3 Accessory Trends for Spring 2019

Greetings, and welcome back to 26 Days of Spring Fashion! I’m excited to team up with Nordstrom and talk about 3 accessory trends for spring 2019 that you may want to add to your closet this season.

3 Accessory Trends for Spring 2019 #ad #nordstrom

There’s no doubt about it, adding a few on-trend accessories to your closet each season is the easiest (and least expensive) way to update your wardrobe, but it’s easy to let accessories become an afterthought.

I know I’m guilty of that — mainly because I like to keep my accessories minimal, but also because I spend so much time finding clothing items that fit and flatter and putting looks together, that by the time I get to choosing accessories, I tend to grab whatever’s closest and go.

But the power of accessories is undeniable. Even the simplest outfit can be taken to the next level with the addition of a few well chosen accessories, so I’m trying to be more intentional about my accessories these days.

Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry and accessories because they have such a wide variety of styles and price points. I always know I can find what I’m looking for there.

Whether it’s jewelry or watches, scarves or handbags, belts or hats, Nordstrom is guaranteed to have a great selection for all occasions.

3 Accessory Trends for Spring

#1. Snakeskin Print

Some say it gives them the heebie jeebies, but snakeskin print is one of the hottest accessory trends for spring 2019, and it’s a nice way to add pattern and texture to an outfit.

This leather snakeskin clutch is such a great little piece to add to your going-out looks. I love how it has shades of lavender in addition to the neutrals.

It also has a convenient drop-in chain so you can put it on your shoulder and be hands-free if you need to be.

See how it elevates this simple outfit?

If that’s not your thing, consider another animal print — leopard or cheetah are everywhere this spring too. In fact, this clutch also comes in leopard print!

You can find just about any accessory in snakeskin print — belts, bags, shoes, scarves… even sunglasses. And don’t forget about shoes!

I have a pair of snakeskin d’orsay flats that I’ve been enjoying with my spring outfits. In fact, I just wore them the other night with black jeans and a black blouse to meet some girlfriends for happy hour.

More Snakeskin Print Accessories:

#2. Bold Hoops

A tamer trend that shouldn’t give anyone the heebie jeebies is statement earrings — in particular, bold tubular hoops. These marbled hoop earrings are on the smaller side, but they still have that modern tubular style.

This pair is similar but larger — in fact, I ordered the black ones, but they didn’t show up at all in my hair, so I wore the white ones for this post.

I also have this pair of silver graduated hoop earrings that I’ve been wearing a lot.

also wearing: French Connection floral wrap midi dress

This is an easy trend to wear because hoop earrings are a classic, making them highly adaptable to your personal style.

Add a pair of bold, tubular hoops to one of your regular outfits, and you get an updated look without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone.

More Bold Hoops:

#3. Layered Necklaces

Probably my favorite accessory trend right now is layered necklaces, and I love it when I find a set already grouped together into one necklace.

This layered disc necklace is a great example of a piece that is understated but still on trend. It’s also highly versatile and will go with so many outfits.

You can find layered necklaces in short and long versions, with as many as 4 or 5 necklaces in one, or just two as shown here. Some are even detachable so you can get several looks in one!

More Layered Necklaces:

If you haven’t updated your accessories in a while, hopefully this post will inspire you to add a few new pieces to your arsenal.

3 Accessory Trends for Spring 2019 #ad #nordstrom

I’m also wearing ankle straight leg jeans with a black slit sleeve sweater and nude mules, which ironically also come in a snake print.

These mules are currently 30% off, and the sweater and jeans are both under $50!

I recommend sizing down half in the mules, but the jeans and sweater are TTS.

3 Accessory Trends for Spring 2019 #ad #nordstrom

Outfit Details:

black sweater // straight ankle jeans // mules // snakeskin clutch // hoops // layered necklace // sunnies

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

Thanks to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

photos: Alison Cornell

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20 Responses

  1. Most of the time I enjoy deciding on the jewelry and handbag I want to coordinate with my outfits.  I don’t do as good with bracelets though.  Yea, I won’t be adding snakeskin to my closet.  I’d rather shoot snakes.  I hope you have a great day!

  2. I love layered necklaces, but the chains always seem to twist together when I wear them.  Does this happen to you? Any tip for how to prevent?

  3. Well good to know I’m on trend lol… I bought a tortoise pair of hoops and white and silver in the larger thickness. I also have a black and leopard print handbag which I didn’t think I could still use this time of year. I added the layer necklaces after seeing you style them.. thanks for keeping us on trend 😀 

  4. Love all three of these trends already own snack skin print loafers and a beautiful  set of necklaces. Wearing them today.  Question are the tubular hoops heavy?  I have large detached earlobes and heavy earrings make them look even bigger.  

  5. I know this post was about the accessories, but I love those straight jeans! Just ordered them–can’t beat that price!

  6. Love this post! Just bought cheetah flats…now need snakeskin. Love those jeans too and all the accessories.

  7. Jo-Lynne, I’m finding that I have a lot of jewelry. So do you donate what you don’t wear anymore or do you keep it and hope that it comes back in style? How many seasons do you typically wear pieces?

    1. I go through jewelry and purge seasonally when I purge my clothes and shoes. If I’m not wearing them or they feel dated to me, they go. The exception is my designer pieces, like David Yurman. I keep those forever.

  8. Love all the earrings you picked out and the tiered necklace. I’m great about wearing earrings, but then I slack off when it comes to other accessories and it really does make a difference in the look of the outfit.

  9. Here’s a question for you (or a possible blog topic): How to put together an outfit quickly and still  look cute and put together! 
    It takes me SO long to get dressed every morning! I sometimes change 2 or 3 times before I’m satisfied with my outfit and how I look. This morning I left a pile of clothes on the bed (my husband later texted me asking if the pile was dirty laundry! 🤣)  I get up at 5:30 and have to be out the door a little after 7:00 to head to work & I’m always rushing. Any tips? I’m not sure how many of your followers are working women, but I sure could use help in this area. 

  10. Just ordered the $30 rose hooded cardigan from Amazon today.  They restocked the XS. Can’t wait to get it. I sure hope its the color pink that shows in your photos. Such a pretty pink.  You look great it in.  Anyway, as for todays post, I’m not into snakeskin at all. I hate snakes and can’t get into that accessory. But, I like the leopard and cheetah etc.  Have a great weekend. 

  11. Hey there! Do you have any guidelines for choosing necklaces to wear together? I’ve got a few favorite necklaces I’ve collected through the years, but I never feel comfortable putting them together. It just looks like I couldn’t decide which one to wear. Ha! 🙂 

  12. Just want to say “thank you” for styling outfits that are practical and obtainable. Keep up the great work!

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