Thanks to Essie, I’m Good-To-Go

One of my favorite indulgences is a full-service manicure, and I’ve gone through periods in my life when I’d get one once a week. Lately I haven’t wanted to commit that kind of time to my nails, but I do like to have them painted. The look SO much nicer that way.

Of course, painting your nails at home is never quite the same as a professional manicure. It’s hard to get them looking as nice as they do when they’re done professionally, they take forever to dry, and they seem to chip easier.

So when I don’t have time, I usually go without. Or I did until my friend Steph turned me on to Essie Good-To-Go.

Essie Good To Go

It’s a top coat that dries super fast and makes your nails extra shiny.

I’ve been amazed at how well it works. It also seems to make my color stay longer. In fact, I was all stoked to try the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel; but as it turns out, my nail polish stays on just as long when I use Essie’s Good To Go over an Essie nail color.

My current fave is Essie Chinchilly. I love this cool mid-tone grey for fall. It’s neutral enough to go with everything, vivid enough to be seen but not so dark that it’s garish.


Now if I could just manage to get my cuticles looking as good as they do when I’ve been to the salon, I’d be all set!

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