Travel Makeup & Skincare + Travel Cases

As life is getting back to normal, and my travel is ramping up, I’ve been working on putting together a set of travel makeup and skincare that I keep packed and ready to go at all times.

Away Everywhere Bag // Away Carry On Suitcase // Frame t-shirt // MOTHER Insiders // similar jacket here & here // P448 sneakers (ON SALE!!!)

It’s taken me some time to accumulate everything I want to have in this second set of toiletries so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I want to go somewhere, and I thought I’d share what I ended up with.

Makeup Products:

Most of these are full-size makeup products, and I just bought duplicates. This is what I wear pretty much every day.

Skincare Products:

I purchased as many travel sizes for these products as possible, and I still can’t fit all the liquids I want to carry in one quart sized bag when I do carry-on only, but it’s been years since I’ve been asked to remove my liquids from my bag. Even though I have TSA PreCheck, sometimes I end up going through the regular line with one of my kids, and they don’t ask us there either.

Travel Cases:

BK Beauty Travel Brush Set // I bought this convenient travel brush set; and it also holds my eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lip liner, eyelash serum, jewelry cleaner, etc.

Small Clarity Pouch // This is a great little bag for liquids if you like to travel carry-on only.

Clarity Jetset Case // The standard size is perfect for makeup.

Clarity Clutches // For cords, extra toiletries, and other sundries.

Clarity Mini Jetset Case // I actually like this better for makeup brushes, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lip liner, eyelash serum, jewelry cleaner, etc.

Other Random Toiletries:

LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eyedrops // I don’t know if it’s the light in hotel bathrooms, or the effects of travel, but my eyes usually look bloodshot in those hotel bathroom mirrors, so I’ve started bringing eyedrops when I travel. I keep the larger size of these at home, because I occasionally need them there too.

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers // I just ordered these so I don’t have to remember to bring my regular tweezers. This is also a nice item to have in your purse, so I might grab another pair for that purpose.

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  1. Good morning, thanks for all the great info!

    I just wanted to ask about the Virtue shampoo and conditioner you are using. Is this product one that you also use everyday at home?

    I think we have very similar hair, and I am currently looking for a brand that will help my fine, thin hair.


  2. I’ve learned from a travel expert on YouTube that if you put your liquids on their sides in your quart-size bag, more will fit. It works!

  3. I travel frequently for work and have kept a full set of “travel toiletries” for years! I even keep a set of medicine, a phone charger, and a dedicated hair dryer, straightener, etc in my suitcase. It truly makes packing a breeze. Not only do you not have to worry about forgetting things, but on the morning you leave you can get ready as usual without having to take time to pack stuff as you use it. I just throw my clothes in the suitcase the night before and put it by the door! Bonus you don’t have to unpack right away when you get home!

    1. I am planning to get a travel set of medicine ready – thanks for that reminder! I could easily set aside an extra phone charger too. The hairdryer/straightener would be nice, but I don’t want to make that investment. I used to have the T3 travel dryer, but now I just bring my Dyson. Of course, that won’t fly in Europe. I’m hoping to get an adapter for my straightener and use the hairdryers in the hotels.

  4. HiJo-Lynne. Great post. What size Away bag do you have? Will you be checking your suitcase when you go to Italy and using the Away bag as a carryon? Or will you carry on your suitcase and use the Away bag as a personal item? I’m prepping for a trip to London and trying to figure all these things out, too. 😊

    1. It’s the size I linked. I don’t know, is it the small? For Italy, I am planning to use the Away carry-on suitcase and everywhere bag, and then we will likely check one larger bag for extras that we all share, leaving some room for souvenirs. I’m not sure what each of my family members will carry, but if we do the checked bag, the men might just need single carry-on or backpack. The girls will probably each want their own carry-on suitcase and personal item.

    2. I really love the Bigger Carry-on from Away! It gives a few more inches of space which is such valuable real estate!

  5. I see you changed the type of Taste mascara you use. Do you like the tubing one better than the other one that came in the dark purple container? I’m using the first one you used and it seems to clump on me, so looking to change out my mascara.

  6. Jo-Lynne…just be prepared when you go to Italy – they are MUCH more strict about the liquids in Europe and the one “litre” (not quart) bags…Heathrow in England is the worst…lots of stories of people made to put their items in their 1 litre bags and throw out whatever doesn’t fit.

    1. Good to know. We are flying direct from Philly to Rome so I don’t think we will have issues going over, but we may be checking a bag anyway. I’ll definitely keep it in mind going back.

      1. You might want to check a bag so you room for purchases. They have lovely clothes and shoes of the softest leather. I know from experience. Boy, my Visa bill when I got home with the exchange. Hubby was not too happy. Besides, you’ll have more choices when getting dressed to tour or go out to dine, Hint* The restaurants off the main, family owned, have the best food. I learned that from a friend who lives there.

        1. Yeah, I have thought of that too. I think we will probably check one big bag, and then each of us will have a carry-on size with essentials in case the checked bag gets lost, but with a direct flight, I don’t anticipate that issue. Still, better safe than sorry!

    2. Good point, I have heard the same thing Heathrow and even long lines where travelers miss their flights. We are planning a Mediterranean cruise for fall of 24 and hope to not have any issues lol.

  7. I’m the same with keeping a travel set of make up ready as well as hair tools and hair care. I do decant a few products that I’ve been unable to find in the smaller sizes. I fill them and write on the outside with a sharpie what it is. I chose these because there’s no chance the lid is coming off. I never stack them when I travel but that could possibly be a space saver. The bottom big one is quite large. In fact I’ve ordered extra sets just to have the smaller ones. I even put foundation in a smaller one since the glass bottle is so clunky. Maybe they’d work for you also? humangear STAX Interlocking Storage Container Set https://a.co/d/85Dqfef

    1. I like the looks of those. I never decant anything because I feel like I can never really get it all back out. But it would definitely help consolidate things, especially my foundation, which is huge. (And I haven’t yet bought a 2nd one of those b/c of the price.) I think I’ll order those and try them.

      1. Hi! I’m not sure why you’d need to get anything back out? You just store it and add more for the next time you travel. I do one pump of foundation (or whatever your ‘dosage’ is for daily use) for each day of travel, plus a pump or two just in case I go overboard a time or two. These do have a very wide mouth so access to whatever you put in them is VERY easy. Have fun!

        1. Yeah, I dunno, I guess b/c I change products sometimes, and it always seems like it is hard to get to the bottom of any of those containers. But the wide mouth is what makes these look appealing. I ordered, so I’ll report back!

  8. Hi! I’m so impressed you have flown carry on in the US with all those containers and have never had a problem; that has not been my experience. It’s a squeeze to get it all in a quart size bag, and the only way I can do it is to use contact lens containers – the ones that store hard contact lenses – with the twist on caps. It’s impressive how much product those wells will hold. I just sweated my entire face off in Italy last summer, so there was zero reason to even put makesup on. Face and body sunscreen is a must, and I was so happy for my usual skin routine to get my face super clean after sweating all day. I do have and keep a lot of duplicates just as you are building- you’re right it does make packing so much smoother.

  9. I agree with Julie – you have been very lucky to not get flagged & have to throw products away that don’t fit in the one quart clear liquids bag. I’ve found it’s kind of luck-of-the-draw, but if you get a fastidious or frustrated TSA agent, be prepared to toss!! I use small, wide-mouth travel containers & only put in the amount of product I need in each one. Works wonderfully & eliminates overpacking full-size products,

  10. Would you consider writing about most helpful packed items for your Itsly trip or things you wished you brought? Some people in the comments have already offered helpful hints and I’d love to hear yours when you return! Have a great trip!

  11. I just got back from a trip to England, flying out of JFK to Heathrow and back. They very definitely needed liquid bags out for the TSA check both ways. I don’t have TSA Pre-check, though, so you may be okay. In Heathrow coming back I passed more than 1 traveler on the floor sorting through their liquids, tossing things to make it all fit. Before my trip I bought a set of flat vinyl pouches and also plastic pump tubes, 3 sizes each, to decant all my liquid cosmetics into. Best travel purchases I ever made! I was easily able to fit 10 days worth of cosmetics, makeup, hair needs and eye drops in my pouch. Btw, I also bought my ‘TSA approved” clear liquids pouch on Amazon. It is deeper than their flat zip quart bag for sure, so I could fit more in, but I had no problem getting it through on either side.

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