Tropical Floral Top Outfit

Greetings, friends! Welcome back to 25 Days of Summer Fashion. It’s hard to believe that Cyndi and I are wrapping up our summer style series this week! Not to worry, there is still plenty of summer fashion yet to come, I just won’t be sharing new outfits each day. I’m actually looking forward to having more time to post other types of content like the shorts for moms post on Saturday. I always enjoy putting that kind of post together.

Today I’m styling a tropical floral top from Loft. I picked up this top when I was in the store last week, and now the entire site is 40% off with free shipping, so yay! Good timing! This top is great because it can be worn alone but it also makes a fun layering piece. I wish I’d thought to throw on my white denim jacket with this to show you that look as well, but I wasn’t thinking about it at the time.

Tropical Floral Top Outfit: Loft Tropic Double Strap Cami with Lucky Brand Brooke Legging Jeans and Marc Fisher Annie Wedge Espadrilles

This tropical print immediately caught my eye when I was shopping at Loft. They are actually using this print for several pieces right now — there’s a dress, a skirt, and culottes made with this cheery summer print, but I fell in love with this top. It’s flattering and fun for so many occasions.

I appreciate that it has a straight hemline and the length is a little shorter than some. (I prefer a 24″ or 25″ length in my tops, but everyone is different.) I also like how the v-neckline is modest and the double strap design creates the illusion of more substantial straps, which are generally more flattering than a single spaghetti strap style on those of us who are a little bigger on top.

Tropical Floral Top Outfit featuring Loft Tropic Double Strap Cami

You definitely have to wear a strapless bra with this, but I don’t mind too much anymore because I’ve found a strapless bra that is actually comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

The straps come together in the back to create sort of a racer-back style, but it provides more coverage than a lot of racer-back camis. Most strappy tops like this feel a little too bare for my comfort level, but I can definitely wear this one without a top layer and feel confident.

Loft Tropic Double Strap Cami

In my perfect world, I would have this top altered and nipped in a little at the waist so it shows my curves better, but I didn’t have time because I wanted to get this outfit on the blog before the top starts to sell out.

In fact, I would have a lot of things tailored if I had the time because tailoring can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having your clothes fit well or not. I learned that little trick when I took the Adore Your Wardrobe course I talk so much about.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Loft Tropic Double Strap Cami with Lucky Brand Brooke Legging Jeans and Marc Fisher Annie Wedge Espadrilles

Sometimes I get emails from people taking the course asking why I don’t follow my AYW body type rules all the time when I recommend the course so highly, and that’s certainly a fair question. (For those taking the course, I’m a cool #shortwaistedcurvy.)

Because retail inventory moves so quickly, there simply isn’t time for me to have things altered before I post to the blog, and I simply post too many outfits to follow the rules to a T in each and every one. (It doesn’t help that current trends don’t really flatter my body type.) Plus my goal for the blog is to be a resource and not simply a personal style diary. Not everyone shares my body type, so I like to share pieces that might work for others even if they’re not perfect for me. I try to point out when something would be better suited to another body type, but I’m not always sure what type that would be, ha!

Of course, if you haven’t taken the course, you have no idea what I’m talking about. You can look into it HERE and join the waitlist if you’re interested. It is truly brilliant how Kelly demystifies fashion with the rules of math and science, and I highly recommend it. I believe she will be starting another course later this summer. (I’ll keep you posted!)

So back to today’s outfit…

Tropical Floral Top Outfit: Loft Tropic Double Strap Cami with Lucky Brand Brooke Legging Jeans and Marc Fisher Annie Wedge Espadrilles

I wore this top with blue jeans because there’s a lot of navy in the print, and I like this pairing, but I will also wear this top with white jeans or shorts for a lighter summer look. If I were on vacation somewhere tropical, I’d definitely pair it with white, but here in the northeast I like wearing blue jeans in the summer sometimes.

These jeans are Lucky Brand, and they they have a great fit. They’re the Brooke legging jeans. This is an older wash but they have quite a few good ones to choose from. I love this length (29″) with most of my shoes, but since these have that wide ankle strap, I opted to do a single cuff so the strap shows.

I know some don’t like to cuff their jeans, but I don’t mind it if I think it works with the rest of the outfit. When I wear my 28″ jeans, they are perfect with these shoes without the cuff, but I happened to already be wearing these for a different outfit I’ll be sharing later this week so I just went with it. (I changed tops in the car so we could shoot two looks in one location, lol!)

Tropical Floral Top Outfit: Loft Tropic Double Strap Cami with Lucky Brand Brooke Legging Jeans and Marc Fisher Annie Wedge Espadrilles

I chose shoes and a bag in a blush color to coordinate with the blush in the top and to lighten up the overall look. These perforated espadrille wedges are trendy right now, but I love them. I especially like how they give me added height and are still easy to walk in. My kate spade mylie hobo is great everyday bag, and it’s on sale right now. I’ve been enjoying this rose cloud color so much this summer, it’s such a gorgeous neutral.

Finally, I accessorized with chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet. I like how they’re both delicate in design but still substantial enough to be seen.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Tropical Floral Top Outfit

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tropic print double strap cami // Lucky Brand legging jeans // blush suede perforated wedges // ksny mylie hobo // Stella & Dot arabesque chandeliers & becker cuff

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33 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you made those points about alterations, Jo-Lynne! Because they really can make all of the difference in how things fit. I think it’s interesting that if something doesn’t fit us off the rack, we tend to think it’s bad. But considering how different all of our bodies are—I think alterations is the key!!
    Of course, spending more on alterations than for the original garment seems wrong too—so I can see how sometimes (besides your time constraint) you wouldn’t do it.
    I have to admit, I’m so glad my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) gave me her extra sewing machine—it’s so freeing to be able to do them myself. And with you-tube, it’s a great resource!! Although I”m just as guilty at times, of not fixing something. Especially my husband’s pants–ha ha!

    1. I think we can probably blame fast fashion on the decrease of tailoring — that and most of us just aren’t taught to sew anymore. It’s a shame, really, because clothing is so much more flattering when it fits right, and we can’t expect most things to fit perfectly right off the rack.

      I hate to contribute to the problem, but fashion blogging certainly doesn’t help! That’s why I try to educate while I’m sharing the new fashions. I realize that my shopping habits aren’t normal, and most people keep their clothing for a few years (as they should!) so it makes sense to invest in tailoring to make sure they fit properly.

      Before blogging, I was never one to have a ton of clothes. I would much rather have a few things that fit great than a ton that are just okay. In fact, I kind of miss that, lol.

      1. I don’t really think you contribute to the problem, if you explain how the alterations could make it this or that!! Besides, it is your job right now!
        I grew up with a mom who love to have a lot of clothing–in fact, she rarely throws things out. But the good thing, is she can alter then when the styles change or her body shape does. It’s hard to get out of that habit…

  2. I ordered the strapless bra on your recommdation! I hesitate to say a bra changed my life, but it has definitely made wearing the trending tops lots easier. ????

    1. LOL! I feel the same way. I always want to say this bra changed my life, and then I think that is really dramatic, but it is so nice to be able to wear some of the strappier tops and off the shoulder looks!

  3. I appreciate your honesty about tailoring and the fact that you don’t get items tailored before posting them. It keeps things real and I love that you are open about the way things fit and how you feel in certain clothes. Magazines are full of perfection…. I want reality if I am going to invest in a piece of clothing. So, thanks for keeping it real!
    It’s also very helpful to see tank tops like this paired with jeans because I am becoming self conscious about my legs as I age but I still want to enjoy summer fashion.
    Awesome post , as always!

  4. Oh wow! That top is stunning! Such an eye catching print. I’m sure it would be stunning with white shorts. Enjoying your summer series! I just purchased the Oil of Olay facial cleansing cloths. Love them! ????????. Happy Monday!

  5. Very cute outfit and I like that the top is not too revealing but still nice and cool for hot summer months.
    So funny you mentioned alterations this morning because my twenty yrs old and I were shopping at Marshalls this weekend and she found a pair of Joe jean shorts that looked so good on her but the waist was alittle big. She has the same problem I do with finding shorts to fit properly. She has larger thighs and a healthy bottom and a very small waist. Anyway, they were only $40 and the length was good (not too short) so I suggested we take them to be altered! She said no, I’ll keep looking. But it would have been an easy fix and she would get so much wear out of a good pair of jean shorts. Plus she’s a very busy college student and doesn’t have the time to keep looking. I’m afraid she will regret not taking me up on the suggestion ????

    1. Oh she DEFINITELY should have gone that route. When you have a small waist compared to your hip size, alterations are key, and it is an easy one for a good seamstress to do. SO worth it. I hope she reconsiders!

  6. Love those shoes! And agree with the comments about alterations being key, and yet so many women just don’t want to do. Although I was taught to sew, I’m not good at it, so I have a great seamstress. I have even altered a two piece bathing suit to fit just right!

  7. I have taken the AYW course (from your recommendation~thank you) and one of the many takeaways for me was to have your clothes tailored. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in how the clothes fit and look on me. Even a simple Target tee shirt taken in on the sides and shortened in the length a little has taken 10 pounds of visual weight off. The cost is not that much and is so worth it. I really appreciate your honesty in your daily blogs as well as all the clothes you style. I love how you keep it all real????

  8. That is a beautiful top! It would be nice if every piece of clothing we bought fit our body type correctly! I used to sew a lot during high school and even started my college life out in Home Economics Education, but we know what happened to that field. I no longer own a sewing machine. Here in GA we are being blessed with a couple of days of lower humidity, so it’s time to get my yard work done.

    1. We’re having a break in the humidity too and it is gorgeous!! I gave my sewing machine to a friend b/c I never use it anymore. I really should learn how to make some basic alterations.

  9. I so appreciate your blog and your honesty. I took the AYW course because of you and am so thankful that I did, and I think you do an AWESOME job!!!!! You give all kinds of lovely inspiration and so many helpful tips and info. I can tell you put a LOT of time and work into your blog! I think it would be hard to put yourself out there daily like you do, and I really appreciate you so much. Reading your blog is one of my “me time” relaxing parts of my daily routine (usually do it in the evening during the school year) :). Don’t feel bad at all, you are such a blessing to so many people. Hugs <3 <3 <3

  10. JoLynn, I have a content idea for you that is well, a little awkward but I am sure would be of interest to your readers. How about a series on Bra’s – Yep good old items that never get seen but play such an important role for so many of us readers. Like your self, I am in the well endowed category, in fact over endowed, as in post reduction and still waaaay over endowed and bra’s are the bain of my existence. I see so many cute outfits that I cannot wear because of the type of bra required or how terrible the outfit would look on someone with a 36G/H cup size. I know I cannot be along in my loathing of bra’s. It would be great to see how to style around large boobs, finding the right fitting bra, showing the difference between how various bra’s shape ones boobs and shirt and how to make them not look so darn big in outfits or like hoochi-mama walking out the door. I suspect they same could be done to appeal to the smaller and moderately endowed readers out there as well with the opposite emphasis.. It is shocking what a difference a good fitting bra can do to a look and how a bad fitting bra can make one look ten pounds heavier.

    Just my two cents from my two boobs!

  11. Jo-Lynne you are an inspiration to me because you are one of the hardest working and most ethical women I know in this industry. (Plus, I have always really liked your personal style.)

    I know for a fact that you truly care about each and every woman who reads your blog. You want them to feel beautiful and be confident in their appearance. You want to provide them resources that you know work. You want them to have clothes that they love to wear.

    I’m proud that we have the same mission – Helping women feel beautiful and love the clothes in their closet – and can work together to help make that a reality.

    I’m honored to call you my friend, partner, and style inspiration. – kel

  12. I just took four pieces to a tailor last week so I had to smile when I read this post. I was going to donate them but I thought I’d give the tailor a try first (they are in stellar condition but didn’t fit right). I’m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out. I love the top on you and would also love to see a post about bras! You do such a great job with those kind of posts and I know that I can trust your recommendations ( sorry, I hope that’s not too much pressure!). As usual, this was another excellent post from you!

    1. That is a good idea. Bras are hard b/c they are so personal to each woman, but I do think it is a great topic to address in a general way. They do make such a HUGE difference… haha no pun intended. 😉

  13. Fast fashion has killed the sewing industry! When I was in high school and college and money was tight, I made 80% of my wardrobe. Now making my clothes would cost more, AND our lives are supercharged time wise (thanks technology), so sewing doesn’t make any sense….However, I still have my sewing machine that I got for my 16th birthday and tailor at least 50% of what I buy. Even if it’s just taking the side seams in by 1/2 an inch to create shape. And my daughter is 5″2″ (on a good day!), so tailoring is a must. Now, if I could just get her to sit down long enough to teach her to sew as she leaves the “nest!”

    1. I wish you lived close enough to teach me! LOL!!! I can make curtains, but my talents end at clothing. Part of my problem is, I don’t have a good, accessible tailor. I know one woman who does good work, but she is busy. If I buy stuff at Nordstrom, I am more likely to get it tailored b/c they will do it for their own products. But this top is Loft so I need to find someone.

  14. Darnit. I just bought this top. Which I’d never even seen before and now I can’t wait to have.

  15. I ended up ordering this top last night before the free shipping ended. I kept trying to talk myself out of it because I’m trying not to buy right now (ya know, nsale coming up, lol), but I couldn’t quit thinking about it! Hoping it fits -Loft sizing has really been all over the place for me lately.

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