Ups and Downs

I’ve spent the better part of the last week in the hospital with my son so Daily Mom Style would be more like Hospital Mom Style if I were to post what I’ve been wearing lately. And trust me, if I had photographic evidence, which I sure as heck don’t, you wouldn’t want to see that.

So I thought I’d write an update for those who have been following along.

Surgery went pretty well on Friday, although the surgeon didn’t find what he expected when he got in there, which made the surgery a bit more of a challenge. But that wasn’t supposed to alter the predicted recovery time or protocol, so we were happy as we settled into our sunny little room on the surgical floor at CHOP.

Unfortunately we got sent home too soon. We debated most of Saturday afternoon if he was ready to go home or not, and while the doctor told me it was ultimately up to us to decide, he thought we would be fine at home. Against my better judgement, I agreed to the release, and I will never forgive myself for not following my instincts. WHEN will I learn?

Once we were home, my son was not getting better. He  couldn’t keep food or even medicine down, and he was in an incredible amount of pain. I talked to the urologist on call several times over the weekend, and finally on Monday morning we decided to bring him back in.

Now here is where you get a lesson in life and hospital care. DO NOT EVER let the hospital release you until you are SURE you are ready to go home and be on your own. Because once you leave, it takes an act of Congress to get back in. If we had simply stayed put on Saturday, we would have saved my son an incredible amount of pain and agony, to say nothing of the stressful day of ambulance rides and ER visits and false alarms. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I could have driven him to the Children’s Hospital on Monday morning, but he was in too much pain to be moved. So I called an ambulance.

The ambulance could not take us into Philly because we live so far out, so they took us to the closest suburban hospital where they had to administer all their typical protocol. On the plus side, they were able to give him medicine to manage his pain, which he was desperate for at that point.

When they confirmed that my son needed to be moved to CHOP, they called an ambulance, we waited, we took ANOTHER ride, and we landed in the ER there, where again, they administered all of their protocol and ordered an ultrasound.

Finally, 8 hours, 2 ambulance rides, 2 ER visits and countless signed documents later, we got re-admitted and placed in a room on the surgical floor. This time the room was more of a dungeon. Reason #2847 that I wish we had never left on Saturday.

Here’s my bed. Doesn’t it look comfy?


my bed at Children’s Hospital . . . cushy!

At one point, we were told my baby might have to have another surgery, and I have to admit that I freaked out a bit at that point. But the false alarm was due to the ER doctors not understanding the effects of this type of surgery.

Once we saw the urologist, he explained what was happening and how to treat it, and while we were not thrilled with everything we need to do to get through this, the prognosis is MUCH more palatable than it was earlier in the day. That was Monday.

Today things are looking much better. My son has shown dramatic improvement in the last 48 hours. He’s like a different kid. We are still at CHOP, but we hope to go home later today if all systems are go.

All of your emails and messages and prayers and offers for meals and assistance are so appreciated. I haven’t been able to reply to everyone, but please know that I’ve read them all and am overwhelmed by the love and support.

I think we’re on the mend.