casual pull overs etc. at home. I can’t wait until we can dress normal and go somewhere……really go somewhere.  Maybe if we pretend long enough that things are back to normal it will . LOL  Enjoy.  

  3. I love the floral stop with the white skinnies. Looks great on you! Congrats on the puppy and enjoy your time–the puppy stage seems to go by quickly.

  4. Fantastic hash tag line! Love it. Feeling grounded at home at this stage of life ie not a teenager!😂 is an adjustment.
    Good luck with Ozzy. I’m sure he will be a welcome addition and distraction in your home. Looking forward to seeing more pics of him. Love the blouse: pretty for spring but not too frou frou floral.

  5. I like that outfit a lot. I have the Madewell white jeans from last year and love them! Sadly, I haven’t worn them at all so far this spring because, you know, staying home. I ordered one of the pairs of P448 that I’ve been eyeing. The ones I ordered are totally gaudy, but my husband likes to say I’m distracted by shiny things, and I’m pretty sure he’s right. 😉 I ordered in two sizes. I have a pair of P448, and they do seem slightly large, although fine when laced pretty snugly. I feel like they probably are only a half size too large, and I was going to wait on buying another pair until I could actually get to a Nordstroms and try on a pair, but it’s a pretty great sale price, so I just decided to order both sizes and see which I prefer.

    I’m so looking forward to reading about your new puppy!

    1. I think you’ll be happy if you size down. I tried the 39 first, and thought they fit, and then I realized they may be too big. So I ordered the 38 to compare, and they are much better. I find myself even wondering if I should have tried the 37. I love the shiny ones! I was thinking of ordering one of the glittery pairs, myself. 🙂

  6. I love your posts.  Why is it that when I try to click on your links, it tells me that it is not a trusted site.  Is anyone else having this problem?

  7. Have fun picking up Ozzy! We got our puppy last Wednesday…an 8 week old golden retriever. He’ll join our 10 year old Goldie, and our daughters family took home a brother.  They’ve spent the last few days getting adjusted and last night our old guy allowed the puppy to snuggle up with him for tv time. He’s working on the cat now..she’s getting closer and sniffs him while he sleeps. I’m sure they’ll all be good buddies soon!

  8. I’ve been wanting that top  for ages but I’m wary of Sanctuary sizes. I’ve mediums that fit fine and some that are smaller than small. The problem is across the chest. I’m a busty girl same height as you but about where you were weight-wise before your very successful eating plan. How does the shirt fit across the bust?  I’m a 34DDD. It’s the DDDs that are my nemesis. 

  9. So excited for you and your family today!  It’s such a special bonding time.  It is nice you’ll have enough people to keep Savannah fully spoiled, although in our experience, no attention to that pup was okay with our then 2 year old dog.  He wanted it all himself!  🙂   
    I’m sure it will all go well and I’m so looking forward to all the pictures and instagram stories showing that little guy.

    Oh, and very pretty outfit today!

  10. GM! I’m so excited about your new puppy but just don’t name it Corona lol. My daughter has been bugging us to get a miniature dachshund, because we had one for 14 yrs. but now we have our sweet rescue dog and my husband thinks she’s enough for now (we’ll just have to work on him some more). I love this outfit and especially how the white jeans hit perfectly at your ankles showing the pretty ankle strap sandals. It’s going to be a high of 93 in San Antonio today so I’m starting to feel like I won’t get to wear many of my spring tops, as by the time this is over it will be summer here 😔 plus I don’t think I will order anymore shoes from Nordstrom right now since the return process is really delayed. I hate having to keep checking for my credits and hoping my return items aren’t loss. 

  11. Congratulations on the new puppy! We have a mini golden doodle and she is the best dog!  Can’t wait to see pictures of the new puppy. Have a great Monday!

  12. Such a pretty top I love it styled both ways..such an exciting day for your family today! Please remember our province of NS today as we had a terrible act of violence over the weekend that took the lives of 18 people.  

      1. A 51 year old man a denturist who owned I believe two clinics went on a shooting mission in a small rural town called Portapique( where he owned a few houses and apparently lived ) he then not only shot victims but burnt their homes. Then he went on to cover a total of about 50 km continuing to kill and burn places.. he also took the life of one of our RCMP officers.. He was finally caught yesterday which ended in the loss of his life too. 

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of NS. We usually don’t have mass murders in Canada so it was quite the shock. Take care, Karen.

  13. That is such a pretty blouse and looks great on you!  I can see that you will get a lot of wear out of it.  Have fun today!

  14. Jo-Lynne.  Good morning.   I have been enjoying your blog during this time.   I really liked the outfit you had posted from Talbots with the yellow jacket and did purchase it along with the striped cutout top.   I love it but am wanting ideas to go along with the jacket other than this top.  I have worn white t shirts with it and navy.   Any other ideas would be appreciated.   Thank u

  15. 3 looks for the price of one. I love it when you show us different looks with the same piece. I would also consider that blouse with a navy pencil skirt for work…if I was going to the office right now.  And shorts if it were warmer. So much potential!

  16. Hi Jo-Lynne! I actually bought the shirt and the faux suede jacket on Friday. The prices were just too good to refuse! I can’t wait to get these and see if I love them too. Super surprised you featured it again today!

  17. That is such a fun top!  It looks so cute with the draped jacket and jeans.  I’m still wearing sweatshirts and sweaters since it’s still cold here.  I may have to start wearing my spring tops with a cardigan around the house, because it doesn’t look like I’ll be wearing them outside any time soon!  So excited to see pictures of your new puppy.  What a fun time for all of you!

  18. Such a cute outfit on you. You look so pretty.  I can’t wait to be able to wear normal clothes again and go somewhere.  Please post about Ozzy after you get him.  Those are the best dog breeds.  My daughter has one, I told you about, but theirs is not a miniature.  He’s huge, so you did good by getting smaller.  

  19. #WIWIWW  Yep, me too!  This is such a cute outfit and a sign of things to look forward to soon, I pray. This AM, I went grocery shopping at 6:30.  My face mask coordinated to my outfit. I think it’s official – I am desperate to style up something, anything. 

  20. I’m guessing that Savannah is going to get along great with your new puppy. Maybe even get excited to see her/him. I’ve seen that happen numerous times when somebody has brought home a new puppy to meet the existing dog in the house.
    I think you should do a video of the meet and greet. 😀
    I know all of us would like to see photos again when you get her/him home!

  21. I love the hashtag!  The Eileen Fisher sandals are in my Nordstrom cart…such good sales.  I think I’m (perhaps) as excited as you are to follow along with your new puppy.  Looking forward to pictures.  

  22. I like these sandals you styled today. It seems like they are bringing styles back from about 20 years ago. Wide strap sandals in heels and flats. Not so fond of them in flats but they’ll probably grow on me! 

  23. You look so good! I wish those white jeans would’ve worked for me. 😩 And so funny that I almost bought that Sanctuary top in the beg of March (the last time I was actually in the store) but it was a little too short on my long waisted body. Pretty fabric though and looks great on you! Outfit perfection! 

  24. I really like both ways you styled the pretty top. Can’t wait to hear about Savannah and Ozzy meeting for the first time. Thanks, Jo-Lynne, for keeping things normal around here.

  25. I love the draped faux suede jacket above and want to order. I have a more fitted blanknyc jacket in a large which the shoulders fit perfectly but I feel like the body is slightly to big. Does this jacket fit similarly?

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