Technical Difficulties


I deactivated the plugin and my comments are back.


Now I can relax and enjoy my evening.  Carry on!

* * *

I’m trying not to cry over spilt milk.  Right now it appears that all of my comments, from four years of blogging, are lost somewhere in the dark hole that is the internet.

And also.  Bear with me if you are trying to comment.  I switched to the DISQUS commenting plugin because it provides nested comments, so you can see who is replying to you, and it also should email the comment to the person being replied to.  But it seems that right now some people are seeing wordpress commenting and some disqus.  I’m getting comments from both sources.  So if you don’t see your comment, I am probably getting it via email.  And I’m holding out hope that my 4 years worth of comments will be restored at some point.

For now, I’m filing this in the technology bites file.

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  1. I did the same 6 months ago and lost all of my comments. I was able to import only the ones from my reader, which only has I think 20 posts or something like that.

    The rest are lost. When I link to an old post now, they are all commentless. 🙁

  2. N, I didn’t lose them after all. Evidently they were still in the wordpress database so when I deactivated disqus, they reappeared. YAY!

  3. I have the same concerns about raising pretentious kids. I don’t have any yet, but as I’m trying to start a family, I always worry about that balance. I also don’t want my kids to be embarrassed when friends don’t like the food at our house, and I wouldn’t want my own kids to get sick every time they eat with friends because their bodies aren’t used to *anything* processed. I think keeping a balance and using moderation with not-so-good foods is the only way to realistically stick with it, especially with a family.

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