Transitional Trend to Try: The Sweater Vest

Yesterday we started discussing the 2022 fall trends and what’s in and what’s out for the coming season. One of my favorite transitional trends is the sweater vest because I love knitwear, and this is an easy piece to wear now and later.

This sweater vest is from Evereve, and I’ve been wearing it this summer with shorts and light colored jeans. Autumnal colors is another big transitional trend, and this olive color plays right into that.

Here’s how it looks paired with ecru jeans and sandals. For fall, I’ll wear it with flares and clogs or chunky platform sandals.

I also have a similar sweater vest in a cable knit that’s more of an oatmeal color. I wore it to church a couple weeks ago with white jeans and taupe block heeled sandals.

And here’s one way I might wear it after Labor Day, when it’s still warm here in Philly but I want to look more like fall.

These wooden platform heels are another fun transition style, but we will talk shoes another day.

I rounded up a bunch of sweater vests at various price points for your shopping inspiration!

Shop Sweater Vests for Transition Season

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12 Responses

  1. I really like this trend. I already had 3 sweater vests, but yesterday I ordered the white one from the NSale that was out of stock the duration of the sale, and just now I ordered the pretty pastel green from Amazon, which also had a $6.00 coupon off. I already had a colored oatmeal one, a maroon and oatmeal striped one, and a navy blue, all from Loft this year and last. The ones from last year I wore with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath in cold weather.

  2. I’ve noticed sweater vests popping up everywhere lately and I wonder, how do you style it for fall/winter? Can I add a long sleeve top under it?

  3. I love the sweater vest trend. I remembered yesterday that I actually have one! It’s a heather gray cashmere Theory vest. I have had it for years but never wore it. Now the moment has come! 😄

    That said… I like some of those current styles too. 🤔

  4. I like sweater vests to wear alone or layer over a close-fitting long sleeved crew neck or even a denim shirt! Bought two of them last season at H&M. Didn’t want to spend a lot since I didn’t know if I would continue to reach for them! Love the olive green one with white bottoms!! Great transitional look.

  5. This is a trend I am going to have to sit out. I can’t wear it in the summer it is too hot in South Carolina. And in the fall my arms get cold. I have brought several last year and have never wore them.

  6. You look fabulous in the sweater vests. Unfortunately I can’t wear them as I get too hot! By the way, how is your mouth (teeth) feeling? Haven’t heard much of late. Hope it’s gotten better.

  7. Can anyone comment on sizing for the sweater vest that was in the N Sale? Does it fit true to size? I think I would order a medium but only if it’s closer to size 10 than 8. Thanks!

  8. Flashback to 1990! I was rockin’ sweater vests back then with white T’s underneath. I am drawn to this trend, and I think it is because it reminds me of my youth. It is a nice conservative trend that us more mature women can easily partake in! Yay!

  9. I will say I can’t remember when I last owned a vest! But the more I see you styling yours you’ve peaked my interest! Great transition piece!

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