Trunk Club for Women: Your FREE Online Personal Shopper!

There’s a new kid in town, or at least in the world of fashion box services: Trunk Club for Women!


Trunk Club was originally just a service for men, but they recently teamed up with Nordstrom and now offer styling for women as well. It’s awesome because you actually have your own personal stylist at your beck and call. I also love that the brands are all from Nordstrom, and they are all from the current season so you can find them on the website right now. There is no up-charge either. You are charged the price that is on the website. Price per item can be quite high, but if you tell your stylist the price range you want to stay within, she will do her best to honor that.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not in a working relationship with Trunk Club, but all of the links in this post are my referral link. Everyone who signs up gets a referral link to share with their friends, so you can earn credits to shop with, which is another great bonus to trying it out!

Okay, so here are all the nitty gritty details.

Trunk Club for Women

  1. An assigned personal stylist who is accessible by phone or email at any time.
  2. $25 styling fee that can be applied to anything you purchase.
  3. No minimum purchase requirement.
  4. 5 days to try on and return the products you don’t want.
  5. Free shipping both ways.
  6. $50 Trunk Club referral credits.
  7. 10 items per box including shoes, accessories, and handbags.
  8. The ability to preview the 10 items before they’re sent and remove any you don’t want. (They stylist will replace them so you still get 10 total items.)
  9. Nordstrom brands, current season, no up-charge.

I wasted no time jumping on the bandwagon. While I have plenty of time to shop and could easily take advantage of the personal styling services Nordstrom offers at my local mall, I much prefer trying on clothes in the comfort of my own home. I like that I can try things on with my own shoes and other items in my closet. Plus, it’s just fun to see what someone else will pick out for you.

After I signed up Trunk Club, I filled out a style profile, and then my stylist reached out and offered to hop on the phone to get to know me and my style and my needs. It is a MUCH more personalized approach than either LeTote or Stitch Fix. Once we chatted, she put together a collection of 10 items based on what we discussed, and then she sent me an email with a link to the website where I could preview them and remove anything I didn’t want.

I removed a few that I knew I wouldn’t like, and then I told her why so she can start learning my personal style aesthetic and my preferences. She added a few more pieces to my box to make 10 and popped it in the mail!

The price point ranges widely, just as it does at Nordstrom. You can specify a certain price point, but I wanted an assortment because I was curious to see what she would send without any cost restrictions. The cost of the products definitely will factor into what I keep and what I return, but you never know when you might find something worth splurging for, right??

Gretchen sent me an email with a tracking link when my trunk was on its way, and the day it arrived, she sent another email with some styling tips for the products I received. She encouraged me to provide feedback on what I like and what I don’t and reminded me that I have 10 days to send back whatever I don’t want. She even provided a link to schedule a UPS pickup so I don’t have to leave the house. I mean, how much EASIER can it GET?!?

I specifically told Gretchen that I’m in the market for white skinny jeans, and I’d like to add a few more fitted jackets to my wardrobe. Beyond that, I was open. I don’t wear a lot of dresses, but I’m open to trying some. And I’m looking for clothes that can transition me into spring. I’m over winter. I’ve been talking about fall and winter fashion since September 1st, and it’s time to move on to spring!

So here’s what came in my trunk.

Trunk Club for Women: What came in my first trunk!

Yesterday, I tried everything on and shared my thoughts on Snapchat, and today I want to share the photos I took when I tried everything on, and you can help me decide what to keep and what to send back because there are a few items I’m not sure of. I realize that if I’m not sure, that is probably a sure fire sign to send them right back, but… well… I am curious to get your input first.

Let’s start with the ones I’m definitely sending back.
Trunk Club for Women: What I'm Sending BackLet’s break it down.

  1. Joie Myron C Embellished Pullover $220.80 (SALE PRICE!) – This sweater is super sweet for the right person, but I don’t feel that it did anything for me. At that price, returning it is a no brainer.
  2. Ellen Tracy Belted Sheath Dress $128 – Gretchen ALMOST nailed it with this one. I love the neckline and the color and the sheath style but not super tight fit. I just can’t do belts. Maybe I should try it again now that I see how they’re tying the belt online. It came tied in a bow, so that’s what I did. I can see that it’s quite flattering, and I don’t have anything like it. The price is pretty good too. But for now, it’s a no.
  3. BLANKNYC Distressed Skinny Jeans $88 – Um, just no.
  4. Halogen Turner Slip-On Sneakers $69.95 – These slip-on sneakers are super on trend right now, and lace is another hot trend, so these blend both into once comfortable sneaker! That said, they’re going back because I can’t get into the lace trend. It’s just not me, but they ARE very comfortable!
  5. Vince Camuto Long Sweater Vest $99 – It’s just not my style. I can appreciate that it would be really great on someone else.
  6. Halogen White Chambray Shirt $68 – I didn’t love the pockets on the chest, and I’m not crazy about collared shirts, although I think this is rather flattering, and it could work into my casual wardrobe. Overall, I think it was a nice pick on Gretchen’s part, but the pockets are throwing me off.
  7. Maggy London Tie Dye Print Crepe Midi Sheath Dress $138 – The price is right, and I do like a sheath, but the length on this combined with the print and the high crewneck just didn’t work for my figure.
  8. Equipment V-Neck Cashmere Sweater $288 – This sweater is right up my alley. I love the color, the neckline, the quality of the cashmere, and the roomy fit. It is soooo soft, I didn’t want to take it off. The only reason I’m not keeping it is the price. Although the grey one is verrrry tempting. If I were going to stick with a capsule wardrobe, this is the type of piece I’d invest in, but with the rate at which I cycle things through my closet these days, I can’t justify it. *sad panda*
  9. Eileen Fisher White Skinny Jeans $178 – I did ask for white skinny jeans, but I had in mind something a bit more youthful. I have my eye on these AG The Legging Skinny Ankle Jeans — in fact, they’ve been in my shopping cart for several days, just waiting for me to pull the trigger. I was hoping for a sale, but I might have to make my move sooner rather than later.
  10. Halogen Cowl Neck Sleeveless Top $22.80 – Note, this is a sale price. It is on sale at Nordstrom, so the price is the same with Trunk Club. I had this top last year in a different pattern, and while I liked it initially, the cowl neck was too fussy and too low-cut for me, and I ended up giving it away. So this one is going back, but I think it’s super cute. Just not for me.
  11. (not pictured) Rails Isla Cutoff Denim Jacket $189 – I didn’t even put this on, lol. I don’t care for the super short cutoff hem, but it does fit the edgy vibe I like, so I think it was a good pick on Gretchen’s part.


From the entire box, I only have one definitely YES! It’s not that Gretchen didn’t do a good job. I think she did, but I’m trying to be very discerning about what I bring into my closet now that I’m honing in on my personal style.

While I don’t plan to continue the capsule wardrobe, I don’t want my closet to get out of hand again, so instead of keeping everything that I don’t hate, I’m trying to keep only what I LOVE and what I think I can’t live without. And THAT, my friends, is this Hinge Hooded Leather Jacket for $298.

MUST HAVE Jacket for Spring 2016: Hinge Hooded Leather Jacket

Even before I saw the price tag, I knew this jacket was a keeper. It’s the perfect mix of classic and edgy that I love, it fits great, it smells of genuine leather, and the burgundy color is the perfect compliment to my existing wardrobe. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

*Happy Dance*

Because I’m keeping such a big ticket item, I’m being even MORE discerning with the maybes that I would have been otherwise. I don’t want to blow my entire spring clothing budget on my first Trunk!!


I’m open to keeping one of these. Tell me which one you think I’ll enjoy the most.


  1. Caslon Dolman Sleeve Directional Stitch Sweater $39.49 – This is another sale piece. At 50% off, it’s a steal. I love the color and the fun stitching details, and I like the dolman sleeves and 3/4 sleeve length. It will make a nice transition piece this spring, and the price is right.I don’t love it with these jeans and ballet flats, but as I was laying in bed in the wee hours of the morning, it occurred to me that it will be super cute with black leggings and brown riding boots, so I think it’s going into my KEEP caslon sweater - 1
  2. Joie Berkeley Silk Top $198 – The styling on this top is ADORABLE. I love all the details, and it’s different than anything I have. The color is gorgeous, and I think it looks good on me even though it’s not as structured as the tops I normally like. I was almost ready to splurge, but the price tag is holding me back. I’m afraid it’s something I’d wear a couple times, and then it would get pushed to the back of my closet.On the other hand, it can be worn alone and under a leather jacket, so it has some potential to be versatile. But the price…. yikes! Would you keep it? Is it splurge-worthy??joie pink blouse - 1
  3. Vince V-Neck Vest $265 – I put this in the maybe section because I really like it, and it’s different, plus the fabric is incredibly luxe. I couldn’t decide if it’s flattering or not. It sort of depends on how I stand. Tunics are like that, though. In the end, I probably won’t justify keeping it because of the hefty price tag.vince vest
  4. Halogen Ponte Sheath Dress $99 – Funny, this is almost the same dress I ordered last fall in burgundy. I featured it here on the blog before I sent it back. This one is in my MAYBE list because I really do love it in theory. I look best in a fitted sheath dress, I could use a versatile LBD, and I love the sleeves and the neckline and the seaming details on the sides. I also like the price.Unfortunately, it is JUST A TEENY BIT too snug, and because of the stretch fabric, it shows every flaw. I am about as thin as I’ve been since my 40th birthday, and if I gain even a few pounds, which I tend to do in summer, I’m afraid I won’t be comfortable in this dress. So… I think I’m going to send it back. Should I ask to try it in a 10, or just wait for something better to come along?black sheath - 1

So, that’s my trunk! What do you think?? Are you going to try Trunk Club??

Even though I enjoy shopping for myself, and I’m perfectly capable of styling myself, I love to see what others come up with for me. I also love that I can hop on the phone with my stylist or zap her an email at any time. For women who work or are too busy to shop, Trunk Club is the PERFECT solution.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll ask Gretchen!