Connect The Dots {Spring Jumpsuit Outfit}

Greetings, friends! I’m wrapping up 26 Days of Spring Fashion with a spring jumpsuit outfit, and this dotted flutter drawstring jumpsuit is 40% off this weekend!

If you saw my Try On Haul last weekend, then you’ve probably already seen me in this jumpsuit, but I liked it so much I wanted to do a proper photo shoot with it.

This jumpsuit is the perfect combination of feminine and flirty with classic lines. It’s not super tailored, but it’s not too froo-froo either — which is exactly what I was looking for.

The polkadots give it a playful touch, and while they may not be for everyone, I really like this print for spring. For size reference, I’m in my usual size small.

I wanted to carry a red bag with this, but my red bag has some edgy hardware that didn’t seem quite right with this jumpsuit, and I got rid of the other red bags I had over the years. This is one of those times I wish I hadn’t purged my closet so ruthlessly.

The black patent clutch is okay, but I would rather have a pop of color. I think a simple crossbody like this or this would be perfect with this outfit.

I went with silver jewelry, but gold would work just as well. And while I like the silver hoops, I definitely could have gone with bigger earrings.

It’s funny, looking back at pictures, I always see more possibilities than I do when I’m putting outfits together the morning of a photo shoot. I always think I’ll plan ahead better for the next one, but I usually end up scrambling the morning of. #procrastinator

While I can see more possibilities with accessories, I also like this simple look that allows the jumpsuit to be the focal point.

And because I’m nothing if not predictable, I threw a denim jacket on top to show a way to dress it down.

With the chilly temperatures we’re having this spring, a layer is often a necessity. The denim jacket takes the formality down a notch and provides some nice juxtaposition.

This more casual take on the look would look great with an espadrille wedge sandal like these or a flat slide like these.

I really like the idea of a jumpsuit as a modern alternative to a dress for spring and summer events, and this one checks all my boxes. Best of all, its 40% off today!

How would you style this jumpsuit?

Outfit Details:

jumpsuit // similar sandals // earrings // bracelet // jacket // clutch (consider this or this in red)

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photos: Alison Cornell

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57 thoughts on “Connect The Dots {Spring Jumpsuit Outfit}

  1. UGH on the vertigo! I had the same issue, off and on. Last spring I was really sick and it went into strep throat. Took a round of antibiotics for that then felt a bit better. However . . . Long story a bit shorter, I struggled all summer with off and on vertigo and dizzy spells. August I just got sicker, until one day- as a morning went on – I was too ill to function and my blood pressure was out of control. My husband came home and took me to the ER. I had every test and scan they could think of. They were thinking stroke, brain tumor etc etc Well it turned out that I had a massive UTI but no symptoms of it, other than a crazy high bacteria count in my urine. My GP never once did or suggested a simple urine test. Might be one thing worth you having checked. Honestly I thought the MRI was going to show a brain tumor! But all along it was the bacteria in my system.

  2. You look terrific in this jumpsuit. Of all of the jumpsuits I’ve seen so far this Spring, this one is my favorite! I sure hope you can get some answers soon as well as treatment for your vertigo. I’ve never had it but my husband has. His doctor prescribed ‘Antivert’ for him and it got him over it in just a few days. You don’’t need a RX for it but I think the pharmacists keep it behind the counter. Might be worth checking into. Rest up this weekend.

    1. Yeah, I have had that before. Makes me sleepy, but does take the edge off the nausea. I wish I’d had that yesterday – might have helped me get on the plane. I do have a sore throat, though, and all around not feeling great. Probably best to be home. 🙂 And it’s sunny and warm today in Philly, so yay for that!

      1. Same here on the Antivert.  Makes me too drowsy to do anything but definitely helps with the nausea.  

  3. sorry to hear your not feeling well, hope you feel better soon, love the jumpsuit especially layered with the jacket temps go from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. There is like you said so many ways to style the jumpsuit thanks for the tips

    1. I’m so sorry you had to cancel your weekend getaway due to feeling bad! Hopefully, you’ll be able to visit Austin someday before long.
      I don’t own any jumpsuits but I’m seeing them in all the stores and this one is especially cute! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry you are feeling so badly that you had to cancel your trip. I am so disappointed on your behalf. I was looking forward to hearing about your trip and considering whether we should take a similar trip. I have never had vertigo, but I’ve heard it’s awful. I hope you can get some relief. On a brighter note, you look awesome in the jumpsuit, and that was my favorite look from your try on session. 

  5. I’m sorry you are not feeling well. I can totally relate because I’ve had vertigo and it is not fun. And it is extremely frustrating when you go to the doctors and they provide no answers. I’ve been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and I take a diaretic daily which has helped the vertigo episodes. I have Meclazine too if I need it. I haven’t had a major one in two years. I also watch my sodium intake. Do you have any ringing in your ears? That’s how my issue started. I hope you find some answers and relief. Stay strong and positive.

  6. Jo-Lynne…I’m so sorry about your health challenges. I’ve experienced some vertigo issues   So I have great sympathy for you. Praying that it will go away quickly. 

    Our weather her in the Texas panhandle is crazy.  I’ve had the sniffles since the end of December because of the ups and downs of temps.  We’ve had nicer weather off and on for days, but a cold front blew in yesterday and our 75 degrees temps are gone until mid next week.  Of course I always say we complain about the cold, but that complaint will change when it’s above 80. Lol

    The jumpsuit is very pretty.  I wore them when they were popular years ago…not sure I’m going there again.  But this one looks comfortable. 

    Hope you rest this weekend and get better. 

  7. Hope you feel better soon! I have terrible motions issues on boats and planes and have blacked out, even after taking motion med, so I get it. My daughter has tried to talk me into the jumpsuit trend. I just don’t think it is me. You look great though.

  8. You look super cute, as always. I am so long-waisted that I can’t wear jumpsuits, but I love love a polka dot print, which reminds me, I need to bring out my white/black polka dot cardigan. Maybe for church on Sunday…hmmm….

  9. I’m so sorry you’re having vertigo issues.  My husband has been having that all week as well.  The doctor thinks his is allergy related.  He does have Meclazine which seems to help him sleep.  Hope you’re feeling much better soon.  You look adorable as always in the polka dot jumpsuit!  

  10. So sorry your not feeling well but you did the right thing by canceling your trip; and Austin will always be there. Maybe getting an MRI would rule out anything serious and give you peace of mind? Thank you for another great spring fashion series and hope you feel better 🙏

  11. How would I style this jumpsuit, you ask!  For a pop of color, I would carry a bright pink handbag, wear bright pink earrings of some sort, but keep my shoes in a color without pop.  I do hope that you will stay on your ENT to help you get to the source of the vertigo and find a successful way to treat it.  It took me from early last December to a little over one week ago to find out that I have pseudomonas in my sinuses and get on the best antibiotic for it.  (What I have stays on the radar at the CDC and is normally treated by an infectious diseases doctor, so it’s nothing to play around with).  I am not well by any means, but at least I have improved and feel like we are now headed in the right direction.  Take care of yourself!  Maybe you will feel like you and Paul doing something nice and a little different later today.

  12. Would look lovely with your pink draped jacket!! What about a white denim jacket and white sneakers?? Very versatile piece.

  13. I’m so disappointed for you, Jo-Lynne. Hope you’re feeling better soon. This jumpsuit is SO cute. I’m glad you’ve continued to try them. It’s tricky to find a good fit. I bet I’ve tried 2 dozen over the last two years and I now have 2. I have a dressy one I wore to a wedding– I’ve had friends ask if I could borrow it! I also have a casual utility jumpsuit from Gap that reminds me of a flight suit. But in a good way, lol. I rolled the legs and wore booties with it and I’ve also worn leather sneakers with it. While it may not have been conventionally flattering to my body, I love how it makes me feel. And it’s just plain fun to wear something different than my usual uniform– jeans.

  14. Sorry to hear about your trip and that you’re feeling so miserable. I don’t think there’s any better place to be then home when you don’t feel well and your health comes first:) I love the jumpsuit especially with the denim jacket. I’ve purchased a plain jumpsuit already but would like to add a patterned one. Hope you get some answers soon😀

  15. I’m sorry you’re feeling so ill. It’s a long shot, but let me tell you about my husband. He had assorted issues: palpitations, vertigo, nausea, faintness, and, each summer he started having chronic sinus infections. Turned out to be primarily acid reflux stimulating his vagus nerve in the throat, his inner ears, irritating tissues all in his head. Had no idea about the acid thing–never any heartburn–but Dr. said it can happen “silently” and the acid can make it’s way all up into your head and cause all kinds of problems. Throw in some allergies, overwork, dehydration (he works outside and sweats a lot), etc., and he would get almost incapacitated. The sinus drip into his throat/stomach would double down on the vagus nerve irritation! He is now careful to eat early and if it’s at all dusty or pollen-y he washes his head with a Neti Pot. Until he got things under control he took Prevacid or one of those acid blockers. It’s made a huge difference. Just a thought, and I surely hope you find some relief soon. Will keep you in prayer.

    1. Hey Sandra, I actually have a history of reflux, and I’m experiencing allergies and a cold or both, so this is very interesting. I will run it by the doctor at the next visit.

  16. Really sorry you’re not feeling well. I struggle with vertigo, though not as bad as you.  I hope you find relief quickly.  

    I love this but don’t like sleeveless.  If I wanted to keep it dressy what would you think about a cardigan over it?  Or would that make it too frumpy?  

    Speaking of Spring, while it’s been fairly mild here in North Texas and huge temp fluctuations (also normal) today the high is 53 – after temps the past few days in the 70s. Lol.  🤷‍♀️

    Have a great weekend!  

    1. I feel like it might, but maybe there is one out there that wouldn’t? Or another solution that’s dressier than the denim jacket? If anyone has ideas, feel free to suggest!

  17. That is terrible to have to cancel at the last minute. I’m sure it was for the best though. You would not have enjoyed touring. And, when one is sick they just want to be home. I hope you find out the cause of your vertigo in a timely manner. Not having answers is frustrating. 
    I like the jumpsuit on you. I never find them long enough in the torso on my 5’8” frame.  I am seeing them all over Instagram and blogs though. When you added the jean jacket it made it look a bit more casual. What shoe would you have changed into? 

    1. Thanks, Joanna. I agree – even if I’d gotten there without getting worse, I don’t think I would had fun. At this point, the cold symptoms are more miserable than the vertigo, but either way. Not fun.

      I linked to a couple of more casual shoe options. 🙂

  18. Sorry you had to cancel your trip Jolynne but if it makes you feel any better the pollen count right now is TERRIBLE, the weather was only fair yesterday and today (cloudy) and a cold front is moving in later this am and we are going to get down into the 40’s tonight and only upper 50’s tomorrow with winds gusting to 20-30mph. That being said there are a ton of fun things going on this weekend in Austin, one of them being the 90th annual Kite Fest – the largest in the world!! Luckily, we’re going to have the wind for it! 😉

    1. Hey Mary, yeah, we were disappointed when we saw the weather forecast earlier in the week. And it was actually lovely here in Philly yesterday. I was feeling some better (go figure) so Paul and I went out to lunch and then shopping for deck furniture. We came back home and actually sat outside on our deck for the first time this season, with my SIL who is here visiting to watch the kids, and it was so nice. So yeah, all in all, not the worst weekend. Just not what we had planned. 🙂

  19. I love, love, love this jumpsuit on you Jo-Lynne… so pretty!!
    I think the most frustrating thing about vertigo is the feeling of not being in control… it just kind of takes over!! Allergy medication solved my recent episode. Feel better soon!

  20. JoLynne,

    Quel bummer! As Holly-go-Lightly might say…sorry to hear you are unwell and had to cancel your weekend trip. Sometimes it’s wise to cut your losses. Allow yourself some down time to recoup and bounce back. Hope you’ll feel better soon. ( I don’t often comment but I do follow and enjoy your blog…..)

  21. Jo-Lynne: I suffered with vertigo after a neck adjustment with a chiropractor; it was like a whiplash and the crack was the loudest I have ever heard; the next morning I awoke and the room was spinning. I am convinced that he loosened one of the crystals in my ear (never went back to him.)

    I went to Kaiser and physical therapy gave me Epley exercises (have you heard of them). Thank God
    it worked and the Vertigo lasted only a few weeks.
    I will tell you that about six years ago I was getting off a plane trip, 2 hrs. only, and as I stepped into the tunnel that leads to the waiting area I could feel myself spinning and fell down. I was able to get up and while traveling this has never happened to me again. I believe airplane travel (you have done a lot lately) may have brought this one. Good luck.

    1. Yes, that maneuver doesn’t work for me, but I do agree that my last airplane flight probably triggered this one – which is why I was so unsure of getting on another plane. I expect anxiety played into my symptoms on Fri morning. Anyway, sounds like avoiding the plane was wise. I just hope after all the testing is done, I can have some tools to use to avoid this or compensate so my travel plans aren’t foiled again.

  22. Hi there! Sorry to see you are under the weather. Look up Dr. Carol Foster and the Foster maneuver. She had vertigo so bad she couldn’t continue her practice and came up with this simple exercise to help. It might help you. Just a thought. Take care and I hope you feel better. Love your blog, you really help me out with putting my outfits together. Take it easy.

    1. Tried it. LOL! Thank you, though. 🙂 I had this three years ago and got all kinds of advice, and tried it all. Eventually it just went away on its own. It took about a month. I’m almost 3 weeks in on this episode so hoping it will subside soon. I’m still hoping for some answers tho b/c at this rate, I expect it will happen again.

  23. Vertigo stinks and it’s something I have struggled with, too. I saw a PT that specialized in vestibular therapy. She said there are 2 types of vertigo, and people that are susceptible often get both. When it’s not caused by the ear crystals, it has to do with eye tracking and is linked to motion sickness. She gave me exercises that should cut down on the number of episodes, but it takes a lot of work to see improvement. I recommend seeking out a PT that specializes, as it’s been the most helpful thing for me. Good luck and I’m so sorry you are dealing with this!

    1. Hey Kathy, I also saw a PT this week who tested for both and mine is neither. Go figure. The ENT also tested the crystals and ruled that out, but he’s not so sure about the other… thus the balance testing, I guess? The PT I saw didn’t think he can help me, but I’ll be curious to hear what the ENT comes back with after balance testing.

  24. Hi Jolynne – I really enjoy reading your blog posts. I’m very sorry about your vertigo. I know from watching my husband suffer how awful it is. His began suddenly a few years back. After a couple of bouts that required hospitalization, treatments and much testing, the doctors deduced it was actually caused by migraines. He’s learned how to avoid certain triggers like getting up too quickly, sleeping on his right side and (sadly) alcohol. Just something to consider if you haven’t already. Hope you get it under control soon. All the best to you. 

  25. Beautiful look as always. 
    I feel for you about the vertigo.  I get it too.  Recently I had balance testing and PT said my balance was mostly perfect ( although it doesn’t feel that way).  I was told I have visual vertigo… eyes don’t work well together.  There are exercises for that.   Also doctors are thinking maybe silent migraines ( also called vestibular migraines).  You can be pain free but the migraine brain causes just dizziness.  Worth asking doctor about this especially if there is a history of anyone in the family ( doesn’t have to be immediate family) that had the regular painful migraines.  Don’t worry. My husband had vertigo once that was caused by a loose crown.  You will be ok. 

      1. I believe they diagnose vestibular migraines by symptoms and history and ruling out other disorders.  No definitive test.  Balance testing can encompass many different tests depending on your doctor.  Some as simple as standing with eyes open and then closed. There are other tests that use equipment to test your vestibular function.  None are bad.  They don’t hurt.  Some may cause temporary dizziness that goes away quickly.  Best wishes on getting answers and relief. 

  26. The jumpsuit looks cute with your denim jacket!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon and are able to rest and sleep. Having a sore throat and cold is probably  part of the problem. An MRI is a good idea though so you can rule out anything serious. I went through the same thing in my mid to late 40s and had all the tests…….Won’t go into my life story here but sometimes traditional doctors can find no explanation. Perimenopause and then menopause can wreck havoc on our bodies!! My mother never talked about “the change” – had no idea what to expect. All I know is it slammed me in so many ways!  Thank goodness for girlfriends to share and compare stories with. Hang in there! 😘 You’re a healthy and beautiful woman! 

  27. Little late to the party here, but wanted to say that the jumpsuit looks adorable on you and your hair looks so good in these pics! Hope you are feeling better really soon !

  28. So sorry to hear that your vertigo flared up and you are feeling unwell. Thats pitsy! Its wise to have cancelled although disappointing. Austin will be there next time. Allergies and a viral infection (cold) can flare up vertigo. That happened to my husband 7 yrs ago when he was on a business trip to Victoria, BC. He was advised not to fly home because of fluid build up behind his ear drums and vertigo secondary. So, good thing you didn’t fly.

    1. Hey Yelena. Very interesting. I am definitely having allergies/cold symptoms, and thanks for confirming that I made a wise decision. I’ve been kicking myself ever since b/c I don’t feel THAT bad, but it sounds like the plane flight could have exacerbated the situation.

  29. The jumpsuit looks great on you and I also really like it! I hope you are  getting better and feeling better as well.  Thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery!!!

  30. Jo-Lynne, I’m sorry that you are suffering with this vertigo. I have that problem. I follow the diet for Meniere’s Disease. This means I avoid alcohol, caffeine, take Loratadine every day (like Claritin), and limit salt. It’s a lot to give up, I know. Good luck!

    1. Ugh, that sounds like no fun. 😉 But it’s all good to keep in mind. I was taking Zyrtec (at the recommendation of the first doc I saw when this started) b/c she noticed signs of allergies, but I stopped when I felt the cold coming on. I should probably be on it all spring.

      1. Probably wise to be on allergy meds all the time through allergy season. Good thing you decided not to travel to Austin after all. Its one of the worst places for allergy triggers. Awesome city! Just tough for allergy sufferers. Everything grows there, has sky high pollen counts with 3 growing seasons.

  31. What a bummer about your trip! I truly hope you can get that nasty vertigo under control soon. It sounds just miserable!
    I’m loving the jumpsuit on you! I’ve always liked them, but wasn’t seriously ever considering one until recently because, well, bathrooms. I’m getting ready to pull the trigger I think though. With their crazy popularity now, at least I know I won’t be the only one stripping in the stall 😂

  32. Sorry you had to cancel your trip. Hopefully they will figure out what is going on and get you fixed up. Could you add a colorful belt to this? Or maybe just some colorful shoes? Not sure what I would use as a topper if it was cool – probably a cropped sweater/blazer. Love this jumpsuit. I have been looking for a utility one, as I love that style. Feel better!

    1. Colorful shoes would be fun. I wouldn’t do a belt, personally, as they generally don’t look great on me, but maybe someone else could pull it off. Not sure what I’d do with the tie. I also want to find a utility one and try styling that, but not sure I’d ever wear it IRL. Seems kind of out there for my area of the world. 🙂

  33. Sorry you didn’t make it to Austin this weekend. If it helps any, the weather didn’t cooperate very well. We had lots of wind all weekend which sends the pollen counts to the ceiling. You probably would have gotten even sicker with all the crud in the air. Then it was a little cold on Sunday. You’ll have to try again when you are feeling better! Though I can suggest not August or September! 🙂

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