Ahhhh…  Peace and quiet.

The human tornadoes have just vacated the premises, not to return until 3:15 this afternoon, and it’s Coffee O’clock — the best time of the day.

What are you doing to occupy yourself on this fine Friday?  I was supposed to go on a ladies’ retreat to the beach this weekend, but thanks to the presence of bone-chilling cold and wind and rain, AND A CHANCE OF SNOW, the event was called off.  We’re gonna do dinner instead.  So tonight, instead of hanging out in my slippers and yoga pants with a few girlfriends at the beach, I’ll be venturing out in the driving rain to go to dinner.  But hey, at least I won’t be cooking, right?  And there’s something to be said for sleeping in one’s own bed, even if the inhabitants have a way of multiplying throughout the night.

Other than that, the weekend’s pretty wide open because, as I said, I was planning to be at the beach. Since when does it SNOW in October?  What is this, the North Pole?  It’s a good thing we have a good mall nearby or I’d be packing my bags for warmer climates.  I hear it’s 95 in Florida right now.  Of course my friends in Florida are coveting my fall temperatures, which just goes to show, the grass is always greener on the other side of the Mason Dixon Line.

Speaking of a good mall.  I decided to go to the mall and meander yesterday.  That’s always a bad idea.  Because I find things I didn’t know I wanted.  Like this.


I’ve been hankering after a French Press, but this one is not only prettier than the average French Press, it’s actually insulated so the coffee stays warm.  Brilliance!

I’m thinking Santa might be getting a letter sometime soon.

And speaking of shopping at William Sonoma, aren’t these the cutest?  If I’d seen them in the store, I’d have bought them right up.  Instead I got these — boring, but serviceable.  And now completely devoid of sticky price tag goo, thanks to a trip through the dishwasher.

Then, as I was walking through Nordstrom, I spotted the Ugg slippers that inspired my Tar-Jay designer knockoffs.  Yes, teenagers everywhere are coveting my slippers.


My Target knockoffs are just fine for schlumping around the house, but I’ve heard how infinitely comfortable the Ugg is, and I was curious.  What does a $100 slipper feel like, anyway?

O MY GARSH. (My mil always says garsh. Cracks me up every time. Evidently when you’re from Pittsburgh, superfluous r’s appear in words that otherwise do not have them.)

Let’s just say, that while $100 is pretty steep for footwear that is not intended to cross the threshold into the great outdoors, not that that has stopped me from venturing forth on occasion wearing my Tar-Jay designer knockoffs, there are no words to describe the level of comfort of the Ugg slipper.  Which got me to thinking.  Don’t our feet deserve the best?  Think about everything they do for us.  We ask a lot of the feet.  What better way to reward one’s feet for their diligent service than with a pair of the most luxurious slippers money can buy?  I’ll have to ponder that one.  There are a lot of other places I can think of to put $100.

In other news, yesterday I got in the mail 2 boxes from the Tastemakers Potato Challenge and McCormick and Schmick’s.  One contained a pocket video cam and a gift card for groceries for the challenge, and the other contained over a pound of fresh Mahi Mahi to use in my recipe.  I spent hours going back and forth with a friend via email, and we finally came up with a recipe that I’m hoping will garner me plenty o’ votes!  My dear husband stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work and picked up the ingredients I needed, and then he set up his video studio in our kitchen and recorded me making the meal.  If there’s a sure fire way to divorce court, it’s having your husband play videographer/director/producer of your cooking experiments.  No, truly, I appreciate his help and his attention to detail, but let’s just say there are a few expletives to be edited out in the final cut.

We finally wrapped up the filming and ate at 8PM.  Now, THAT’S commitment to a challenge, wouldn’t you say?  Or perhaps it’s just my competitive spirit getting the best of me.  But I’m glad it’s done, and as soon as we have it produced and uploaded to YouTube, I’ll be begging for your votes.  I apologize in advance.

Meanwhile, I plan to spend this dreary day at home in my yoga pants and Tar-Jay designer slippers.  My main objective for the day, other than baking a couple loaves of bread, is to stay dry.  ‘Cause a girl’s gotta have goals.

What are your plans for this dreary weekend?