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Greetings, friends! I hope y’all are having a good weekend. Ours has been really nice. Paul got home on Friday after being gone on business all week, just in time to make our daughter’s jazz band performance. After that, we grabbed a bite to eat and caught up on the week’s events.

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day, and then I went out with a couple of girlfriends for happy hour and got caught up with them. Today is the usual Sunday stuff — church and lunch, and my son actually came home again for the weekend, so we have to get him back to college.

I have to laugh when I think back about sending him off to college. I remember saying we’d never see him except on holidays, but I think he’s been home more weekends than not. I went to college 800 miles away, so weekend visits were never an option for me. Even though our son chose a school close to home, I figured he’d be too busy to come home much, but I guess I was wrong! I don’t like being wrong, but I don’t mind being wrong about that.

Any-WHO. I’ve got some try-ons to share with you today. I didn’t want to wait till the 26 Days of Spring Fashion series is over — you know how fast things sell out — so I thought I’d go ahead and share them in today’s Coffee Talk. All details are below the pictures.

March Try On Haul: Everlane, Banana, Amazon, Nordstrom & Loft

Everlane just brought in a bunch of spring sweaters, so I placed an order. They were hit and miss, but I did find one clear winner!

Everlane The Texture Cotton V-Neck (size small; TTS) // I like the details in the knit and the pretty v-neckline, but I can’t get past the cut. It’s so short, and then with the side slits, yikes! I purposefully tried it on with high waist jeans because that’s really the only way to wear this sweater, and it’s still too short for my liking.

verdict: returning

also wearing: Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans (size 30; size up!) and Sam Edelman Laurna Mules in Buff Nude Leather (size 7.5; size down half)

Everlane The Cotton-Linen V-Neck (size small; TTS) // Another cropped style, I love the linen/cotton blend for spring and this color is divine, but it’s a little shorter than my ideal, and I don’t care for the shallow v-neck. It looks masculine to me.

verdict: returning

AG The Farrah High Waist Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 29; TTS) // I’ve been wanting some white high rise jeans, and usually AG can do no wrong in my eyes, but these are too thin. I’m disappointed, as I really like the raw hem, and they’re super comfortable.

verdict: returning

Taryn Rose Faye Loafers in Clay (size 9; runs small) // I’ve shared these loafers before, but for anyone who missed them, they’re very comfortable. They have a padded footbed, and they’re flexible and lightweight. I wore them all over the mall one day last week, and my feet felt fine — didn’t get a blister or anything.

They do, however, run small. I originally sized up to an 8.5 to accommodate the pointy toe, but I had to send those back and go with the size 9.

Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck in Heather Grey (size small; TTS) // Cue angels singing!!! I’ll forgive them for the other two because Everlane nailed it with this sweater. Like, seriously, I’m considering getting the pink and blue… and I already ordered grey and navy. 🙈

I generally don’t buy duplicates, but this sweater is too good. I love, love, love the wide v-neck, and it’s the perfect length with the perfect amount of slouch. It’s also very soft and comfortable to throw on and go, and it retails for just $50.

For those unfamiliar with Everlane, they’re one of the most ethical, transparent companies out there, and I love supporting them and their mission.

verdict: keeping!

FRAME Le Color Crop Skinny Jeans (size 29; TTS) // Still searching for new white jeans that have a higher waist and aren’t see-through, and I came across these Frame skinnies. I don’t know how, but I got these for $82!!! They’re back to full price now, and I’m not sure how or why I got that deal, but I am so happy to report that I love these.

They’re definitely thicker than the AG pair, and the 9 1/2″ front rise is very comfortable. I also like the cropped length for spring and summer — although they don’t seem like 26″ on me, so I don’t know what to say about that.

I have another pair of Frame jeans in black that always slide down on me and drive me batty, so I’m hoping these white ones don’t do that, but I’m afraid they probably will. Still, they hold their shape and look great on, and as hard as it is to find white jeans that fit well and aren’t terribly see-through, plus with the amazing price I got on these, I think I can overlook a little slippage.

verdict: keeping!

Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats in Goan Sand (size 8; TTS) // These shoes are also not new to most of you, but since I’m wearing them here, I’ll speak to their amazing comfort and versatility. Even though I’m finding myself gravitating towards pointy toe flats and loafers this spring, I love having one go-to pair of neutral ballet flats that I can throw on for

Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck in Navy (size small) // As I said, I ordered this sweater in navy as well as the grey, and I figured I should photograph both. The navy one seems to be slightly smaller and a tighter knit, even though I ordered the same size in both. All I can figure is the dye used for each color alters the knit a little bit? No matter, I love them both.

verdict: undecided…

I love it, but I might exchange it for the blue or pink. I definitely don’t need more than two of the same sweater, no matter how good it is.

Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 28; size down if in between) // I’ve shared these before, but I want to review them again in case you missed them, plus they’re on sale now. I absolutely love these jeans. The fit is so flattering, the wash is amazingly good, and they’re thick and soft. It took me a while to warm up to them, though.

I first bought the size 29, but when I wore them for a photo shoot, I realized they were sliding down and looked long in the crotch. Alison agreed I should size down. Fortunately I hadn’t taken the tags off, so I sent them back and ordered the 28. They fit very snug at first, but I wore them all day Friday, and now they feel broken in and comfortable.

also wearing: Sam Edelman Laurna Mules in Buff Nude Leather (size 7.5; runs big)

I also placed a pretty big order with Banana Republic recently. Again, it was hit or miss, and I didn’t even take pictures of some of it, but here are a few pieces I really like.

BR Aire Boat-Neck Sweater (size small; TTS) // This sweater was a pleasant surprise. It’s very soft and stretchy and cozy, but the bright pink marl knit is so springy. It’s perfect for these cold spring days we’re having right now, and I wasted no time putting it to good use. I wore it all day Friday.

For size reference, you could size up for a more relaxed fit, but I have my usual size small.

verdict: keeping!

also wearing: Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans, Taryn Rose Faye Loafers in Clay (size up), and Madewell Holding Pattern Necklace

BR Floral Ruffle-Wrap Maxi Dress (size 8; TTS or size up if in between) // I want to love this dress. I have a couple of weddings coming up, and I think this would be perfect. I’m just not sure it’s the most flattering. It is from certain angles but not from others. I don’t know quite what it is, but I usually feel like that in dresses that have the fit and flare style.

Plus the ruffles are a little froo-froo for my personal style aesthetic, so I’m going to keep looking and maybe try a few sheath styles, which is more in my comfort zone. That said, I think it’s a great option for a lot of spring events.

Also, I appreciate that it has a little snap closure to help keep the wrap top modest.

verdict: undecided

BR Stripe Knit Dress (size small; TTS) // I think this could be really cute for casual days this summer. The column cut, high crewneck, and midi length creates such a long, lean look. And you just KNOW I’m going to throw a denim jacket on top!

I can see this dress with sneakers or wedge sandals, and it also looks good with these slides.

verdict: keeping!

Sam Edelman Bay Slide Sandals (size 8; TTS) // I’m really liking these leather sandals. They’re comfortable and cute, the footbed is padded, and the leather straps don’t cut into the foot anywhere. This color is called “light gold” but they read silver to me. I think I’ll be able to wear accessories in either tone, which is nice.

verdict: keeping

Stripe Ribbed T-Shirt Dress (size small; TTS) // I also like this t-shirt dress, but not as much as the sleeveless midi dress for some reason. I wish it had a different neckline. It’s cute, though, and the fabric isn’t see-through at all.

verdict: undecided

Sam Edelman Andy Slide Sandals (size 8; TTS) // These slides are really comfy and cute and fun for summer. They’ve got a cushioned footbed, and the leather on top isn’t rough at all. They’re easy to walk in, as well.

verdict: keeping!

Stripe Ribbed T-Shirt Dress (size small) // I also ordered this one in the navy to see which I like best. This time I paired it with a cognac wedge sandal for a slightly dressier vibe.

verdict: undecided

also wearing: Sam Edelman Andy Slide Sandals (size 8; TTS)

The next two pieces are from Amazon. Pardon my 3-day ponytail hair. Yoiks! It was a rainy day and I didn’t feel like doing my hair.

Bishuige Swimsuit Coverup (size small; runs small – I need a medium) // This is a swimsuit coverup, not a dress, but it’s really cute for either, except I wouldn’t wear a dress this short. It even has pockets. I think it’s really cute and easy and for $12, why not, right???

That said, I don’t think you can tell in these pictures, but it’s way too small. I definitely need a medium.

verdict: exchanging for medium

also wearing: Sam Edelman Andy Slide Sandals (size 8; TTS)

Alternative Women’s The Keepsake V-Neck (size medium; runs small) // Pardon the black bra, but at least you can see how see-through the shirt is this way, haha! It’s definitely more see-through than I prefer, but I find that thicker tees usually look frumpy, so I dunno… it’s a matter of preference, I suppose.

I heard good things about these tees, and I do like the cut and the fit, as well as the shape of the v-neckline. The material is soft and stretchy, but they run SUPER small. I’m in the medium, and I’d need to size up to a large if I hope to wash and dry it someday.

I do like fitted style for wearing under cardigans, though. I think that’s more flattering than the boxier styles that are so popular right now.

verdict: exchanging for a large

Finally, a few items from LOFT!

LOFT Dotted Flutter Drawstring Jumpsuit (size small; TTS) // I haven’t had a lot of luck with jumpsuits, but this one is actually sort of cute. It fits my 5’5″ short-waisted figure about as good as anything I’ve tried so far, and the polkadots are fun. I just don’t know where I’d wear it.

verdict: undecided

LOFT Fern Wrap Maxi Dress (size medium; runs small) // I had high hopes for this dress, but it’s cut way low under the arms, and the wrap top doesn’t quite close over the, ahem, bosoms. It really needs a snap or something there, but even so, I don’t think it would quite close properly on me. I ordered the small and the medium, and I believe I’m wearing the medium here. I definitely couldn’t wear a small.

Also, this dress is 40% off today!

verdict: returning

LOFT Striped Relaxed V-Neck Sweater (size small; TTS) // I thought this was such a fun spring sweater — it’s that perfect mid-weight, the scalloped v-neckline is pretty, and who doesn’t love black and white stripes!? It is not a soft sweater, though. It’s not itchy like some wool sweaters, but it is what I might describe as a bit rough. I can overlook it, but if you’re sensitive to fabrics, this might bother you.

Also, this sweater is 40% off today!

verdict: keeping

And here’s how it looks with white jeans… I’m a plain Jane, and would probably always pair it with black or white pants, but you could certainly wear it with colored pants or blue jeans.

Speaking of colored pants… this lavender pair is really fun!

LOFT Modern Let Down Hem Skinny Crop Jeans in Lilac (size 29; runs small for Loft) // I think these pants are super cute and flattering too. I love the released hem. After reading the reviews, I ordered the 29, and I’m glad I did because they are snug through the midsection. They look good in the legs, though, so I don’t think it will be a problem.

For reference, I typically wear a 28 in LOFT, and sometimes those even fit too big. So definitely size up one from your normal Loft size in these, if you order.

They are not currently on sale, but I’m sure they will be soon enough! I almsot never pay full price at Loft. I had to add “almost” because I did pay full price for that leopard vest, but I shouldn’t have. It didn’t sell out as anticipated, and it eventually went on sale.

All that to say, never pay full price at Loft. LOL!

Caslon Sally Wedge Sandal (size 7.5) // I ordered these suede wedge espadrilles so I could review them for you, and they’re really good — especially if you have thicker/wider feet than I do. My feet do slip forward a little too much, but that’s typical for me with this style of shoe. That’s why I splurged on the Stuart Weitzmans version, as they fit me much better (and the quality is nicer) but these are still great sandals for the price.

I did order a half size down from my normal size, which I often do in slide sandals because of my flat feet. If you have a more average shape foot or higher arches, you could probably go with your normal size.

also wearing: Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck in Heather Grey (size small; TTS)

And for comparison’s sake, here are the Stuart Weitzmans…

Stuart Weitzman Marabella Wedge Mules in Dolce (size 7.5) // I got these during the Shopbop sale, so I did manage to snag them at 25% off, which is always my goal when buying higher end designer pieces. They’re definitely an investment shoe, but I figure this classic style will be good for quite a few years, and they’re so versatile — a little more casual than most of my espadrille wedge sandals but you can still dress them up if you want to. Plus they just fit my feet better than anything else I’ve tried in this style, and I love the blush color.

verdict: keeping!

Okay, we’re in the home stretch!!!!

Finally, I ordered two pairs of shorts I ordered from Nordstrom…

Kut from the Kloth Gidget Cut Off Denim Shorts (size 6) // I’ve tried these before, but I wanted to show something similar to my pricey Citizens cut off shorts that I got on sale a few years back.

I know not everyone likes the cut-off look, and it is rather juvenile, I suppose, but I like how streamlined they are as compared to cuffed denim shorts. This wash is great for casual, but they also come in a darker wash if you prefer that. I’m wearing the 6, and they’re snug, but I predict they’ll stretch out some with wear.

verdict: returning, but only because I don’t need them

J.Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (size medium) // I’ve talked about this tee before, but I want to update my review now that I’ve washed and dried it. It shrinks up considerably, and it really needs an iron around the neckline if you’re going to wear it out of the house.

I have this tee in white and grey, and in the future, I think I’m going to lay them flat to dry and try to smooth out the neckline with my hands when it’s wet, and see if I can avoid using an iron. I’ll keep you posted.

verdict: keeping

also wearing: Sam Edelman Bay Slide Sandals in Light Gold (size 8; TTS)

JEN7 by 7 For All Mankind Roll Cuff Denim Shorts (size 8; TTS) // Bummer, but these have sold out. I like them, they fit well, aren’t too tight or too loose in the thigh, which is hard to find in shorts. and they’re comfortable.

The 4 1/2″ inseam is my favorite length, but I know not all women like their shorts this short. That’s a matter of personal preference, but I’ll definitely keep my eye on this brand in the future.

verdict: keeping!

also wearing: Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck (size small; TTS) and Sam Edelman Andy Slide Sandals (size 8; TTS)

And that’s a wrap for this week!

I always look forward to hearing your feedback on these try-on posts. I hope it was helpful!

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      1. I whole heartedly agree and love the polka dot jump suit on you. Wear it to the weddings. It will be appropriate and different. So flattering on you!

  1. Good Morning JoLynne!
    Enjoyed your post this morning. I know you are not a frou-frou dresser but the floral maxi dress was very pretty on you. I’m going to check out the crew T-shirt’s and keep in mind to  air dry. I love the black flat espadrilles- tell me more!

  2. Looks like you found a few cute sweaters but we are headed into our long, 6 months of summer in South Texas so I am not buying anymore sweaters. I love the Sam Edelman sandals and want to invest in another pair. I think that gold/silvery color would go with a lot so I am considering those. You mentioned going to college 800 miles away, so what did you get your degree in if you don’t mind me asking? My daughter is in her last yr of college and now I’m praying that our investment pays off and she is able to find a good job in her nutrition field.  

  3. Lots of great choices here! I love the pale grey sweater on you. I can see why you would get more than one color. I recently bought the Daily Ritual Cardigan you shared and went back and ordered a second one. I don’t usually do duplicates but loved the feel of it. I had friends over this week and they were all liking it and trying on the second one. Many were going to go home and order it also. 👍

  4. So many cute things! JoLynne, that ruffled maxi is really flattering on you! But I totally get it if it’s too ruffly for your personal style. I’m not a ruffle gal at all (and when I’ve bought them in the past, I didn’t end up wearing them much.) You look fantastic in dresses! I also love the sleeveless black and white one. And for some reason, I like the short sleeved striped dress with the white ground better than the dark, but I agree the sleeveless is best-more elegant! 

    The second I saw the black V neck, I loved it and thought gosh, I’d wear this around town all the time in the summer. But knowing it’s a swimsuit coverup, I’d feel weird…even if no one else knew. I wonder why that is! 

    The jumpsuit is adorable! It would be cute if you hemmed it, so it’s cropped. And it would be that much cooler. You can wear it for date night and gno! 

    I love the neck on the white t, but I worry the L wouldn’t fit me quite right…I’ll have to check it out. Great idea to wear lavender jeans and a grey top…thanks for the inspo! I might wear that today…except my lavender jeans are sooo tight in the waist! 

    Thanks for a fab post as always! Have a fab day! 

  5. Thank you for all that goodness! The floral maxi does look good but like you, I never feel comfortable in ruffles. The jumpsuit is adorable! I’m short waisted, too and never even try them on anymore. The white shorts are perfect and I am looking at the Everlane sweaters. Everyone is different when it comes to shorts. I still look best in 4 1/2 inch because it fits my body type. Thanks again! Your work really does help a gal!

  6. The first two sweaters look short in the sleeves. I think they are meant for petite ladies, which I am not.
     I love the maxi dress on you. It’s very feminine.
    The knit dresses fit perfectly and you would definitely get more use out of them. They would look cute with a short jean jacket on cooler evenings or in air conditioned places. 

    1. I think they’re designed that way intentionally. I’m wearing one one now, and it definitely has shorter arms that typical, but for spring, I think it works. If it was winter, it would bug me.

  7. WHEW!  I’m tired from you trying on all of those clothes. Ha!  I agree that you can find a dress that you will be happier with and that will be more flattering than the flutter sleeve, interesting hemline dress.  I also like the sleeveless midi length striped dress the best.  I hoe y’all have an awesome day! 

  8. I have one question, if someone is taking your picture, why are you holding a phone?
    Keep the floral dress, but return the dresses with stripes. No one looks good in stripes.

  9. I absolutely love that floral wrap maxi on you. I saw this a couple weeks ago when it was on major sale and was so bummed that all my dressier events are over for the season. This would’ve been my top choice had I seen it sooner. It’s gorgeous, and there’s just something about that asymmetrical hem that adds so much flare and interest. But, I do agree that it’s quite a departure from your norm. It’s still fabulous on you though!
    And those R&B jeans are one of the few things I’ve bought for myself lately. I adore the wash and overall style. They are a tad loose in the waist on me, so I’m still debating them. I already sized down and can’t go down anymore because they would be too tight in the thighs. Maybe I’ll wear them around for a bit and see how they hold up.

    1. I suggest wearing them for about 30 min before deciding. I found that once they settled in, they hugged my legs and didn’t slide down. They were also tight in my waist, though, so either you have a bigger waist-to-hip ratio, or you may want to try the next size down. I did find the 29 to feel right at first, but once I wore them, they slid down and looked too long in the inseam.

  10. These try on sessions are my fav! So helpful of what works and doesn’t work as we have similar body types. The polka dot jump suit is really flattering. Could you wear it to church or date nights or girls night out? The first floral dress is very flattering on you as well but if you don’t feel comfortable or like the frills, you probably won’t wear it….. Thats just me. Have a blessed Sunday! Its so nice that your son has been coming home on some weekends. There’s nothing quite like home.

  11. Love, love, love the polka dot jumpsuit! Its really different and jumpsuits are so in right now! I don’t care for the gold sandals as they look a little “old lady” to me. I live in California though and styles are really different here.

  12. I love a good v neck.  The shoulder seam on the everlane sweaters caught my attention.  Is that seam supposed to lay on the top of your shoulders or on your back?

    1. It’s supposed to be behind the shoulders – the way it’s shown in my pictures. It’s not on top of the shoulder like a traditional shoulder seam. I love that about it – I think it’s a fun little detail.

  13. Love the BR floral ruffle wrap on you!  I understand your feeling on ruffles, I feel the same.  Before I read your comments, I thought “that’s beautiful on her even with the ruffles that aren’t bothering me for some reason.”   I think because some ruffles have a lot of curve/fabric to them and others do not. I think these fall in the latter.  It’s a winner and I’d give you a compliment if I saw you wearing it at a wedding 🤣.  We need to change it up sometimes. I have a similarly styled jumpsuit that I almost returned. I snapped a couple selfies and texted a few friends/critics who admonished me for even thinking about returning it. Great input because I get loads of compliments when I wear it, which is mostly out to dinner. My husband is always amazed how women are generous with compliments to complete strangers on hair, clothes, earrings 😳. I enjoy these try on sessions!  Thanks for all your hard work. 

  14. Totally agree about Loft and buying on sale! Last week I went in the store to return a couple things and ended up trying on a few more (of course 😄) But when I asked about a sale I was told nothing was on sale at that time. So I narrowed down my pile to my 2 favorites and paid full price. Well…..that night I got an email about 40% off at Loft with a code “happy”- I looked online and sure enough the sheer striped cardigan and black polka dot cami top I bought was on sale with the code!! I was so mad! So, I am heading over to the store today to get a price adjustment. Now I won’t ever pay full price in the store. 
    Anyway…..the Everlane grey sweater is my favorite! The floral maxi looks pretty on you but I don’t think I’d reach for that as my first choice to wear anywhere. A little too much (if that makes sense). Sounds like you felt that way too.
    I’m on the hunt for a cute jumpsuit (preferably all black) for a summer wedding. I need long length and would love sleeveless but not spaghetti straps. Let me know if you’ve seen any out there. I found one at Macy’s but it wasn’t long enough for me. 

  15. Wow a great try on session and you did pretty good. Just a question. Do you wear shape wear under those t-shirt dresses? Also the jumpsuit from loft is super cute:) even with a flat sandal or wedge. And you could wear yo church or out for a nice lunch 🤷‍♀️

  16. Thank you so much for this try on sesh. Love that grey sweater. It is so flattering. I think the floral dress is lovely on you. but if it’s not your style forget about it, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable in it. I love love the polka dot jumpsuit. I’d wear it for Easter with a white blazer. I have a couple bridal showers coming up that I’d wear it to. I also think it would look adorable with a white jean jacket and sneaks. At 40% off iI’m giving it a try. Have a great day!

  17. That wrap dress that you aren’t sure about looks good on you!  And, being from Texas, I do not understand the concept of buying spring sweaters! 😆

  18. I love the black/white stripe sweater with the black jeans, the navy sweater with those cute white shorts and the blue floral maxi dress. I like all the striped dresses… just not with those flat sandals… I would prefer a wedge. I only wear flat sandals with casual long maxi dresses or shorter swing dresses but that’s just me. I also love the jeans you’re wearing with the navy sweater. I always seem to like the darker colors on you… looks beautiful on your skin tone. I always look forward to your try-on sessions!! I hope your vertigo has improved! And you didn’t mention what movie you ended up watching with the girls…

    1. Oh, we didn’t end up watching anything. Well, we watched an episode of Monk. It was getting late by the time we started discussing our options, but I will definitely refer to that list! We’re always looking for new things to watch.

  19. Such a great try on session! Loved looking at everything! I especially like the striped dresses even though my mom always said to never wear horizontal stripes! You look great in them. Where did the black flat espadrilles come from? I’m looking for a pair this summer and those look very nice.

  20. Hi JO-Lynne, great post!  I know these hauls are a lot of work, but there is so much good information.  I was interested to hear the JCrew v necks shrink.  I ordered them after you were pleased with them, but I am 5’3″ and short waisted and the V neck was way too deep on me (a common problem and petite tees are hard to find).  I may risk washing and drying one hoping it will shrink enough.  All the Caslon & Madewell pocket tees everyone likes are way too big on me.  I take a regular pant length, so that tells you the shortness of my torso!

  21. I’m loving the sweaters, especially the Everlane with the open V neckline. I ordered that in pink. It’s great to see sweaters running shorter; I am so over tunic sweaters.

    Also love the sleeveless column dress. And LOVE the jumpsuit (perfect for a shower, graduation, ladies lunch, dinner at a nice restaurant?). But only you know if you’d be comfortable wearing it or not.

      1. I would say a resounding YES to wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding – especially this pretty, navy dotted one! I’ve seen many women wearing jumpsuits to weddings lately, particularly in spring and summer. Today’s jumpsuits seem to be trending towards the dressier styles, like this one.

        You could always add to the outfit with jewelry, or a blazer, if you want. And strappy sandals with a bit of glam. Jumpsuits also can be belted.

  22. Like so many other commenters, I love the floral dress on you. I’m normally a stripes and solids kind of girl too. Last year I bought a floral tee that I felt was too frou-frou for me but now that I’m seeing tons of florals I’ve decided it looks great with my white denim jacket. So I just ordered another silky floral from Loft! It’s funny how we have an idea about certain styles but when we add a comfort piece – like a jean jacket – it suddenly works! Thanks for sharing your try on session. Always enjoy your blog!

    1. Yes, a “comfort piece” really does help when stepping outside one’s comfort zone. I love that term! A jean jacket usually does that for me, but unfortunately, it won’t work for a wedding. Haha!

  23. Wow…thanks for trying on soooo many items.  Just wanted to let you know that it is so nice when we get different angles of what you are modelling – so many bloggers give you ten pictures of the exact same pose and while they look very nice, I really want to see the clothes and how they hang.  You always manage to look great and I really like the striped dresses – very slimming!

  24. What necklace are you wearing with the swimsuit coverup? I’m looking for some new jewelry. Eveeyone seems to be wearing the more delicate chains now. Thanks.

  25. That Everlane sweater is really cute. Have you tried their cotton v-neck tees? I was just looking at them and they seem to have very good reviews.

  26. I agree with you on that first Everlane blue sweater.  The color IS divine!!  You also look great in all the dresses…even the stripes!  I really love a try on haul post and hearing the voice in your head as you decide.  

  27. I totally love you in the navy sweater from Everlane! I think the style looks just great on you and the color really makes your skin look super clear and pretty. Your skin always looks great, but I think this color really elevates your skin tone, if that makes sense? Anyway, keep it!!!!

  28. Can you wear linen in Spring (March, April, May)? If so, how would you do it. I know you live in an area where the weather can still be iffy; I live in Southern California where today it will be 85 degrees.
    I grew up in a time where there were lots of rules about dressing, though I don’t follow no white after Labor Day.

  29. I totally agree with the Frame denim slippage. I just bought a few to try and the sizing is really weird. It’s way too stretchy in the waist but feels perfect in the legs. It looks great but I always have to pull them up which drives me nuts. 

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