Trend to Try: The Shacket

There’s a new trend in town that you can start wearing now, and it will also transition nicely into spring. It’s called a shacket.

For those not familiar with the term, a shacket is a slightly oversized shirt-jacket hybrid, and since it’s thicker than a shirt but thinner than a winter coat, it makes the perfect casual transition piece.

You will often find shirt jackets in a plaid or solid color wool blend, such as the one I’m wearing here, or sometimes they’re leather or other fabrics.

I wasn’t a fan of the shacket at first. I mean, the plaid ones give me flashbacks to my college days in New England in the 90s, when I lived in flannel shirts and duck boots. But after seeing it around for a while, I’ve warmed up to the look. It works well with the uber casual lifestyle so many of us are living these days.

If the plaid is a little too lumberjack for you, there are lots of solid options available. Some are more elevated than others, and I’ve got a roundup at the end of this post.

I found this fleece “shacket” at Nordstrom, and I was drawn to it because of the happy colors. I love the combination of blue, coral, and green grounded on the crisp white backdrop; it’s fresh and fun for this dreary time of year.

I appreciate how the pockets are placed a little lower on the chest, so they don’t add visual bulk in an area I don’t need it, and it’s also a great price — especially now that it’s on sale! With a trendy piece like this, I didn’t want to invest until I was sure I’d wear it.

I’m wearing the small here, and I’d say it runs true to size. The fit is intentionally oversized, and I’m afraid the sleeves would be too short if I sized down to the XS.

You can wear a shacket buttoned-up or open, but I prefer them open like this. Underneath, I’m wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt from Caslon, and these are my rag & bone Cate skinnies. This Kut from the Kloth pair is a nice option for under $100.

I think the light wash works well with the casual vibe of this look, but a darker wash would complement the stripes in the shacket.

These Marc Fisher high top sneakers finish off the outfit. They’re a great price and very warm and comfortable, and they also come in a darker brown as well as black. I highly recommend them if you don’t already have a pair.

They run a little big, but I’m wearing my usual size 8, and they’re perfect with thicker socks.

I was also really excited to share this Topshop hobo with you, but I see it has sold out. That’s a shame because it’s really cute, and for a faux leather, I’m very impressed with the quality. Topshop also makes this clip hobo bag, which appears to be about the same size.

I’m curious to hear what you think about the shacket! If this one isn’t quite your cuppa tea, scroll on down where I’ve rounded up some more options for you below.

BP. shirt jacket // Caslon tee // rag & bone jeans (similar for less) // Marc Fisher high top sneakers // Kendra Scott earrings // similar Topshop hobo

Shop More Shackets at Nordstrom:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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86 Responses

  1. Our middle daughter lives in Burlington, Vermont and I have a couple Vermont Flannel Company shirts that I always think of as the New England version of those super tropical numbers you buy on a beach vacation and then never wear at home. 

    I don’t think I’ll be buying a “fashionable” Shacket but I’m happy to give this a go with my trusty Vermont flannel😀

  2. I wear this look every year while on vacation in Maine– sometimes even with denim shorts. It’s convenient and appropriate for the weather. I just wear a heavy flannel shirt rather than this heavier version. But I never wear it at home in Delaware. Hmmm. Interesting.
    Jo-Lynne, did you keep the combat boots? I really like them. So much, that they’re sitting in my cart. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on everyday shoes, but I am trying to buy fewer items that I will wear longer. I know combat boots are having a moment, but I love mixing edgy pieces with more traditional pieces and I think I’d wear them, trendy or not. Sounds like I’m talking myself into them!

  3. I just ordered the Marc Fisher high top sneakers. It doesn’t look like winter and cold weather will be leaving us any time soon in CT, so I’m sure I will be wearing these for awhile. Thanks for recommending! 

  4. I remember wearing something like this when I was in like 2nd or 3rd grade (early 70’s) my mom called it a CPO. I loved mine, it was a green and navy plaid!

  5. This is defintely not for me. I don’t like oversized anything unless it’s a t-shirt for bed!!. (I always go down a size if a cardigan is oversized!). I am very tall so I feel that anything oversized makes me look very masculine. You look lovely in it though.

  6. Ooh!  Thanks for the post. Just ordered the Heather gray shacket. I live just north of Atlanta, so much of our winter is spent in outerwear that is much lighter in weight than those from the north. (Obviously!🤪). At this price, I decided to snag it and save for next year. We have a small hobby farm, so I figure I’ll get some wear out of it even if it isn’t exactly right on trend. 

  7. I love the shacket. Being an outdoorsy girl in northern Wisconsin, I always had a version of the shacket. I just called it a “heavy flannel shirt”.

  8. I don’t think this look is for everyone. On me it’s ultra nonflattering probably because I’ve wide shoulders and I’m on the short side at 5’4”. But that said I’m like some of the other commenters in that a heavy flannel is part of my camping / glamping / vacation wardrobe. I have a couple long sleeve plaid shirts with a matching puffer vest, loose boyfriend jeans and some ugg-like Skechers in my motorhome closet for those chilly evenings at altitude. California’s Sierras, where we camp most frequently and the three NASCAR tracks we visit each year are in places where the day is in the 90s and nights are in the 40s or colder. 

    My husband on the other hand literally lives in heavy button up shackets . He will not wear a pullover sweater or sweatshirt. They are generally untucked and buttoned. If the sleeve didn’t come to my finger tips I might borrow a couple. But they make me look far too masculine even with makeup. They cover my best features, a tiny waist and lots of curves. 

    1. I agree, it’s not for everyone. 🙂 I would like to try some others that are more streamlined, and I think a solid would make more sense for my personal style aesthetic. But this doesn’t look weird to me — I think b/c I used to wear flannels like this back in college, and even sometimes wore Paul’s in our earlier years of marriage.

  9. I had totally forgotten about CPO jackets, as Karen mentioned below. This is definitely a throwback to that trend of the 70’s!  

  10. You pulled off this outfit with your usual style and you look awesome! I agree though, it totally reminds me of my high school years in the 90s, except I was wearing flannel shirts and Docs instead of duck boots. 😆 I don’t completely dislike the shacket look, but I’ll probably pass on this trend  just because it doesn’t seem that functional for me, and probably would make me feel a bit too 90s.

    1. People always ask for those, and I notice they rarely get shopped. I don’t know if it’s b/c I don’t hit the right price points or what. I love talking handbags, though, so consider it done! 🙂

  11. I’ll probably change my mind as I have about many other trends but as of now I don’t care for the shacket. They don’t flatter the figure. I feel they make me look bigger.  I love the shoes and hobo bag. 

  12. My daughter actually pulled this off nicely this Fall with a neutral plaid shacket, a black turtleneck, black skinny jeans and brown booties with heels. She is petite and thin so it looked good on her. I think the combination of the feminine and masculine styles also made it work nicely. She’s a lot more trendy than me, I’m more classic/casual so I’ll probably stick with my short trench coat for the weather I’d wear a shacket. Always enjoy your posts with new trends though!

    1. Yes, combining the feminine and masculine is definitely key. Fitted turtlenecks (they’re calling them second skin tops) are a big trend this spring, and it makes sense, as the oversized jackets that are also trending look best with something fitted underneath.

  13. It’s a quick and hard pass on the shacket. Before I lost 100 lbs I lived in oversized shirts. I’m done hiding behind oversized anything.  I wasn’t fooling anyone and the bold plaid adds pounds.  It does take me back to high school and college days, which are happy memories but I’ll relive them by looking at someone else sporting this trend. My husband was gifted a solid color shacket for Christmas. He’s enjoyed it as we’ve been hovering around zero degrees for days on end. If this is a useful and cozy look for someone, go for it and enjoy. The beauty of fashion is in embracing trends that best suit us individually and it’s always good to be informed of what is trending. Jo-Lynne, you do an outstanding job keeping us up to date on the trends. Thx. 

  14. This will be a big NO for me. As a short person this look is so hard to pull off along with the wide crop jeans!!! Haha this year’s trends are not my favorites. 

  15. “Shacket”, a new name for an old concept!! I have a soft, corduroy “shacket” that I bought probably 20 years ago from Eddie Bauer in a beautiful floral (tan background with olive and rose flowers, trust me it’s gorgeous!), that I wear a few times a year and it always makes me happy! Every year when I unpack it, I say “I really should donate this, it’s not really in style anymore, etc”, and for some reason I can NOT part with it!! I will wear it today! LOL!!

  16. In the Pacific Northwest, I think the “shacket” is part of our daily uniform, that is if we are gathering wood, picking huckleberries, or staying warm while running to the mailbox in my husband’s boots and “shacket”. So what’s the difference between a “shacket” and the quilted flannel “jackets” they sell at feed stores? Even Costco has them. ☺️ 

    1. Probably nothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean, these aren’t usually quilted but they certainly can be. You know how it is with fashion, give it a new name and tweak it a bit and call it new. 🤣

  17. Although it seems this trend isn’t for everyone,  I really appreciate that you reviewed this trend. I like that you try different things and that’s why I read your blog daily. I am never bored. Thank you! 

  18. It’s definitely a trend I’m going to pass on. It’s a bit too backwoods for my lifestyle & personal aesthetic. I don’t live in a rural area, nor do I camp, so it has no place in my wardrobe. Your high top sneakers are cute though. I might buy them for my daughter. 

    We’re getting our first snowfall of the year. It’s very pretty and I don’t have to go anywhere today so I’m going to enjoy it from inside with my second cup of coffee. ❄️ 

  19. I LOVE this look! I’m ordering the shacket and shoes right now! I love the softer colors of the shacket too, rather than the bolder red/navy combo. I’m a redhead and I don’t look good in red.

  20. No, you won’t see me wearing a shacket. First, I think of my stepdad wearing one in the 70’s, and my son-in-law wears one when he’s working outside. Too masculine for me. It would look cute on my tall, thin 16 year old granddaughter, but as my second reason, I am only 5’1” and hourglass shaped. I would look terrible. From reading the comments, it looks like they trend every 20 years or so. 
    But I did order the Marc Fishers yesterday and can’t wait to try them. They look not only cute, but comfortable. I already have the jeans, too. I do have to say, the colors in your shacket are the prettiest I’ve seen. 

  21. My husband bought one of these at Sam’s, and it was was so warm, cozy, and comfortable. I thought my son would like one as he is lacking in warm clothes, so I bought a bunch in different colors and sizes for him to try.  His girlfriend and I liked them so much that we kept the leftovers that my son didn’t take.  They are a nice alternative to a coat when running errands and so comfortable when the house is chilly.  Love mine!!

  22. While you look cute in EVERYTHING, I too will pass on this trend!  It’s just not feminine enough for me and looks manly!  Thank you for showing us all the latest so we can make our own decisions about what will work for us!!! Krista

  23. I bought an Orivs fleece jacket at Costco a couple years ago that my teen daughters lovingly refer to as my “fleh-shacket” (fleece shirt jacket). I don’t wear it often but I do like it as an additional layer over our team colors for high school games on cool TX evenings. It’s not as oversized so maybe that’s why it works. And thank you for recommending the Marc Fisher sneakers. Mine came in just in time for the brutal cold weather so I’ll be switching between those and the Sorel boots I adore! 

  24. You look great and you’ve styled it well, although I think any kind of purse looks a little dressy for this look…I see it as more of a lanyard/wristlet type look. I am not usually one to say I’m too old for something but I just see this trend on a younger population – great for college aged girls around campus. The fact that most of the options are juniors brands reinforces this for me. It’s cute but not for me. I would try a  solid color one of anything.  Love the sneakers and have been tempted but I don’t think I’ll get enough wear from them – too much of a pain to tie.  I might try those Jslides zip up ones you also styled.  

  25. My tall skinny twenty year old daughter wears these with crop tops, ripped skinny jeans and Doc Martins. She says it’s a “look”.  😉

    1. Oh yes! That is definitely the look among the younger generation. 🤣 I think it can be adapted to work for us more, ahem, mature women, but I get that it’s not for everyone. 😬

  26. I bought both of my college boys Patagonia shackets for Christmas last year. The kids love them. At 5’3”, they only look good on me  directly from the front. The side or back view is terrible. I will stick to throwing a more fitted denim or flannel shirt over the top. I do like the straight hem though.

  27. I really like the shacket you have on!  I actually have one from Lands End and one from LLBean that I’ve had for years, and I mean years.  Mine are lined with a cozy fleece so they keep me warm.  I will definitely buy one from Nordstrom since I am so hot natured, very seldom need a heavy coat, and live in a part of the country where it really doesn’t get that cold, unless you are sitting out in it for hours.  Needless to say, this is a trend that is right up my alley.  Have an awesome day!

  28. Yea!  Love this idea. My dad passed away in October, and I saved several of his flannel shirts to do just this.  So glad it will also be a trend.  <3

  29. A big no from me. Looks really nice on you, but I work 3 days a week as a gardener. On my days off I don’t want to wear anything that looks like workwear! I do however love the shoes.

  30. I’ll pass on the shacket too, but the other items are cute! We lived in Alaska for several years and the shacket or heavy plaid shirt was and probably still is a staple worn by men and women.

  31. Personally I’ll pass on the shaket but I appreciate your showing us the latest trends because I like being kept up to date, even if I don’t wear a certain trend! I never say never so I may try it one day but for today, it’s just NO! 😂

  32. I’m not on board with this trend, and I’m hopeful it won’t last long but with that being said some of the solid color ones you posted are not bad, I could see myself giving those a try later if this fad stays around a while. I resisted Camo for a long time but now I have a couple of pieces in my closet…..so never say never 🤪🤪

  33. Is it just me or is “Shacket” the worst name ever for a piece of clothing?!!! 😀 I know it’s a combo of shirt and jacket, but still … ewww

    1. Yeah, I usually come around eventually. I’ve been watching other women wear these in different ways, and I think it can be done in a way that’s more elevated than this. I just liked the colors in this one.

  34. I love the boots — ordered them and even my husband thought they were cute — he rarely comments!   My 20 something daughters love the shacket and they look cute on them.  Not for me…too boxy to be good on this 54 year old 🙂   Cute on you — as is everything!  I love your casual style and as I’m transition to not working (can’t decide to say retirement just yet) I know I’ll wear more of it very soon.  Thanks for all your posts and the time you put into them!

  35. I really appreciate you addressing and showing trends or different looks, even if they aren’t for everyone. Thank you!

  36. I had to smile when I saw this post. I wore my flannel shirt open over a fitted T and joggers just the other day, and I didn’t know it was a new trend! I need to order those sneakers. I wore duck boots because of the weather, but those sneakers are perfect if there isn’t snow or puddles!

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