What I Wore Lately Vol. 25

Greetings, friends! I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe it’s already Saturday again. That means it’s also time for another edition of What I Wore Lately.

This weekly feature basically answers the question I get a lot: “But, what do you REALLY wear?”

I also rounded up some things I’ve worn that are on sale this weekend at the end of this post.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish, with a slight hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.


This first look harkens back to last Saturday…

Why does no one say harkens anymore? I rather like it, but it sounds like I’m writing a historical fiction novel rather than a blog post.

Any-who. I spent the morning working, and then I got dressed and went out to run some errands. I wanted to get all of the food and drinks for our Labor Day cookout so I didn’t have to go out on Monday morning.

(And no, I did not curl my hair for Saturday errands; it was left over from the night before, and I was happy to see it still looked decent so I kept it down.)

Unfortunately, this tie dye tee is selling out. I love the colors. I paired it with grey jeans and my white leather Veja sneakers.

I’ve had these jeans for a long time, but I haven’t worn them much this summer. I tend to wear them more in fall and winter. I’m excited to have them in my rotation again, and so glad to see them still in stock.

They do go on sale occasionally, and of course, I will always recommend waiting for a sale when purchasing premium denim. I’ll keep an eye on them.

BR tie dye t-shirt (size up; wearing M) // grey Frame jeans // Veja sneakers // Lucky Brand earrings & bracelet

When I got home, I realized it was hotter than I had originally thought, so I switched into shorts and sandals for the rest of the afternoon.

My shorts are sold out, but these have a similar look to them. They’re a little longer, but you could always cuff them again if you like the shorter length.

BR tie dye t-shirt (size up; wearing M) // Gap shorts (similar) // Birks

I wore this Eileen Fisher dress to church on Sunday with my gold Tory Burch Millers.

This dress is spendy, but the quality is amazing, and I snagged it for almost half off during the #NSale. Unfortunately, this color seems to be sold out, but the black is nice too.

Oooh, guess what? I think it’s on sale at Bloomingdale’s. If it’s not the same, it is verrrry similar. Only in black and a pale pink called Bramble, but the price is great.

Eileen Fisher knit dress (size down; wearing XS) // gold Millers // Kendra Scott necklace & earrings // Stella & Dot cuff bracelet

And that brings us to Labor Day Monday! I wore white shorts and a floral henley tee to host friends for a backyard BBQ.

FYI, this top is marked down to $12 and fully stocked. It’s a linen tee, so more summery, but because the floral print is grounded on a black background, I’ll wear it for a few more weeks. It’s also nice paired with blue jeans and black pants. It runs true to size; I have the small.

LOFT floral henley // Wit & Wisdom white shorts // gold Millers // Kendra Scott necklace & earrings

On Tuesday, I threw on my Free People camo tee from the #NSale with cropped skinnies and Birks to work from home. I also had a late afternoon doctor appointment, and then I attended a meeting at the high school that evening.

I’m wearing a small in the tee, and I like the snug fit, but you could size up for more wiggle room. I wash it on cold and hang to dry.

Free People tee // Paige cropped skinnies // Birks

I spent most of Wednesday at home, although I’m wearing shoes so I must have run out somewhere… Oh, yeah. I had to run R by the high school to pick up a textbook, and then later on I think I ran to the store for dinner stuff.

My P448 sneakers definitely take this simple grey tee and black jeans up a notch. They’re spendy, but they do occasionally go on sale… oh, and look at that! They’re currently 20% off at Zappo’s. It’s not a huge savings, but they rarely go much lower… I may have seen them for 30% off at one point.

AllSaints tee // KUT from the Kloth jeans // P448 sneaks // Lagos earrings & bracelet // Gorjana necklace

I jazzed up my joggers with my tie dye tee and a denim jacket to go to PT on Thursday.

In case you’re wondering why I’m wearing sandals to PT, she also works on my foot, and I don’t want my feet to be sweaty from sneakers. I used to carry sneakers along for the exercise portion, but I don’t usually need them, so I finally stopped with that.

BR tie dye tee // Lululemon joggers // Vince Camuto jean jacket // Birks // Lagos earrings & bracelet

I had a photo shoot yesterday morning, and then I went directly to the salon for a mani/pedi appointment.

Sanctuary tee // Caslon crop utility pants // TB Millers in Light Makeup // Yurman earrings // Lagos bracelet

And then I changed to go out to dinner with friends last night. Unfortunately this top is selling out. I love it, but I suppose it is rather summery.

By the way, I found a similar pair of AG Farrah skinnies on sale for 30% off — the main difference is the traditional sewn hem, which I think I might even prefer with this outfit. I’m kind of getting tired of the ragged hems… at least with more dressed-up outfits like this one, but the wash on these is superb, and I love the fit.

BR cowl neck top // AG Farrah skinnies (option) // Sam Edelman wedge slides / Yurman earrings // Lagos bracelets // station necklace

And that’s it for what I wore this week!

Things I’ve Worn On Sale

Here are a few things I’ve worn that are on sale this weekend, and I wanted to give you a heads-up.

If you need a classic black dress, this Scoop Neck Dress in Bi-Stretch is perfection. It was $150, and it’s marked down to $75 at Ann Taylor.

And this Slub Cotton-Modal Tee from Banana is one of my favorites for layering. They’re doing 30% off 2 or more tees right now.

I also like this zebra print tee, and it comes in leopard as well. FYI, you’ll want to size up in their tees; I wear a medium.

My rag & bone sunnies are on sale again, finally! I snatched them up when they were on sale last spring. They’re $157.50, down from $225, at Shopbop.

The Gap washed black straight crop jeans I styled last week are marked down to $42. They’re true to size.

The J.Crew Going Out Blazer is part of their Buy More, Save More sale: 40% off 3+ full-price styles, 30% off 2 styles, or 25% off one style with code ADDTOBAG.

I love this blazer, it’s so flattering, and it has enough stretch to be comfortable, while retaining its structure.

And the sleeveless mock neck sweater I styled a while back is included as well.

There’s probably more, so I’ll add them as I see them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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22 Responses

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne, I really like the What I Wore Lately posts. I also like the red tie dye tee with the Gap jean shorts. I hope that we have a few more days in the 80’s so that you can wear that outfit a few more times:-)

  2. I love the rust-colored T with the olive pants! I’m going to an outdoor, on-the-law concert tonight and wearing that with a jean jacket. I also love the BR brown zebra T which I bought weeks ago. I’ve worn it twice this week to appointments. It’s a really nice T.

    Did you keep your camo cardigan, Jo-Lynne? I love it but I am wondering, for the price, how much will I get to wear it. And how much camo does a person need? Lol.

    1. I didn’t, but I did keep the pullover version. I like the idea of the cardigan, but for some reason, that one didn’t excite me as much as the pullover. Everlane had a really nice one last year – I hope they bring that back, or something like it. It was a little more fitted.

  3. It’s beautiful here today!  I have to laugh.  I went for a walk this morn, came home to a package, it was that BR cowl (I ordered it cheap over LD weekend).  It’s perfect!  The perfect length for me.  I would so wear it at a layering piece as it gets cooler.  I don’t think the colors are terribly summery.  Have a wonderful day.

      1. I also ordered the BR cowl neck over Labor Day – it should arrive this week. I’m in Arizona and definitely plan to use it as a layering piece well into the winter – thinking it will perk up my zoom call look if paired with a black blazer or open cardigan.

  4. I sure wish I could go out for a walk or something this morning.  The smoke from the fires is too bad.  I just called my daughter who lives up by Portland, Oregon(I’m closer to the coast) and wanted to see if they wanted to bring their baby and come stay with us to get out…..as their air quality is marked as the worse in the WORLD right now…..yes I said WORLD.  Anyway, they decided to stay put, as just going to the grocery store in the car made them feel sick.  I just want this over.  Its worse than being stuck at home with COVID back in the Spring.  This smoke makes it where you can’t even go out on the deck, go for walks or eat outside dining.  I know many have it so much worse, as they’ve lost their homes in these fires etc. so I have to keep telling myself to pull up my big girl panties and stop grumbling and it will soon be over.  I need to find the bible verse where God talks about grumbling. I know it displeases HIM.  Now that I’ve vented I feel better. LOL  If any of you out there are affected by the fires, I am going to be praying for you today.  In my son’s fire department, some of his guys have lost their homes. Its just so sad. They are out fighting fires and helping others while their homes are burned down. I want to help them in some way coming up financially. He’s going to find out the situations.  He’s been on duty where he hasn’t even been able to find out which guys it has hit.  My husband, a fire chief was up until 2 a.m. last night getting his fire crew in order on one particular fire in Central Oregon.  Please keep all these fireman in your prayers.  Stay safe you all.  

    1. Oh Kathy- I am so sorry! I am grateful that we are far enough to the south and close enough to the coast that are air is not nearly as bad as what you are suffering with right now. But….we tried to do outdoor dining last night and ended up getting take-out and coming back home because even at the coast, the air was filled with junk and my eyes were itchy and my throat scratchy. Also the heat has been bad and this morning we woke up to our kitchen full of ants…..everywhere ….we had to throw out tons of food in the pantry….total mess….but then after cleaning and spraying we couldn’t really open the windows because there’s no fresh air!
      Sending prayers up to you and all of our Pacific West Coast states.

      1. Thanks Heather…….really I shouldn’t even be complaining, as so many have it soooo much worse.  ANTS are the worst.  We’ve had ant problems before inside. If they are the small ones, the TERRO liquid traps work well.  You do have to be patient though and its hard to have the stream of ants coming to the liquid and then going back to their nest source, but you have to let them do that to kill the nest ants.  Its like watching a highway of ants and its so strange how they come to the trap and go back to their nest. Its like they tell their friends and they come. LOL  But, its important to not kill any while they are doing this.  It won’t take long and you will be able to see where they are coming from and eventually, they will quit coming and die in the nest.  With the smoke, it would be a much better way than spraying as you really shouldn’t be inside the house smelling spray.  Just a thought.  Stay safe and out of the smoke.  

        1. Kathy- THANK YOU for the recommendation of TERRO ant traps! My husband went out to the hardware store yesterday and picked some up. We set out several at various points and this morning the ants are gone except right around the traps. There’s one trap by our kitchen door to the backyard that still has a lot of activity, but we left the dog food bowls out on purpose as a test and not one single ant was near their food bowls this morning! 

          1. Heather your most welcome. I’m glad the Terro is working for your ants. Keep an eye on your dog though. Probably poisonous for pets. 

    2. Oh Kathy – we are so sorry for you! Praying hard for your safety, for your son, husband and other firefighters! Canadian firefighters volunteered to come help you all fight the fires as well as other international firefighters. It is just a nightmare: COVD and inferno of fires. I can sympathize somewhat. We have fires here every summer; 4 yrs ago was esp bad. Could taste the ash. Ash fell over everything; skies were orange all day. Air quality was abysmal. The smoke, heat and haze was awful. I would invite you here to stay with us if the US – Canada border wasn’t closed. God is in charge. Heard that cooler temps and less wind coming your way. East coast gets hurricanes and rain; west coast fires. Ugh. Stay strong…. Sending you hugs.

      1. Yelena. You are so kind. We really are doing fine in our area. Like I said sooo many people far worse and evacuating their homes. Yes, the West winds suppose to help get this smoke out if they come. Rain predicted for Tuesday. Hoping for that. 🙂 

    3. Everything can always be worse, but what you’re experiencing is terrible. I don’t think anyone can blame you for grumbling or letting it get you down. I’d lose my mind if I couldn’t go outside and get fresh air. I hope this is over soon.

      1. Oh you are so sweet. Thank you Jo-Lynne. I was thinking yesterday about how many Christians all over the United States are there for others whether they know them or not. We all need to be encouraged in what’s going on in our world right now and Christians are being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

  5. So my JCrew order arrived this week (the outfit that you styled on day 1 of “fall fashion”). I had such high hopes for the brown, sleeveless turtleneck but when I put it on with the olive crop flares I started literally laughing out loud. It is sooooo short on my body that when I moved around i flashed about an inch of my stomach (and I don’t have rock hard abs…more like the over 50 squishy belly 😀 …so cropped tops don’t work for me). It also isn’t as soft as I’d hope it would be…a little stiff and the arm holes a little too big. All in all, the look was a big miss for me. But I wanted to tell you that I thought the whole outfit looked so good on YOU (which is why I was inspired to order it for myself).

    I’m undecided on the cropped flares though. The olive color is good, they fit well and are very comfortable, and they’re a different style which is fun, but I can’t figure out what to wear with them (especially shoes). Yesterday after work I was planning to run a few errands and meet a friend down near the beach for happy hour. So I put on the JCrew olive crops and my Vince Camuto sleeveless leopard blouse (bought at Nsale last year) and then my Sam Edelman bay slides in tan (didn’t like) and then in black (nope) ….. the whole outfit look was just “off”…I felt a little dorky. So I changed into my Paige olive crop skinnies , did a front tuck with the leopard blouse and put on my tan SE bay slides and I felt so much cuter and comfortable.

    What do you think? Should I keep the JCrew pair? I did a search on Pinterest last night for outfit ideas with olive cropped flares but didn’t see much. I think the straight or full cropped jeans and pants are more flattering. The flare on a crop is maybe just too hard to wear. IDK!

  6. Another great post!  I hope that you had a nice Saturday.  I need to try pairing my orange top with my olive green pants to see if I like it on me, like I like it on you.

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