Fall Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out for 2022

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over, but it clearly got us all in the mood for fall fashion because I keep getting questions about 2022 fall fashion trends.

Everyone always wants to know what’s in, and even more importantly what’s out, as we assess our closets and determine what stays and what goes and what we may want to add in preparation for the fall season.

outfit details

Styles seem to be a bit more in flux this season than in recent years, so I’ve been paying attention to the new fall styles at my favorite retailers and reading fall trend reports on fashion blogs and websites, and this is where I see things going.

As always, I have to make this disclaimer when discussions fashion trends: Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Be selective with trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe only if they align with your personal style, body type, lifestyle, etc. At the end of the day, you should wear what you love, no matter what the “trend reports” say.

Okay, with all that said, let’s get to it!

Fall Fashion Trends: What’s IN For 2022

I’m planning dedicated blog posts for a lot of these 2022 fall fashion trends, so I didn’t do any shopping widgets for this post, but you can click on the link below each picture for more details on each featured item.

#1. Flares

photo credit: Evereve

Flares are not the only denim style we are seeing, but they are definitely the most fashion-forward denim style for fall 2022. All washes are trending, but medium and light-to-medium washes are the ones I’m seeing the most. I will definitely have a few different options in my fall closet.

Wear flares with clogs, booties, and wood platform sandals. You can also wear them with mules or fashion sneakers, but heels are the easiest shoe pairing. Even a 2-inch heel will be more elongating than a flat and give you that legs-for-days look that flares are known for.

#2. Fitted Base Layers

photo credit: Anthropologie

Base layers like t-shirts, tank tops, camisoles, and fine gauge sweaters are a fall wardrobe essential, and I’m seeing more fitted styles and bodysuits this season. These are what to wear under your bomber jackets and blazers and other “outfit completer pieces” this fall.

Because longer, boxier jackets are trending, wearing a more fitted base layer is the way to keep your looks polished and not sloppy. If you don’t like your clothing too body-con, that’s fine. Just look for styles that skim the body and follow your natural shape, like the one pictured above.

#3. Bomber Jackets

photo credit: Nordstrom

Leather, satin, quilted cotton, you name it… The bomber jacket is the modern update to the moto style that has been dominating the fashion scene for the past few seasons.

This doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of all my moto jackets, but I’m definitely adding a bomber jacket or two to my fall closet. In fact, I have a couple from last spring that I’m excited to start wearing again, once the weather cools down. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available so I don’t have links.

Wear your bomber jackets over tanks and tees now, and fitted sweaters when it gets colder. If you don’t like the bomber jacket, there are other jacket styles that are trending this year… keep reading!

#4. Sweater Vests

photo credit: Evereve

I’m seeing lots of sweater vests coming out right now, and this is one of my favorite 2022 fall fashion trends. In fact, I’ve already added a couple to my closet.

This is a nice wear now-and-later piece because they’re short-sleeved or sleeveless, with enough room to layer underneath when the weather cools down.

#5. Clogs & Wood Platform Soles

photo credit: dolce vita

Speaking of clogs and chunky sandals, these are definitely the biggest shoe trend going for fall 2022. If you have finicky feet, you can find comfortable styles that fit into this trend. They even make slingback clogs, if you have trouble keeping backless styles on your feet.

Wear clogs and wood platforms with everything from jeans to dresses this fall, and you can wear the chunky sandals with shorts too.

#6. Utility Jumpsuit

photo credit: Revolve

This is not the most wearable of the 2022 fall fashion trends, but I wanted to include it because it’s definitely a big player.

There’s something to be said for a chic one-and-done outfit, and I won’t say I’m passing on this one, but it will have to be the unicorn of utility jumpsuits to take a place in my closet. By that, I mean it has to be super flattering and comfortable, and the styling would need to have some classic features to make it fit my personal style aesthetic.

#7. Autumnal Colors

photo credit: Evereve

I realize there’s nothing ground-breaking about this one, but I’m noticing a lot more lightweight wardrobe pieces (namely, tops and dresses) in autumnal colors coming out right now. I love this because in many areas of the country, it’s hot well into September and October, and this way you can look seasonally appropriate while remaining cool and comfortable.

You can wear autumnal colors with white denim or shorts while it’s still warm (as shown in the featured image above) and then pair them with flares and boots when the weather cools down.

HINT: If you don’t look good in warm tones like rust and brown, try cool tones like olive or burgundy.

#8. Western-Inspired Boots

photo credit: Shopbop

The pair featured above has a very subtle Western vibe, but there are definitely more literal styles out right now. (I had to look far and wide to find a picture of a boot on an actual foot, and that was the best I could come up with.) I love the Sam Edelman Agnes from the #NSale, for example. The Dolce Vita Silma is fun too.

But really, what I’m most excited about, is the lower heels! I’m seeing lots of 2″ heels available, which is so much more walkable than the 3 1/2″ heels of the last few seasons. I will still wear my higher heels, especially with flares, but I’ll integrate some lower styles into my fall wardrobe as well. I love the Vince Kaye, for example.

#9. Boxy Blazers

photo credit: Nordstrom

One of the best things about fall fashion is all the layering possibilities, and having a variety of “outfit completer pieces” is the best way to keep your wardrobe interesting. Blazers are having a moment this fall, especially longer, boxier styles. I’m seeing a lot of plaids as well as some solid colors. To keep it modern for 2022, wear blazers over fitted base layers, especially crew and mock neck styles.

Blazers are not my thing and never have been, but if I’m going to wear one, it needs to be fitted and I prefer a collarless style. All that to say, this is a trend I am sitting out this year, but I’m sure it will appeal to many of you!

#10. Retro Sneakers

photo credit: Shopbop

Fashion sneakers are here to stay, and one of the most comfortable of the 2022 fall fashion trends. While retro styles are taking hold, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your clean white sneakers or court styles. It’s nice to have some of each.

Final Thoughts on What’s IN for Fall 2022

There are definitely more 2022 fall fashion trends, but I wanted to keep this list to 10, and those are probably the most prominent ones so far.

Just remember, trends are just that. They come and go, and some stick around longer than others. If it’s not your style, just skip it. Not sure? Test it with something less expensive before you commit to a higher priced item. But if any of those trends feel like your style, you might want to lean into those a bit more over the next few months.

Fall Fashion Trends: What’s OUT For 2022

I’m planning a more extensive post on what styles are out for 2022 and what to wear instead, so I’m going to keep this section brief.

#1. skinny jeans // While they’re still plentiful in many stores, skinny jeans — at least the painted-on legging skinny jeans — are on their way out. I’ll keep a pair or two in my closet to wear with knee-high boots, but otherwise, I’m packing most of my skinny jeans away or donating.

#2. lounge sets // I think it’s safe to say everyone is done with loungewear. We wore enough of it in 2020 and 2021 to last us a lifetime.

#3. animal prints // Animal prints, especially leopard and python, are a classic but they also trended so big for a while there that they’re starting to look tired. I’m not saying I won’t wear any, but I’m very selective about the style of the garment and what I pair it with.

#4. infinity scarves // These have been “out” for a while, but I still get questions about them, so I wanted to include them here. Especially the lightweight, fashion scarves in the infinity style look dated — like this one. I might make an exception for a wool or cashmere version as an outerwear accessory, but even then, I’ve gone back to wearing only the more traditional oblong styles.

#5. patterned fashion leggings // These were never a good look, but wearing them now definitely dates your style. The only exceptions would be for workout wear, and then I would only wear them to the gym or with a stylish jacket or hoodie to run errands afterwards.

#6. puffer vests // This is another classic wardrobe piece that is practical for certain climates and certain situations, but as a fashion trend, they’re definitely on their way out. I kept that faux layer hooded one that I loved in my closet last year, but I didn’t reach for it, so I finally donated it at the end of the season. The one I did wear quite a bit was this faux leather puffer. I think I kept it, to see if it feels current to me this year. The jury’s still out on that one, but I won’t be buying anymore of this style.

#7. long pendant necklaces // I get questions about this one ALL the time, and yes, these are looking tired at this point. Again, it isn’t that all long pendants are terribly out of style, but specific styles like the big stone tassel pendants that were huge trends for a short time are definitely out. I have a few longer necklaces that I hold onto because they are such nice quality, like this Yurman pendant necklace that I wear from time to time.

#8. riding boots // Again, these are a classic style, but they are not fashion-forward right now. I have one pair of Frye boots that I’m keeping for when they come back in style because they are such good quality, but I passed on the rest a few years ago.

#9. camo print // This is another print that has seen brighter days, and I don’t think I have any left in my wardrobe. I loved it, too! It will be back, I’m sure, but it doesn’t look very modern at the moment.

#10. long cardigans // I hesitate to include these, but I get asked about it a lot. Long cardigans aren’t really aren’t fashion-forward right now, but sometimes they just make sense. This is the only wishy-washy item I’m putting on this list. I do have one or two I keep for those days that I just want to be cozy, and I try to pair them with modern pieces.

And that’s a wrap! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Just remember that trends exist on a spectrum, and it’s totally okay to wear a variety of styles and phase them in and out of your closet as your budget allows. You don’t have to stop wearing any of the things on this list, and you may still see them in stores. I just wouldn’t recommend investing in more of these this season, unless it’s something that uniquely defines your personal style.

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57 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the report! I think flare and bootcut jeans look amazing, but you have to be a certain height to pull it off. At 5′ and shrinking, I look ridiculous in all the material so I will be the one person you see still wearing skinny jeans because nothing else works with short legs. You look fantastic in flare jeans! Bring on the Fall colors!

      1. Are the itty bitty bootcut made by Kut from
        the Kloth? I tried to google the name and it pulled up under the Democracy “Ab-solution” style. I’d love to find the ones mentioned if you could point me in the right direction. Thank you

  2. I haven’t gotten an email yet about this post … but its a good one 🙂 Thanks for keeping us ‘in style’ !

    1. Yeah, this one went out WAY late today! 🙂 I hadn’t prepped anything ahead, and it took longer than anticipated. Which is ALWAYS the way… haha. When will I learn time management?

      1. Ok 🙂 I was worried about you for a bit .. so I went to blog and checked .. lol
        Wanted to make sure you didn’t forget to hit ‘send’ Have a great Monday !

  3. Thanks for the post. It’s always fun to see what styles are coming back and which aren’t so cool anymore. That being said, there are a few things on the “out” list that I know I will continue to wear and some on the “out” list that I would never wear. If you have good style, even things that maybe aren’t considered on trend can me made to look chic.

  4. I like wearing boots with dresses. I bought a pair of black moto (mid way up the calf and rugged sole) boots style last year…..are they in or out and what do you suggest with non fancy dresses during the day for the coming season? Thanks

    1. Yes, they are still in. They aren’t my personal style, so I don’t really wear them, but you could definitely wear them with dresses. I like the clogs and wood platform sandals with dresses too, and sleek suede fashion boots work as well. And also sneakers! Sneakers with dresses are big right now.

  5. I’m so excited to add some flares and western boots to my wardrobe. I’m not sad to see skinny jeans go but I will miss my puffer vest! Thanks for all of the hard work you put in so we can stay current! Love the post!

  6. Thank you so much for putting this list together and sharing it with us. There are some trends that I will have in my closet, and then there are some that will not find a home with me. Like you, blazers are not my thing and I don’t see me having a jumpsuit to wear when it’s cold. I really like flare egged jeans, but they aren’t that easy for me to wear since my ankles do not tolerate any heel over 1”, and that’s pushing things a bit. It’s hot and humid as heck here in south central Georgia. Come on Fall!

  7. Great list. I’ve fazed out most all of these already. Except for longer cardigans for same reason you mentioned. I do like the puffer vest on you. The first 2, but the last bright green one does look dated. I live in a small town where so many ladies where jeans and not up to date ones and t shirts and sweatshirts that are over sized. 🙁 I feel out of place a lot. But bigger cities are not far away that are fashion forward. I’m looking for v neck sweaters with no wool content if you find for future Fall post. Not too oversized. What style jeans are people wearing with the oversized blazers, without looking too sloppy? I have a few blazers I like, but they are more fitted and I pair with the right pant. I think the younger girls can pull off the larger style blazers the best. Gloomy here too and I thought it felt like Fall. Nice to be out of the 90’s for a few days.

    1. Hi Kathy, was reading through the comments and saw you were looking for suggestions on V-Neck Sweaters without wool. I’m not sure if links are allowed but I know that there are at least a few acrylic v-neck Sweaters in the Fall 2023 collection at the link below. Acrylic is hypoallergenic, which I’m assuming is the reason you’re seeking to avoid wool. Much luck to you!


  8. Wow, great post! Lots of info to take in here. I’ll still be using a lot of what’s “out” now but may incorporate a few new trends. I’m interested in the flare jeans but will need to find a petite budget friendly pair.

  9. Loved this! You know, I told myself before the Nordstrom sale that I didn’t need any more jeans, sweaters, boots or shoes. What did I end up buying and keeping? Jeans, sweaters, boots and shoes! But I got 3 pair of flare jeans…a black, light blue and darker blue. One was the AG you recommended, and I adore them, but will have to cut a couple of inches off the hem. I also got 2 pair of lower heeled boots, a couple of clogs, and the rag & bone retro sneakers. Then I had to try the cashmere cable sweater you loved, and got that and one or two more. I did get a few exercise leggings and a few bras and panties. But I returned way more than I kept. Now, I am looking forward to fall…it’s my favorite season! I look forward to the more extensive what’s out and how-to-wear’s.

  10. Very timely post! I am purging my winter stuff right now! I was just talking with my daughter….. are cowl necklines in or out? I seem to have had a love affair with them and have multiple cowl neck sweaters! I’m trying to decide if I should keep them or pass them along. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    1. Hm, good one! I am going to say it is not really trending, but I wouldn’t ditch them all either. I love a cowl neck sweater, so I would wear it if it was a modern length/cut and all that.

  11. Thank you for a great post! The trend info will help me plan my wardrobe and purge a few items in my seasonal closet clean. Question: where do crop flares fit on the in/out continuum? I have 2 pair of Mother crop flares from last year….denim and a faded black. I got one pair on sale, but still they are pricey. Advice?

  12. Good thing I continue to wear what I love but try and add trends cause I’m a tried and true long cardigan lover BUT I wear with fitted tops so that’s an “in” ha. Also I still love my skinnies but that’s just me so I’ll try to find “in” stuff for on top ha

  13. Thank you, great post – I am so thankful and doing a happy dance that legging/skinny jeans are done, at least for now. I have never been able to find any that fit quite right.

    1. Shorter cardigans are in, especially the v-neck ones, worn buttoned up more like a pullover. And I’m seeing more fitted styles, to go with the more voluminous pants. But classic pullovers are in too. And even some slouchier styles.

  14. Great info!!! Thank you! This will help me in my closet purge for fall/winter. Especially all those puffer vests, lol! I think I went overboard a few years back……
    Also, I’m finally wising up to what my lifestyle actually is and realizing I don’t need all I have. Your classic simple style is one I need to imitate!

  15. I came “this close” to buying a puffer vest at a consignment store. Someone beat me to it. Guess I should be happy about that now!! And, I still really love the look of a long cardigan (especially the duster length ones) with flared jeans (ankle or full length). I have too many infinity scarves to count but maybe I can turn them into oblong scarves by cutting at the seams. Frankly, since I retired three years ago, I have hardly ever worn them so maybe I should just donate.

    1. Carol S. Awhile ago, I actually tried cutting an infinity scarf at the seam and sewing it but it was way too short, so I just donated it. Yes. I have a couple more to get rid of, along with probably 5 puffer vests. Newly retired, I know I won’t wear half of my closet, I need to purge it, but I keep putting it off.

  16. I am so glad flares are in for Fall! Now I just need some Fall weather, lol! Thank you for re-instating the Pin button; I’m one of those people who like to pin outfit ideas and refer to them later when I’m stumped about what to wear!

  17. What a great post!! I really like the “what not to wear” thoughts, and I definitely need to put some of those items away or donate them (such as the grey checked puffer vest that I never, ever wore). I have a gorgeous pair of mushroom Frye riding boots, and I’m so disappointed that this is no longer in style. I will definitely save them.

  18. I loved this post! I’m always interested in what’s coming but I loved that you included the items to ‘pack away’.

  19. Great blog post! I’m loving the flare and bootcut jeans as well as straight leg. I sort of knew that long cardigans would be on their way out, since they match up with the skinny jeans, but I’m sad to see them go. I have sooo many long cardigans and still find them super cozy. I think they would look a little odd though with the current denim styles, except maybe slim or straight leg.

  20. Thank you for this post. I’m not sure if you mentioned this, but will the raw hems still be in for the coming year. I hope they are because its so easy to alter the length on my jeans.

  21. Oh, man. I finally got a puffer vest after christmas last year and wore it all the time. I know what you will say, so I will agree – if I like it and want to wear it I can! (But, seriously?)…

  22. I’m still doing a lot of adult teaching online, so I’ll definitely hang on to my long cardigans that I invested in during the pandemic. When you’re just on a screen, no one notices how long they are! And I live in rural Austria, where many people are more focused on comfort and staying warm in our Alpine winters than being fashion forward, so less pressure on me to update my clothes every season.

  23. I looked up the link in OUT #4. That was a wake up call. You wore a nice outfit and I have and may soon wear most of the items there. But everything you wore and recommended except the cashmere sweater (IN list #2 here) and the Yurman bracelet, is on this post’s OUT list. I did not realize that I was so on trend (and now off trend). The outfit was 2017, so seriously, anything on trend then would be off trend by now. It is time to do my homework, revise some of the wardrobe, and pay attention to my true style and maybe be a little less trendy.

    1. Yeah, and I think that outfit is one I’d wear today – minus the scarf. It isn’t fashion forward, but it’s classic. That said, I would “update” it with a front tucked sweater and bootcut or flare jeans. 🙂

  24. Great recap for the fall. I love knowing what’s in and what’s out and examples of both. I’m purging and here’s a question (although I think I know the answer). Sweater wraps. They are practical, but I think they aren’t in, so do I get rid of them? I have a cashmere one that is perfect for travel and I must keep for that reason alone, but I have another one that is wool. There is also another cashmere on sale, but I’m thinking it’s a bad idea. Thoughts?

  25. Yes, open sweaters than you can throw one side over over your shoulder or leave as an open cardigan. I was just worried that structured jackets were taking their place. Oh good, I can purchase now!

  26. This is the first time I’ve read your post and I really enjoyed it. I always like to know what’s in and what’s not. That being said I pretty much wear what I like and what looks good on me, whether it’s in or not! Some of my favorites I’ve had for years and I still wear them. I will definitely add some of the newer trends if they work on me bc I do like to look current! My style is a little “off the wall” and I really don’t like to dress like everyone else and actually I don’t mind it if my husband rolls his eyes when I appear dressed for an evening out! Clothes r meant to be fun is my motto!

  27. That is funny because I literally woke up the other day and said to myself “ok enough of the 80s crappy look I’m bringing back retro early 2000’s back!! And that is what I have literally done in my small town .

  28. I noticed that you didn’t say anything about hemlines, or, that matter, skirts, or dresses. Is this covered, in another posting?!

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