Dear William Sonoma Decision Maker Types:

I do not understand why a store with the reputation for excellence such as yours would choose not to use price tags that are easily removable.  I decided to purchase glassware at your store because I was hoping that it is superior in quality to the rag-tag conglomeration of glassware that now resides in my cabinet, most of which was purchased at the store of the red bulls-eye.

I brought home my new glasses, cleared out a prime spot for them in a kitchen cabinet, and began to remove price tags.  Little did I know what a challenging endeavor I was taking on.  If I had wanted an extra workout today, I would have gone back to the gym.  Not to mention that my manicure is now in shambles.  Or, it would be, if I had a manicure.  But that’s beside the point.

I can think of at least 113 other things I could have done with the 20 minutes I spent peeling stubborn stickers off the bottom of my new glasses.  And even now, as they sit in my dishwasher, awaiting their first bath, there is plenty of sticky residue still firmly adhered to the bottom of the glasses that will probably be there until they break and go to their final resting place in the recycle bin.

Perhaps you can inquire as to where you might find more user-friendly price tags so as to not further frustrate your loyal customers.

Thank you,
A Vexed Customer in Philly