Spring Transition Look with Snakeskin Flats

Greetings and welcome back to 26 Days of Spring Fashion! Today I’ve got a spring transition look that I’ve actually been able to wear a few times already, here in the tundra of Pennsylvania.

This sweater is one of my favorites right now because it’s warm and also looks a little spring-like.

It’s been in and out of stock, and it’s currently on sale, so I’m afraid sizes are getting depleted.

I love the chunky knit and the shorter length, and Pearl Essence is the perfect name for the color. It’s such a pretty tone. I’m wearing a small, for reference.

I paired the ivory sweater with raw hem black skinny jeans, but it also looks great with blue jeans in any shade, and I even like it paired with white jeans for a monochromatic look.

I love how the snakeskin print on these half d’orsay flats pulls in the ivory sweater and black jeans.

These shoes are giving me all the 80s vibes. I’m really happy to see pointy-toe flats trending again. While they’re not as comfortable as the traditional ballet flats with a rounded toe, I think the look is a little more sophisticated, and they’re just nice for a change.

These shoes seem to run small; I had to size up half to accommodate the pointy toe.

Finally, I topped off the look with my trusty black leather jacket. It’s been pretty cold here lately, but I’ve had a few days when I could get away with my leather jacket rather than my winter coat.

While the sweater and jeans are fine on their own, the addition of the leather jacket really finishes off the look and gives it some juxtaposition. A denim jacket is another option that looks really good with this outfit.

I will say that the length of the jacket and the length of the sweater are a little awkward together, but I can overlook that because I love this combination of patterns and textures, as well as the mix of dark and light neutrals.

Outfit Details:

sweater // similar jeans // flats // similar jackets // shoulder bag // earrings // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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14 Responses

  1. Very classic and chic….love it!
    Enjoy the warmer temps…sorry to miss
    Facebook tutorial …not on 

  2. Love the look and Love the colors in those handbags… I’m trying to get some wear out of my new black leather jacket from Christmas but it’s been too cold.. hopefully soon😉. Have fun in Orlando one of our favorite spots.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! We’re in the twenties this morning in South Texas so I had to wear boots yesterday and boy I’m ready to transition into some cute spring shoes. I Iike the idea of wearing a cream or oatmeal colored sweater with white jeans in the spring. I’m sure it’s strange to be packing for Florida when your still wearing coats and jackets. Safe travels and have fun!
    Oh, I’d like to see your glasses as I’m shopping for some new ones too. Trying out some multi-focal contact lens now but really need the glass for night driving. 

    1. Yeah, I”m now trying another pair of multifocals contacts. ARGH. None are really working well for both near and far, which I know is the way it works, but this doc keeps trying to find something. I appreciate his tenacity. 🙂

  4. I bet the sun glistening on the snow this morning was a beautiful site to see!  I woke up to sunshine this morning, as well, which is so good for everyone cleaning up from the tornadoes.  Since you mentioned that the length of the jacket and sweater are a bit odd together, what would make the pairing better to you?  Is there a particular reason you don’t have on a visible necklace?  I know your parents are looking forward to seeing you and the girls and spending a few days with you!  Have an awesome day!

    1. Yikes, I didn’t see anything about tornadoes. I trust you stayed safe.

      In general, it looks best if either the sweater or jacket are an inch or two shorter than the other. Ideally, I prefer a shorter jacket with a longer top that peeks out beneath. But it’s not a deal breaker to me if they’re the a similar length.

      I just didn’t feel it needed a necklace with all the texture going on in the sweater and then the hardware on the coat, but you could certainly add one.

      1. Thanks!  I have wondered about the jacket & top length when I’ve worn them.  Thus far 23 people were killed in one town in AL, just across the GA boarder.  We won’t be surprised if they don’t find bodies as they go thru the destruction in Talbotton, GA.  The severity of the tornadoes is the worst seen in years.

  5. Those shoes are so cute but I cant wear that style. Hope you have a great mother/daughters trip. Look forward to pics.

  6. You probably saw all the comments about Cyndi’s post on snakeskin. LOL 🙂  Just beware its probably coming to you too. I just can’t do snake anything.  I am so afraid of them and I don’t like anything that reminds me of them. I could never wear it on my body.  Apparently, from Cyndi’s comments, I’m not the only one. LOL 🙂  Enjoy your trip.  I have heard so many people heading out on vacation to get to the warm after this cold Winter.  I’m jealous.  We are having very cold and clear in NW Oregon and may have some snow coming tomorrow AM. I like the snow and we don’t get much, so actually am fine if we get more.  It really is pretty like you said in your post.  Great outfit on you. 🙂

    1. Ha! I did. That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Over the years, I’ve styled snakeskin booties, pumps, and flats. I had a snakeskin belt, and once I had a snakeskin print handbag that I carried all the time. People were always asking me where I got it. I’ve never seen anyone express such strong emotions and opinions about snakeskin prints. To each her own, of course, but it’s a great way to add pattern and texture to an outfit in small doses. 🙂

  7. Hi the last pic posted on Instagram in with white jeans pink top and Jean jacket is not linked up to shop your Instagram.

  8. You hit on something with your comment about the jacket length/ sweater length. That might be a good topic to add to your list … sometimes shirts/ sweaters can “hang out” beyond jacket length and look great, and other times it’s just sloppy and awkward. Have a fabulous trip!!

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