Camel Turtleneck + Sherpa Hoodie

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m wrapping up my series on 5 Ways to Wear a Camel Turtleneck, and I wanted to come up with an ultra-casual look without any black.

All the other outfits in this series have a strong black component to them, and while black does look great with camel, so does denim and ivory and other light neutrals.

Okay, so I did carry a black bag, but that was more of an afterthought. I’ll address that further down in the post.

This is the GapFit sherpa hoodie that I featured in last week’s Try-On Haul. It’s really cozy and warm, plus it’s kind of trendy at the moment, which helps keep the classic camel turtleneck looking current.

This jacket runs true to size (I have the small) and it’s on sale for $49. It also comes in, wait for it… black! But I love how the ivory one has the camel trim for added interest, almost like it’s begging to be paired with a camel turtleneck.

Now, this turtleneck is NOT the one I wore in the other four posts. This is the C by Bloomingdale’s cashmere turtleneck in the camel color, not the honey. The honey color that is showing on the website is lighter than this. This camel must have sold out.

This sweater is currently 60% off, and it has more traditional styling than the Halogen version I styled in the other posts in this series.

It’s also a slightly darker and cooler shade of camel, which is probably more flattering for my cool undertones. I definitely recommending sizing up in this one; I have the medium.

I kept the bottom half more casual with light wash denim and a pair of fashion sneakers.

These Levi’s were also featured in last week’s Try-On Haul. They’re the Lapis Sun color in a size 29, and I have no idea why they show a traditional denim hem on the website and these have a distressed raw hem, but I like these better.

If any of you ordered them, I’d love to know if they look like mine, or like the ones on the website.

I have to say, though, I’m not liking these pictures as much as I thought I would. I thought the jeans were more flattering. I guess it depends on the angle; some pictures look worse than others, but I feel like they add about 10 pounds.

Maybe I’ll like them better with spring and summer looks… that’s what I envisioned them with when I decided to keep them. What say you?

I love how these P448 Johns have the leopard print suede detail at the heel to pull in the camel from the sweater. I have the the size 38, for reference, and they’re currently 40% off at Bloomingdale’s!

These earrings are a fun new addition to my accessory wardrobe — I picked them up when Anthro ran a sale on accessories a few weeks ago.

I’ve always loved a hoop earring, and these have a modern aesthetic with almost a layered look.

Beyond that, I kept my accessories minimal since the outfit is so casual, but I suppose the Madewell layered necklaces I wore with the quilted vest outfit would look nice with this.

I also wanted to quickly mention the black bag — it’s kind of harsh against the rest of the outfit. I thought the brown handles would tie it in, but I should have carried my taupe Everlane tote. My daughter “borrowed” it a few weeks ago, and I haven’t seen it since. I think it’s housing her knitting supplies, so I really need to get her a more appropriate bag for that and reclaim my leather tote!

As an aside, I experimented with not wearing mascara or eyeliner on the bottom. I feel like my eyes look nekkid!

So yeah, I like this outfit in theory, but I’d like to try it again with my favorite AG Farrah skinny jeans. They’re also a light to mid-indigo wash, but the skinny silhouette might look better with this sherpa/turtleneck combo on top.

Plus, if it was super cold out, I could swap the sneakers for boots and socks. I don’t think I’d like boots with these jeans, but skinny jeans with these or these could definitely work with the rest of this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this series on 5 ways to style a camel turtleneck. I realize they’re all fairly neutral, but that seems to be what I have most of in my closet at the moment.

If you want a recap post with all of these looks together that you can save or pin for future reference, I plan to get one up later this afternoon.

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cashmere turtleneck (option/option) // Levi’s 724 // GapFit sherpa // P448 sneakers // gold hoops // LongChamp tote

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I really enjoy your 5 ways to wear posts. Any piece of clothing would be welcome for future. I think they will be especially helpful when we can travel again and help to pack with minimal items.

  2. I have those jeans arriving today because of your feature the other day! I think they scream graphic tee and Birks/flip flops/sandals. That’s what I had pictured when I ordered them. 😊 I hope I like them, as I haven’t owned a pair of Levi’s in oh, forever, I guess! I sized up so I’m a bit hesitant about that too. I’ll let you know when they arrive today about the hems. 

  3. I love these series — they help me reimagine styling for things I already have in my closet, so thank you for that!

    I love the upper half of the outfit, but not the jeans. Something about the cut of the jeans adds visual width to the hip area. You are very slim, so it’s not you; it’s the jeans. They make the model’s hips appear wider as well. The jeans also seem to bunch and gather from the knee area to the hem, so they don’t hang well either. It would be fun to see the upper half of the outfit styled with different jeans. I think it would make a world of difference.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  4. Hi, Jo-Lynne – I ordered the Levi’s and got them yesterday. The hem is raw – not like the Amazon stock photo. I like them and like the white ones too. I wouldn’t give up on them. They were affordable, comfy/stretchy, and they’re a different style. I think the style will, as others have said, look better with Birks, sandals, casual mules, etc. I think the straight crop is more of a challenge for most of us women – at least those of us that aren’t super tall. But they are more flattering when we can show more ankle/foot skin to elongate the line. I ordered the Sherpa jackets (both colors 🤦🏼‍♀️)…just not sure if they’ll be too cropped. Thank you for all the ideas and advice!

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I purchased the Levi’s from Amazon and they came with the traditional denim hem. I agree that the raw hem looks better. Still, they’re a great fit and I got them at a good price (under $30) although they are now much more. I’d like to cut them into a raw hem but not sure how to do that. Any tips?

  6. Love the sherpa jacket with the turtleneck! I also think the Levi’s have more of a beachy/warm weather vibe and would look great with birks! (in Florida??) I know exactly where you are in these pics, wish we could meet at Firebirds for lunch! HAHA!!! I had to laugh at your daughter “stealing” your leather tote for her knitting supplies. You certainly need to reclaim that!

  7. I’m so glad you mentioned a post showcasing all the camel looks. I was about to ask for that. Lol. I have similar coloring as you but have never felt I looked good in camel. Maybe I’ll try again as I have loved all your looks with it. When you styled those jeans last week I actually thought you were going to talk about not liking them and sending them back. I always try to guess what you are going to say before I read your response when you have those try on sessions. Usually I predict  correctly what your thoughts are. There is something weird in my eye how the hem gathers and makes a wrinkled puckered look and the knee is too baggy. I guess we are so used to seeing you on skinnies that this silhouette somehow looks off. Maybe they will look better with spring outfits. So jealous of your beautiful snow! I’m still waiting for some where I live in NC. 

  8. That’s the problem with the straight leg cropped look; they seem cute in theory, but they add pounds. On everyone; it’s NOT you.

  9. I’m glad you post outfits that seem good in theory, but don’t always work and then explain why.  You are much thinner than I am, but those jeans paired with the bulky fleece and turtleneck definitely add pounds.  I agree with others that the jeans might look good with a tee and Birkenstock’s. 

  10. Let me preface my comment, as someone who has lost 100 lbs and maintained that loss for a couple+ years, you will never look heavy. Not ever.  My first thought when I saw your pic was “should have worn the Farah’s” (Love mine TY)  I agree with others that the ankle is causing the entire calf area to puff. I had same happen on a pair of white Loft ankle jeans. I cut up into the horizontal ankle threads to release the pressure. It worked. There was subsequent trimming involved but all turned out well & no more puff. Something about the hip area looks wider to my eye.  I think a side-by-side comparison post featuring same sweater, jacket and different jeans. It would be interesting. Jacket is cute but too short for me. I’m awaiting a Talbots camel cashmere turtleneck. It’s been stuck in a few snowstorms. 

  11. Ummm I’m not being unkind because as you know we love you. But those jeans are bunched at the crotch area (ugh) and strange at the bottom. They are a definite miss with the rest of the outfit. IMHO 

  12. This is such a great comfy look and  I really like that Sherpa! I was just reading yesterday’s post and would love to see more like that… I’ve always gravitated towards black and not navy… but have never been a big fan of black footwear.. for some reason I always gravitate towards a lighter color shoe or boot even with my black coats… maybe because my hair color is lighter and these days I’m keeping my blonde highlights 🤷‍♀️. I’m not a big fan of black jeans either but more denim looks but yet I love all the Black sweaters , blouses tops I can get… it has really given me food for thought. We are having the storm today… the snow seems to be done along with freezing rain now the rain and high winds should kick in as our temperatures rise to the plus side. Strange weather for sure!

    1. I also agree with others about the jeans …for me they just seem to baggy for the bulky ness of the fleece… but the fleece I’d keep and switch out for different bottoms! 

  13. THE SNOW IS SO BEAUTIFUL!  I’d be taking so many pictures of it.  I really like this outfit.  I am definitely frown towards the Sherpa jacket, but I just don’t need another one, so I will just have to enjoy seeing it on you.  And I really like the sneakers with it!  I hope that you know how helpful it is when you critique your outfits and provide the changes you would make, after seeing the pictures, so that you would be happier with it.  Good luck getting your tote back from your daughter! 😉

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne! Love the sherpa jacket! It looks so cozy and warm! If you do not mind me asking, what shopping center did you take these pictures at? When I get to Philly to shop I always go to the Philadelphia outlets and the King of Prussia mall. Just looking for other places to shop when we are down there. Thanks and stay warm! 🙂

  15. Ok dying to know more about your thoughts on the eye makeup! I’ve been reading that as women age (I’m a lot older than you btw) that we shouldn’t wear eyeliner under our eyes. Ok. ✔️ I have noticed now that I’m looking younger women aren’t doing this. Then I read we shouldn’t wear it over the top lid either because it shortens our eyelashes when there’s a black line. That we should do the tight line method (on the inner white part on the upper lid. ✔️ But now I’m reading we shouldn’t even put mascara on our lower eyelashes to reduce a heavy pulled down look. When I do that, I feel like my eyes become invisible!! Was that why you made your nekkid comment? I get that sometimes we have to adjust to new trends or techniques but not sure I can go as far as nothing. I feel like I look weird and worse! Even wearing nothing at all like on a Saturday looks better. 

    1. Yep, I’ve been reading that stuff too. I think it’s a matter of preference, honestly. And again, I think SO MUCh comes back to hair color. I know yours is dark, like mine. I love bold eye makeup on dark haired women, and no way am I going without eyeliner on the top lashline. I also tightline the top, and then I blink so some of it transfers to the bottom. Sometimes I tightline the bottom too, but that can look harsh. I do like a lighter shade of eye shadow applied with a smudge brush to the lower lash line, and maybe I can go without mascara on the bottom if I do that. I didn’t do either for this photo shoot.

  16. I think I would like to see those jeans with boots and socks! I might like the look!
    I think I’m going to be looking for a gray turtleneck in the N sale in the summer to re-create these looks. I have a black turtleneck, but it isn’t very warm.

  17. Not liking the jeans. They make your hips look wide and your legs look short. They seem to look “sloppy”. Jacket is really cute with the turtle neck.

  18. This outfit surprised me today.  It’s not your usual more fitted style.  For me it’s the jacket that is not very flattering. It appears too bulky on top and makes the whole visual (sorry to say) frumpy 😩
    I hesitate to say too much since I’m not a fashion guru but you were blaming the jeans and thought I’d give you another perspective.
    Being a northern Wisconsin gal, I love the big snowfalls.  It feels so peaceful. 
    Embrace beauty !

  19. I have some crop straight leg Jean’s that I bought at the end of summer. They are very comfortable and I wore them through the milder fall days with sneakers and t shirts and even thinner sweaters. But I haven’t worn them all winter. I think it’s the outer wear that throws them off. It’s either too bulky or too formal for their “vibe”. The skinnies with those boots you’re showing would be so cute with that sherpa.

  20. I am loving your sherpa jackets!  I actually bought a couple of them back before Covid – an ivory and a black – from Target and I love them.  They are so cozy.  They were actually in the girls’ department, but fit me perfectly!  My ivory one isn’t as cute as yours with the contrasting trim, but otherwise very close.  I’m happy to hear they are still in style.

  21. Your backyard looks gorgeous, Jo-Lynne! I love the look of freshly fallen snow. I would like to see this outfit with different jeans and like the idea of a side-by-side photo. I don’t want to be unkind but the jeans make your legs look really short or maybe I’m used to seeing you in long-legged looks. I love the fact that you are so open to others’ opinions about the outfits you create. One of the many reasons that you are my favourite blogger.

  22. My first thought when you first showed the jeans in the try on haul was the hem line looked funny as it bunches. Plus I think it’s hard for our eyes to look at baggy knees ones we’ve seen skinnies forever. Saying this, I totally get how they could be cute with a t shirt and flat sandals. But, is there a way to iron out the lower hem to straighten it? They might look cute with a tank in the Summer too with Birks like others mentioned. Just so they don’t stretch out. That is weird some people ordering didn’t get the chewed hem. I don’t like ordering clothes off amazon. I just don’t trust the quality but Levi’s are Levi’s right? They should be ok. I would die to be able to look out to that beautiful snow view you have. I heard about Philly on the news. The  East coast is getting hit hard. New York might get its worst storm in years. Back to fashion. Please do a side by side with different jeans and in the same post with t shirt and birks. Would be fun to see. I love the camel fleece and so many times, even before you posted it, almost bought it but I’m sure it’s to short in body and long in sleeves for me. Have a great day. 

  23. PS. I’ve tried so many times to not wear liner or mascara on the bottom and I just feel it doesn’t look right on me. I know what you are saying. My younger daughters quit the liner long time ago and your eye adjust. Today I got out to the grocery store and looked in the rear view mirror and something was off. I had forgotten mascara all together. Ugh. Of course I run into someone I knew and haven’t seen for years. With a mask on your eyes are what they see. Oh well. I need to not be so vain. Lol. Less to take off tonight. Lol. 

  24. Funny you should mention not wearing eye make-up on the bottom. The other day I watched a video about make-up looking like a facelift (or something like that.) She showed the “wrong” way and “right” way to do make-up so it looks like a facelift on mature women. One thing she said was not to use mascara and liner on the bottom. So, I am trying that. (I am not competent at all with make-up.)

  25. I loved this outfit on you and I bought the sherpa jacket today at my Gap. I bought the white because I have a similar black already. I always use your shopping widget so I hope it helps you! Your ideas and blog is really keeping me warm this winter LOL! It’s cold here in San Diego too!

  26. Have to agree, the jeans just don’t look the best. You look so nice and warm up top and cold  from the waist down.
    I did however purchase the Nordstrom camel turtleneck after your recommendation and love it!! Thank you! I’ve worn it with black skinny jeans and booties. 
    Always love how detailed you are on your posts and very honest. Thanks Jolynne 💜

  27. My rule of thumb is… if I’m wearing boyfriend/straight jeans I wear a more fitted shirt on top to balance the big/baggy so I don’t look like a tub!! If I’m wearing skinny jeans, then I balance it with a more flowy/big top… or really anything because everything goes with skinny jeans!!!

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