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Try-On Haul: Comfort Sandals, White Denim & Dresses

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m trying to throw this post together here at the last minute, so pardon any typos or repetitive phrases. 🤪

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

In last week’s Try-On Haul, I shared some of the travel dresses I’ve ordered, and this week I wanted to break down the comfort sandals and sneakers I’ve been trying out with our trip to Italy in mind.

My plan is to bring one pair of comfort sandals, one pair of versatile white sneakers, and probably one other pair of sandals… maybe something more delicate but still practical, for dinners out or a leisurely afternoon at one of our properties. The thought of spending 10 days in nothing but clunky shoes makes me feel claustrophobic, so I’m sure I’ll tuck my Millers or something like that in my suitcase. Anyway! These are the contenders so far.

Taos Plim Soul Lux Sneaker

at Amazon (8.5) // Lululemon dress (8)

Let’s get the sneakers out of the way first. I forget who recommended these sneakers, but I really like them. In fact, I tested them out when we went to Nashville last week… was that only last week? It feels like a month ago!

They have more arch support than my beloved VEJAs, and they’re lighter and more versatile than my P448s. I’ve walked miles in both in the past, but for this trip, I felt like neither was quite right.

This Taos pair isn’t quite as stylish, but they have a nice clean, simple look to them; and I feel like they look equally good with dresses, shorts, and jeans… although I plan to wear mostly dresses in Italy.

VERDICT: Keeping! I’ll continue to wear them occasionally so they’re good and broken in for our trip, but honestly, I feel like they really don’t need any breaking in. They worked great for me last week, and we did a lot of walking all three days.

Taos Trulie in Stone

at Zappos (8-8.5) // shorts (6) // top (1)

This is the first pari of comfort sandals I ordered, and they’re extremely comfortable. The taupe color is highly versatile, and I like the asymmetrical strap with the woven details. They have great arch support, and the suede-covered cork footbed is super comfortable against the foot.

They just look a little more rugged than I would like, but I might be able to overlook that for the purposes of this trip.

VERDICT: Deciding, but definitely a strong contender.

NAOT Dorith Sandals in Gold Thread Leather

at Zappos (39) // at Nordstrom (39) // shorts (29) // LOFT tee (S) 

I like this pair a lot, too. The metallic leather (it’s called gold, but it’s pretty dull, more of a cross between gold and silver, in my opinion) is super versatile.

I also feel like that plus the more delicate straps and makes them slightly dressier than the Taos Trulie. They don’t look so much like rugged outdoor girl, ya know? Not that there’s anything wrong with being a rugged outdoor girl, but it’s not me.

My biggest issue is the velcro strap; I really wish it buckled, even though that’s more of a pain to get on and off.

VERDICT: Still deciding, but these are probably my first choice at the moment.

NAOT Kayla Sandals

at Zappos (8) // at Nordstrom (8) // top (S) // shorts (29)

I ordered these at the recommendation of Travel Fashion Girl because they look super cute on her, but there’s something about them I don’t love on me. I think it’s that warm caramel color. I really prefer cooler neutrals. Maybe I need to try a different color.

VERDICT: I guess I’m still debating on these, too.

Birkenstock Glenda Sandals

at Bloomingdale’s (39) // at Nordstrom (39) // at Zappos (39) // dress (S)

Alright, well. These I hate. They are just too big and clunky on my low profile feet, and they’re heavy too.

VERDICT: Going back.

Paige Stacey Espadrille Wedge Sandals

at Bloomindale’s (8) //  at Nordstrom (8) // jeans (29)

These are clearly not comfort sandals, but they came in last week so I photographed them too. They were on sale when I ordered them, and I was drawn to the tubular straps and the contrast of the black leather with the raffia-wrapped wedge heel. I like that they’re a wedge without a platform, which is hard to find.

These are such pretty sandals, and they’ll look great with all my black dresses this summer! They run true to size or maybe a bit small; I did not need to size down, as I sometimes do in slides. In fact, I ordered the 7.5 first and  had to return for the 8.

MOTHER The Weekender in Fairest Of Them All

$50 off at Saks with code SAKSITSF (29) // at Bloomingdales (29) // at (29) // sweater (S) // sandals (8) // sneakers (8.5)

Forgive me if this is repetitive; I feel like I’ve shared both these and the next pair before, but I guess I took these pictures to compare them? This is the Mother Weekender, my favorite bootcut jeans, but I still have this white pair hanging on my rolling rack because I was debating keeping the KUT from the Kloth Stella instead.

I tried this look with the white sneakers because I saw it somewhere, and I kind of like this clean white on white look. A year ago, I would have told you this was a no bueno, but for some reason, I’m liking it all of the sudden. (By the way, this is the canvas version of the Taos sneaker.)

VERDICT: Deciding…

KUT from the Kloth Stella Boot

at Evereve (6) // sweater (S) // sneakers (8.5)

So this is the KUT from the Kloth pair. They look so similar to the MOTHER pair from the front and side, I can almost not even tell the difference.

Here’s a side-by-side to compare….

KUT from the Kloth Stella (6) // MOTHER The Weekender (29)

The biggest difference is the rear view. They both look really good, but I think I like the larger pockets and the slightly looser thigh of the KUT from the Kloth pair. What say you?

KUT from the Kloth Stella (6) // MOTHER The Weekender (29)

VERDICT: Deciding…

Talbots Nantucket Dress

at Talbots (S) // sandals (8)

I wanted to show you this dress real quick because it’s on sale. Unfortunately, the Deep Sea Blue (below) is selling out, but the Indigo (above) is really pretty too.

VERDICT: Keeping both, as they were gifted, so I might as well since I like both equally. I don’t usually keep two of the same dress in my closet, but I think I’ll hold onto both for now and see which one I reach for. I might end up using both.

Treasure & Bond Allover Print Top

at Nordstrom (S) // Madewell jeans (28) // sandals (8)

We’ll discuss the jeans and the top here! I ordered these Madewell jeans to have a similar for less option for the white kick flares I like to wear. These are most similar to my MOTHER Hustler, I guess, but they have a more exaggerated flare.

The measurements are 9 1/2″ mid rise, 16″ leg opening, 27 1/2″ inseam; and they come in petite, plus, and tall sizes.

This top is really cute too; I love this print. It looks great with the white denim, but it will also look good with black, which I still wear in the spring and summer. I don’t know if it’s because of my coloring, or that I’m just drawn to the urban vibe, but I love wearing black all year ’round.

VERDICT: Keeping!

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33 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: Comfort Sandals, White Denim & Dresses

  1. Love your shoe selection process. I think I had ordered about 5-6 pairs of white sneakers to try for our Italy trip. I love my P448s, but the ones I would have worn are looking a little rough by now because I’ve had them a couple of years. Amazingly comfortable though – all 3 pairs. For comfort sandals, I ordered the Taos Newlie, which is very similar to the Trulie, and the Naot Sabrina (also recommended by the TFG site). LOVE the Sabrinas, although I wish they had a teensy bit more height because I plan on taking 1 or 2 pairs of my Athleta wide-leg linen pants (although I am also planning on primarily wearing dresses, at least in Venice and Florence). I don’t love the look of the Trulie on me, as much as I like the Sabrina. My husband likes them a little better though.

    For sneakers, I ended up keeping the Ecco Soft 7 slip-ons. They are very comfortable, but I feel like my P448s still have the edge on comfort. I think partly because the Eccos are whole sizes only, so they feel slightly big, but the size smaller was definitely too small. I ended up also ordering a pair of P448 Thea, which I’ll keep regardless, and just try to wear both a lot between now and late August when we go, to determine which I’ll take. The slip-ons look better with my dresses, but honestly I know with all the walking we’ll be doing, I need to prioritize comfort.

      1. Hi Tanya, I have the same trip planned for end of June and was wondering what kind of shoes were best for walking. I’m going to take your advice and get these for my trip too. Thanks for posting and sharing!

  2. Good morning! Thank you for this post! I have been in the comfort shoe world for a couple years now. I had to giggle at your comments on the Taos Trulie shoe. When I bought them, my feel were super angry, and said a huge, “Aaaahhhhhh!!!!” as soon as I tried them on. Needless to say, they walked out of the store with me. My kids hate them, but when you need them, you need them. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I now want to try the sneakers after your review! Thank you for doing the hard work for us!❤️

    1. Yeah by daughter is NOT a fan. But you do whatcha gotta do! I have a history of foot issues and while I’m doing ok right now, I don’t want to have issues when I’m out of the country.

  3. The Talbots dresses look so great on you JoLynne. I like the cap sleeve on you. A few of the reviews commented on how thin the fabric was and that all the bumps and imperfections show. What’s your take and if so, did you wear a slip or shaper underneath? Is the tie adjustable?

    1. I was scared off by those reviews too but I’m so glad I tried it. I agree with the reviewer who says the navy is more forgiving but I like both. You can adjust the tie.

  4. Wow – those white jeans do look nearly identical! I purchased the Kut Stella in white – and LOVE! Perfect fit. For the price difference, I would definitely go with Kut over the Mother denim. Also, the front pocket seems more visible in the Mother than the Kut.

  5. I”m also looking for comfort sandals for a Germany trip so thanks for doing the groundwork. I’ve also been looking at Vionic since I have so many food issues (isn’t getting older grand…lol). I do have a neutral pair of sandals i wore all around France a few years ago so they are tried and true and will be going, but I would like a 2nd pair in Black of something….afraid switching from the high support of Vionic to my other ones might just cause more foor issues ….shrugging…i don know.
    Anyways… I like the both the Dorith and Trulie on you but not so much the Kayla.
    Have you looked at Vessi’s for a lightweight extra shoe? They are 100% waterproof and now travel with me everywhere I go in case of rain. THey are very comfortable as well. I have had mine for a while and my husband just asked me to get him a pair (one day of rain a few years back at Epcot and he had soaked feet in the first 10 minutes).
    I also plan on mostly wearing dresses in Europe – its just so easy and have bought some wicking material pants that are casual but can also be dressed up and can easily wash them in our room and dry by morning. I have bought some laundry sheets to try – can be used in machines or sink. I also have a small jar of EUC soap no rinse that stays in my bathroom bag always. 15 days with no laundry makes things tough. I think we only have one hotel that has laundry facilities and of course its the hotel we are only staying at for one night.
    I at least just have myself and my husband to prepare for – you have five!!!! Good luck.

  6. I bought a pair of Taos sneakers several years ago after reading one of your posts. I’ve absolutely loved them, and have walked miles in them! I ordered a second pair last year just to have variety. The first pair still looks great. If you remove the insole, you can wash in the machine. The insole is so supportive, and I’ve even slipped it into other shoes!

  7. The NAOT Dorith sandals are very pretty and versatile! Did you find them true to size?

    Another great white sneaker option is the Nike Daybreaks in ivory. They are at Nordstrom, too!

  8. You should keep the Kut from the Kloth white jean over the Mother. The leg fits better. The Mother runs tight in the leg then goes more flare. The over all look and fit of the Kut is better.

  9. Love the shoe process. I have done the same. I love coming home with 10 shoe boxes and the look on my husbands face as I carry them inside.
    I know you have gotten a lot of recommendations for sneakers so far but ….. if you have not tried the Paul Green Hadley sneaker you might give it a whirl. I have them in white and black and have walked 10+ miles in one day with no problems. They have a slight wedge inside, just enough to raise the heel up a bit and it does wonders, especially if you have heel or Achilles problems. I took them on trips to Scotland and England and my feet did not hurt at the end of the day. Might be worth a try. Pricey but worth it. I always throw in a new pair of my fav running shoes for comfort — just in case.
    Have a wonderful trip 🙂

  10. I just ordered both colors of the Talbots dress. I don’t buy a lot from Talbots, but occasionally find something I love. I’ve admired this dress since seeing it in their catalog, but was scared off by the reviews. Decided to try it since you like it!

  11. I like the Kut from the Kloth Stella jeans on you WAY better! 😍

    I really like the Taos Trulie sandals best – but I get how they may look too outdoorsy for your taste.

    You’re right about the Birkenstock sandals – too clunky! And I agree on the color of the NAOT Kayla sandals – something lighter might be better.

    I hope you have a wonderfully restful weekend!

  12. I have the Naot Kayla (also called Harper) in stone nubuck which is a cool neutral. I also got a pair for my mom she liked the so much. Taking them to Italy in May.

  13. I love the white Kut jeans. Do you feel they run tts? I’ve often heard that you should size up in white jeans but worried they might bag out if I do.

    1. I do not always size up in white jeans, I know people say that but I don’t want white jeans bagging out on me anymore than I want blue jeans bagging out on me, ya know? 🙂 I go with my true size in KUT white jeans, and I typically wear a 6 in this brand.

  14. The Kut white jean looks best to me, seem to have a more natural fit in the leg. Now, those Birkenstock sandals make me tired to think of walking around in them, too heavy looking. Love the Naot Kayla and like the color of those too and the Naot Dorith look so light and airy, thinking the strap configuration on them might work well.
    Noticed Savannah prowling around making her appearance, wish I could keep her while you’re on your trip, so sweet!

  15. p.s. Also like the Taos white sneaker, looks so soft and comfortable, the style is nice too, not clunky looking; might have to try them.

  16. I like the white Kut vs the Mother. Don’t like the tightness at knee of the latter. Kut very flattering.

  17. Thank you thank you thank you for doing a post on comfort sandals!!! Can you do a similar post each season? I have very finicky feet that can only handle comfort shoes :(.

  18. I like both Talbot dresses. I would keep the rugged sandals. They will be comfortable on the type of streets you’ll be walking in Italy. When I was touring in Israel I didn’t care how cute I looked. I just wanted to be comfortable. If your feet hurt, it ruins your day. I like the fit of Kut from the Kloth jeans better. I like white jeans to be looser.

  19. First of all I want to thank you for all the work you put into your posts. Even if I can´t buy your sugestions as I am from Germany, I get ideas for my own wardrobe.
    May I sugest another pair of comfortable sandals? I recently bought the TOMS Diana sandal in tan leather in my usual size. But I have wider feet and they may not be for you. Maybe other readers can try them as the foamy sole is very easy to walk in. With cobblestone streets in Italy in mind they might be a good choice (I was in Tuscany years ago and I remember those streets).

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