Winter 2021 Try-On Haul, Part I: Denim, Denim & More Denim

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve got a new try-on haul for you today, so refill your coffee mug and get ready to scroll! This one is all about the denim.

I also have a bunch of sneaker try-ons as well as some tops and spring jackets, but this post got so long that I decided to split it in two. I’ll post the second half tomorrow.

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish… a little more recently. I’m working on that! I still take a 6/28 in pants/jeans (barely!), a small in tops, and size 8 shoe.

I went to the mall last Saturday to look for a few things for a collaboration with Nordstrom that I have coming up. I was thinking of shooting a transition look focusing on spring trends with crop straight jeans and lighter colored tops, so I started in the T.B.D. department, where the premium denim lives.

Frame Le High Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

jeans // boots // pink sweatshirt // tie dye hoodie // jeans // boots

These have a 27 1/2″ inseam with a 14 1/2″ leg opening and a 10 1/2″ front rise; and they’re 93% cotton, 5% polyester, 2% elastane.

Their description reads: these easygoing high-rise jeans are cut with slim, cropped straight legs and washed down for a vintage-inspired fade, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

My first impression when I pulled them on is that they’re soft and comfortable. I like the lived-in wash without any rips or tears or chewed-up hems. They have a good bit of stretch, and the 10 1/2″ rise is perfect for me.

I feel like the rear view and pocket placement is good as well. I tried them on with the boots I wore into the store, and it works, but I would also be looking to wear these with sandals and sneakers this spring. I really wish I’d thought to wear sneakers to the mall that day.

As comfortable as these are, I’m concerned they might stretch out too much. I’ve had some trouble with Frame jeans sliding down on me, even when they fit like a glove. So I put these on hold, and moved on to the next pair.

Good American Good Legs Straight

sweatshirt // jeans??? // boots

It is driving me BANANAS that I cannot find these jeans on the Nordstrom website. I have literally spent an hour trying to figure out this mystery.

All I have to go on is this tag from the back pocket.

I even combed the Good American website looking for them. All of their Good Legs jeans are skinnies, so I think these might be the Good Straight — specifically, this pair.

They do carry that pair at Nordstrom.com, but they’re almost sold out. They’re also pricier than most Good American jeans, and I think it’s because they’re organic cotton. This Good Straight pair is $99.

I can’t say for sure which pair I tried, but I’m thinking the wash looks more like Blue524. Since I didn’t take a picture of the price tag, I can’t use that for verification purposes.

If this is the right pair, they have a 27″ inseam with a 14″ leg opening and a 10 1/2″ front rise.

Any-who, I love the fit of my black Good American Good Legs crops from the #NSale — especially that flat tummy tech, which really does hold in the belly like no other I’ve tried — so I was hoping these jeans would be a go, but the wash is a little weird to me.

It’s okay, but not nearly as good as the Mother Insiders (below) or even the Frame (above).

Still, the fit through the rear is really good, and they are very comfortable. These are definitely a contender. I put them aside for the moment and moved on.

Mother The Insider High Waist Crop Step Chew Hem Jeans

jeans // sweatshirt // boots

These jeans have similar measurements to the ones above — 27 1/2″ inseam with a 15″ leg opening and a 10 1/2″ front rise; and the fabric is 94% cotton, 5% polyester, 1% elastane. They’re also made in the USA.

I tried these first barefoot because I see them as more of a summer jean, and I wanted to see exactly where they land on my leg. Plus, they have that weird step hem, which I knew would show better without the dark boots.

First, let me say, these are so so so comfortable. The Frame and Good American pairs were too, but these are a whole other level of comfort.

I also love the wash; it’s just the perfect worn-in look. And while I thought I was over the ripped knees, these are done so well. I just think they’re the perfect casual jeans.

But that hem…

I’ve never cared for a step hem, but these also have a chewed hem (not to be confused with a raw hem).

A raw hem is just cut off, and maybe slightly frayed, but it looks like you simply cut your jeans.

raw hem

Some women aren’t a fan, but I like the look, plus it makes it cheap and easy to shorten your jeans if you don’t like the length.

However, the chewed hem looks rag-tag to me, and on top of the ripped knees, these are really giving me Huck Fin vibes… and I’m pretty sure he never paid $248 for jeans.

Still, the comfort and the wash are outstanding, and I like how they fit close to the thigh, and the length is about perfect, so I decided to try them on with my boots to see how that translated.

Seriously loving the fit of these, I can’t lie. Even the rear view is pretty good. I mean…

So then I threw on the sweater I wore to the mall that day, to see how they look with something from my closet.

Yeah, these are good. Really good. You know when I take this many pictures, I must really like something.

I moved on to the next pair, but I couldn’t stop thinking about these.

Mother The Hustler High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans

jeans // sweater // boots // jacket

The Mother Hustler is meant to be a crop flare, but the 27″ inseam is definitely ankle-length on me.

They have a 27″ inseam with a 16″ leg opening and a 11″ front rise; and the fabric is 93% cotton, 5% polyester, 2% spandex. They’re slightly more flared than the Insider (above), and they have maybe an extra half-inch or so in the rise.

That might sound like splitting hairs, but I have the Mother Insider Crop in this same Not Guilty wash, with a 26″ inseam, and they’re the ones I’ve been struggling with for a year.

I love the fit, but the length always throw me off a bit. That 26″ inseam does make a difference in the overall silhouette.

Mother Insider vs Mother Hustler

I feel like that extra inch makes the Hustler more elongating, but it also has a raw step hem, and that’s just not my favorite look.

I’m still not in love with the flare either; I like more of a straight fit, but overall, I feel like these are really flattering.

But I don’t really need them, since I do have the other pair that is so similar, and I’m looking for more summery washes right now, so they went back on the rack.

Mother The Stunner Ankle Step Fray Jeans

jeans // sweater // boots // jacket

Okay, I know I just said I’m looking for more summery washes, but I pulled these to try because I wear my black Good American Good Legs so much, I thought maybe I could use a similar pair. The wash on these is sort of in between those and my grey Frame Le High Skinny Jeans.

These jeans have a 26 1/4″ inseam with a 10″ leg opening and a 10 1/2″ front rise, and they have a great fit, but I really detest that step hem.

And it really looks weird with my boots on. I guess I could cut it, but I don’t really need these, and the fading on the thighs is almost too much for me.

All that to say, I decided to leave these in the store. I did, however, bring the Mother Insiders home with me. I hate to pay full price, but Mother jeans rarely go on sale, and I wanted to play with them some more at home before making a final decision.

Mother The Insider Crop Step Chew Hem Jeans, Redux

jeans (28) // sweater (S) // sneakers (39)

At home the next day, I decided to try the Mother Insiders with sneakers. I threw on this pink Vince sweater because it’s a spring-like color and the length is a bit shorter than most of my winter sweaters.

Here’s a super-duper close-up of the jeans, so you can see the wash and the step hem. (More on these sneakers below.)

I think I’ll like these jeans best with sweatshirts and t-shirts.

While I do like an elevated sweater like this with jeans and sneakers, I think the jeans need to be less distressed than these. Or at least, I’d like it all with a plainer sneaker.

I’ll be reviewing a bunch of clean white leather sneakers at the very end of this post… I wish I hadn’t sent them all back, so I could try them with these jeans. Pfft.

The next day, I tried them with this Caslon stripe hoodie and my white Vejas.

I like this outfit better, but I’m so tempted to cut off that step hem and even it out a bit, but I’m afraid I’d run the chewed hem detail, and let’s face it, that’s partly what you’re paying for with these. I might be better off finding a different pair of Mother Insiders if I’m going to do that.

I’ll be talking more about that stripe hoodie in a sec. First, let me show you these Levi’s.

Levi’s Wedgie High Waist Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans

jeans (29 x 26) // tee (M) // sneakers (39)

Okay, so the Levi’s Wedgie is a straighter fit than the jeans I tried at Nordstrom, and it’s also an inch or so shorter, making these more of a crop straight. The extra inch or inch and a half in the inseam makes a big difference.

These jeans have been all over the place for a few years, and I thought for sure I’d tried them, but when I searched my blog for “wedgie”, lol, I didn’t find any. I’ve definitely tried similar styles… in fact the Levi’s 724 that I bought on Amazon and styled with the GapFit sherpa jacket are very similar.

I don’t think the measurements on the Nordstrom website are correct because I laid these on top of the Levi’s 724 and they’re almost identical.

The major difference as far as I can see, aside from the inseam, is the fabric content. The 724 is 92% Cotton, 6% Elastomultiester, 2% Elastane; whereas the Wedgie is 99% cotton, 1% elastane. They’re known for their more rigid, vintage-inspired denim, which is trending right now.

The 1% elastane gives them just enough stretch that they’re not terribly uncomfortable, and I hear they wear in quickly and get more comfortable over time, but when you put on the Mother Insiders or the Madewell stovepipe jeans and they feel like second skin… well, it’s hard to reach for these instead.

Here’s a rear-view shot. Not bad. Honestly, I was afraid it would be much worse.

Supposedly they have special construction that lifts the backside and hugs the hips to showcase your curves to greatest effect. Go figure! These aren’t your daddy’s Levi’s.

Also note, this pair has a raw hem, and it was just cut — no extra detail, which is nice. That way, you can easily cut them shorter if you want, without ruining the vibe.

Levi’s Wedgie High Waist Crop Straight Leg Jeans

jeans (29 x 26) // hoodie (S) // sneakers (39)

This is the same Wedgie style as the ones above, in a darker wash with a finished hem. The measurements on the Nordstrom website are different, but theses are exactly the same. They look and feel the same, and I even laid one on top of the other to check.

These definitely look best with a more fitted top, and the front tuck looks better than untucked, in my opinion. It keeps the vertical proportion in a better balance.

Levi’s Wedgie: untucked vs. front tuck

So yeah, I’m kind of liking this style for summer, but I’m not sure if it’s because they actually look good or my eye is finally adjusting to this silhouette. I decided to try the same look with my favorite cropped skinnies, for the sake of comparison.

Paige Hoxton Transcend Vintage High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans

jeans (28) // hoodie (S) // sneakers (39)

These are my go-to summer jeans since they’re a cropped length with a lighter wash. They’re also ridiculously soft and comfortable. They have a 26″ inseam (same as the Levi’s) with a 10″ leg opening and a 10″ front rise.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison pic. What say you?

crop skinny vs. crop straight

I feel like I look slimmer on the left, but more balanced on the right.

I decided to keep going with jeans from my closet. Here’s the same top and sneakers with the AG Farrahs.

The Farrahs had a 28″ inseam, but I cut them, so I think they’re closer to 27″. That probably also made the leg opening slightly wider than the 10″ recorded on the Bloomies website.

They’re probably my favorites so far. I feel like I look slimmest and the balance is okay too.

skinny ankle vs. crop straight

And I also pulled out those Madewell stovepipe jeans. I have these in the size 27, for reference. I definitely recommend sizing down if ordering these.

These are super soft and comfortable, and I like how the higher rise holds in all the fluff, but it also makes front-tucking is a little dicey.

front tuck vs. untucked

I actually think I like the untucked version better here. It might throw off my balance a little bit, but it looks more natural to me. And yes, I changed into a different top — same top, different color.

This is the rust, but it reads more red to me. With these darker wash jeans, I think this is a perfect outfit for patriotic holidays coming up, at least for those of us in cooler climates.

So here I’m thinking, what’s the difference between these Madewell Stovepipe jeans and the Levi’s Wedgie in the darker wash? Take a look…

Madewell Stovepipe vs. Levi’s Wedgie

I think I like the wash and the rise on the Levi’s better from the front. From the rear, the difference is practically imperceptible.

The pockets on the Madewell are a bit smaller, which I like. Otherwise, I guess it comes down to comfort.

Madewell Stovepipe vs. Levi’s Wedgie

Next, I pulled out my AG Mari high waist ankle straight leg jeans. See, now, THIS I love. The overall outfit is well balanced, and very slenderizing as well.

I could probably front-tuck if for more of that 1/3 to 2/3 ratio, but since the top is fitted and shows my curves, it doesn’t need a front tuck for that reason. I think this works for a casual, easy look.

And since we are talking jeans, I’m going to repost my review of the Madewell Stovepipes from last week’s Try-On Haul.

Madewell Stovepipe Jeans

jeans // cardigan // mules

I shared these jeans in last week’s try-on haul, but they seemed a little roomy, so I ordered the size 27 to try. I am SO glad I did because these fit perfectly, and they are so so so comfortable!

They have some tencel content to them, which makes them feel more like pants than jeans. The exact fabric makeup is 44% cotton/42% TENCEL™ lyocell/13% poly/1% elastane Orta denim. Phew!

I played around with them a bit yesterday… this is the Gap button front cardigan, and it’s marked down to $55, but I paid $41 earlier in the week, so I’d hold off on ordering this if you like it.

Here, you can see this cardigan unbuttoned over a t-shirt. I think this length of sweater works really well with these jeans, and this is definitely the direction trends are going for spring.

Now, don’t go getting all upset with me. I’m not telling you to ditch all of your long cardigans, but you may want to consider adding a few shorter ones to your closet this season.

I also like these jeans with this Gap striped v-neck. It’s a lightweight sweater, perfect for transition season.

And here’s a look with a waffle knit tee and sneakers.

I’m actually really liking these jeans! I don’t know if my eye is starting to adjust to this style, or these are just really good, but I don’t mind these at all. I can see maybe wearing them this spring, with sneakers and loafers.

Definitely size down, if ordering. The 27 regular fits me perfectly. Unfortunately, they’re not on sale at the moment, but I’ll keep an eye on them.

Alrighty, that’s it for the denim try-ons. Believe it or not, I have a few more pairs coming, but that’s all I have to show you for now.

I actually like them all, even the Levi’s. I guess I will keep the lighter pair with the raw hem, since the darker pair is so much like the Madewell, and I’ve already ripped the tags off and worn those. I’m still undecided about those Mother jeans.

Caslon Knit Hoodie

hoodie // jeans // sneakers

I know this post is about the jeans, but since I told you we would talk more about this hoodie, I’ll just add that it’s really soft and comfortable. It’s definitely more form-fitting than most tops on the market, so it works really well with the wider leg jeans that are trending, and I like the elevated sporty vibe.

It comes in more solid colors and stripes, and I’m wearing the small, for reference. You could size up for more wiggle room, but it’s already kind of long, so take that into account.

And you can tune back in tomorrow for the rest!

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  1. Love the Mother jeans you purchased, they look amazing. I like them best with sneakers and/or loafers, just not feeling the boots at all. I totally lucked out and found Mother Hustlers at Nordstrom Rack for $70. Their denim can be a little addicting, so soft !

  2. It appears these crop/ankle jeans are not going to be a good look for us short legged petites trying to make our legs look longer.. It comes across to me as frumpy/mom jeanish.. Hopefully this trend will pass quickly. You do wear it all well tho!!

    1. Yes I’m only 5’3″ I agree with you. And pear shape doesn’t wear big pockets. Jeans are really hard to find. This is a great post!

    2. In theory, no, they aren’t the easiest. But some petite ladies wear them well. It definitely means rethinking your tops and finding shorter ones or tucking… which is not always the best look as we age. It’s tough, I’m with ya.

    3. I agree with you, Ann. Anything that cuts off the leg like these ankle pants do is not flattering on us short-legged girls.

  3. First let me say how much I appreciate your thorough reviews! They are so comprehensive regarding fabric content, feel and fit, pocket placement, rise, and photos from every angle (flattering or not!). Second, I vote for the Mother insider, Madewell stovepipe and Skinny ankle jeans. Third, we “talked” the other day about wearing trends vs wearing what suits you; I recently saw a YTuber that addressed this exact subject that I thought might interest you. She referenced fads vs trends and used the analogy of ice cream flavors. Her style aesthetic is not yours but I think you will find her analogy interesting, it is in the first few minutes of the video on Spring Style trends by “Kay Harms, Dressed For My Day”. Hope you take a look. Wishing you a great weekend from San Diego.

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’m reading because I’m like you, on the hunt for the perfect straight, cropped, relaxed, whatever!!! jeans. My daughter, who works at Madewell, suggested I try the Madewell Balloon jeans. She says they look nice on because they taper in a little at the ankles. I’ve ordered two pair (for size) and looking forward to trying them. You might consider checking those out. They come in several different shades. And you can get them at Nordstrom, too, in one shade I think.

    1. Kay – I just looked the jeans your daughter suggested and you ordered – they are super cute. I hope you report back how they fit. 

  5. Like the concentrated jeans review.  We usually make a fancy dinner at home and exchange cards.  We stopped going out on Valentine’s Day after our car was hit and run at dinner and the service, like New Year’s Eve, never seems to be great, but this year we haven’t been inside restaurants at all since Fall.

  6. I thought the best look was with your Mari Straight leg jeans. You looked more balanced and slimmer. IMHO

    We don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Like you, the restaurants are too full so we sometimes go after. In my opinion we should show our love every day, not on a given day once a year. It’s actually very silly. The kids exchanged cards at school when they were younger and I made heart shaped cookies for their classmates. Now that they are grown it’s just another day. I just click off the many gift guides on Instagram and blogs. 

      1. I hear you. I want to find some cropped ones to wear with sandals or fashion sneakers, too. It’s a process, for sure. 

  7. Oy!  That step hem!  Is it only that way on one side I can’t tell from the pictures.  But … yeah … my OCD just can’t handle it.  I’m really not even a fan of the raw hem.  It just feels “unfinished” which bugs the dickens out of me.   Ha ha.  

    I do like the Levi’s and the Madewell stovepipe.  But the length and color of the last pair – AG Mari are perfect!  But I would buy any of those 3 – or all 3.  😉

    Have a blessed weekend and stay warm.  We are freezing over here in North Texas!  🥶🤪

  8. I love how you put so much work into these posts and really get me analyzing jeans more when shopping for a pair… I really like the side by side visuals as they really help to show the comparisons especially in a long post like this. There’s something about the ease of the skinny ankle as compared to the straight crop.. I have to watch the straight crop as I’m only 5’3 and it can cut off  your leg at the wrong spot making them look like stumps and that I don’t need… lol yesterday I found a pair of slightly chewed hem jeans in petite that hit just above my ankles at Banana Republic which I tried on with a cute sneaker they also had what a difference to have the right foot wear with certain hems( I bought the sneakers too)  maybe that could be a future post ? I do like the last jeans you styled and that hoodie is cute! Going to check it out on the website. Thanks for all your details you provide!! Happy weekend 😀

  9. For Valentines day I always get my kids (age ranges from 6-21) a little gift, chocolate hearts and a note that says ‘I love you’. I remember my mother doing the same thing for me as a child and honestly it was the only time in my entire life I ever got a Valentine’s gift from anyone. I miss that, so to avoid bitterness over the lack of attention on me for Valentines day, I try to bless my children instead 🙂

  10. Ohhhh, I love these jeans. I have the Frame Le Stright from 3 years ago and they are very stretchy and comfortable, but they don’t look exactly the same as what you tried on (they have a stepped hem). I ordered (but haven’t received yet) the Frame Le Garcon straight leg – we’ll see how they fit my curves. I can’t wait for part 2 of the try on haul – you weren’t kidding this was a doozy. Good work! I like the idea of chocolate covered strawberries – that’ll be a nice treat. I ordered my kids some chocolate from Norway that they really like, spoiled little angels 😂. We’re going nordic skiing on v-day, then I think we’ll order take out and watch a movie – very low key. I’ll wait patiently for tomorrows post 🥰

  11. Funny Valentine’s Day story. My husband and a former coworker who was also my best friend’s husband used to go out for lunch every Thursday. One Thursday it was Valentine’s Day. Up to that point, he’d never bought a card, flowers or a gift. Well, since he was with his uber romantic pal, he went with said pal to a jewelry store and bought me a cute ring. His friend bought my girlfriend the same one. It’s the only Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received. He’s just not into shopping. On other other hand it’s been a tradition here for me to give my girls (daughter and granddaughter) a small jar candle one of the girls at my hair salon made every year. The pandemic forced her out of a job, and the salon is only one client at a time. My stylist has no idea where the candle making person went. So sad!  So I’m sending my love to them both by a text. Not ideal but it is what it is. My husband lest anyone think he’s a clueless dolt, is a doer of things. Right now he’s replacing all our bathroom fixtures because the 80s have demanded their brass back. So I may not ever see another diamond ring but I have nice new faucets!  

  12. Because I have never and don’t  see myself ever paying over $80 for a pair of jeans, I am glad that there are some decent brands to chose from.  And I know that I do not need to try on a pair of premium denim.  The uneven hem definitely is not for me.  Oh, I ended up keeping the Levi’s 724 from Amazon even though I also ordered a pair of W&W that I’m keeping.  With both of them in my closet, I will have more options for the warm months.  I can’t wait to see part 2 of this try-on post.  I have a feeling that you will end up keeping the Mother jeans.  Have a great day!

  13. “Huck Finn vibes” LOL I like the Mother insiders the best on you. They are not bad and totally wearable with the boots, but best with the sneakers for sure. I’m like you my eye is really leaning toward the straight leg jeans right now. I really like relaxed look of the Levis for summer. The skinny’s do have a more slender look, but I agree with you that the straight legs look more balanced. I think I may order a pair of the Levi’s and try them.

  14. Love the detailed side by side comparisons. Thank you! It is a ton of work for you, I’m sure,  but the detail and care you put into your posts puts you ahead of the pack 👏🏼 
    Appreciate you finding “Made in America “ jeans. I am trying hard to support local businesses and prefer to purchase products made closer to home rather than overseas in who knows what kind of work conditions.  Valentines Day is over rated for us too. I may buy chocolate cupcakes for us but we don’t bother dining out. Your chocolate covered strawberries sound terrific! Enjoy! 

  15. Wooooweeee! This is a great post! Thank you! I LOVE the Mother denim and hope you keep and style them often for us!! Thanks for showing them off!

    Love the Madewell denim also, picking them up today to try as soon as the snow lets up a little. The Madewell seem to fit a little closer to your knee than the Levi pair and I think that’s more visually appealing while still giving the cropped slightly wider leg silhouette. Um, the Levis look like they have room in the *ahem area for parts that are not on a gal’s body. I can’t unsee it. I don’t think seams should look like they hurt in that area, but I do think they should fit closer to the body than this pair. And YES, the Mari look fab on you! I tried them and they went into the NO pile quite quickly. Lucky you with how great they look!

  16. I still like the look of skinny jeans, but I ordered the Madewell Stovepipe jeans based upon your recommendation.
    Thanks for such an informative post on jeans.

  17. The Mother Insider look really good on you (I’m not a fan of ripped knees anymore but I’m so tempted to order them to try on!) The step chewed hem is dicey but honestly they look so cute and have a cool vibe.
    I also love the AG Mari silhouette on you – I am happy with my pair too. I’ve worn them with sneakers a few times, and last weekend I wore them with my black Everlane tee (that you styled last year) and my TB Miller black patent sandals. They’re becoming a favorite.
    You look great in the Paige Hoxton too!   I have 2 different pairs, one light wash and one a medium wash. My favorite skinnies 100%. 
    Wow, what a try-on haul. So fun to shop with you! ❤️

    1. Yeah, I thought I was done with ripped knees too. Then I bought the Levi’s and now these… lol!

      I really do love the texture a little rip here and there adds to denim, but I was starting to feel like it’s overdone and time to move on. But maybe not… 🙂

  18. I don’t know, I’m just a skinny jean girl at heart; they look so good on you…just not into the cropped wider leg jeans….

  19. Good morning,
    I’m not sure how I feel about everything being the shorter inseam. I guess spring is coming and you do wear more of a cropped when the weather gets warmer.
    As for Valentine’s Day, it has always been a day to say I love you in our house. A card and a sweet treat for my husband, a card and a little bag of treats or a couple of small gifts for my son and his girlfriend. Sometimes the dog even gets a new toy! Lol! Life is short and I’ve lost people in my life before it should have been there time, which makes me want to live life to the fullest and not be complacent with saying I love you.

  20. I agree with some other reviewers that the AG Mari is very flattering on you. But honestly I like your Paige and Farrah skinnies best. I don’t see myself loving this new trend personally. Maybe I will come around after my eye adjusts to it but seeing your skinnies beside the newer styles, I still prefer your skinnies.  Im not a fan of the step hem at all. That would bug me and make me want to cut that flap off lol. You did an excellent review on these though!

  21. LOVED this post! Especially seeing the side by side comparisons. The color wash of jeans really effects the overall look and feel. I’m still on the fence with the step hem….I am about your height and overall shape and I struggle with the new jean lengths and styles. Seeing them on you really helps me❤️

  22. I have read your blog for awhile and I always appreciate your thorough reviews and the details you provide. I have never commented but I have to comment today. I am not a fan of the new style of jeans. Like, at all. I guess I will not be wearing them if this is now the go to! I have never been a huge jean gal anyway.

  23. I appreciate so much this post! I admit, it’s hard for me to embrace the direction that jeans are going. I just don’t like the cropped flare-ish look. 🤦 No disrespect AT ALL! I just don’t like it. Maybe it will grow on me?

    I’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day full-on! ❤ I buy cards & chocolate for not only my sweet husband, but my 2 girls and my friends. I don’t spend a lot of money….I get their favorite candy bar (sometimes giant sized) and often a little sweet gift or 2. To me, it’s a LOVE Holiday for ALL. 😉 I just spread that love everywhere!! 💞

  24. I just finished reading your post after I returned from Nordstrom where I was hunting  down the perfect straight leg jeans. I bought that first pair that you posted about. I am hoping that they don’t stretch out much as I have never worn Frame jeans before. I love my Levi Wedgie jeans. I have them in the 28 and 26 inch length. They are a thicker denim so I tend not to wear them in the spring or fall. I also bought the Talbots Modern Ankle jean which I have never worn before. I really enjoyed the post today.

  25. Love this post, and I vote “yes” on the Mother jeans. They would look great in Florida in March!! I can see myself in them on the Boardwalk in OCNJ this summer!! Valentine’s Day, to me, is all about LOVE, not just romantic love. I always send cards to friends and relatives and gifts to my daughter, son and the grandkids! I use any opportunity to celebrate anything! HAHA!! my hubby and I won’t be going out for dinner Sunday night, but we may order in or I will cook a special meal. I usually get a Pandora bead for my bracelets, but this year I was debating a Barbour jacket at Nordstrom on a great sale; he finally got tired of hearing me going back and forth, he finally said “buy it, and happy Valentine’s Day, babe!!” HAHA!!!!

  26. Great post! It’s definitely going to take some time for my eyes to adjust to the straight crops. All I’m seeing is Huck Finn and I’m not sure I can pull it off well like you do. I may have to just ease my way into it with long straights. When I was married, we didn’t do much for Valentines. But in the last ten + years as my kids left home I started doing holiday care packages: Valentines, Easter, Christmas. They loved them. This year I made an offer to my son for the baby to come spend the night at grandma’s house so he & his wife could have an “extended” Valentine’s date. With a one year old they need it. When my adult daughters found out the baby would be over, it morphed into them coming over too for a girls’ Valentine’s slumber party. I totally agree with the train of thought that it’s one day and we should show love 365. But as I’ve gotten older and seen how fragile and hard life can be and how important traditions are even for my adult kids, I’ve decided for me I’m not passing up an opportunity to show love and build memories every chance I get. 

    1. Long straights are a good option… I definitely see them coming back around too. They’re going to get baggier as well, but I don’t think we have to wear them that way. A more traditional straight will allow those of us with more of a classic style to keep our looks modern, and I think those are pretty much universally flattering.

  27. Such a great try-on! I think the Mother Insiders are really flattering through the thigh, and I love the wash, but I can’t with the step hem. I also prefer the Madewell stovepipe to the Levis. I think they fit through your leg just a little closer at the knee and it’s more flattering. I’ve always done cards and treats for my kids and husband on Valentine’s day. One of my favorite memories is the year my father bought me a heart shaped box of See’s chocolates (so not his style and i think it only happened once). I spent so many years being depressed on Valentine’s day because of the emphasis on romance, that once I had kids I decided I was going to keep it fun and light.

    1. That is the right attitude! These types of holidays really can get you down if you don’t have the best experience with them in the past.

      Good eye on the Stovepipe vs Levi’s. I agree.

  28. Great post. My head is spinning. Ha I’m not a fan of distressed jeans for me but that’s an age thing. I am about ready to hang up winter. Ready for spring. Hope to see pics on Vday.

  29. Well, your description of the Mother jeans got me. I just hope they will fit!  Unfortunately, my little weight gain is always in my belly, so can’t usually squeeze into certain jeans AND button them, HA!

  30. Ha!  I’m cracking up at the comments, just goes to show how fashion is personal.  What 1 person loves, another hates.  Anyhoo, LOVE the Mother ones and I actually liove the step hem!

  31. I love the Madewell Stovepipe jeans and really want to try them but I’m so iffy about this style….😬 I’m just not sure I can commit!! Haha
    Thanks so much for another great post!

  32. I’m not a mean person but all these “ankle length” jeans, especially in the winter, are what people used to refer to as “high waters”. If you wore “high waters”, you were going to be made fun of and called poor; I don’t think anyone enjoys those remarks being made about them.
    I also don’t think they make anyone look taller or leaner. When people wear these jeans in the winter w boots, it looks like they are trying to hide the fact that they are wearing “high waters” by putting on a pair of boots. All that being said, everyone has and, Thank God, is entitled to his or her opinion.
    Also, u looked very cute in all the jeans even if they are “high waters”.

  33. First, I’m having trouble with the new jean styles.  I really appreciate you doing so much work to help us get ready, but I really do like skinnies and I like the skinnies on you.  I do like the Mari ones on you too.  I’m not really liking the chewed, step hem.  Two yrs. ago I bought white jeans that were step hem because the fit was so good and then I wore them a few times and decided I didn’t like the step hem and so cut it off and they are perfect now.  I got a lot of use out of them.  But, you are right, it might not work so great with the chewed hem.  I haven’t been to a store to even try on the new styles.  Some of my skinnies aren’t as skinny as some, so they still work.  I think the newer styles are going to look best for Summer with sandals.  
    As for Valentine’s Day, we haven’t usually done too much.  My husband and I have always exchanged cards and sometimes go to dinner and when younger would get gifts….he usually bought me jewelry.  Now, its cards and I sometimes get him chocolates and I get flowers sometimes. We usually got the kids something small as in candy or trinket, but then as they got older it was just candy. Well, I guess I’ve done nail polish for the girls before, so something little always.  But, once they left the house and married, just sent them a card, but then decided its gotten too much over the years with a holiday every other day, so stopped the cards……sometimes…..well most the time had money in them. 🙂   Now I have 2 grandkids with one on the way and so we all met up last weekend and I made up 3 little Valentine bags for them.  I put some candy in for the adults and did mittens, Valentine book, Winnie The Pooh flash cards for the kids.  I did tell myself that I was starting something I may wish I didn’t, as I’ll have to send something in the mail each year……Only one lives close to me to take there.  But, its too fun for the kids.  They are 17 months, 9 months and due in April.  I just love getting them things.  So, I guess I make up my rules as I go.  Ha Ha.  But, deep down I think like you, its for LOVERS. LOL.  The kids always had so much fun at school with their parties and getting their boxes filled with Valentine’s, but they still looked forward to coming home to see what I got them.  

    1. Oh, I can totally see wanting to spoil the grandkids on ALL the holidays. We saw my mother-in-law yesterday, and she brought each of the kids a box of chocolates. I thought that was so sweet, and they loved it.

  34. I have a husband who is hard to buy for and gifts just aren’t his love language but this year I bought some already cut out hearts from the Dollar Tree and every day I am writing something about him that I love on the heart and sticking the heart to his closet door.   I have been doing this since Feb 1.   He has commented on them several times so I think he likes this “gift.”  I have seen parents do this for their kids too!

  35. I didn’t get a chance to read today’s post until this evening and I laughed when I opened it. Today the 9th pair of jeans I’ve ordered arrived trying to find a straight crop I like with my Vince Henderson boots AND sneakers or sandals. So far, the best ones are the Frame Le Highs, but I am worried about them stretching out too much. I loved the look of my Rag & Bone Dre pair but they stretch out so much that they only look good for the first hour of wear– even sizing down! I may try a couple of pairs you tried on here that I missed. Thanks so much– I know how much work this is, Jo-Lynne!

  36. The AG Mari jeans are, in my opinion, by far the most flattering. They just provide the most appealing proportions in my eyes. I’m 5’2″ so will most definitely not be wearing the cropped jeans – frump alert! On the right body type the cropped jeans might look ok as a summer jean with flats or sandals, but certainly not on mine. Thanks for this very thorough post.

  37. Love your try-on hauls! You’re doing us all a service and your comments are so helpful! I, too, am trying straight leg jeans and the struggle is real- some look like flares on me. And the shoe issue…
    I love my “fashion” sneakers but straight jeans + sneakers make me feel very 5th grade lol.

  38. Haha i have to laugh at everyone having a hard time adjusting to the new jeans profile as it reminds me of when skinny jeans first came out & I was wed to my boot cut jeans! I thought the skinnies were so unflattering but then when I would wear my boot cuts and looked totally out of style I finally got on board! 

    Of all the styles I do feel the MADEWELL stovepipe is a good middle ground but I found with the super stretch I had to go down 2 full sizes. I’m still trying to find the perfect Agolde straight leg jean. I also loved the J crew slim fit boyfriend jeans. Worth a try! 

    For the record the Mother step hem are gorgeous on you. 

    1. Yes, I always think that – people balked at skinny jeans the way they are now with the crop straight styles. They are both hard to wear for different reasons. I used to say I couldn’t wear skinnies because I have wide hips and skinny calves, and they made me look like an ice cream cone. And here I am today… trying to avoid a straighter style that actually provides some balance.

      I do get that the crop length is hard to pull off for shorter women, and also that they can look like “high waters” when they’re a straighter cut. They do shorten the line of the leg, and not all of us want to shorten our tops to balance that out. But there is nothing new about crop length being considered chic. They go back to Audrey Hepburn and Mary Tyler Moore. If only we all looked that good in them… ha!

      1. One other reason for the skinny jeans to stick around – tall boots! Absolutely need them for Wellington’s or tall heeled boots. 

  39. Wow. What a try on post Jo-Lynne. So many jeans to choose from. I’m petite so I usually look for the ankle styles and then they fit me like a regular length pair. Looking forward to the next post. We don’t typically go out on the actual day for Valentine’s day because it’s to crowded and we prefer to go the day before or the day after. This year we will be home because of covid. Boo hoo. Although we’re planning a very nice dinner and a movie later.
    I hope your day tomorrow is special is some way! 🙂

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