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Cheers to Friday, friends! 🥂 Who can believe we’re going to be wrapping up 26 Days of Spring Fashion tomorrow?!? I don’t know about you, but this style series flew by for me.

Today I’ve got a budget-friendly spring weekend look that’s perfect for wearing from the soccer field to the grocery store to an outdoor picnic with friends, and you aren’t going to believe where it’s from.

When Walmart reached out to me about taking part in their “We Dress America” campaign and sharing some Walmart fashion, I admit, I wasn’t so sure about it. I’ve never shopped for clothes at Walmart, and I wasn’t sure I could find anything that I feel good wearing and promoting.

But a lot of you have said you like it when I find budget-friendly options for the styles I normally wear, so I decided to accept the challenge and see what I could come up with.

I spent a lot of time combing through Walmart’s website, hunting down pieces to create an outfit that I would truly want to wear.

I was excited to find that in addition to Walmart’s own brands, they’ve recently began a partnership with Lord+Taylor and now carry those premium brands online.

That’s where I found this Karl Lagerfeld leather tote and my Lucky Brand bracelet and earrings.

It was nice to see some familiar brands that I already love and trust.

A cuff is my favorite style of bracelet because it’s one and done. You don’t have to mess with layering or matching up different pieces.

Another familiar brand I found at Walmart was Levi’s jeans. Levi’s has been having a moment lately, and I find they provide a really good marriage of style and value.

These are the Classic Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Tinted Blue Sea. I sized up to a 10 to get a good fit in the waist, which I find I often need to do with Levi’s. They’re definitely not into the vanity sizing, but when you get the right size, they have a good fit and feel for the price point.

I ordered the medium length with the intent of cuffing them as I did here, and I love how that gives them the look of the cropped straight that is trending right now. I also think cuffing your jeans makes them look more casual and spring-like.

And this gently faded mid-indigo wash is also a nice one for spring and summer.

In fact, my photographer commented on exactly that when she saw this look. She was shocked to hear this outfit is from Walmart. She kept mentioning how good the jeans look and how nice and soft the top is.

Speaking of this top, I didn’t want to order only premium brands for this post. I wanted to be sure to try some of Walmart’s everyday brands and find some good bargains to recommend to you all, so I ordered a bunch of tops tees, sweaters, jeans, and shoes from their Time and Tru brand.

After vetting them all, this plaid button front top was my favorite of the lot. It’s surprisingly soft, and I like how it’s fully lined with a complementary color. For size reference, I’m wearing the medium.

The small fit, but barely, and I feel like this top is meant to fit more loosely, as shown here. I also anticipate that it might shrink some, so I wanted to be sure to have a little extra room.

It came already cuffed, and I love the contrasting solid peach fabric.

This top comes in a bunch of other solids and plaid color ways, and it retails for just $15.84!

I also really like these perforated slip-on sneakers for $14.88. They’re cushy and soft inside, and the styling is right on trend.

These shoes are perfect for wearing with casual jeans and shorts outfits, and at that price, you don’t have to be precious with them or worry about getting them dirty if you’re at an outdoor picnic or the soccer field this spring.

Overall, I have to say, Walmart is seriously upping their fashion game. I’m pleased with how this look turned out, and I don’t think anyone would ever guess the top, jeans, and shoes total just $70!

So what do you think? Would you like to see more Walmart fashion on my blog in the future?

Outfit Details:

plaid top // Levi’s jeans // slip-on sneakers // leather tote // bracelet // earrings

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love this!  I had no idea until I read further in that this was Way-Mart.  You look comfy and cute and springy.  The lining is a great touch, as is the precuffed sleeves.  Yes, please, more of these types of posts.  I don’t ever shop at Wax-Mart for clothing, but this is good to know!  The tote is awesome, too.  Who knew?

  2. Really cute outfit. Love the top and sneakers (such great prices, Walmart really surprises sometimes). I have a few pieces of jewelry from Free People. Their things always look really “cool” I think. I would have said “hip” but my daughter said, don ‘t use that word mom, eye roll.

  3. We go to Austin quite a lot to see family.  I highly recommend the LBJ president library.  Never had a bad meal there. Y’all have fun!

  4. Great job with Walmart. Such a cute casual outfit. Have a good time in Austin. Look forward to hearing about trip and seeing pics.

  5. I graduated from University of Texas decades ago. Look forward to hearing what you think about it. Enjoy the weekend with your hubby.

  6. JoLynne,  We have spoken @ Walmart in the past. So glad to see you style this outfit. And I do believe that Walmart is upping its game. This retailer is available to most everyone and the price point couldn’t be better. Thanks for keeping us stylish on a budget. Great job!

  7. I love Walmart! They have truly stepped up in the fashion area… I got those exact shoes last year and they are so comfy and they held up well. I also purchased the gold pair a couple weeks ago. Please share more Walmart outfits!

  8. I do shop atvWalmart sometimes and have noticed the improvement in both selection and quality.  I’m glad you’re sharing that today.  

    So you’ll be over in my neck of the woods today … Texas.  I live north of Dallas.  Austin and that area should be beautiful this time of year.   The bluebonnets should really be starting to bloom.  I hope y’all have a wonderful time!  

  9. OH MY WORD!! What a great outfit. It’s one of my favorites and I love it all. I’ve been noticing that on line with Walmart they’ve started to bring in some designer names which I hadn’t been aware of. My daughter mentioned a lot of the younger bloggers she follows were promoting Walmart clothing as well. I’ll be checking out the Canadian Walmart website but not sure if they are on board . If not I’ll be visiting the states in April with my hubby and I’ll check out the stores maybe. Great look and great prices 🤗🤗. Enjoy your weekend away.

    1. Loved this post on Walmart. I would love to see more from them. They are affordable and love the style especially for a working mom with a family. Love following you and your style. Thank you 

  10. Welcome to Texas!!! I live right north of Austin.  Check out the Driskill Hotel…one of Austin’s oldest hotels.  Lots of History. Eat at the original Chuy’s for some good old Mexican food.  If you are in the mood for BBQ… go to Salt Lick in Dripping Springs.  Bluebonnets are blooming and it is Spring in Texas! ❤️🥰

  11. Love this outfit! Never would have guessed it was Walmart. They also have really great t’s in the Time and Tru line.  I would love to see more Walmart. I like mixing high and low.

  12. You look amazing! I would never have guessed the entire outfit came from Wal-Mart. I have never shopped their clothing but after seeing this I’m going to add them to my browsing list. Thanks for sharing a budget friendly look. R

  13. I have been trying out Walmart clothes and they are awesome.  I just bought the white v neck T-shirt with small pocket and I love it. It is true to size and it isn’t see through at all. The quality is top notch. I also have enjoyed their swimsuits and coverups. They wash well and I have been wearing them for 2 years now.  I buy my granddaughters clothes and shoes there also and they hold up very well.  Sometimes you just can’t go wrong giving Walmart a try    I would love to see you style some Walmart more throughout the summer.  Please give the Lee Jean shorts a try too, I love them and they wash well   

  14. This outfit is super cute. I had no idea Walmart had started carrying higher quality brands. Over the years I’ve found the random piece that I love at places like Walmart or Meijer. You just have to be a bit discerning and acknowledge you don’t expect it to be a long term staple. But as you say for the price that’s ok. I would be interested to see more if they look like this! 

    1. Super cute outfit! Walmart has really stepped up in the last few years. I have those same sneakers and they have help up well since last year. Their Time and Tru line is my favorite. Their linen blend T-shirts are especially great quality! So yes, please, I vote for more Walmart posts. 

  15. Another win, JoLynne!  I really like the look of the jeans.  I need some slip on shoes that I don’t have to “be precious with”, so I will check these out.

  16. Unfortunately, the Walmart stores in my area do not provide a pleasant shopping experience. I avoid going there at all cost. I’m a Target fan hands down. If I’m in the market for Levi’s  I’ll just go to Kohl’s. I’m glad Walmart works for some people. I’m just not one of them. Have a great weekend!

  17. Adorable outfit! I’d love for you to continue to feature Walmart clothing. For those of us with a really limited budget who still want to be stylish, it’s great to find inspiration from a pro like you!

  18. Such a great look for spring!! I happened to be in Walmart earlier this week and remembered that several bloggers have been featuring items from the new Time and Tru line so I stopped to browse. This exact top was the one piece that came home with me- LOVE it!! I guess great minds think alike! Enjoy Austin!

  19. Oh my goodness! I love it! I live in a rural area and yes, I do have access to the Internet but sometimes I like to touch items and try them on before I buy them. We are limited in the stores that we have in our area but we do have a Walmart. I’m excited to see you style some items from there and I’m always up for budget items….awesome!

  20. Yes, please! I live in a rural area with the closest store 25 miles away and it’s Walmart…of course 😉

    I like this outfit a lot and it’s similar to what I wear every day as a stay at home momma.

    Thank you for styling a look with Walmart!

  21. I hope that you and Paul have a great weekend getaway in Austin!  That is a very pretty top!!  Yes, PLEASE share more budget friendly pieces from Wal-Mart, while not forgetting about Target and Kohls!  I don’t know about the other retired women in the group, but for the most part, my days of spending a lot of money on say, my jeans, are gone.  But, I still want to wear things that are current.  Retirement incomes don’t increase over the years, so when it comes down to it, the necessities of life take precedence when it comes to allocating the money.

  22. I love the entire outfit!  Those jeans look amazing on you!   I never buy clothes at WalMart, but will have to check them out!

  23. Yes!  Super cute and looks comfy for kicking around in.  I’d like to see more from Walmart.  I have purchased some of their clothes in the past, but sometimes they don’t was that great but I’d like to try them again.

  24. Wow! Fantastic post! I had no idea they collaborated with Lord & Taylor! Awesome! I love love love your tote! It’s tempting me, but I just ordered a light gray backpack I’m waiting on. But yours is seriously so cute!

  25. Walmart has really stepped up their game. Thank you for sharing this outfit! I think more people need to check them out for basic pieces to add to their wardrobe. I bought some long sleeve henleys last fall from the Time & Tru line and really like them. They are a great layering piece and I will get more than one season from them.

  26. I would most definitely love to see more styles from Wal Mart, especially when you live in a small town and that is the only place to shop with out driving 45 miles round trip to shop.

  27. I’m a regular reader of your blog, but rarely comment. Your blog is my favorite! 😊 I’m thrilled to see you share from a budget-friendly store. I’m a Minister’s wife on a strict budget. I’ve bought from Walmart many times and I just feel that I should share to not dry their shirts! In my experience, they always shrink. And I mean always! I air-dry mine and get a lot of wear from them. This is a CUTE, CUTE outfit! Thanks for sharing this with your readers!!

  28. I love that flannel. It looks a lot like the Rails one I got last summer for tons more money. So nice to know Walmart is upping its fashion game!

  29. First I am happy to say that it’s good to know that you are willing to go outside your comfort zone and style some clothes you wouldn’t normally buy. I don’t shop at Walmart, because im a Target fan. But I have been seeing some cute stuff from other bloggers on their Time and Tru brand and I do love the top and shoes. So thank you for sharing and enjoy your trip to Austin and be sure to go take a pic in front of their famous mural an iconic Austin postcard, “Greetings From Austin.”. I would tell you to come to my city (San Antonio). which is only an hour away but there is so much cool stuff to do in Austin. Enjoy and safe travels! 
    P.S.  we’ve had gorgeous spring weather all week but now a cool front is coming in tomorrow and it’s going to be rainy and cooler  😟

  30. I don’t often shop at Walmart, but I do frequent Target. I really like the outfit and am currently trying to talk myself out of the plaid shirt….. too cute!

  31. Of course I love the purse……..:) But I also love the rest of the outfit. I am definitely going to check out those shoes. Love the price point! Hopefully they will have these same styles in Canada. I think if you can find clothing that you like to style that is true to you, then a Wal-Mart post works for me. 🙂 have a great trip with your hubby!

  32. Have a fantastic time in Austin!! My son & i were there last weekend for the IndyCar race at Circuit of the Americas!! So much fun! I love this outfit from Walmart! While I don’t typically shop there for clothes either, I found some terrific Lee shorts there last season & a green cardigan sweater marked down to $3!  I’d like to see you do more posts with budget friendly items, maybe from Old Navy too. I do shop there a lot as they have many items in tall sizes for me. I can’t usually afford what you normally wear & show on the blog, but I try to copy the general look with items I already have or can afford from a less expensive retailer! 

  33. Oh my goodness, I was shocked too that the top was from Walmart and think it’s adorable on you. They are apparently really upping their game. The lining makes the colors even prettier, I think.

  34. Enjoy Austin! Its a fab city with soooo much to see, do and eat!😂 Have fun!! I agree with the comment about LBJ presidential library being an interesting site to visit near U of T campus.

    Love the Walmart outfit. Not sure why Walmart Canada doesn’t carry the Time and Tru collection or Lord and Taylor collection. But its nice to see more budget friendly options. I would love more future posts from Walmart. I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom but can’t justify paying the high prices on a regular basis.

  35. Hi Jo-Lynne, I love that you featured Walmart fashion today! The whole outfit is so Springy! I’ve not shopped for clothes at Walmart until just recently, seeing they have really upped their game! I think it’s fun to take a budget-friendly outfit and elevate it to the next level with higher end items such as handbags, shoes and accessories I already own in order to make the whole outfit look way more expensive then it really is! I hope you & Paul have a wonderful time in Austin!

  36. Jo-Lynne, you look so cute in this outfit, and it looks a lot more expensive than it is. I’m kind of excited about WalMart beginning to have more quality clothing for sale. I remember back before the economic collapse of ’08 they began to offer a lot of very, very nice things, but then it all devolved into super cheapo stuff for a while thereafter. I know people love Target, but the closest one to me is about a two hour round trip, and it’s not really in all that great an area. WalMart, however, is kind of everywhere (there are three within 30 min. of me, one only five minutes away). And the best part is you can have almost anything they offer shipped for free to the store for pickup. Free shipping!!!

  37. I am not one to shop at Wal-Mart for clothes either but I have occasionally picked things up in the past! Gonna say I am properly impressed! I ordered the shirt and I had my eye on a pair of shoes just like these for 35.00 on Nordstrom Rack which I never could hit the order button on. But I ordered these since they were less than half price! WTG Jo Lynne! Thank you! Have a wonderful trip to TX.

  38. I’ve been hearing about Walmart’s premium brands.  Glad you tried some premium and found some cute budget-friendly things. I ordered from Walmart’s online service for the first time in January and I can tell you that their return policy (at least at my local store) is very strict. They required all of the original packing (even the bag it was shipped in!) and the receipt. So, for those of you who want to give it a try, just bear in mind that you have to return things in the original packing.  I think they are working out the kinks in this and are not as slick as Amazon with tracking returns yet.

  39. I never shop at Walmart for clothes, preferring Winners right next door. I like walking into Winners and never knowing what you may come out with. I have bought socks and panties at Walmart though. Next time in, I’ll take a look at their clothes. 
    Have fun on your mini vacation to Austin. I’ve been to Texas three times but never Austin. I’ll be checking Instagram for some pics. 

  40. This is such a fun, fresh look! Yes, please show some more Walmart fashion. Who would have thought that the words “Walmart” and “fashion” could exist in the same sentence?!

  41. I didn’t realize that was a walmart outfit either!  So awesome!  I was also surprised to read that the top is lined–that’s unusual, particularly at that price point.  However, what I don’t like about that top is the placement of the horizontal part of the plaid, and the fact that the white portions are right at chest-level.  Some of us are larger than others (ahem) and white right there, surrounded by other colors, only serves to focus the attention there. I’m surprised you didn’t comment on that–you often point out these sorts of details that make outfits better or worse.  Just a thought.

  42. Love this outfit so much!  Thanks for sharing your Walmart finds with us.  I have found some cute things there over the years and it is great that they have some new brands.  I wish the shoes came in my size.  I really like the shape of the jeans and that top is very cute. Would love to see more posts with Walmart clothes!  Have fun in Austin!

  43. Thanks so much for testing out the Walmart fashion waters. I’m a Walmart shopper from one end of the store to the other. I always make time to checkout their clothes each visit. I have done well with a variety of pieces…workout pants, jackets, denim shorts, long sleeve blouses, jean capris, swimsuits, swimsuit cover-ups, pajamas, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. This post was a nice surprise!

  44. Very cute outfit!! This is right up my alley. I don’t comment very often either but it looks great on you and the price point doesn’t hurt. I really want to try out those slip on shoes. I wear that style often. Would enjoy seeing more posts similar to this.

  45. Looks great, but my concern is how will it hold up?  I find if I buy the cheaper stuff, it doesn’t hold up or last. I’d rather shop LOFT clearance and get good quality stuff that last years.  Just my opinion.  So, I don’t think I’d shop Walmart.  

  46. Oh my gosh, you made this budget friendly outfit seem so absolutely fabulous! As I get older I find it more challenging to look and feel as good in lower end items as I do in the premium brands, but you definitely made me want to try out this entire ensemble.
    Hope you have a super fun weekend getaway!

  47. Boy, what a sharp outfit, The top is so pretty. Out of all the straight legged jeans you’ve been in, these seem to fit you the best. They skim the body  without being too tight or too loose. 

  48. I can’t believe how good you look in this post. What you previously considered “spendy” or a “splurge” in the past is your common everyday go-to selection of clothing and accessories now. This is way out of a lot of your reader’s comfort range.

  49. OMG! This is too funny! I knew before I read the source of this fashion haul that you were going to say Walmart. I shop there weekly for groceries, etc. In the last year they have really expanded and improved on clothing. I have made some great purchases there and some because of fashion blogs. In fact today I purchased Lee Riders capris jeans from Walmart and I love them along with some other splurges – LOL! I would be thrilled to see more Walmart fashion from Walmart on your blog.

  50. I really like the jeans but not so  much the top. I think I just don’t love the front twist. I like the shoes. I purchased a similar pair a few months back at TJ Max and I have been seeing similar ones in more trendy stores and websites for a lot more than we paid. All in all, I would give Walmart a try!

  51. Love it! I always look through the clothes at Walmart when I shop there and often find good items. Check out the workout clothes too! I just bought today a pair of 7 inch compression type shorts with phone pocket on the legs. I had been looking everywhere for them and got at Walmart for under $10,

  52. Awesome post for Walmart! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Would you say that the premium brands online are priced below what you’d find in the L & T store, or equal? Like what’s the draw to ordering the pieces from Walmart vs. the other places? 
    Thank you for this! 

  53. Thanks for showing us some options with a great price point!  I thought your outfit was totally on trend and couldn’t believe it was from Wall-Mart…….I’m going to check out their website and see what other sweet finds there are!  

  54. I got my shoes and shirt today from Walmart! I am properly impressed! The shoes are very comfy and the shirt is too! Fits just like it should and hides the problem stomach area! 😀

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