The Perfect Wedge Knee-High Boot

Remember those boots I was crushing on in my Boot Sale post a few weeks ago?

which ones

(a) Tara Tiffany | (b)  Tara Tabitha | (c) Umberto Raffini Signature Joelle

Well guess what? The Walking Company saw my Boot Sale post and offered to send me a pair of boots! WOOT!

Of course, that sent me into a flurry of decision making drama. I have been wanting a moto-style ankle boot, but those knee-high wedge boots were to die for. And I really could use an update to my black Dansko boots I’ve been wearing for years. (Ironically, they were a product sample as well!)

In the end, I did what any red-blooded American woman would do. I ordered the ankle boots and accepted the knee-high boots as a gift from The Walking Company.

I know, I am bad. But they were on sale and exactly what I’d been looking for.

As far as the  Umberto Raffini Joelle wedge boot goes, they arrived while I was at the hospital. I got home to find these babies waiting for me.

Joelle Boots

I haven’t had an occasion to wear them yet, but I put on a little fashion show this afternoon. Take a look! They look equally fabulous with skinny jeans as they do with a dress.

Joelle Boots with Skinny Jeans

jeans boots closeup

And they are so incredibly comfortable. They have cushion under the ball of the foot as well as a nice arch support. I didn’t think it was possible to find boots more comfortable than my Danskos but I think Raffini did it.

Joelle Boots with a Dress

boots dress closeup

I love how the back has this nylon panel that makes them super comfy, and it also makes them flexible so they fit to the size of your calf.

back of boots

If you’ve had your eye on these boots, I have some good news for you! This little newsflash landed in my email inbox this morning.

And the Joelle boots that were marked down from $259 to $199 are now $149. WOOHOO! (And it includes free shipping.)


But the Joelle boots aren’t the only ones that have been marked down. The Walking Company has UGGs on sale as well as Danskos and many others fabulous comfortable stylish shoe brands. It’s worth taking a look!

Weekend Sale at The Walking CompanyHappy Veteran’s Day shopping!

disclosure: I received the Joelle boots from The Walking Company with no strings attached, but I love them so much I couldn’t resist sharing them with you! And of course, this fabulous sale! This post does contain affiliate links.

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  1. Oh my goodness..when describing yourself…I thought it was me… except for the blogging and the running.
    Just accidentally found your blog while searching for fashion over 40.
    Thanks.. i plan on following :0)
    From Tulare, CA

  2. Jo-Lynne,

    Those Raffinis look awesome on you. I’m going to post this feature on my Facebook feed for my readers to see–they’re always on the look out for cute, comfy boots 😉

  3. Had my card out ready to buy these tall boots if they were in stock. And I was so disappointed they’ve been marked back up to 199. Just gonna have to sit and see if they to back down as they r so cute. And they look as comfy as you say!

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