Tiered Hem Linen Tee Redux

I love it when a company brings a great item of clothing back for a second season.

I had this tiered hem linen tee last year in the pink, and I wore it a ton. This year they’ve brought it back in a bunch of other gorgeous colors, including this dusty periwinkle blue.

I love the split neck, the gently ruffled sleeves, and of course the tiered hemline. It wears like a basic tee but it looks anything but.

I ordered this tee in the black and red in a size small, but I was afraid they would be too snug on me after they’re washed, so I exchanged them for this periwinkle blue in the medium.

I like the loser fit, and now I’m not so worried about shrinkage.

FYI, Nordstrom has almost sold out of this color, but Zappo’s carries it. Some colors are on sale, but this one is full price. Still, at $44, I think it’s a good value.

It also comes in a 3/4-sleeve version, if you’re interested. I have that one in the olive green from last year, and it’s really cute too.

I felt like this periwinklw color was begging to be paired with white jeans, and who am I to resist the call of white jeans in the springtime???

This top would also look nice with darker wash jeans, or white or navy pants. And I suppose you would wear it with a color, but I almost always pair light blue with white in the spring and summer. #plainjane

For accessories, I wore my these white hoop earrings and a gold beaded bracelet. Oh, and hey, this bracelet just went on sale 40% off!

I don’t think this outfit needs a necklace, but I’d like it better with something delicate to fill the neckline. I had my star necklace and small charm pendant with me the day of this shoot, but I forgot to put them on.

My natural inclination was to wear blush or nude shoes with this look, but I decided to take a step outside of my comfort zone (see what I did there?) and try these cheetah print flats.

Even though there’s black in the print, the white background keeps them light enough to work with the muted tones in this outfit.

I carried my taupe Everlane tote, which isn’t necessarily my first choice, but it’s what I had with me, and I actually like how it works with the rest of the outfit.

This is the kind of outfit I live in during the spring and summer. Between the details on the tee and the pattern in the shoes, this outfit looks far more special than a basic jeans-and-tee, but it’s just as easy to throw on and go.

Outfit Details:

tiered hem tee // white jeans (option) // cheetah print flats // earrings // bracelet // tote

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photos: Alison Cornell

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49 thoughts on “Tiered Hem Linen Tee Redux

  1. I have dark hair also. It is a challenge. I also think about getting highlights but have been just letting the natural highlights occur as the color comes off strands. I go to the salon and go with the non-ammonia color. I use touch up spray in the part in between colorings. I try to go as gentle as possible on my hair. Thanks for starting the conversation. Always interested to hear what others do.

  2. I changed my hair color a few years ago to more of a deep red/auburn color from a lighter color with highlights (my natural color is plain brown and now with lots of gray.) I have to have it colored every 5 weeks which is a pain, but I just cannot see myself with gray hair. I also see a lot of beautiful women with gray hair, and it looks great on them. I just think it would make me look even older. I cannot wait to wear some spring clothes, but not happening yet in New Hampshire. I so want to wear shoes and put away the boots, sweaters, and heavy coats. It will come soon enough.

  3. I have DIY my hair for years until about 10 years ago when more gray started popping up. I’m a golden blonde naturally and so the gray doesn’t show as much as with darker hair. I have my roots done professionally every 6 weeks and highlights done every 3rd visit or about every 18-20 weeks. The highlights help soften the gray coming in (I’m about 50/50) but highlights also adds movement and youthfulness. It’s expensive yes, but it’s so worth it to me personally. Your hair is beautiful as is but I think highlights would be gorgeous on you. On a different subject, I’m in the market for a new makeup mirror and tried to click onto the link for the Superhuman Sensor mirror from Kohl’s you featured but it isn’t working. I looked it up on Amazon and a lot of the reviews have complaints about the light either not staying on or coming on by itself during the night. Have you had issues like that with yours?

    1. Hm, well, I can’t speak to what happens at night. Mine is in the bathroom, and I can’t see it from my bed. But as far as it turning off, it’s motion sensored, so you just have to step in front of it and it comes on again. I haven’t had any issues with mine.

      Odd that the link is not working. I just tried it, and it appears to be out of stock. I found it at L+T but it is excluded from their current promo –

      Same with Macy’s –

  4. I was always on the blonde side growing up, but as I got older my hair was more light brown / dirty blonde. I started getting highlights in my late 40’s as I just felt better and brighter. Now I’m 51 and still just get the highlights. As I age I’ll be aiming more at highlights mixed with lowlights. The goal is to not have to totally dye or color my hair, but we shall see😉. My sister and other people I know with the darker hair seem to be in the full coloring mode a whole lot sooner. My highlights I get just bring out the natural blonde I still have while covering up the greys that pop up here and there. Yes we do see more of them as time passes. I get two full highlight sessions a year, and touch up in between so I can’t complain . I love the outfit you’ve styled today. I really need to get the white jeans out lol. It’s trying to warm up by the afternoons the mornings are still quite chilly. But we usually don’t see much of a spring anyway so this has been a nice reprieve. 

  5. I love this tee.  I bought two of them last year and was contemplating a third.  It’s very comfortable and washes up beautifully!  Love the periwinkle with the white.  

  6. I have dark fine hair like you Jo-Lynn and never colored or high lighted until my late 30s. Unfortunately, highlights, even a few subtle ones in the bang area, dry out my hair considerably and this is despite using sulfate free shampoo and minimal blow drying and/or curling wand. I was told to stick with semi permanent dye and honestly I have been very pleased with that option. My color will last 8-10 weeks.

  7. Good morning! Regarding coloring your hair, I’ve been doing mine for years! It’s so easy to do at home!! I have similar dark hair and length. It does get harder the longer the length but doable. I do mine anywhere from 4-5 weeks if I use my color shampoo, which is a must for longer periods between coloring.
    You can do it!!!
    As my mother has told me and I’m just following her…I came into this world with brown hair & I’m leaving this world with brown hair!!! So I have to keep up with her & dye my hair!!
    Good Luck!!
    P.S. I have the top in red…Love it!!!

  8. you asked about hair I have dark brown hair and I have hilights usual in the warmer months they hid the gray well. when Im going to do all over color I sometimes DIY but as Im getting older im starting to go to the salon more. its not a hard process just a little messy. tThis is a great outfit i can wear to work. I like the color combo and it doesnt look like jeans and a tee shirt at all 

  9. Brunette here and am struggling with the same problem. I used to get my hair colored every six weeks, then five. I told my stylist last week I wanted to go to four weeks because the gray was growing out so quickly. I too am not ready to go gray. I did go a bit lighter all over for spring. Maybe that will help. It is nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with this situation!

    1. Yikes! I’m doing 7 or 8 weeks right now, which works okay because I need a haircut about that often anyway. I know I will eventually need to go to 6 and maybe 5, but 4 really is a lot! I guess we do what we gotta do!

  10. You have beautiful hair! I have dark hair and I find if I lighten it all over using reds and then highlight it the grays are not that noticable. I have also gone very light in the blonde family and that works too. BTW I use a good hair stylist! He is a color specialist.

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne!  
    Oh the hair color quandary!!!!   I’m about the same age as you also with dark hair that has been turning gray for many years.  When people started calling me “grandma” when I was with my 2 youngest children (now 9 & 7) a few years ago, I decided it was time to fix that!!!   My stylist does a foil color with 2 colors (Carmel is the lighter one) leaving a bit of natural hair between the colors of foil.  This allows me to go 3-4 months between colors, and it looks very natural.  Just a little gray shows here and there which has never bothered me.  🤞🏼 🍀Good luck🍀 finding your happy color place too!😊

  12. I have (had) dark hair and instead of going too light all over at first, my beautician suggested highlighting.around my face. Years later we felt I was getting too dark and it was aging me as I’m much older than you! We did this by highlighting all over to lighten, but just once. Now we use a lighter color (to blend with highlighting) to do roots and I get the highlights around my face done every 3-4 months depending on how quickly they disappear.  Summer sun keeps them a bit longer. Hope this helps! 

  13. This outfit is a great example of how we can be very comfortable and casual while stepping it up a notch!  That is a very pretty color on you!  While I’ve never had dark hair, I used to color my hair at home.  It was so much cheaper and not difficult to do.  While I am a natural blonde, I did have reddish hair for awhile, but decided looking natural suited me the best.  Once I was able to stop coloring my hair and saw that I have silver hair, not grey, I was actually really happy.  I was in my early 50’s at the time.  Not having to worry about roots showing, etc., has been very freeing!  Enjoy your day!

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne, My hair “used” to be as dark as yours, maybe darker and I am now a blonde. I started turning grey when I was 18, and of course over the years, it has gotten worse.( Although I say they are “wisdom highlights” instead of grey.) I also use the semi permanent hair color, as it is gentler on my hair. I used to color my own hair for years, and once you get the hang of it, it’s okay. You have kinda short hair, so I think you would be okay doing it yourself. However, as I get older I just don’t feel like doing it myself, so that is one of my treats that I get every 5 1/2 -6 weeks.

  15. Thanks for getting the hair color conversation started….. I have dark hair like yours and swear by Garnier’s Olia no ammonia 60% oils hair dye. I prefer DIY for cost reasons. Can’t justify $130- 200 at my hairdressers so frequently plus having to go there for appointment when I work full time. The Olia brand is terrific and super easy to use with a hairdressers hair dye brush ($5 at Sally’s beauty store). Olia doesn’t stink, doesn’t drip or make a mess. I ask my husband to double check I got everything in the back. For those pesky grays that pop up around week 5, I use spray on L’oreal hair color. For those that DIY, Garnier’s Olia is terrific. I have also gone a shade or two lighter from dark to medium brown which is less aging.

  16. Cute top! I’d better go through my spring clothes and see what I “need”. I’m enjoying the hair color conversation. I’m a redhead with long hair and started dyeing my gray temples when I was in my early 40’s. At first I bought drugstore brands and mixed up my own blend of colors. Red is tough and no one seems to get it right. I wanted it to look like my natural color. I went to a salon for a few years, but had to go so often because my hair grows fast that it was more money than I wanted to spend. I started using esalon about 3 years ago and after a few tries, they got my color right and I’m very happy with it. I touch up my temples every 3 weeks and all my roots every 6 weeks. If you like diy, I’d definitely recommend esalon. It’s more expensive that drugstore hair color, but I think the quality is better.

  17. This outfit is gorgeous for spring and I love that you wore the flat closed shoe, which adds a nice contrast. I purchased this top in white last season and the material is a bit delicate so I struggled with the collar after washing it, it wouldn’t lay flat. So I found that if you shape the collar while it’s still damp and dry flat it works best. I had been doing my own hair color for years to touch up my regrowth but my hair stylist starting using organic hair color on my hair and I found that it lasted so much longer and my hair looked healthier so I stopped doing it myself in between. I did also choose to go lighter starting at age 55 and also added some highlights to keep those pesty greys from showing. But the more you do, the more maintenance is required 😔

  18. I have auburn hair and I use Madison Reid to cover my gray hair. It is really easy to do! Your outfit is cute and looks really comfortable 🙂

  19. Thanks to you and your blog I have this top in two colors. It is so comfortable and wearable it is a staple in my summer wardrobe. This one is a winner. Thanks.

  20. My hairdresser told me about a product, L’Oreal Magic Root Cover Up Temporary Gray Concealer Spray, that works wonderfully! I bought it in the shade that she uses on my roots. I use it around week 5 when the grey roots are starting to be noticeable. After I fix my hair, I spray it on my hair’s part where the grey shows the most. It is easy to use, cheap, available at Walmart and similar retailers, and lasts for a washing or two. I can go 6 weeks between hair colors that way.

  21. I looked at this top last year and the lighter colors seem a bit sheer to me and I didn’t want a dark color.  Are you wearing a cami under this top or do you feel it’s sheer? 

    I have light brown/ strawberry blonde hair and have never colored although the grays are really starting to show.  Obviously they don’t show up as much on lighter hair so I’ve been able to get away without coloring. I don’t envy those with dark hair and grays.  😉

    1. I am not, and it’s sheer, but not too sheer in my opinion. I would try a darker color if you’re concerned about that. I wouldn’t want to wear a cami with this. It kind of defeats the purpose of it being light and airy. 🙂

  22. I love these shoes with this look! 🙂 I am lucky in that when I go grey it is on the sides of my hair, so you don’t really see it except for when I have my hair up. I went ombre/bayalage about 5 years ago and have never looked back. I am a natural brunette, but love the blond highlights in my hair. Maybe you could just do a lighter shade of brown for highlights? I always go to the salon, like you I am terrified to do my own color at home! Good luck with whatever you decide.

  23. Wow, you really got things going with the hair coloring question. My natural color is dark brown, I have been having it colored since my “sparkles” started showing up in my early 30’s. It’s used to be every 8 weeks but now I’m lucky to go 4-5weeks in between coloring. I have mine done because I’m afraid of messing it up! I’ve tried a variety of tricks to extend it, highlights help some but I don’t like super blonde highlights on me. My fabulous stylist is now trying something new and going a bit lighter on the roots. At 57 I’m no where near ready to go natural, I’m about 30-40% gray/white. 

  24. I’m definitely going to check out the new colors in this tee. I also have a pink one from last year and can’t wait to pull it out when I switch over my closet (hopefully happening today!).
    I’m certainly not one to give hair advice, because I’m terrible at maintaining mine, but I have tried it all. I did an all over DIY for the first time a couple months ago. It wasn’t permanent because I was terrified also, but it came out just fine. I was desperate to cover my greys and couldn’t get to the salon. My hair was twice as long as yours and it was still manageable for a first-timer, lol. That being said, I still prefer highlights. My greys blend well with the ash tone in them and it does seem to help stretch those appointments out some because of that.

  25. I’m the same age as you Jo-Lynne and have dark hair as well. I did start going a little lighter to help mask the gray. I have to get my hair colored every 4 weeks. It’s such a chore! I get highlights every 4 months or so. I also use the Loreal root touch up spray on my roots that others mentioned. It works great!

  26. This is such a cute outfit! I love that color on you and those shoes. I have auburn hair (it is salt and pepper without color, probably). I have to get mine touched up every five weeks. You are so lucky because when I was your age (I think I am a few years older) I was getting it done much more often. It seems I have to step it up every five years or so. In fact, I was just thinking this week am I needing to get it done every four weeks. Unfortunately, blonde/lighter hair is not a color for me. 

  27. I’m on the opposite end of the hair dye question— I’ve colored my own hair for years (I started turning grey at 25) and now I’m wondering if I should start having it done professionally. It is getting harder and harder to cover the grey. I’ve gone a little lighter and color my roots every two weeks. I just can’t bring myself to go grey yet.

  28. I’m a DIY with dark brown hair. My natural brown is “mousy”, so dying brightens up my color, covers the grays. My mom has beautiful gray hair but I think I have my paternal grandmother’s hair which was always a dull brunnete. I actually do it about once every 8-10 weeks. Yes, some of the grays pop through. I prefer Clairol & L’Oreal but may try Garnier based on the below. I usually pick a medium brown (Clairol 4W) but usually can’t remember so it’s sometimes a surprise. I just can’t spend that amount on my hair…I’d rather use the money for clothing. I love those leopard print shoes and every time you wear them, I think I have to have them. So, I’ll be biting the bullet tonight. 🙂 I love that top as well. Periwinkle is such an “in” color this year.

  29. This outfit makes me want to pull out my white jeans!  I love the periwinkle blue top.  It is see through?  I’m wondering if I would need to wear a cami with it?  As for hair…I gave up coloring my hair about 4 years ago when I was 58,  and haven’t looked back.  I always did it myself, but decided I just didn’t want all the chemicals anymore, so I found a natural alternative – thanks, Pinterest!  I now spray coffee on my hair after each shampoo.  I have dark blonde hair, so the coffee does a decent job of coloring it between shampoos.  It’s easy and inexpensive!

    1. I didn’t wear a cami with it, but some women may feel the need to. if you like it and are worried about that, I suggest trying one of the darker colors. They’re not as see-through. Hope that helps!

  30. Enjoying all the hair color talk. I grew up blonde, turned to dirty blonde in my 30’s and finally started coloring my hair an auburn shade at 45 and have stayed with it. I visit my stylist every 5-6 weeks for a cut and color. I love my stylist, Norma. She started cutting my hair 35 years ago, three months before I got married and I’ve followed her to 4 different addresses. She also cut/colored my mom’s hair for several years after my mom’s stylist moved away. Mom loved Norma as Norma wasn’t a chatty/gossipy person, quite professional, always sweet and pleasant. My mom had her hair colored up to her 90th birthday (passing at 91), so I won’t be going grey for quite a while. Some women are truly gorgeous with grey hair but I do believe a great hair cut has a lot to do with it!

  31. Love this top! I’m going to order the 3/4 sleeve version in the same periwinkle color. Thanks for pointing out that the 3/4 sleeve option is available!

    My natural hair color is brown but not as dark as yours. Since I started getting more gray at the roots about 15 years ago, I get highlights/lowlights done at the salon about three times a year. I usually use L’Oreal Root Rescue once about midway between salon color visits. I pick a color that is close to my highlight shade and it does a good job blending in the gray roots until my next salon appointment. It’s a pretty low-risk option because it doesn’t make a dramatic change. I think your hair would look lovely with some natural looking highlights and it likely would help hide the gray somewhat. I do think getting grays to blend in with darker hair is a lot harder and there isn’t really a great solution. Have you ever looked at Sabrina is Asian with dark hair that she’s always kept natural until recently. In the last year she has been doing some highlights at the salon and it looks beautiful. Just thinking it might give you an idea how highlights might look in your hair. I’m excited to see what you end up doing!

  32. I noticed that this pretty top is now sold out at Zappos in most sizes, in that periwinkle color. But Macy’s has it in all sizes.
    I’m glad you pointed out the 3/4 sleeve version. I like that one a lot, too. Sanctuary is a great brand IMO.

  33. Hey JoLynne, I too had dark hair like yours that I had colored for years…but alas the day came when I could not keep up with the gray roots. It took me a year to talk myself into it – but I finally did it – and I have always been complemented on my hair since then. My gal does at least two shades so it looks very natural. In the fall we go a bit more brown and in the summer, more blonde. I will say – I went from needing winter colors to needing whites, light blues, etc and I do really well with tans and browns whereas I could never wear those colors before. Also, I know use a blondish brown on my eyebrows – to match my hair better. It’s a complete shift. The first time, I went more brown so that it wasn’t as huge a difference. Then I went lighter in subsequent appts until I got to where I need to be. I can go 8 weeks with nothing showing where before, my roots showed in 3-4 weeks.

  34. I’m so glad you’re coming to Austin, that’s where I live!  I hope y’all enjoy the city and all the wonderful places to eat. I wish the weather was going to cooperate but it looks like a cold front is coming and bringing rain. But you never know what will actually happen in Texas and especially Austin. 

  35. My natural hair color is, or should I say was, dark….probably pretty close to yours…..not black but a really dark brown, with a bit of a red undertone.  As it grayed, I tried to maintain the dark but my hair grows so fast, I had a definitive white stripe in the top of my head at two weeks!!  I sure couldn’t afford to go, nor did I want to go, to the salon every two weeks so that’s when I opted for highlights and lighter hair. Now that my stylist has achieved the lighter color that helps camouflage the gray, I still have to get a root touch up every four weeks and highlights about every three months.  I’ve thought about letting it go natural…….I’m sure it’s almost all gray by now……but I’m just not there yet.   😜 Although I’m not as thin, nor do I have her bone structure, but I have always loved Jamie Lee Curtis’ gray hair and pixie cut!  I do think I’ll go natural at some point just because going to the salon seems to be such a chore lately!  After working all week, I just don’t look forward to sitting in that chair for two hours!   Maybe when I retire I’ll feel differently. 🙂

  36. I have dark hair and started touching it up in my 30s. Like you, my roots started coming in faster  and faster, so I had to start going every 3 weeks. My colorist suggested trying something light for summer, which I did and loved. That worked for a few years and then the grey hit fast and furious speed! We now do foils every 6-9 weeks and I go for root touch ups in-between. It took a little getting used to but I love the results and I don’t fret about the roots as much anymore. 

    Before I started the foils I used to buy L’Oreal root touch-up at the store and that worked well, too.

  37. I get highlights! My hair is/was blonde and my grey is coming in white. I get highlights/ lowhights at the salon. It looks much more realistic than just lightning. I believe we will know when it’s time to go grey/silver/white. That time is not now. 

  38. Love this top. Also the solid blue dress yesterday was absolutely stunning. 
    On the hair color, I am 50 so a little older with similar color hair. I used to get my hair colored every 5-6 weeks and cut every other appointment. I hated the time and the expense and my stylist is always booked so if I have to change an appt, it’s almost impossible. I think there was a time when I just couldn’t get into the salon so tried the L’Oréal root touch up in dark brown. It takes about 20 minutes total and works fantastic!  Now I go to salon every three or four months and just do my roots in between as needed. I have to do it more often than I would have gone to the salon but it’s so quick and about $7 so much easier. One time I needed a cut and the timing was off so had just done the color. My hairstylist even said it looked great!  I highly suggest it. It was scary the first time but I figured I could go in to the salon and get it fixed it it looked horrible. 

  39. My hair is Kendall Jenner dark and Nicole Kidman curly naturally. Currently I get the roots done every 4 weeks and usually do partial highlights every other visit especially in the summer. On top of that I get keratin straightening twice a year.
      At first I kept it dark and did it to cover some white hair so I could keep Japanese straightening my hair twice a year.  I started getting blonde highlights like 2 years ago because I was getting bored with the same hair color all my life and it would probably blend the white/grey hair much better.  I don’t know about that.  I now notice the dark hair growing more.  
    I live at salon but I don’t mind. It’s my relax time.  Ideally I would like to color my hair every 3 weeks and do keratin treatments 3 times a year.  My stylist and I compromised at every 4 weeks.   Next visit though I am going to see if I can keratin 3 times a year!  I had to stop the Japanese straightening and switch to the keratin straightening because the chemicals would be a lot on my hair.  Japanese straightening changes the chemical make up your hair (internal) and keratin is external.  If that explanation makes sense on the difference between the 2 types of straightening treatments at all. 

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