The Obligatory First Day of School Photos

My kids all went to school this morning for the first time since June 9th. I hate to say it, but I have thoroughly enjoyed myself today! Not that I don’t love being with my kids, but to have the house to myself, with no one leaving dishes in the freshly washed sink, no bickering, and no one ringing the doorbell . . . absolute BLISS!

Even better, the heat and humidity moved out and it’s a gorgeous day.

My son got up at o’dark thirty to catch the middle school bus. He surprised me by cooperating quite nicely for his annual BTS photo. I guess he’s learned that I always get my way when it comes to pictures, so he might as well get it over with pleasantly.


I clearly do not choose to battle over clothes. That’s a not a hill worth dying on in my book. Photos, yes. Clothing, no. So despite the new khakis and collared shirts stacked neatly in his dresser drawer, my son went to his first day of 8th grade decked out in Nike’s finest.

The girls’ first day of school portraiture involved quite a bit more fanfare, as anything involving girls is wont to do. They were outside a full 20 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive.

First we had to get our photos with Savannah.



And then we had to pose in our new dresses.



Of course I wanted one with the two of them, which they tolerated. Barely.


Savannah, of course, positioned herself right in the middle, as if she belongs there.

Then my neighbor came out with these clever signs for all the kids.



And all the parents jockeyed for the best photo-taking spot.



Look at all those shiny happy faces. They look perfectly harmless, don’t they??

So that’s that. A new school year has begun! I’m surprising them when they get home with a plate of their favorite cupcakes, and hopefully they will all have great stories to tell.

Back to School Cupcakes