Dear William Sonoma Decision Maker Types:

I do not understand why a store with the reputation for excellence such as yours would choose not to use price tags that are easily removable.  I decided to purchase glassware at your store because I was hoping that it is superior in quality to the rag-tag conglomeration of glassware that now resides in my cabinet, most of which was purchased at the store of the red bulls-eye.

I brought home my new glasses, cleared out a prime spot for them in a kitchen cabinet, and began to remove price tags.  Little did I know what a challenging endeavor I was taking on.  If I had wanted an extra workout today, I would have gone back to the gym.  Not to mention that my manicure is now in shambles.  Or, it would be, if I had a manicure.  But that’s beside the point.

I can think of at least 113 other things I could have done with the 20 minutes I spent peeling stubborn stickers off the bottom of my new glasses.  And even now, as they sit in my dishwasher, awaiting their first bath, there is plenty of sticky residue still firmly adhered to the bottom of the glasses that will probably be there until they break and go to their final resting place in the recycle bin.

Perhaps you can inquire as to where you might find more user-friendly price tags so as to not further frustrate your loyal customers.

Thank you,
A Vexed Customer in Philly

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  1. Fill your sink with enough water to cover the bottom of the glasses and let them sit in it a few minutes. The sticky should just wipe off. Before you run the dishwasher, it may just make it stickier. Good luck.

  2. Btw let me know how that glassware holds up because I too was thinking of buying glasses there since we’re down to four cheap ones.

  3. To remove tags from anything really, just soak in hot water or put a hot blow dryer on the tag area for a few seconds. The heat losens the gumminess. I learned this working at a bookstore where we literally ironed the books to remove the sales tags after the sale was over!

  4. PS – with glasses, if you don’t want to deal with the messiness of a soaked piece of paper coming off in, um, pieces, just fill the glass with hot water, making sure the water level covers where the label is. The heat on the glass will make the label come off in one smooth piece. 🙂

  5. When I worked at our college bookstore, we had that problem all the time with tags on books. And yes, it’s even more annoying with glassware and other things you might not want the stickers hanging around on forever!! UGH. We used a lot of this stuff, so much so that I can still smell it in my head 6 years later.


  6. I also use a product called “Undo” that works like a charm. Sometimes the bottles even have a scraper attached to help ease the stickers off. You can use it on almost anything. If there is not scraper included, you can use a Pampered Chef stoneware scraper, if you’ve got one of those handy.

  7. I’m a “goo gone” gal myself. The SECOND a sticker gives me sass, it gets shot with goo gone and is left to stew in its wonder working puddle of goo. Lifts right off.

    My pet peeve are those who put price stickers on paper surfaces.

  8. I KNOW. I hate how hard it is to get tags off of things. And I know it’s possible to make tags that are easier to get off, as I have encountered them in my lifetime.

    But there are some tags out there where even Goo Gone will not help. SO. FRUSTRATING.

  9. I’ll second (or fifth?) the goo gone suggestion for next time. I find that the Williams-Sonoma stickers come off of some things REALLY EASILY and some things they are stuck on forever. What’s a girl to do? /shrug.

  10. LOL! LOL! Alright. Got it. Goo Gone. I actually think we have some of that. But fortunately it all came off in the dishwasher. High heat cycle. WOOT!

  11. One word: GOO GONE!!!! Work fantastic for anything like the above evil price stickers and so much more like paint off of wood work. Gotta try it!

  12. Grrr I hate the sticky tags! Walmart always has the genius idea of putting them smack in the middle of plates and bowls…and they DON’T come off in the dishwasher! It ridiculous.

  13. I’m sorry to hear about your price tag problems, but I do love that you are “vexed”!

  14. Goo Gone is a friend for sure!

    Very annoying, though! I find the ones from TJ Maxx to be like that too because some are on there forever!

  15. I hate sticky tags too!! They are awful. I don’t get why they use them on mirrors too, or picture frames. They have non-sticky sticky ones (does that make sense?). grrrr

  16. A blow dryer usually does the trick for me. Anything too stubborn for that gets the rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone treatment.

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