Zebra Print Linen Puff Sleeve Tee | 22 Days of Fall Fashion

Happy Friday, friends! I’m excited for another weekend so soon. I made plans to go out to dinner with some girlfriends tonight. We’re trying out a new restaurant, and it should be a beautiful night for outdoor dining.

It’s also Day 9 of 22 Days of Fall Fashion, and I’m sharing a look that I might actually wear tonight. (I never decide what I’m wearing till the last minute.)

The puff sleeve is a big trend right now, but it’s not one that you’ll see me wearing very often. I have broad shoulders and am rather well-endowed in the chest area, so I don’t need any extra volume up top.

Plus I just tend to prefer clean lines and tailored pieces, however, I love this zebra print puff sleeve tee. The smocking on the sleeves is just enough to be trendy without overwhelming my frame, and the zebra stripes are a fresh take on animal print.

It’s a linen fabric, so rather summery, but you can certainly wear it into fall because of the colors.

For size reference, I have the small, but in looking at these pictures, I wonder if I should have sized down for a closer fit. I think I’ll try washing it and see if it takes up some.

The zebra print tee is a bold piece, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple so as not to compete with it.

Black jeans seemed like the obvious pairing — well, black or white, but I went with black since it’s fall. (I still wear white jeans in the fall, but I like to pair them with heavier fabrics or fall colors.)

These are the KUT From The Kloth Donna High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They have a 10 1/2″ front rise, so they’re not a super high rise, but high enough to be on trend.

I like the raw hem for a bit of an edge, and they’re made of a lightweight fabric that’s soft and comfortable. These jeans run true to size; I have the 6 regular.

And because I’m nothing if not predictable, I wore my Everlane Day Loafer Mules. For anyone just tuning in, I absolutely love these shoes. I have them in 3 colors!

They’re lightweight, the leather is high quality, and they’re incredibly comfortable. I have no problem walking in them or keeping them on my feet.

I like how they bring a classic, tailored piece to this look. And again, this top just seems to call for simple wardrobe basics that support it rather than compete with it.

These mules run small; I recommend sizing up a half size if ordering.

For accessories, I wore this mixed metal cuff bracelet and these gold double drop earrings. Both pieces are on the more delicate side, but still have some visual weight.

I also added my glossy black cat-eye sunglasses and carried a black crossbody. My Gucci Soho disco bag is definitely a splurge, but the Tory Burch McGraw crossbody has a similar look for a lot less, and this Michael Kors Jet Set crossbody is another good option for even less.

My handbag choices have definitely changed during this pandemic. Anyone else?

I used to almost always carry a tote unless I was going out for the evening, but these days, I find myself carrying a crossbody almost exclusively. I like being hands-free, and I’m never out for very long so I don’t seem to need so much stuff.

I love the crispness of an all black and white outfit. It’s so chic and sophisticated, and yet so easy to pull together.

On the one hand, I feel like this look could use a completer piece — like a jacket or cardigan, but I didn’t want to cover the sleeves of the top.

Fortunately, it’s still going to be warm here for a few more weeks, so I will get some good wear out of it. Then I’ll probably put it away until spring. It will be adorable with white jeans or shorts next year!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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34 thoughts on “Zebra Print Linen Puff Sleeve Tee | 22 Days of Fall Fashion

  1. I was excited to open your site and see this top this morning. I have a VERY similar one that I bought in the spring from LOFT. Your outfit looks great. I LOVE black/white combinations. That’s how I’ve been wearing it, I did black shorts in the summer a few times for a casual evening date.

  2. Great outfit! I’ve been looking for a black and white zebra, or tiger stripe T for fall. I am trying hard not to buy tops that don’t have an open neckline though — I look and feel better in a V-neck or scoop, even. boatneck. Rails has a beautiful V-neck tiger stripe (similar to the one that sold out during the Nordy sale) but it’s spendy enough that I haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m going to keep looking.
    Happy Friday!

  3. You look fabulous in this awesome outfit!  I am still using my regular size handbags, but I no longer have my cosmetic bag in the contents since I’m not wearing lipstick.  Boy, you do have a busy day with a fun evening planned.  It’s sunny here this morning, but by late afternoon the rain chance returns, and will be here thru Monday, at least.  And the humidity has returned, so it feels pretty yucky outside.  Happy Friday!

  4. I’ve switched to a small cross body bag too! Like you, I’m never gone from home long. It’s also easier to find my hand sanitizer. 😉 

  5. Cute outfit!  I’ve been looking for a zebra print top, so thanks for styling this one!  Yes, of course I bought it! 😁 I love the way you styled the top with black jeans.  Perfect for date night  over the next week or two before the weather turns cooler.

  6. This is the cutest outfit!! It’s so crisp and comfortable but current. You could easily swap your day loafers for cute mules or heels. Very very chic😉 funny story about purse choices. I changed to a small crossbody bag years ago after walking through a crowded restaurant and hitting someone in the head with my tote bag slung over my shoulder. Talk about embarrassing. It’s a little hard to get used to at first not having all your “stuff” but you get used to it and a big bag feels like a suitcase.. lol

  7. Oh dining out sounds good. Here in Oregon the wildfire smoke is keeping us inside as the air quality is so bad. Many Oregon towns burned up completely with many homes lost. My son is heading to a fire area now to help on his day off. Both my son and husband are fire fighters. So far his house area and ours is safe. Thanking the Lord for that. Please pray for all those involved in all these West coast fires. I love this outfit on you Jo-Lynne. I just bought a t shirt just like that but black and white polka dot with the same sleeves. I love how the sleeve is just enough puff but like you said not too much. Won’t be wearing it much now but great sale and was thinking for next Spring. Have fun on your busy day and night  

    1. So sorry about the wildfires in Washington State, Oregon and California, Kathy. The orange skies look apocalyptic. Hope that your son, husband and other firefighters are safe. We thank them for their service! We have smoke and haze here in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada from the fires on west coast. Can’t imagine your air quality down there in the thick of it. I’m in the COVD crossbody purse camp too – handsfree all the way. I have designated one old crossbody purse to use. When the pandemic ends, I plan on tossing out that purse as a symbolic gesture “COVD is over!!” Have fun with the girls tonight!

    2. It sounds dreadful out there. I’m sure it’s especially worrisome to have your husband and son on the frontlines. I pray they stay safe and that this can be get under control soon.

  8. Stop already with the cute outfits!  Ha!!!!  I love this whole outfit.  Can’t wait for the pieces to arrive!  Great job as usual!

  9. Cute top. I like the slight gathering at the sleeve, it’s not overwhelming. Some tops this year are outrageous. Looks silly to me.  I have changed up my handbags. Either I go with a small crossbody or if more room is needed I carry a good looking vegan leather (or as we used to say – Vinyl). I don’t want to wipe down my good leather bags with wipes after being out & about. In the summertime I typically carry a neutral woven/knit tote handbag but my daughter pointed out “ick ewww, you can’t wipe that down”.  Honestly, I don’t go many places but it made me stop and re-think this year’s handbags. 

    1. Yeah, I never wipe my bags down. 🙈 But I do try not to let them touch surfaces when we are out, and I don’t ever set them on the table or counters at home. And I was laughing about the vegan leather vs vinyl. It cracks me up.

  10. So cute! Love this outfit and you style it perfectly!! Have fun with the girlfriends, that is always a guaranteed great night. I’m crossbody all the way since this pandemic (but really before too, I don’t like to carry alot of stuff!). Happy Friday 🙂

  11. You look fabulous and chic as always! How do you like the Donna jeans? Mine (in Aster) from the N sale stretched out terribly   and the inside seam kept twisting to the outside. Fortunately Nordstrom’s amazing customer service allowed me to return them and they reordered them in a smaller size honoring the original sale price. I hope I have better luck the 2nd time around!

    1. My Donna jeans have held up very well. I’m actually fairly impressed. They do stretch some, and aren’t the quality of some of my higher priced jeans, but I’m pleased with them. I hope you have better luck with your 2nd pair.

  12. I agree with the puff sleeves I feel like the 70’s is back! Like you I have broad shoulders but I think I could wear the shirt you’re featuring. Very nice outfit!

  13.  I noticed most pictures of women who carry cross body bags don’t  wear them that way.  Instead of crossbody they wear on the shoulder or carry it  like you. Sort of defeats the purpose since on the shoulder it slips off or hangs too low.

    I saw a photo of myself wearing one  and didn’t like how  it bisected my chest.  It also interfered with the lines of my clothing.

    So do you really wear  the crossbody bag as designed? I agree they are practical but I don’t find them as attractive with the strap across the chest. I am only 5ft so wearing as a shoulder bag isn’t usually an option. 

    1. I do often wear mine in true cross-body style. It just depends. But I know what you mean about them crossing over the chest. It’s not always the most attractive on those of us who are more well-endowed. I almost always wear it across my body in the grocery store and the mall, etc. But when I go out to dinner, sometimes I carry it on my shoulder.

  14. Our area was hit hard by hurricane Sally. In the midst of cleaning up today, surprisingly, the mail arrived and this outfit was in the mail.  It is so cute.  My happy for the day!   Thank you
    Jo-Lynne for your hard work!!!!

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