Coffee Talk 07.31.22

Well, friends! It’s the last day of July and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Our summer vacations are behind us, I’m pretty much recovered from surgery, and we’re wrapping up a major bathroom renovation. It’s been a chaotic few months, but things are finally settling down, and I feel like I’m getting my house back.

For the past month or so, it has been in total upheaval. Everything had to be moved out of our bathroom during the renovation, so I had put it all in bins and boxes in my bedroom. At first, it was somewhat contained, but over time as I had to dig to find certain things I needed, it became complete chaos. Plus, I had makeup and skincare products from my morning and nightly routines spread out among the dresser in my bedroom and the other two bathrooms in our house.

In addition to that, I brought in all the product I purchased from the #NSale over the past month, which only added to all the chaos in my bedroom. I tried to keep some semblance of order, but there was stuff everywhere. We’ve also traveled twice during that time, and I’ve been working 12 hour days when we’re home, so suffice it to say, my house was in total disarray.

Now that the #NSale is winding down and the bathroom reno is almost complete, we’ve been able to start putting everything back in its place, and it feels so good!

As I was purging and organizing and getting my bathroom and bedroom put back together this weekend, I started to think it was the end of the season. It doesn’t help that Becca starts marching band camp on Monday, which always makes it feel like summer is over. All of the sudden, I realized that we actually have an entire month of summer left! It’s the end of July, not the end of August.

Of course, we will soon be focused on getting Caroline back to college, and David will be starting classes in a few weeks… But for now, I’m going to try to slow down and enjoy what’s left of the season.

I started yesterday, in fact. I spend a leisurely morning here working in my office, and then I met a friend for lunch. We sat outside and chatted for a few hours, so that was fun. When I got home, everyone here just wanted to stay put, so we put on our swimsuits and got in the pool.

Well, Paul and I got in the pool while Becca sat on the side and got us caught up on her week. David has his own agenda, but he popped in when he got hungry. They all spent the rest of the evening watching the Phillies vs. Pirates, but I fell asleep reading my book and ended up going to bed early. I felt kind of worthless, but it was nice to have a lazy Saturday.

Becca spent the week at a marching band camp at West Chester University, so it was nice to hear all about that. Some of you may remember, that’s where David goes to college. She got to perform on the football field on the last day, so of course, Paul and I went. It was kind of surreal to be back in that stadium, where we attended several football games when David was in the WCU marching band.

I guess it’s time to start planning Becca’s college visits. She really wants to continue playing marimba, but evidently very few college marching bands have a front ensemble. (That’s the part of the band that stands in the front and plays stationary instruments like mallets, bells, guitar, keyboard, etc.) If she’s going to continue in college, that will limit her choices considerably. If you have any to recommend, please let us know!

As far as what I’m planning for the blog in August, I appreciate the suggestions you all gave last week. That really helped as Sidney and I planned out my blog calendar. Even though we’ve gotten a sneak peek of the fall fashion trends from the #NSale, there’s a lot of warm weather left, so I’ll definitely be focusing more on transition styles and outfit formulas that can be adapted for different budgets and climates.

I want to get a walk in this morning, so I need to get a move on here, but I said yesterday in my email newsletter that I would report back on the PMD Personal Microderm Device before the #NSale ends. I realized after I sent the post that I was confusing microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning uses scalpel or razor to remove the top layer of skin, and in doing so, it also takes off that white peach fuzz we all have over our face. Microdermabrasion uses a device (like the PMD) that passes over the face, and rough crystals exfoliate and slough off the top layer of skin. Both are a form of exfoliation, but microdermabrasion doesn’t remove the peach fuzz.

The question in the newsletter was specifically about a hair removal tool for peach fuzz, so my answer to that is, I use the Tinkle Razors. That said, I did try the PMD microderm device last night, and I’m planning to continue using it. I have bad melasma (brown patches) and rosacea (redness and discoloration) so I’m hoping it will help.

Alrighty! That’s it for me. I’m off to walk the dog and get ready for church. Have a blessed Sunday!

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45 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 07.31.22

  1. The University of Delaware Marching Band has a front ensemble. My son played saxophone for four years with the UDMB and had a great experience. The longtime band director is fabulous and he has made lifelong friends.

  2. I’m like you, I’m wondering where July went. I always feel that when school is about to start that it’s just a hop, skip & jump till the holidays.

    I’m not sure I shared this, but I packed up home, after a good bit of downsizing, and moved from the Texas panhandle to the Little Rock, Ar on April 1st. I’ve been living with my sister & her husband since while I look for my own home. Most everything is in storage, so I understand what it’s like to figure out how to set up life in a very nice large bedroom with its own bath, a nice side closet that she totally cleaned out for me and try to establish myself. We have a large extended family & so it’s nice to be here for all the goings on, but life has sure changed.

    As far as topics, I’m working part time in a pediatric therapy clinic at the front desk. I’ve always been more on the management side & am having a problem dressing casually. I’m of the age (gonna be 70 in 8 month, but who’s counting) that casual still looks tidy & put together. Any suggestions on age appropriate casual office wear for a person my age. We can wear jeans/t-shirts but I don’t to look like I’m trying to pass myself of too young.

    Here’s to enjoying the rest of the summer! Happy Sunday! I’m about to get myself ready for church as well…which by the way I volunteered there to start a senior adult ministry that was announced last week & today we’re having lunch together at a nearby Mexican restaurant- wish me luck!!

  3. Good morning! We start school in 10 days and not body is excited. The summer flew and we’d like another month. Lol. I’m in FL and it’s 100 degrees daily and will be for another month at least. I loved the long flare jeans your purchased at the #Nsale. I’d love to see those with nice blouses short and long sleeve and different shoes. That’s my life and wardrobe. Those jeans make your legs look a mile long. I need to find some more shorts that look good w/ those jeans as well and are comfortable. Can’t wait to see the bathroom Reno.

  4. A quick internet search showed Kutztown University in PA having a front ensemble, I think there are probably a lot more colleges out there with front ensembles than we think! My youngest son played all sorts of percussion instruments in high school but unfortunately did not pursue it in college.

  5. Your Summer so far has been eventful and busy, but yes, I too was like you. I had that melancholy feeling that Summer is almost over and back in the day this was the dead of Summer and August is the best weather etc. I don’t know why I too was feeling that way, as I don’t have kids starting back to their sports early like when they were in HS, which really made it feel Summer was over. I think when you do the N Sale and see the school supplies in the stores and school shopping signs etc. it moves you that way tooooo soon. We do need to step back and enjoy the present. So nice you have a new bathroom all renovated. I really need to do tha, but really don’t know where to start. So much needs updating. Thanks for the reminder about the N Sale ending and your most popular post reminded me to double check if more sizes came in the Good American jeans. I ordered one size when you first told us about them, but now see they have the other size I wanted to also try. They were out. So yes, things keep getting restocked as people return. Have a great day. I too need to get ready for church.

  6. My high school junior has been in marching band camp for 2 weeks already. She starts school on August 10th (we are in Texas). Summer has gone by so quickly. She plays trumpet and wants to continue in college too.

    1. I forget other areas of the country go back so early. I grew up with school starting after Labor Day, and I hate that it starts even a week before that up here. I think August should be summer! 🙂

  7. PS By the way, you really should wear more blouses. I’ve always loved the picture of you at the end of this email of you in the blue blouse, holding your coffee. I think now with your new surgery size, you’d like blouses even more. They won’t tug at the buttons. I like a good blouse, but don’t tend to grab them as much as other items, but when I do, I am glad. Especially white blouse with black pants….. just classy. Anyway, maybe it would be nice to see some transition blouses/shirts.

  8. Honestly, I would discourage any high schooler from prioritizing an extra curricular activity during the college search. Not that I don’t think time outside of the classroom is a hugely valuable part of the college experience!

    However, I cannot tell you how many of my kids friends selected schools primarily because they could play a sport or be in the band and it didn’t work out well. I’d have to say that it happened more with sports than the arts but we saw it with all kinds of activities. We watched so many kids end up transferring or, sadly, dropping out all together when they didn’t enjoy those activities at the college level as much as in high school.

    I’d tell my own child to be sure she loves the school and can she herself thriving there even if she isn’t in the band.
    College visits are fun yet stressful and thing for parents! Good Luck and remember to enjoy yourself!

    1. That is good input, thanks. My son picked WCU mainly b/c of the band, and he did enjoy it his first year, but he turned down his spot the following year, and that always made me sad. I asked him recently, and he says he has no regrets, but I did warn Becca that it may not be something she does for more than the first year, so be sure she likes the school too. She does actually love the atmosphere, and I think being on campus all week was a good way to experience that, even though school wasn’t in session. I am eager to see how she feels when she visits some other campuses.

  9. When you use those little razors to remove the peach fuzz, isn’t that like shaving it? I’m so worried the hairs will come back thicker and darker over time so I don’t try it.

    1. I have the same concerns. All those little blonde peach fuzz hairs may come in longer and/or darker. I’m just not sure about women shaving their entire face to remove hairs and skin so their make up goes on smoother. But, as you can see, I am intrigued.

  10. I, too, just recently underwent a bathroom reno. Your description of living out of bins and totes has been my life for the past few weeks also! Binging and purging was very therapeutic. Between travel, work commitments and the reno we were also living in chaos, as you were. I completely relate to what you described! Feels good to begin to get organized again!

  11. I have slight rosacea and was told that microdermabrasion would not be good for that condition so please keep us updated to how it works? Thank ypu for all you do to help us out!

    1. Wow, that is good to know. Maybe I should ask my dermatologist before continuing. It says it helps with dark spots and redness, I was hoping… I definitely noticed it made my skin feel smoother.

  12. I hope that Becca enjoyed the week away! The schools here start back tomorrow, so the summer is technically over for those involved. I bet you and Paul are so glad that your bathroom remodel is just about done. I don’t function well in chaos. I suspect that while Caroline has enjoyed her time at home, she is probably so ready to begin her second year of college. I hope that you are having a relaxing afternoon.

    1. She is so ready! But i know she’ll miss Savannah. She’s actually in CT this weekend visiting college friends. I love that she has already established those types of relationships.

  13. Have you looked at colleges in Virginia? James Madison University has a very active marching band. 🙂

  14. If I recall correctly, some big universities like U of Arkansas and U of Nebraska have front ensembles (or what we always called “the pit” or “pit crew”). My son plays bassoon, which is not a marching instrument, but he’s not sure he wants to play in a symphonic band in college or not–however, everyone tells me that bands always need bassoon players so I’m trying to encourage him to use that to his advantage!

  15. Our son thoroughly enjoyed his years in the Auburn University Marching Band. He was on the snare line, but they did have the big percussion ensemble on the sidelines. Both the Pit and the Battery, in other words. Fantastic band! LARGE band! They have 40 stand tunes and did about four different shows on the field each season. Everything was provided for the band members except for shoes, as I recall. And with the success of the football team, our son traveled the country with all expenses paid and even went to the playoffs and a national championship! He would not trade the experience, and we enjoyed being band parents.

  16. Hi, I’m
    New to your blog – it was suggested to me since I am undergoing a breast reduction in about a week . Could you email me some tips and encouragement? ❤️

    1. Sure thing! I had breast reduction almost 3 mos ago and I’m so glad I did it. I can’t believe I waited this long. I made sure to get lots of rest, drink plenty of water, and eat lots of protein to promote healing. Everything went very smoothly. If you have any more specific questions, I’m happy to answer. Just let me know.

  17. Technology is overtaking stationary instruments in marching bands. See YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnsbmvW74l4 . Your eyes deceive you not. That is indeed a grand piano marching and dancing in the band’s indoor stadium starting at 5:43 on that video. With that technology, it is possible, actually fairly easy, to march with a marimba. And marimba they have. Idaho is a great university with a superb music school but it is a long hike from Philly.

  18. Could you please share where the cardigan is from? I have a hard time with oatmeal colored cardigans, as they can run too pink or cream. Yours is the perfect shade, plus it doesn’t have a shawl collar.

  19. Hi there – I’m playing catch up on posts, so I am few days late. The University of Connecticut has a very large marching band. Last time I saw them (which was a few years ago) they had a miramba included. I don’t think they include it for the Pep Band (Basketball games) though.

      1. Definitely check out Auburn!!! Its a beautiful campus, and I know so many families that their kids thrived there. The band is amazing!!
        War Eagle

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne, a few come to mind—Rutgers, UDel, Ohio State, Kutztown, Towson…but even if it’s easier to have a front ensemble on her college campus, she can still pursue WGI, DCA and DCI throughout her college years. More travel but it will enrich her skills and open the door for nation-wide forever friendships. My kids—now adults—competed throughout college with Surf, United, CWP and C2 (now defunct), and ultimately aged out with DCI’s Carolina Crown. Best wishes and enjoy every moment. How I miss those days!!

    1. Yes, she just went to watch a DCI event and she is talking about doing that now too. That might be the best route to take, and then she doesn’t have to be in a college with a pit. She says even most college pits aren’t as large as her high school one, and she only wants to be a part of one that is good or better. DCI might be the way to go.

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