3 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Pants Over 40

Hello, friends! Happy December 1st! I’m so excited be teaming up with not one, but two stylish ladies today! Deborah from Fabulous After 40 is joining Cyndi and me today to show you three ways to wear faux leather pants for women over 40.


I’ve been wanting to try faux leather pants for a while, but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. Like most trends, the more I see it, the more I like it, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a pair. I actually ordered three pairs — two were actually leggings, but these are faux leather pants with a button and zipper and back pockets. They basically look like jeans.


I tried them on with a few of my sweaters, but then I remembered this striped poncho from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last summer. I love the look of a bold patterned poncho over a monochromatic outfit, so I was thrilled when I tried this on and it all came together.


Underneath, I’m wearing a long-sleeve black v-neck top similar to this one. It’s super old, but I like it because it’s dressier than a tee. I often wear it as a layering piece under more fitted jackets in the wintertime, but it works well with this poncho too.


I’ve had these leather booties for a while. They came from Trunk Club, and their the Halogen brand. I’ve been impressed with this brand of shoes. I also have their OTK boots that I styled in this post. Both pairs of boots look high quality and are very comfortable.


I could totally wear this outfit with black jeans, but the faux leather pants definitely dial it up a notch. They’ll be super fun for holiday parties and date nights this winter.


This tiger’s eye choker is sold out, unfortunately. I love how the gold pulls the gold from the poncho. I didn’t even notice that when I put it on — I just liked how the black cord played off all the black in the outfit. It was when I was editing pictures that I realized how perfect it is. Nordstrom has lots of chokers right now, in fact, everyone does!


Funny story…We often shoot in the mornings when there aren’t many people around, but this time it happened to be 4pm on the eve of a holiday weekend (last Wednesday) and there were tons of people on the street, to say nothing of cars going by. I definitely was making a bit of a spectacle. I just try to act normal and go about my business, but I will be the first to admit that it’s super awkward.

Usually people don’t say much, but for some reason, everyone who passed seemed particularly friendly that night. One woman commented that I looked cute and someone else offered a smile of encouragement… or maybe they were laughing at me, I’m not entirely sure which, but I’m going to assume it was encouragement.

At one point, a really nice-looking younger guy walked by. I backed up apologized for being in his way, and he chuckled and said, “No problem. I’ve been there.”

I thought it was an odd thing to say, but I figured he was probably a photographer. He went on his way, and we went on with our shoot.


When we were done and walking back to the car, he came up to us and started asking about what we were doing and who I work for. I briefly explained the blog, and then told us he works with an agency. Evidently that’s what he meant about being in my shoes. I had assumed he was on the other side of the camera, but then I realized how good-looking he was — definitely model material — and it all made sense.

Anyway, it was just funny. In a way, it’s nice to talk about what I’m doing instead of smiling and nodding and assuming people think I’m a narcissist or a mental case or a little of both. Ha!

So I finished the look with my black moto hobo. I felt like the edgy style suited this outfit, and I wanted to carry a black bag so it blends in with the rest of the outfit and the striped poncho is the hero piece.


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Be sure to visit Cyndi and Deborah to see how they’re styling their leather pants! I can’t wait to see their looks.

Fashion Over 40: 3 Ways to Wear Leather Pants

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