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Spring Fashion Try-On Haul

Good morning! I’ve got a new spring fashion try-on haul for you all today. This is a mish-mosh of stuff, with no real theme… not that my try-on hauls ever have much of a theme. I always want them to be more purposeful, but that would mean leaving some things out, and I figure you all would rather see all the options.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Spring Fashion Try-On Haul for Women Over 40

Online shopping tends to be hit or miss, and this week there are more misses than hits, but I think it’s helpful to see some of the items that don’t work for me as well as the ones that do. I also stopped into Nordstrom one day and did a few dressing room try-ons, but it wasn’t a very fruitful shopping trip. It’s all good, though. You can’t win ’em all!

Tommy Bahama ‘Two Palms’ Linen Raw Edge Jacket

at Nordstrom (S) // PAIGE Leenah (29) // WHBM Utility Tee (S) // PAIGE wedge sandals (8)

Starting with one of the hits… I’ve been needing/wanting a non-denim jacket to wear as a “3rd piece” when I want to look casual but elevated… something not as tailored as a blazer but not as casual as a utility or bomber jacket.

This raw edge linen jacket has been on my radar for some time; in fact, I think I tried it once in the white and sent it back, but this black one might be exactly what I need!

It’s a little bit stiffer than I’d like, but it has a nice fit, the length is perfect for me, and it isn’t as boxy as I had feared. It actually does have a bit of shape through the waist.

The photos online showed it with the sleeves pushed up, which I would have never thought to do; I usually roll them, but I like this look. It definitely helps it look more styled, and a 3/4-length sleeve is generally more flattering than a long sleeve because it draws the eye up and in towards the waist.

I styled this jacket as I might wear it to church or lunch with a friend… over a black and white stripe top with white trouser jeans.

VERDICT: I like this look, and I’m excited to have a completer piece that is a little more refined than the denim and twill options I have in my closet. Keeping!

Wit & Wisdom ‘Ab’Solution V-Yoke Denim Skirt

at Nordstrom (8) // Sanctuary top (M) // sandals (8)

I’ve already shown this top styled with other bottoms, but I tried it on with this skirt at Nordstrom the day I bought it.

I used to wear casual skirts like this all time time, but then they sort of went out of style. I would have continued to wear them anyway, but they got increasingly harder to find; and the longer, relaxed tops that were so popular during the skinny jeans era didn’t work well with them.

Anyway! I was glad to see this option when I was shopping at Nordstrom last week, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me quite right in the rear.

This, my friends, is why you should always look at the rear view…

I tried pulling it down lower, but it isn’t meant to be worn that way, and that got the waistband all off-kilter. Needless to say, this skirt stayed at the store.

Caslon Floral Woven Shift

at Nordstrom (S) // sandals (8)

I wanted to like this shift, but it runs reeeeeeally small. I’m sucking in everything here, just to take these pictures to show you the dress.

I didn’t like it enough to go back and get the medium. Sheath style dresses rarely work for me; I need more structure for my curvy figure.

Plus, the print is a bit much for me, but I think some of you will like it, so I wanted to share. Just be sure to size up!

VERDICT: Didn’t buy this one either.

Vince Sleeveless Stretch Cotton Trapeze Dress

at Nordstrom (S) // sandals (8)

And here’s one more NO from my shopping expedition at Nordstrom last week. I told you it wasn’t a very fruitful trip!

This trapeze style of dress doesn’t usually work for me, so I didn’t expect much, but I love Vince quality, as well as the elegant simplicity of this dress, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It doesn’t cost anything to try it, as my mom always told me!

Well, I was right. I tried standing in such a way that it looks cute for this picture, but it doesn’t do anything for me.

Even if I had the straps taken up, which would be a very simple alteration given the design of this dress, I don’t think the skirt style does me any favors.

VERDICT: I left this one in the store, as well.

Button-Front Midi Dress in 100% Linen

at Madewell (8) // sandals (8)

This dress is a similar style, but with a button-up front, and it’s linen rather than cotton. I ordered this with Italy in mind, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me in the chest area.

I could try the 10, and have it taken up a bit in the straps, and it might work, but while the bottom half is more flattering than the Vince dress, it still doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I look better in straighter skirts, especially when they’re longer like this.

VERDICT: I decided to send it back and not try the 10.

Sleeveless Draped Slub Sheath Dress

at White House Black Market (6) // sandals (7.5)

Okay, now we’re talking… This dress makes me feel like a million bucks! My only issue is, I don’t have a lot of places to wear it.

It’s made of a soft jersey knit, so it doesn’t seem quite dressy enough for the wedding I have to attend in June, but the style is pretty va-va-voom, so I can’t see myself wearing it to church. It’s a great date night dress, though!

VERDICT: I kept this one. Even if I don’t wear it a lot, the style and color are classic enough that I can keep it in my closet for a few years.

I also managed to snag it on sale, so I think I’ll get a decent cost per wear out of it once all is said and done. It’s the kind of dress that’s hard to find when you’re specifically looking for it, and I think I’ll be glad to have it.

Side Knot Modal Blend Midi Dress

at Nordstrom Rack (S) // sandals (7.5)

This dress was sent to me for PR purposes, and I like it quite a lot! It’s a Nordstrom Made Brand, specifically designed for The Rack, and I would say the quality is on par with LOFT or a store like that. It’s super flattering, and it comes in several colors. For , you can’t beat it!

VERDICT: This one went right into my closet!

Faherty Isha Linen Swing Dress

at Nordstrom (S) // at Evereve (S) // sandals (8) // hoops

These pictures are from last spring, but I noticed this dress was back this year, so I thought I’d share. It’s cute in theory, and I wanted to like it, but it’s a bit snug across the chest, and when I sized up, it was way too boxy and voluminous all over.

It’s a nice quality, though, and very cool and comfortable. I would recommend this to someone with a straighter body type.

FRAME Le Jane Crop Wide Leg Jeans

at Nordstrom (29) // tank (3) // sandals (8)

Okay, these are the last of the Nordstrom in-store try-ons. I saw these Frame jeans folded on a table and thought they were more of a slim, straight style. Nope!

The barrel leg is very trendy right now, but these do nothing for me.

VERDICT: These stayed behind.

Good American Fitted Rib Scoop Neck Tank

at Nordstrom (3) // jeans (29) // sandals (8)

This fitted tank, however, came home with me. I think it will come in handy this spring and summer; it looks great with high-rise, wide-leg pants and jeans. The fabric is nice and thick, too. Just size way up. I’m in the 3, which equals the size large.

Evereve Keegan Tank

at Evereve (M) // jeans (8) // wedges (8)

I love a sweater tank in the spring and summer, and I also love wearing black and white together, so I thought I’d love this, but I’m not sure that “band” around the bottom that’s created by the contrasting knit pattern is doing me any favors.

It’s such a cute top, though, and I love the design and the length. The v-neck in the back is another nice detail. I also appreciate the way it’s cut around the arms – not too low, and not that cutaway style that’s so popular right now. That does nothing for this 50-year-old mama.

VERDICT: Deciding… For the price, I should love it, but I have some reservations. What is the saying… If in doubt, do without? So, yeah. We’ll see.

KUT Kelsey Slim Kick Jean

at Evereve (8) // tank (M) // wedges (8)

These jeans that I’m wearing are a nice option for a white denim flare that isn’t too long. I’ve always liked KUT from the Kloth for white jeans. The denim is a good, crisp white, with no cream undertones, and it’s soft and stretchy but not see-through.

There have been a lot of questions in my Facebook Group lately about the “right” length for bootcut jeans. These are dubbed as a “slim kick jean” per Evereve, and when you see “kick” in the description of a pair of pants or jeans, that indicates a crop or ankle-length. That is also how they are pictured on their models, but keep in mind, both of their models are 5’9″.

On my 5’5″ body, this pair is a little too long to be considered ankle-length, but too short to be full-length, but I actually like them with these black wedges. I’m just not sure how versatile they will be with other shoes. They might be too long for sneakers and flat sandals, but they look okay to me with a heel.

VERDICT: I don’t really need any more white jeans, so I returned these. But if you are petite and need a full length bootcut, or tall and need a crop or ankle-length, these would be a nice option. They may be a little awkward for those of us in the middle, but it depends on what you’re looking for.

Miley Twist Trim Tank

at Evereve (M) // jeans (8) // wedges (8)

Finally, this twist trim tank is right up my alley! I love a simple black top, whether it be a luxe black sweater in the winter, or a sleek black tank in the summer. I think that’s partially because of my coloring, and also black is equal parts elegant and edgy, and I’m always trying to walk the fine line between the two.

It’s hard to see the details in this picture, but this tank has a subtle texture to it, as well as the twist trim detail around the neckline and armholes. I also love the traditional tank-top style cut of this top. It’s simple and easy, as well as flattering and comfortable.

As far as sizing is concerned, I ordered the medium and the small, and after trying both, I kept the small, but I have a feeling I will wish I had the medium. It fits the model rather loosely, and I think I’d like a little more wiggle room, but I already wore it and felt good in it, so it’s a keeper!

Coming Soon!

These are a few things I’ve ordered… they will be in next week’s try on haul!

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29 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Try-On Haul

  1. Hi JoLynne! It looks like you have a lot of sleeveless options ordered to try – Would love to see more top options for those of us who don’t prefer the sleeveless look (I wear the same sizes as you, but my arms are nothing to show off!)

  2. So glad you featured the Tommy Bahama linen jacket..I have in three colors and they are great as you mentioned for a completer piece.. you look so good in the black and white outfits! I’m definitely going to try the black and white sweater tank.
    Thanks for this great try on haul!

  3. Love your try on hauls. I recently ordered and am keeping the TB Linen jacket in green but have not worn it yet.

    Dresses are so hard to find one that fits well but I love wearing them. I ordered and returned the Faherty dress last year and this year. Ordered it in two sizes but it just doesn’t fit right.

    Have you found any Italy keepers? We are leaving in less than a month and am still looking and ordering. I have been looking for months.

    1. I have. I’ve got quite a few dresses in my closet — way more than normal. I think several will work for Italy. I need to go through them and consider our itinerary and see what else I need.

  4. I love to see how to style those dresses, I have some similar I’m wearing to a wedding this fall. Any help, ideas would be appreciated!

  5. I love the WHBM dress! And I agree, you can never find a dress like that when you need it. I also just ordered the Jen7 denim skirt. I’m not a fan of the longer/wider denim skirts out there now so was happy to find a more “traditional” cut. Looking forward to seeing it on you as well. Happy Friday!

  6. Love the WHBM navy dress. Perfect style. I’m like you, no where to wear it but its great. I’m shorter, so wondering if it would be too long for me. I wish those sandals worked for me. When I received them, my foot slipped all over in them. The straps weren’t supportive enough for me and I know you have a narrow foot, so didn’t make since to me. Had to return them.

    1. My feet are kind of flat and bony but maybe not super narrow. My heel is but not the rest. I saw someone refer to her feet as low profile, and I think that’s a better descriptor for mine as well. Still, I’m surprised I find these shoes so comfortable – I did size down. I ordered both 8 and 7.5 l, and first tried the 8 and thought it was fine. Then I said, let me try the 7.5 just to compare, and I immediately could tell they were the better fit. They felt more secure.

      1. Thanks Jo lynne. I always where a size 7 but maybe I need 6 1/2. I only wear 6 1/2 sometimes if it’s a really good brand like these. Was thinking I couldn’t go shorter in the 7 because of my foot sliding around and going forward too. I don’t have narrow feet. Just about normal.

    2. I ordered same WHBM dress in yellow, 8 Petite. Am 5’2″ & 124#, 32G and small shoulders, hourglass body type. Length was ok, but at tailor now for shortening straps and tapering side seams up to armholes. Did not feel I could wear 6P in hips. Very flattering dress and no prob with gaping v-neck. Hope this helps!

  7. Does your black jacket wrinkle since all linen? I’d like to maybe order the white. Is there a reason you didn’t like the white? I too find I order white jackets, needing that completer piece, but when I buy denim ones, I don’t wear them and send back.

    1. I dunno… just didn’t know what I’d wear it with, I think. I’ve had the black for a while…: just not feeling into trying it. Had to make myself style an outfit around it… and now I love it. Haha! I think sometimes you just have to see it all put together.

      1. Ok thanks. I read reviews on the white and they say the white shows everything you wear underneath as it’s so see through. I think I’d rather order the black now. I like how you styled it. Hope it doesn’t wrinkle too bad.

  8. Would love more options that aren’t tank tops if possible. Your arms are fantastic but, like many women, I don’t love mine, lol. It is a struggle this time of year. I am 5’7″ and 145lbs and busty but my arms just don’t look that great imo. Thanks, ordered the jacket!

  9. I’d also love to see more tops with sleeves. Summers are hot where i live, but everywhere I go it’s air-conditioned, and my arms get cold. I also like the look of a top with more sleeve paired with shorts.

    I love the WHBM blue dress on you. I’m glad you decided to keep it. So pretty!

  10. So glad you loved the Tommy Bahama jacket. I have it in tan and wear it often. I bought it in a Tommy Bahama store/restaurant in FL last year and my friend bought the white at the same time. I’ve been looking for something similar in another color but may need to just buy the same one. The cost per wear in my case has been great. Also, that navy dress is amazing on you!

  11. It might have been me who said I had low profile feet. I know I think of them that way. They’re not narrow but a lot of sandals have straps and loops that just are too high, and my feet don’t feel secure. I have a request, speaking of shoes: Can we see more espadrilles, wedges and other sandals with a heel? I like flats, but I see more ladies dressing up now, amazingly. And more people are getting out and about to events, where it would be nice to have ideas what to wear on our feet. I always wear heels when I go out to eat, to the movies, or to places like wineries (usually wedges since I have to often walk on grass).
    I like the sleeveless tops because it gets so hot it’s nice to not have sleeves. I’m considering that twist tank you bought from Evereve. I always bring jackets or cardigans when I wear sleeveless tops in case I get cold. The Paige Pacey is my favorite jacket but it’s expensive and sleeves are a little long. Kut from the Kloth jackets are another favorite, I love the Kara I bought from Evereve which has a raw, cropped him. Since I’m 5’3″ I don’t like long jackets. Looking forward to next week’s try-on with the Loft items! Have a nice weekend.

  12. Hi, I recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. I have paired down my closet quite a bit and have only kept the clothes that I really love, Your posts give me outfit ideas and has helped me think critically about what I keep when I order something new. I love your style and I appreciate the outfits you keep as well as the outfits you don’t and the reasons why.

  13. Enjoyed your try on haul. Love the first outit with the black and white striped top and the jacket is to die for. Also, love the pink dress with side knot. Looks fantastic on you. Glad you kept it. Went to Loft this morning and picked up a couple of tops and shorts. They have some cute things. Hope you have a Great Weekend. As always, love your blog and JLS Insiders.

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne.
    I’ve just recently started following your blog. I absolutely love it and especially posts like today where you show the hits & misses. It’s so validating to see how different brands and cuts are more flattering on different people! That black & white outfit with the jacket & white jeans is outstanding – so chic, classic and flattering! Also the WHBM dress is stunning on you and so versatile! The hot pink dress looks fantastic & that color is gorgeous on you! Just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put in in putting out daily blog posts to help the over 40 crowd look their best!

  15. I have the Tommy Bahama jacket in white and light pink. It’s very handy since I live in Florida. We always take something to the restaurants as it can be chilly at times in the summer.
    I agree with Emilie also, I cannot seem to find many tops with short sleeves instead of sleeveless.
    The hot pink dress looks great on you JoLynne!

  16. Finally! A blogger who is actually honest about the clothes she models. Thank you! So refreshing.

  17. Hi. The KUT Kelsey Slim Kick Jean have a raw hem. You can easily cut them to be any length you want for your height. You can find instructions on YouTube or even Evereve has instructions on their youtube site.

  18. Like other commenters said, thank you for being transparent and showing us your hits and misses. Ok, I know I’ve sung the glories of AYR in the past so this should not come as a surprise but they have a pant called High Hopes that is wonderful for travel and it can easily be dressed up or down. It comes in 2 lengths (I ordered the short since I’m 5’5”). Oh I just can’t say enough about them. I wore them on an international flight last month and with a 10 hr flight plus walking around until we could finally sleep 😉 I think I’d worn them for 24 hr and they did not stretch out! They make your legs look long while being polished but comfortable. Cheers!

  19. (I’m still catching up… 🙈) I love that navy WHBM dress on you! I bought a pink dress with a twist detail at the waist almost exactly like your’s from The Rack. I wore it for our son’s Graduation Celebration at our church Sunday and got a TON of compliments!

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