Trivia Question: Who Won the 5th Season of American Idol?

I don’t remember either.

I just know that Chris Daughtry is a superstar, even though he was only the fourth-place finalist that year.

Want a little more trivia? Daughtry went on to have the fastest selling debut rock album in history.

And in a few years, no one will remember anyone from Season 10 except James Durbin.

Rock on, James. I look forward to buying your first album.

In all fairness, I hope we do see more of Scotty and Lauren and Haley. But no one has been as consistently brilliant as James. He’s in a league of his own this season. As far as who wins? I really couldn’t care less.

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    1. And where is he now? HUH? 😉

      I did enjoy him, actually. After Daughtry was voted off, I think I was rooting for ol’ Taylor. But he hasn’t done much since then, has he?

  1. Although I haven’t watched any of this season, I can tell you Taylor Hicks won. And that is when I stopped watching. Because it was RIDICULOUS that he won. And yes, as you can see, he’s gone big places. (Sarcasm, sarcasm.)

  2. I really like Scotty and Lauren, of course I do like Country Music. And Scotty is an NC boy! I actually think that James’ album is probably the one I’m least likely to buy, although I agree he is immensely talented. I’m routing for Haley, too because I love Jazz, and the judges just rip her to shreds all the time.

  3. I was absolutely sad, because I felt like Scotty has a contract ready and waiting, so I wouldn’t have been sad if he had gone. I didn’t know if James could get a commercial gig, even though I agree he’s SO talented. I had just said on Wed, “He’s going to win it.”

    But that’s good to hear about Daughtry.

  4. It made me so sad about James. I thought he had a lock on winning it! I’m sure he’ll be successful anyway. I would buy his songs.

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