My 9 Must Have Black Wardrobe Staples

I’ve been wanting to start a series of posts on the building blocks of a functional wardrobe, but the more I thought about it and tried to line up topic ideas, the more overwhelmed I got.

At the end of the day, fashion is so very personal. What makes a functional wardrobe for me isn’t necessarily going to work for someone else, and I feel unqualified to give advice, per se.

What I can share is more about my personal style journey. I actually enjoy reading those types of posts more than generic fashion advice, anyway, and I expect we all do.

So these posts will be more about how I’ve been honing in on what works for my current life and style, and how I’m striving to make intentional purchases that add value and versatility to my wardrobe. Hopefully you can adapt this information to make sense for your closet.

First, here are a couple things I’ve learned that are really helpful as I assess my wardrobe:

#1. It’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind when building your wardrobe, and make sure you have an appropriate ratio of casual/business/formal pieces in your closet to make outfits that suit your life.

#2. Working with a color palette helps to build a cohesive wardrobe and makes it easier to mix and match. My palette is black, grey, white and other cool neutrals.

Then I integrate colors and prints that work well with those neutrals — plum, burgundy, olive, and teal are favorites, as well as shades of pink and blush. Oh, and I love a good animal print!

#3. Wardrobe essentials are not to be confused with statement pieces. A functional wardrobe needs a good assortment of both, but this post is about wardrobe essentials — those indispensable closet staples that help create complete outfits.

I chose black wardrobe staples for this post because most of my outfits have a black component in them somewhere, and these are pieces I find myself reaching for over and over again. They help make up the foundation for my wardrobe.

My Must-Have Black Wardrobe Staples

You may be wondering, why black? Black sometimes gets a bad rap, and I get it. It can be cliché or a bit of a copout, and it’s too harsh for some skin tones, especially as we age.

But black is also amazingly versatile, it flatters my skin tone and hair color, and it suits my personal style aesthetic. This may change as I get older and as my style evolves, but for now, black it is!

Perhaps the foundation color for your wardrobe will be navy, grey, taupe, camel, or ivory… but I think it’s a good idea to have one base color to work off of. Going with a shade similar to your hair color is usually a safe bet.

Okay, with that length preamble, let’s get started!

1. Black Jeans

Denim is an essential part of my wardrobe, as I work from home and live a very casual lifestyle. I don’t have a lot of events and occasions to dress for, and even my church is fairly casual, so I really don’t have a lot of need for work wear or special occasion outfits.

Not only do jeans work well for my life, but they also suit my personal style, as I tend to favor classic looks with a bit of an edge.

one (similar) // two // three

Black jeans are a great way to straddle that line, and they come in a variety of styles and washes so they can be dressed up or down. They’re definitely a workhorse for my personal wardrobe.

The key, of course, is finding the perfect fit and style for you. For me, that’s a black skinny jean, but I’m open to new silhouettes as trends evolve.

As with my blue jeans, I like to have a few options in different styles and washes. I have a washed black pair for more casual looks, a jet black pair for dressier looks, and a pair with a raw hem that can go either way. All three are pictured above.

2. Black Sweaters

Sweaters are also an essential part of my wardrobe, and I always have a few classic black sweaters in my closet. They make great layering pieces as well as chic stand-alone pairings with my favorite jeans.

one // two // three (similar)

Cashmere is always my favorite type of knitwear, but I do have some wool/cashmere blends, and occasionally a cotton or acrylic sweater will make the cut.

V-necks are the most flattering and versatile neckline for me personally, but I also love a good black turtleneck, especially for layering under leather jackets or wearing with coats when I’ll be outside for a length of time.

In the spring/summer, I wear a lot more color in general, but I always have a few go-to black tops in the mix. A black t-shirt or two are a must, and I like to have a silk or woven tank for layering and pairing with jeans for date night looks. In fact, those stay in my closet year-round.

3. Black Boots

I tend to gravitate to black footwear because of my hair color. Did you know that one trick for making an outfit look more cohesive is to bookend the outfit by matching your shoes to the color of your hair? It helps frame the look and make it look more intentional.

Although I do wear other colors, I have a lot of black shoes, especially boots in the fall/winter. They pair well with black and grey jeans, and because they create a low contrast with those dark colors, they make me look longer and leaner.

one (similar) // two // three

This time of year, I wear boots more than any other type of shoe, and I also wear a lot of sneakers. #signofthetimes

Ironically, I do NOT have a pair of go-to black sneakers. For some reason, I much prefer a white sneaker, but that also works with my overall color palette.

As for boots, I always like to have a pair of tall black boots in my closet for date night or sometimes church outfits, and I have several styles of ankle boots as well. Right now, I find myself most often reaching for my Vince Henderson Chelsea boots or Marc Fisher Yale Chelsea boots (both pictured above.)

4. Black Coats

When it comes to outerwear, I’ve tried other neutrals and some fun colors, but I often find myself wishing I had a black alternative to whichever one I’m reaching for. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that black outerwear just makes the most sense for me, so I’m not going to fight it.

one // two (similar) // three (similar)

Coats can be quite an investment, so I usually go for classic styles that I can keep for many years.

I’ve had my Burberry quilted jacket for going on five years now, and it is usually my most worn coat, but I’ve been wearing my long puffer more this year than ever before because this winter has been so cold. Unfortunately the one I have was recently discontinued, but the new style is good too.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 2020 Fall/Winter Outerwear Guide

I don’t wear the wool reefer nearly as much as the other two, as my lifestyle is quite casual, but when I need it, I need it.

In addition to those, I also have a black rain trench (not pictured) that I wear when it’s rainy but not cold enough for a winter coat. It’s also by The North Face, and I believe it’s been discontinued as well, but this one is similar.

And, I recently added a sporty short puffer to my closet, which I’m also liking a lot right now! I do have a couple of other coats that aren’t black, but I definitely wear my black ones the most.

5. Black Jackets (Leather Preferred)

I decided to make a separate section for black jackets because I wear these as more of an outfit topper than a piece of outerwear. In the fall and winter, it’s usually a leather jacket.

I’ve loved a black leather jacket since I was in my 20s. I remember buying my first one when I was shopping with a friend. I was a 3rd grade teacher back then, and my students used to call it my biker chick jacket. They thought they were so funny.

I wore that thing for years, until I ripped the sleeve when it caught on a hanger in my coat closet. I was devastated that it wasn’t fixable, and I replaced it as soon as I was able.

one // two (similar) // three (similar)

Fast forward 20 years, and when the weather permits, you will probably find me wearing a leather (or suede) moto jacket. It’s still my favorite way to complete an outfit.

I currently have two black leather jackets, and both are pictured above. I have a few other suede and leather motos, but I don’t reach for them nearly as much as these two.

6. Black Handbags

I always advise people when looking for a neutral bag to carry with ALL the outfits that black is not necessarily the best choice. (A shade of cognac or taupe is typically more versatile for most women’s wardrobes.)

That said, these days, I find myself carrying a black bag more often than not — especially in the fall/winter, but also quite a bit in the summer. It just works well with my current wardrobe, and there is something so chic about a black bag. I can’t quit them.

one (similar for less) // two (similar for less) // three

I will never be without a black tote, but these days, I’m reaching for my black crossbody most often. I also love a mid-size black shoulder bag, such as the Everlane Studio Bag, which unfortunately was just discontinued. I have no idea why, it was so good.

That doesn’t mean I never carry my lighter bags, and if I didn’t swap out my bags with my outfits and could only carry one bag for an entire season, I would go with taupe. But since I do like to change out my bags with what I’m wearing, my black bags get a lot of use.

7. Black Sunglasses

You may have noticed a common element in many of the pictures in this post — black sunglasses. It is almost impossible to overstate the value a great pair of sunglasses adds to an outfit.

one // two // three (similar for less)

When selecting a pair, obviously you want to pick a shape that is most flattering to your face. I tend to go for an oversized pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

I believe quality sunglasses elevate a look in a way the cheapies cannot, and on a cost per wear basis, you should really get your money’s worth because you wear them almost every day year-round.

And I know, I know… someone is going to say they refuse to invest in nicer sunglasses because they will lose them. I said that too, until I finally decided to try a pair and see if I could keep track of them.

I quickly found that I take much better care of more expensive shades than I did my dollar store sunnies, and I have only lost ONE pair of nice sunglasses in the past 15 years, which is when I started investing more in them.

That said, you don’t need to break the bank for a good pair. There are many good quality, stylish options under $100. Two brands I recommend in this price range are Quay and DIFF. You can also get good sales on Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and the like if you’re patient, and of course there is always the second-hand market.

8. Black Belt

One wardrobe item I’m trying to wear more of is a belt. I don’t really need one because I don’t have an issue with pants gaping in the waist, but now that we are doing more tucking of tops, I appreciate how a belt adds an element of interest to an outfit. It also breaks up a block of color when I wear a monochromatic look.

I was wearing a R Minkoff O-Ring Belt that I loved, but when I lost weight, it started to look too big, so recently I set out to find a replacement.

black belt

I wanted something classic and understated but good quality, and I ordered and returned a few before I stumbled upon this B-Low the Belt Baby Bell Bottom Belt. I don’t make the names, folks. I just shop them.

It’s an excellent quality pebbled leather, supple and soft; and the buckle is a nice silver — not super shiny but not brushed either. It goes well with the hardware on most of my jackets, and of course, I wear a lot of silver toned jewelry as well.

I’m currently on the hunt for something similar with a gold buckle, but I don’t want two of the same, so I’m holding out until something strikes my fancy.

Of course, you can find lots of belts for far less, but I tried some, and I didn’t like how stiff they were. I would rather have one or two nice ones that I wear with everything than a bunch of cheapies, but that’s just my personal preference.

And the final item in my list of must-have black wardrobe staples is…

9. Black Joggers

I would never have dreamed of having a jogger category in a wardrobe must-have list before 2020, and yet, here we are!

one // two // three

Joggers have definitely become a staple in my wardrobe over the past year, and I have a few different pairs that I rotate through. I like how they can be strictly activewear, or you can elevate them with a graphic tee and denim or leather jacket for a casual everyday look.

I’ve got three of my go-to jogger looks above, and yes, the pair in the middle isn’t really black per se, but they have a black base, and I like how they offer me another option in a sea of solid black joggers.

So yeah, I think that about covers it! I considered listing my black silk face mask as #10, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I could have included a few other types of footwear — I love to wear black mules and black pumps when the weather permits, and I have black strappy sandals I wear a lot in the summer, but I’m in winter mode right now, and this list is long enough!

In Conclusion

I read somewhere recently that if you’re struggling to create outfits from your current closet, chances are you’re missing a good assortment of wardrobe essentials. Perhaps you have a closet full of statement pieces, or you have lots of wardrobe essentials that don’t work well together. If that’s you, I suggest a good closet purge, followed by an assessment of what’s left.

Then, as you get dressed over the next few weeks, if you find yourself missing a crucial element of an outfit, keep a list of things you need to shop for, and stick to the list. Or if you have an item you want to wear, and you’re not sure what you need to go with it, search for that item on Pinterest and see how other ladies are styling it.

At the end of the day, building a functional wardrobe is always a work in process, so take your time and have fun with it!

I’m open to more ideas for posts similar to this. I am by no means an expert, nor do I have it all down pat, but I’m happy to share what I’m learning along my style journey!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Great and helpful post today.  It’s a good refresher for me.   I agree with your sunglasses comments, but let’s not forget how very important it is to purchase polarized sunglasses to protect our eyes from sun damage.  It always surprises me that many expensive designer sunglasses do not have sun protection.   I’m 51 and have sun damage spots in my eyes from not wearing polarized when I was younger.  Even Walmart sells polarized sunglasses.  Just search them out.

  2. Great post!  Thanks!  I read somewhere that 80% of our closet should be basics and 20% more statement/ trendy pieces.  I wish I could wear my black leather Moto jacket more.  Often it is too cold here for that: a warm down puffer jacket is more of a necessity.  Enjoy the snowfall today.  Sometimes having quiet days at home, hunkered down, can be peaceful especially when you do not have to go out.  

    1. That’s probably a good rule of thumb for most of us, definitely true for me. But it depends on personal style as well. I was reading You Look Fab, and Angie said that some women have a style rich in essentials, while others prefer a closet full of statement pieces. Still, her point was that if you struggle to put outfits together, you’re probably lacking some important essentials. Interesting stuff! 🙂 I’m a nerd, I know.

      And yes, climate definitely plays a part. I am fortunate that we have a lot of months when a leather/suede moto over a cashmere sweater is plenty warm. This winter has been unusually cold for us.

  3. ✅✅✅ These are my staples, too! I loved this post because as someone else said, it’s a good review. I know that some say that as we get older black can begin to look harsh, but with my pale, freckled skin and red/auburn hair, black is my go-to color on top and for my shoes. I love a blue or a green, or gray top, but black has remained my foundation. The only thing I don’t have is black sunglasses, just because I think they look a little harsh on my pale skin. I almost always opt for tortoises to compliment my hair. I have also always worn good sunglasses, year-round. I’ve lost 2 pairs in 30 years– and they were the identical pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers! My black leather sneakers are my go-to, though I do have a white pair. I like Vionic and Frye black sneaks.

  4. I like your list and it’s a great post. I hope you continue to expand on this with other items as you think of them. You asked for ideas for 5 ways to wear. Since I got the Vince Henderson boots in gray, I would like a series in styling Chelsea type boots. And I am thinking of dipping my toes back in the flare, or at least boot cut jeans, after seeing a friend wearing them yesterday. I used to wear them when they were in style, and I think most body types can wear them. Just a thought. Wearing white jeans in winter 5 ways is another. I have worn them in the winter a few times, and always feel I’m not doing it right. 

    1. LOVE the white jeans in winter idea. I have enough posts in my archives to probably do a single post with all 5 looks. And also love the Chelsea boots idea, since they’re trending again, and a bit of a struggle to style. (At least, I think so.)

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I’ve read that, as we age, women should not wear so much black on top – near our face, as it may wash us out. But, as you mention, it depends on our hair color and skin tone and I agree. I, myself, have fair skin so I don’t wear much black…although I do love black clothes. I do believe black looks great on you, as do leather jackets and Moto jackets! Those are definitely you and you do a wonderful job styling them!

      1. I’m 60 and I’ve found the “don’t wear black near your face  as you  age “thing to be more beauty editor myth making than reality. Most women I see still look great in a black top. In fact lighter colors are more likely to wash them out. 

        1. They certainly can, yes. I think as we age, we need to incorporate more color, but it can definitely be done alongside the neutrals. And I still think an all-neutral look is super elegant. It’s fine to do some of both. 🙂

  6. I have most of these in black, but I am a dirty blond turning gray. What color would you recommend for me. I do have some browns, beiges, but light colored shoes and purses for winter. To me, they just do not look right. Suggestions would be helpful.

    1. A lot of blondes I know use camel/taupe as the foundation for their wardrobes, and it works really well, but you have to like it, and it has to go with your wardrobe. I don’t think black is a no-no if that’s what you like.

  7. Great post! So helpful. I have limited closet space and somewhat of a minimalist aesthetic so I’m my goal is a perfect small wardrobe. I’m looking forward to more building a functional wardrobe posts. Thank you! 

    1. Me too… it actually drives me batty how much stuff I have to keep on hand for the blog. I would happily clear out half of it and never look back, lol. Any specific post ideas that would be helpful? I need to peruse Pinterest… I often get inspired there.

      1. Hi Jo-Lynne, I would enjoy a post about what your wardrobe would look like if you didn’t need to keep so much of the clothes because of your blog?

        1. I agree completely!  I would love to see what your closet would look like if you were an “average” woman. My lifestyle is very similar to yours…casual, with some date nights and lunches with girlfriends…well at least pre-Covid, that is!

  8. Great post! It is funny, but I don’t think I ever noticed how you anchor a lot of outfits in black until you pointed it out! I’m the exact opposite, anything but black. I have light brown hair and a pale complexion, so I feel like black drowns me out. Over the years, I’ve learned my go to neutrals are a cool olive or navy. Black looks super chic, though!

  9. I love the drama of a snowstorm; preparing the house, kids, movie cue, and comfort food favorites – Happy snowy Monday

    1. LOL! Yeah, it’s not quite as fun when they get older, but it’s also not as much work. So glad I’m not wrestling kids in and out of snowsuits today. It is still coming down hard. We’ve got well over a foot already. SO FUN!

  10. Great post! Black is my go-to color as well.
    I’d welcome the white pants style post.
    Ref your reorg of your shoe shelf, I’ve just recently seen the suggestion to arrange your shoes like you did…can’t believe that never occurred to me, but it’s lovely how it makes so much more room for our treasured shoes.

    1. Yeah, I had them sort of grouped by color and type of shoe, but the boots were separated, and I had things more by type of shoe than by color. Now I have all the ankle boots together, by color. And then all the flats, and all the heels, and all the sneakers. Rather than separating mules, and ballet flats, and pointy toe flats, and dressy boots and casual boots… LOL. It made sense in my own head, but I realized it was making it difficult to pull outfits together.

  11. Good Morning!! I love this post today. Black is a closet staple for me as well. It works with my coloring the best, and incredibly well with little ones in the home. ☺️

    Question – have you considered doing a post on your seasonal coloring? Example, I am dark winter. Since discovering my color palate it has made buying clothing so much more fun. I know you mention all of the components of your coloring and what makes an outfit, pop!

    Just a thought! Thank you!

    1. I’m a winter as well. No, I never wrote a whole post about it. I had my colors done when I was a teenager, so I’ve always just taken it for granted, I think. It works out well since those are all the colors I like best!

    2. I am winter as well. Most of the post lately are muted colors, ivory, and camel. I never purchase these colors. I love this post ! One of my favorites!!

  12. Wow! What a great post! I am always drawn to black as a base for a lot of my wardrobe staples….guess I did not realize it till I read this post!! Very interesting. Recently, thank you Covid (wink), I decided to “ditch the dye” and embrace my gray…that has been speaking to me since my teens (insert scream here!)!! I am seeing that incorporating brighter colors near my face is more gentle with my new hair color and then accessorizing with black works well for pants, shoes, jackets, handbags. You are always a wealth of information that is soooo helpful Jolynne….might you have more fashion advice for ‘silver sisters’!?!!

    1. I don’t have any experience with that but I know women who have gone “silver” who say it really does change the colors they wear near their face. I bet there are some good articles to be found on Pinterest. Don’t you love how that’s always my copout if I don’t have a good answer? LOL!!

  13. Funny, I am a blonde and fair, and as I get older I notice darker colors look better (I think anyway). True we are all different, now and later!

    These posts are helpful. I have sets of clothes for work – black pants winter, ankle black pants, and a pencil skirts for tall boots and summer wedges. Then I’ll buy tops or sweaters without trying them on with the bottoms, and waste time and money because I assumed they would work. The “hole in the wardrobe” discussions have been good for me. Last spring I ventured out and got navy ankle pants (work) – but havent worn them yet!

      1. Me too. I love Navy but I find it sits in my closet as I find it hard to style with the right shoe color. I usually opt for cognac or taupe and this works ok in the Winter but I just don’t like those colors for Spring and Summer. I always thought black was harsh for getting older but I like it and easier to style, so guess I’ll go back to it. I guess a post on styling navy would be great. Oh, I’ve put navy tops with olive pants and like it but then again what shoe color?. Ugh. Great post today on black. I guess I struggle with what is my basic wardrobe color. I tend to grab toward my ivory neutrals. I’m fair skin with brown hair with lighter highlights. I find myself buying cute pattern blouses but then nothing to wear with them. I love LOFT blouses but guess I need to focus on essentials. Lol. 

        1. I hear you on the navy, but don’t rule out black. Navy and black are considered quite a chic combination, actually. And taupe or camel or “nude” shoes work well too. (In fact, nude or white are usually my go-to with navy.)

          And there is absolutely nothing wrong with cute patterned blouses, statement pieces are good to have. You just need to make sure you have some good essentials to pair with them. When I buy one (I’m a sucker for those LOFT blouses too), I think about what I will wear with it, and usually it’s jeans, lol!

          But if you need to wear pants, either be sure you have the right bottoms to go with the blouse you are purchasing, or buy some to go with it. If you do that, think about other pieces in your closet, and consider if you can wear them with multiple things. If not, maybe rethink purchasing the outfit. But there’s nothing wrong with buying a complete outfit, either. I mean, as long as it’s in your budget and suits your lifestyle, blah blah blah. 🙂

  14. I would love a post where you take some of the more unique colors that many might have trouble determining what other colors to pair with so…..say I have a pair of army green jeans/pants, what color shoes would look best or what color top (I tend to always overthink this stuff and either don’t wear or am too matchy matchy). Or what about Grey….if i wear a grey top with regular colored jeans i struggle with shoe color again feeling like i need a grey pair. Until you actually see someone else wear weird colors together it’s hard for me to visualize even when these colors are already in my closet (does that make sense?)

    1. It does make sense… I’ll have to think on how to create a post around that and how to structure it.

      Off the bat, I’ve done a few posts on ways to wear olive or army green pants… they have a lot of shoe options in them. I just realized I don’t have a tag for olive green pants, so I just made one and went through and tried to add a bunch of posts: https://jolynneshane.com/tag/olive-pants

      I probably should make one for grey sweaters too.

  15. Thank you for this post! I love black and consider it to be the foundation of my wardrobe. The pieces you highlighted today are fantastic! Now, tell us the next 9 basics (not black) that will compliment and stretch our wardrobe. Love your taste in clothes!

  16. Great post!  I’m glad you have a picture of the snow & sleet on Instagram.  It’s beautiful!  No snow here, but the sustained wind is 20mph, there’s no sun, so yea, it’s cold.  I like how you reorganized your footwear by style and color.  I have signature colors and know that one of my neutrals is grey, but, I still have pieces in my closet that are other colors.  I have just got to break myself from adding other colors because it only cramps my closet and gets me frustrated.  At least I have a goal to work towards.  My real challenge is that most days Larry does not get up until after the Noon hour, so I don’t get full days to really purge my closet like I need too.  Maybe I’ll have to settle for doing sections at a time.  Oh, I got the middle joggers you shared, and they are dreamy soft!  I am so glad I ordered them.  Thank you 😃!  I hope y’all are enjoying looking out the windows at the snow, and that you don’t lose power.

    1. I am so glad you like the joggers! And definitely do the closet in sections. I almost always do. Otherwise it’s way overwhelming. I went through my pjs, workout clothes, and sweaters the other day. Then I did my shoes yesterday. Now I want to do my jeans.

      When I switch my closet over to spring, I think I am going to fully empty it, clean it out, and only put things back in after I try them on and make sure they fit. It’s been since we moved into this house that I did that. Now, THAT will take a full day. LOL!

  17. This was a great post. I especially liked what you said at the end about a wardrobe that isn’t working may be lacking some essentials. I hadn’t bought outer wear in several years, so this year I invested in coats. I was able to get them all on sale and I’m loving them! I’m out here in California and we haven’t been able to do anything that isn’t outside (including church) all year! I bought three good basic coats, a cream calf length dressier one, and nice mid length black wool, and an all weather soft black full length puffer. I have been wearing all three. I felt guilty buying them at first, but I spent under $500 for them all, and at full price they would have cost me over $1200 for all. I think I did good! Lol! And they have made it so much easier to get dressed. Must have been really needing them…

  18. Thanks for the fun post! One weird thing I’ve noticed about wearing black near the face is that it seems to looks better on women with darker brows. Since I darkened my brows to the shade they were when I was younger, I can wear black again without looking washed out. 

  19. After commenting I read others and see you posted older links to olive pants outfits. I guess I might over think shoes. I see black works if I decide to wear black top or since I tend to grab my ivory neutrals I see neutral shoes work.. But the olive pants and ivory upper or other lighter upper says Fall to me so I don’t grab olive pants in the Winter or Spring. I just find I buy them but they sit in my closet. My colors are cool colors so that’s probably why. Back in the day when people did their colors I came out a vivid Summer….. meaning I also could do Winter colors too if not to dark. Does this make sense. Hard to explain my struggle. I love shoes and have many but when needing to make an outfit can’t get it to pull together. Spring the hardest for me so a post on Spring shoes would be great too. I want to wear my black mules you recommended but Winter weather not working for them. Can you do Spring outfit post with them ?  

  20. I always enjoy your posts and have gotten many great styling tips from you….I think my husband even noticed!
    I would love to see an update on intermittent fasting.  Your early posts on it got me started.
    Keep up the great work!

  21. Like the others, I really enjoyed this post! Fun to hear about the book- ending an outfit. I never thought about that but i have light hair and lots of taupe shoes so that must be why I gravitate toward them 🙂

  22. Love this post. Very helpful. I have been going through my closet. You have helped me so much. Thanks for all the time and thought you put into your posts. 

  23. Maybe its just me so I apologize for wasting your time, but did the black sunglasses on your post accidentally get repeated in choice 1 and 2? also choice 3 that came up for me were the Gucci’s that were the priciest? oh well Maybe its just me but if your did err can you post the 3 again as you talked about because that really interests me

  24. Loved the post. Because I have very dark hair, my go to colors were always black, white, grey and red. I would only say that I’m not always a fan of black bags because that is where I use my pop of color and I once read that a black bag against a black coat makes you look wider when you are shorter which I tend to agree with depending on the bag size. It’s funny though as I now am adding a lot of green to my accent colors when it used to be only pinks and purples. It’s also hard to find cool neutral taupes.

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