10 Random Things I Did This Week

OH!  I have a #11.  Today at 1PM I’m going to be on MomTV with Real Life Sarah talking about what to wear to Blissdom.  So tune in if you can!!

So I was totally planning to make this post a part of Top Ten Thursday over at Oh Amanda.  And then after it was all written, I realized that there is no Top Ten Thursday.  There is, however, a Top Ten Tuesday.


Nevertheless, here are 10 new things I did this week:

1. I found a new farm!  This one is only 30 minutes from me, and they sell pastured chicken and eggs and raw milk for half the price of the other places I go.  Unfortunately I’m not so comfortable drinking their raw milk, seeing how there was raw chicken stored in the same fridge (EW!) but eggs get cooked, so I bought 5 dozen.  (And I wash them before I use them. Just in case you were concerned.)

2. I met Vanderbuilt Wife.  She was visiting her parents, and they only live 20 minutes from me, so we met up for lunch.  And I found out that her inlaws lived just around the corner from me for years.  Seriously, WHAT a small world.  Jessie is the sweetest thing, and we talked nonstop until I had to go pick up my daughter at preschool.

3. I found a doctor who is an MD and also takes a holistic approach to healthcare.  WHY is this so hard to find?  She was totally speaking my language, and now I have a new BFF.

4. I tried lacto-fermented salsa, and it was pretty good.  (I know, it sounds gross, but fermented foods aid the digestion process.  And these days we don’t eat nearly enough of them, if any.  Except for wine, ahem.)

5. I learned how to FTP.  (Although I’m not entirely sure that’s a verb.)  (And if you don’t know what that means, then never mind.  It’s geek speak.)

6. I redesigned Chic Critique!  Isn’t it beautimous?  I also created a reader survey, so if you are a Chic Critique reader, please take the time to give us your 2 cents.  THANKS!

7. I ran outside for the first time in 2010.  It’s been too cold up until now.  Not that it’s exactly balmy at 47 degrees, but I’ll take it.

8. I started watching 24 and American Idol.  I’m having a hard time getting into 24 this year.  How is it that a man can be beat within an inch of his life and not have a mark on him?  But anyway.

9. I cooked a parsnip.  I saw a bin of “fresh and local” produce at my whole foods store, and I thought to myself, WHAT kind of local produce is possibly available in January in Pennsylvania?  Well, parsnip, evidently.  So I brought one home and threw it in my pot roast for dinner.  No one really cared for it, but hey, you don’t know till you try, right?

10. I ordered myself some new business cards for Blissdom.  I’m following Sarah’s lead and making them about ME, not my blog.  They still have my cute little purse and coffee on them though.  I couldn’t resist.

So, did you do anything new this week?  Do tell!