Travel Bags I’ve Ordered to Try

Now that we’ve decided to take our family of five to Italy this summer, I’ve been in full-on research mode, trying to figure out all the travel bags and suitcases we will need for this trip.

It sounds like a lot of you are in a similar situation with travel plans this summer, so I’ll let you know when I decide which ones we’re keeping and how we end up using them, but for today I thought I’d do a roundup of everything I’ve ordered so far.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen

By no means do I plan to keep all of these, but we will need a few in each category since there are five of us.

To give you some context, we’ve planned a 10-day trip, with three different hotel stays. My goal is for us all to go carry-on only so we don’t have to worry about lost luggage or being encumbered by large bags when changing locations.

We already have three carry-on sized suitcases between the five of us, so we need at least two more, or maybe the men will end up carrying some type of weekender bag instead. I’m still figuring that out.

I’ve also ordered a couple of weekender style bags to vet for my personal item (in addition to my carry-on suitcase). I usually carry an open tote for this purpose, but I want something more secure for Europe. Plus, I’d like to be able to utilize some of that space for extra clothing.

In addition to that, we each need a secure crossbody bag or backpack for carrying with us on our excursions, and the men might need a travel wallet. So yeah, I’ve been ordering travel bags like it’s my job… which, I guess it is, since I plan to review them all for you!

The weekender bags I’ve ordered are not with Collective Voice, so I can’t add them to my shopping widget, but I ordered The O.G. 2 and Catalina Deluxe by Lo & Sons, as well as The Everywhere Bag by Away.

Here are the other bags and suitcases I’ve ordered so far.

Travel Bags I’ve Ordered to Try

I like quite a few of these, so at this point, I just need to decide which ones will best suit my needs and the need of my fellow travelers. That said, if you have one you love, let me know, and I’ll check it out. Packing and organizational tips for traveling light are appreciated, as well!

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      1. When I went to Israel I bought a Lug crossover that can be adjusted to wear around your waist. I wore it around my waist at the airport. It was out of the way as I carried an overnight bag and pulled a suitcase. I don’t know if QVC still sells something similar. It has wallet compartments and space for phone and passport and other small items.

      2. I’m not a belt-bag type of girl either, but there are times when I’m very happy I have this one (in Abalone Grey)– not at all bulky and lays close to the body yet holds a good amount, plus there’s a smaller zippered pouch that’s discreetly located for valuables… and the color makes it stylish and versitile. I wear it like a crossbody: https://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=799026042&cid=1213374&pcid=46881&vid=1&nav=meganav%3AAccessories%3ACATEGORIES%3ABags%20%26%20Wallets#pdp-page-content

      3. Jo Lynn, I too am planning for a European trip and I just recently purchased the Hobo Juno belt bag. I’m a lover of Hobo purses too. The belt is a bit awkward, but I plan to wear it as a sling bag. I love Away luggage too.

    1. I decided to also get a small belt bag. For the airport, I’ll hopefully be able to put it in my personal item, but I bought the Marrakech bag from Banana Republic. I can wear it either as a belt bag or draped diagonally. I just hope it’s not too bulky because it’s leather.

  1. I purchased the Longchamp large Le Pliage tote. It is extremely light weight and folds up neatly. Will be taking to Italy in May

  2. I belong to TFG also. Love the Travelon Maxlite suitcase but I have the 4 wheel spinner–not the 2 wheel. Much easier to wheel. another option is to go to Marshalls or TJM. They have some great lightweight carryons at prices below $100. Samsonite, IT and etc. For the kids, I would go cheaper since they probably won’t be traveling as much as you will.
    For your personal bag, be sure to get one with a trolley strap. I like a backpack cause I find it easier to handle when getting on trains/buses/etc. I put my travelon “purse” inside the backpack to get on the plane and keep a crossbody SMALL wallet/purse on my body usually under my coat. I then tuck this crossbody inside my purse when on excursions or tours.

  3. We travel a lot both domestic & internationally. Highly recommend RFID purse & wallet. I know someone who got her cc scanned & was left chasing down $20K post vaca. Thick strapped crossbody w/ zipper. No trim or extra handles that can easily be grabbed. Go plain & sturdy. Cute & stylin for home. Non attention getting luggage. Internationally you want to blend & not look like well-to-do foreigner. Backpacks for guys may have RFID inner pocket. If not, just buy a small RFID envelope bag to put inside backpack. Men need RFID wallet, keep in front pocket. Leave your good jewelry at home. US known for diamond wedding sets not popular in EU. Wear plain band, nothing valuable at neck to be grabbed. NO bling. Tip: Carry different cc than your husband. If one or other’s cards are stolen & you call cc co to report it, you’ll still have other cc on you that still work.

  4. Despite the nasty weather, I hope that you two have a great day! Good luck with getting the travel bags all of you will need for your trip. Packing light and only taking a carry-on would be a big challenge for me, especially when it comes to my toiletries. I guess you just have to forego taking everything but the kitchen sink.

  5. I’m going to Greece next month and I bought this for my personal item. It’s Vera Bradley Cotton Utility Oversized Tote Travel Bag. Great pockets and a trolley sleeve, great for putting on your suitcase. Have a great time!

  6. packing cubes of course and I just added compression packing cubes to my stack (I travel for work but also doing a Europe trip this summer.)
    The best one is the Eagle Creek Pack it Garment Folder – so good for shirts especially but also pants, dresses. I have one and use it ALL THE TIME and everytime I travel. Nice and flat to fit in bottom of case.
    Good luck with carryy-on….lol…we considered it but we will be in Germany for 15 nights, a checked bag is included in our air ticket and I just don’t think I can do it. ONly one of our 6 hotels has self laundry facilities. I will TRY to pack light at least 🙂

  7. Great article with lots of travel purses and luggage ideas. I don’t travel outside the USA, but both my husband and I can do our 7 -10 day vacations with one carry on each, and one Targus backpack. The backpack will hold, laptop, paperback book, 4 granola bars, paper plates and napkins, joggers, sweatshirt, change of underwear and socks, pair of shoes/sneakers, with enough room to add a full outfit. We each have our own backpack so when we travel and have a one night stay at a hotel, we just take in our backpacks. Now if I could just pare my makeup case down- an article on face products/makeup to trave with would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day and blessed week.

    1. Jennifer Connally at A Well Styled Life has some great ideas on her blog this morning about how she has pared down her toiletries and what she uses for travel. I found it worth reading Sorry I could not send a link, but I think you will find it if you google her name and blog.

  8. Bummer about the zipper on the Travelpro Maxlite. I just got back from 14 day Italy trip and did carry-on only for the first time ever! I used the Maxlite as my carry on and the Baggalini Soho backpack as my personal item. For everyday sightseeing, I used the Travelon mini shoulder bag sling tote.

  9. I have the 1 Travelon and like it a lot. I like it so much I use it as an everyday bag at home quite a bit. It is roomy and the size is perfect for just my stuff. If you will be carrying stuff for the kids and Paul also, it may be too small.

  10. When I travel by myself, I usually use a weekender as opposed to a roller board. They are lighter weight & actually fit a lot. And they are easier to maneuver on stairs, public transport etc. Mine is a Lipault but is bigger than the ones I see on their page. That brand has stylish lightweight bags. Also the European planes have tiny overhead bins and the weekenders will fit while only the smallest roller boards will.

    For family travel, I actually prefer 1 or 2 big suitcase(s) with travel cubes in different colors for different family members. It’s easier to keep track of fewer suitcases when in transit. Then we have backpacks / zipped totes for everyone, where they keep their water, personal effects while walking around etc. For the suitcase having the four wheels on the bottom is really key! Also lightweight is good for the big bags b/c you hit that 50 lb limit quickly,

    1. I’m wondering if this is best for us. We are doing a direct flight from Philly to Rome, and then 3 hotels once we are there, with minivan transport in between. Also, we have co-joining rooms, so it might be better to have fewer larger bags than a bunch of small ones. Food for thought . . .

      1. Yes we always do that (a couple of big suitcases and travel cubes for family travel). Also you’ll buy stuff there do will want some extra room. Plus, while I’m fairly low maintenance, I need the right hair care products and 3oz liquids is hard for 10 days!

  11. The Lululemon EveryWhere Belt Bag 1L is an affordable lightweight and stylish option to
    wear for travel. Strap is long enough to use as a crossbody bag.

  12. Keeping toiletries to the quart size limit is the hardest part of packing for international travel. Be aware that most overseas airports strictly enforce the one quart requirement, and TSA precheck is not accepted at foreign airports. So make sure all your liquids are in a zippered quart bag. I would suggest waiting and purchasing some of your basic toiletries once you get there – it is easy to buy things like sunscreen, body wash, shampoo anywhere and then just toss what you don’t use when you come home.

    1. Yes, I often hear that advice about buying there. I just find it so stressful to think about getting there and having to find a pharmacy and what if I don’t find what I need. We only have one flight, and it’s direct Philly to Rome. So I think we will be okay with the liquids. THey’re pretty lenient these days. They didn’t even ask us to take our liquids out on this Nashville trip, and I wasn’t in the TSA line either.

  13. We are going on a Viking River Cruise this summer. I am considering using only a carry on and backpack or a tote. We are flying on Luthansa Airlines for the overseas portion of our trip. I checked the weight limit for carry on luggage and the weight limit is 8KG which converts to around 16 pounds! I don’t think I can pack for 8 days & keep it under 16 lbs. That doesn’t sound right to me, but you might check the baggage and weight restrictions for your carry on luggage!! I’m checking further with that airline!!

  14. I’ve been waiting for this! I still haven’t bought something for a personal item for the flight. We are flying Lufthansa to Venice (with a connection in Munich), and their requirements are very strict w/ size and weight. We already have two Travelpro hard-size carryons, but both are too big for Lufthansa’s carryon size. We are planning on taking one of those and just checking it, but I also bought the same Travelpro that you did above, because the size should work for Lufthansa for carryon. Their weight restriction for the carryon bag is about 17 lbs, so the light weight of that one is also a plus. The broken zipper is not! I hope we don’t have a problem. For personal items, we are limited to about 15 x 11 x 3.5 inches. Pretty small, but quite a few people have mentioned (on the TFG fb page), that items that are a little bigger should still work as long as they’re squishable.

    Since we will be checking one of our bags, I’m going to plan on taking a personal item that’s a little bigger, so I’ve been on the lookout for something kind of in between. I just don’t know if I want a backpack.

    1. I love how much that Travelpro holds – hopefully it works out for you. I don’t like backpacks, so I will definitely be doing a crossbody as my daily bag, and I want a different personal item – I can tuck the crossbody inside of it.

  15. I’m researching bags right now too for a 2 week trip to France this summer. Make sure you check airline’s international carry on size, they are smaller than US carriers. I found my usual carry on is too long by an inch. Staying under 21 inches is usually necessary, and under about 16 lbs. My daughter and I decided to go with travel backpacks so we aren’t rolling bags over uneven cobblestones and lugging them up narrow staircases. Your husband and son might consider this.

  16. I am truly looking forward to seeing what you pack for both clothing and toiletries and how it all works out. The last time I tried to pack carry-on was the most stressful packing experience of my life, and I decided that carry-on packers were just a different breed of people than I am. I really don’t want to spend my vacation doing laundry. If you come back saying you were actually able to do carry-on successfully, I may reconsider, lol.

  17. We travel a lot as a family. We are huge fans of the Patagonia black hole wheeled duffel bags. The 40L size is perfect for carryon. We also use the non wheeled ones because the straps convert to a backpack so my sons or husbands carry them that way. Great for navigating streets in Europe.

  18. Our youngest son moved to Boston & my husband & I live in Kansas, so we’ll be continually flying to visit several times each year. I’ve been doing a similar search for a carry-on & also a personal backpack to use long-term when we fly. One thing to consider is if you’d like your backpack or personal item to also attach to your carry-on via a luggage strap/trolley sleeve that goes over the luggage handle of your carry-on. I found a smaller sized backpack new with tags on Poshmark similar to the Travelon ones you’ve listed here, but it has a trolley sleeve on the back if I want to use it. (Why doesn’t Travelon put that on a lot of their bags??) I’m also taking a small crossbody purse I’ll stow in my backpack when flying for use after we get to Boston. Have fun deciding!! I’m sure you’re going to have a blast in Italy!

  19. My husband and I are headed to Italy in October, and definitely need new luggage.I am also determined to only use a carry on, so I am following all these posts. I am a chronic over packer, so I will need all your advice!😄

  20. All my suitcases are Travelpro and love them. For the carry on I prefer the Travelpro with 4 wheels, I think it’s easier to walk around with than with 2 wheels and I have the Calpak bag that fits right on top. The Calpak bag has a big pocket at the end and I always purchase a big bottle of water at the airport for the flight and it fits right inside that pocket which I love.

    1. I love my Travelpro hard-sided spinner carryon, but I kept reading that cobblestones could destroy the spinner wheels. Otherwise, I would have gone with that for the smaller carryon. Do you find that’s the case? Thanks!

  21. The last couple of times I’ve been to Europe, I didn’t really see people carrying these kinds of travel purses (they kind of scream tourist), but rather regular crossbody bags and small designer crossbody bags. I do put my cards in an RFID card holder. You should check out the Lo & Sons The Pearl. Holds a ton and has zippers for security. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I agree the small designer/regular crossbody bags were everywhere the last time I was in Europe. Last summer I saw lots of YSL/Gucci/LV/TB small crossbody bags being worn. I took a small Coach crossbody (camera bag style) that was perfect.

      1. Interesting, I’m all for taking one of my camera bags for my daytime crossbody – the Gucci or YSL. But so many have said not to. I feel like my black Gucci Soho Disco would be so easy b/c I used to it, plus it feels like “me”.

  22. I have been using Dagne Dover carry on it’s so well made fits under the seat nicely it’s on the pricey side but well worth the money!

  23. I travel with a 10 year old Marc Jacobs crossbody bag and a small bag I can tuck under my seat. I have an Athleta bag that converts from a Fanny to a crossbody that is good for hiking & touring. I always check my luggage because I am unable to lift a good size carry on over my head to stow. I can’t depend on help in that department and I have personally seen the sneers others have received. Caution about backpacks: taking them on and off on a crowded plane is hazardous to others and if you have never carried one that’s packed you should start practicing. They are back & shoulder killers. I believe the use of a clear, quart size bag for toiletries is a European rule where the security is very strict.

  24. I’m a purse-aholic, I’m not a crossbody person,, I borrowed a friend’s Sash Bag to use on a trip and LOVED it. As soon as I got home I ordered one for myself and a second as a gift for my teacher daughter, who goes on several school trips and wears crossbodies. It has several secure interior pockets for all your valuables as well as a passport pocket, when wearing it forms close to your body and is light weight. Highly recommend it. http://www.thesashbag.com

  25. I also follow TFG and have found her recommendations to be spot on. Ultimately it comes down to your personal style too. You don’t want to feel frumpy on a special trip where you’re taking lots of photos. People all over Europe wear good jewelry and use all sorts of bags and wallets for everyday life. We live in Europe and travel about 2 months of every year so maybe this just comes down to me wanting to have some semblance of my normal style- ha! Europeans and especially Italians dress more elegantly and polished than the average american. They love gold jewelry and maybe you’ll find a beautiful souvenir while there. It’s rare to see shorts on men and women- kids and youth being exceptions. Lots of linen pants and sundresses. The danger is that often when people travel they aren’t aware of their surroundings as they’re busy taking in the sights and that is what makes them an easy target. My husband uses a very thin metal wallet in his front pocket. I use the Tumi crossbody frequently when I’m traveling because I like all the zippered compartments and the facts it’s very light for sightseeing all day.

    That’s a shame about your travel pro suitcase. We’ve used that exact one for years and it’s held up really well. I’ve found that while the clamshell style is nice it’s hard to keep open in tight European hotel rooms so I have to utilize any drawers and put the suitcase away. I also use the Catalina Deluxe Tote sometimes- it’s very spacious and I like the bottom zippered compartment which is perfect for an extra pair of shoes. It’s works as a great gym bag too.

    I use some of the smaller packing cubes (the thin rectangle ones) for workout clothes and underwear, swimsuits and cover ups. Basically anything that would be fine being rolled up tightly. I use compression bags for the rest of my clothes as that way they won’t pick up any travel odors. We always take an extra large one to keep dirty clothes separate too. These are just what has worked well for our family of 2 adults and 2 kids. I’m excited to see what you end up keeping and packing!

  26. I love my Pom Pom of London large bag for a cross body travel. Also a huge fan of away suitcases and recently the mz Wallace puffy large duffel tote that loops over a suitcase handle. We did 10 days with those bags with no trouble! Happy travels!

  27. I’ve travelled a great deal internationally and to Italy several times. I definitely agree on 4 wheels versus 2 – I’ve thrown away our 2 wheel bags. For years I’ve used Andiamo luggage which they don’t make anymore and we’ve switched to a mixture of Tumi, Away and Travel Pro. I actually love the small Away bag due to weight and capacity. The men use Swiss Army backpacks and I use my Le Pilage bag. We just came back from Paris and Hawaii last year with only carry on bags which worked well. I’ve always been a light packer and never bothered with travel cubes but rolled everything. Italians do not dress casually and footwear is really important depending on where you go – cobblestones! RFID protection is a must for passports and credit cards. Pick a capsule wardrobe and stick to it. Pick multiuse makeup and toiletries in travel sizes. Keep jewelry pieces to a minimum and nothing you’ll regret if lost or stolen. I generally limit myself to 1 or 2 sets of silver and gold items plus my watch. Leave room in case you buy something you can’t ship!

    1. Definitely bringing very little jewelry and extras. I really don’t mind not having a lot of choices and rewearing clothes, as long as I like what i bring. But I am worried that it will be so hot, I will feel like things are too dirty to re-wear without washing. And we don’t have laundry facilities. I guess that’s where the light, moisture-wicking dresses will come in handy.

  28. We’ve travelled quite a bit in Europe and I love using my Lululemon belt bag but not as a Fanny pack but a cross body. I also squish my water bottle in my back pocket.

  29. I have done Italy several times. Just got back today from a 10 day trip to Italy, carry-on only. Roller bag, tote and travel purse. Very doable.

  30. Hello
    I used the travelon black crossbody in London and Paris ..was great.
    I also use the travel pro suitcase for all my travel. You and your family are going to hv great time!

  31. We have owned TravelPro for close to 2 decades and have had good luck with them. I ordered the same TravelPro 22 inch 2 wheelers for Christmas. Hope your broken zipper was a fluke.

    I have owned the Lo & Co Catalina for 5 years or so and like it.

    Wish the anti- theft bags were a little cuter. I need one. Let me know your thoughts when they arrirve

  32. I have both a Travelon crossbody bag and a Lululemon hip pack or cross shoulder. I have had the Travelon for almost 10 years and used it every year to travel. It is wonderful. I’m new to the hip bag, but I really liked it for just local shopping and excursions. Really takes the pressure off your back.

  33. Here’s my thoughts on travel bags and luggage!
    I’ve used a travelpro soft side expandable spinner carry on for most of my overseas travel, and I also have a larger travelpro hardside spinner for when I want to check in my bag. The soft side has served me well for several years, the hardside I’ve just had for a couple years but it is fine.
    I’ve used different travel purses in the past, including travelon, and I feel like I prefer something that is more like a purse that I would carry in my normal life. I’m a fan of the MZ Wallace bags, so I usually bring a very small bag for evening use, a medium lightweight crossbody, like the small sutton, and then a larger tote bag like the Longchamp nylon tote. I know a lot of people also like the expandable version that Longchamp offers for travel.
    How exciting to be planning for your trip, you will have a wonderful time!

  34. You should really check out the Bento Bag by Nomad Lane – it’s the perfect personal item in my opinion!

  35. I would definitely go 2 wheels rather than 4 – the cobblestones make the 4 wheels a nightmare to navigate. We were in Europe for a month last year, did carry on plus 1 checked suitcase between us ( 2A+2C) and it worked fine. I did a normal crossbody as my purse – it had 2 zippered main sections plus an outside pocket. It was small enough to go in my carry on when travelling , had a lululemon tote for the plane/ trains. Every trip to Europe i have usually done that, taken a small bag with zipped sections that I will use at home that doesn’t scream travel bag

  36. I’m not much for backpack style purses but if either you or your daughters are, Calpak makes a great one that’s actually intended to be a laptop bag (think it’s called the Kaya). It’s very pretty tho, a saffiano type leather that comes in lots of pretty colors. It’d work well for a carry-on bag or wearable purse for using once you get there. Also Vera Bradley makes a good medium size crossbody. I bought one for a friend who was traveling to Europe, she said it worked well. Good luck sorting thru all these!

  37. I have the Travelon purse #3. It allows me to carry a water bottle in a standing position inside the purse. I recommend that the men not carry a phone or wallet in their back pocket, unless it is a zippered pocket. Valuables are safer in a front pocket or in a cargo pocket that buttons or zippers. Unfortunately, pick-pocketing is a real issue in some tourist areas. Also, there are some scams that are common in the tourist areas and you can easily find lots of info about them on the internet. Basically though, if anyone approaches you on the street to sign a petition, give you something for ‘free’ (like a bracelet), strikes up a random conversation, etc., just say ‘no’ and keep on walking,

    Please don’t let my comments dampen your enthusiasm for your trip though. Italy is absolutely amazing, the people are so friendly, and you will have a wonderful time. Just need to be aware of your surroundings.

  38. Hi Jolynne. Have you looked at the Beis weekender? I just ordered the mini. According to online comments you can use it as a personal item. Looks like a winner to me you might want check it out. Very reasonably priced, too!

  39. Jo-Lynne,
    There are tons of articles on Pinterest with travel hacks, using carry-on bags only, travel trips in Italy/Europe, packing hacks, etc., etc.

  40. Late to the party here, but I second the lady who said to LEAVE YOUR FINE JEWELRY at home!!! Sadly, there are those who target well to do tourists, and there is no shortage of them traveling through Europe. My solution was to buy an inexpensive wedding band, because I’ve been married forever and I would feel like I lost something if the ring finger was bare. Otherwise, all the info you are receiving is just spot on! You are going to have the most fabulous trip!

  41. I love the Travelon bags (we travel quite a bit) but I would look for one which has a water bottle holder. Italy in the summer is very hot. My tip for moving to different hotels is to put 2 or 3 complete outfits in a packing cube and then move that cube to the bottom. My daughters and I all wore dresses every day in Europe. Cooler and nicer looking. Remember shoulders and knees should be covered to enter churches. Light colors are best for the heat.

    1. I am struggling with the light colors. I like my black dresses best, and they feel the most like me, but I do not want to be miserably hot. I may need to rethink my color palette. 🙂

  42. I’ve traveled to Italy a few times. Was just in Florence in February and Milan, Venice, Lake Como last fall. You just need a good crossbody bag that suits your personal needs. I a pocket on the outside of the bag is a must for me and a zip closed top. I used a super slim zippered wallet for traveling with minimal credit cards. We also carry a backpack, or I should say my husband carries a small backpack with my DSLR camera for me because I am a photographer. There are pockets on both sides of the backpack for water bottles.

    As for luggage. UGH! I am an over packer! I take a big suitcase and a carryon which houses my laptop and backpack with DSLR camera. But remember you might be lugging suitcases up steps depending on where you go and where you stay.

    My best tips for Italy are shoes you are comfortable in all day. The women wear dresses and skirts everywhere, very few shorts in the summer. You can buy beautiful, reasonably priced linen dresses most places. Credit cards and money should be in zippered wallets in zippered crossbody purse kept close to your body to avoid pickpockets.

    The Italian people are really friendly and bathrooms are everywhere!

    I LOVE Italy! I hope you enjoy!

  43. What has your experience been with packing cubes? I would love to see what you pack in them and how you fit them into your suit case! Thanks!!

  44. We are going to Edinburgh, London and Paris with our teens in June. I’m very interested in what you are choosing for your teens/young adults. They currently have the sticky thing on the backs of their iphones for ID and debit cards. Will want something else for the trip. Flying Lufthansa so I think I’m going to be in the market for 4 new 19″ suitcases that are lightweight to carry on. I need to get moving on ordering!

  45. Thank you for the travel bag recommendaitons! I bought #7 Travelon Waist Pouch at Macys, and I really like it. It’s compact (packs flat), has two zippered pockets and holds a good amount. The zippers seem sturdy and the waist is easily adjustable. I like this for walking in the mall for exercise (when it’s rainy or very cold outside). I’ll also use it when traveling. I was surprised how inexpensive it was, considering the Travelon quality.

  46. Headed to NYC Sunday. Purchased #5 this morning from Amazon. Last year had someone attempt to steal my purse at a restaurant. I wasn’t as careful as I should have been with it. Like the chair lock feature on this one. Will let you know how it works. Appreciate your suggestions.

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