Casual Knit Dress Two Ways

Well, friends. I almost cried Uncle this morning. I’ve got 110 posts in the works, but none of them are coming together for me, so I decided to revert back to an old school outfit post.

Eileen Fisher Stretch Jersey Knit Tank Dress in Ocean (S) also at Nordstrom, Neiman’sZappos // Kork-Ease Hutton Heels (8) // Madewell earrings

I miss the days when I would post an outfit a day and call it done. I mean, I love the more in-depth posts about trends and the extensive try-on hauls as much as the next girl, but I just can’t keep up with posting that kind of content on a daily basis.

I’ve been holding onto these pictures because I couldn’t come up with a clever title or topic, so I decided to just post them!

We shot these in Florida, with the lovely Mary Catherine Echols. She specializes in wedding photography, but she can do just about anything.

I love this spot in front of the fountain at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. You regulars may remember these pictures from last year.

We actually stayed at the Ponte Vedra Lodge & Club down the road; it’s a little more laidback, and I like the vibe for visiting, but the Inn is my favorite for photo opps.

I became a fan of Eileen Fisher dresses several years ago, and this is my third. They’re such good quality with classic cuts and deceptively flattering fits.

By that, I mean, they look boxy and shapeless, but when you put them on, they move with you and have such a nice drape. They also launder and travel extremely well.

While this jersey knit dress may look simple and quite casual, you can dress it up with heels, as I did here.

You’re probably sick to death of these Kork-Ease heels, but they seem to go with everything. I like the contrast of the warm beige against the blue dress.

One of the best things about this dress is it looks as good with flats as it does with heels, so you can change up your look with the quick swap of a shoe.

I love how these Tory Burch T Monogram Flat Espadrille Sandals keep it elevated with more of a casual vacation vibe.

And the straw market tote complements this look perfectly, while I would prefer something smaller and more structured with the first outfit… I should have grabbed my top handle straw clutch in the Tan1.

This dress also comes in black, raspberry, and teal; and it runs true to size, or you may want to size down if in between. I often wear XS in Eileen Fisher dresses, but I like this one in the S. You can also find petite and plus sizes on the Eileen Fisher website.

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photos: Mary Catherine Echols

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33 thoughts on “Casual Knit Dress Two Ways

  1. Hi JoLynne—Does the dress stick to you like some knits and show every bump and roll? Does it need a slip or something else underneath for a smooth look?

    1. No, not at all. That’s what makes her dresses so good. They’re geared more toward “mature” women. 😊

  2. Love this dress and bought it when you shared it in another post. Just arrived in mail and my husband commented he really liked it as well as the the Ocean color! Quality = Amazing!

  3. Nothing wrong with this post…..sometimes simplicity in clothing and life is your friend. Love your work and thanks.

  4. Jo-Lynne,

    This is so pretty. I always have trouble keeping my bra straps from not showing in dresses or tops with a closer cut like this. How do you do it? Thank you so much for all you do….I love your blog:)


  5. I purchased this dress in teal and love it. I always wear a medium, but found that I needed a small in this dress. Susan in Stone (on-line only) has some delightful raffia jewelry to match your purse that would look great with this dress.

    1. Yes, it really could’ve use some more thought in the accessories. I’ve had so much stuff when I went to Florida but they’re always seems to be something that I overlook. Raffia earnings would be super cute with us, especially the more casual version.

  6. While I love reading your posts everyday, I would say take a break if you need too.
    There is a lot of work that goes into these posts as I’m sure you would agree. So, take a break for a week or two and go back to just posting an outfit a day. Not too long though because you will be missed.

  7. I like the outfit posts, especially since you always comment on the reasoning behind the choices and what makes it work.

  8. We all need to give ourselves some grace! This is why I love following you, you’re as real as the rest of us! You’re doing an amazing job and have great readers who understand you’re just as human as all of us reading. Why is it that women feel guilty about allowing themselves time to rest, relax and recharge??? And I’m including myself in that comment! We need to take care of ourselves as much as everything/everyone else in our lives. Keep up the good work and let yourself rest if you need it!

  9. I LOVE your blog, but you do have very extensive blog post and it has to take soooo much time. You have to be able to throw in post like today and call it good. This one is really nice and sometimes less is more. So, do what you want, when you want and don’t feel guilty. This is suppose to be a fun job and when its no longer fun, then whats the point? I love simple dresses like this. I’m afraid this one would be too long for me, especially with flats but its hard to order petites online, as they can hit me at an awkward point and not look right. Do you know what I mean? So, I’d like to try in store. Our weather here is not wanting to be Spring. Yesterday we had 3″ of snow in NW Oregon. You just don’t feel like wearing white jeans and Summer blouses.

  10. You should never feel guilty about doing a post like this. I love all your posts, short or long, and appreciate them. These “outfit” posts are great because we can focus on a few items rather than a ton. I’m not saying I don’t like the longer ones – just to me they are equal in value. So give yourself grace! 😊❤️

    I really like this dress but I don’t care for sleeveless on me. If I get one I always wear a jacket over it. 🤷‍♀️ Do you know if Eileen Fisher makes any like this with short or 3/4 sleeves?

  11. I love the look of this dress styled both ways. You look great in it, too! Please don’t stress out about posting the longer, more detailed posts every day. While those are my favorite, I also enjoy the one outfit posts, also. I always look forward to your posts, no matter how long or short they are 🙂

  12. I love that dress, so many options. I already have one made like that in navy from Karen Kane in a knee length, love the simple look. Maybe I’m old school but I still have to have at least a half slip under my dresses.
    Loved the post and love all the pretty backdrops in the photos.
    Thanks for all you do!!

  13. Hi Jo-Lynne. Please, please, please be gentle with yourself and the expectations you have of yourself. I’ve been reading you daily for 2 years, and I love your content, whether you post about a single item or do a massive try-on haul – it’s thoughtful, informative, timely and relevant to me and my personal style. And for me that’s the point, the quality of your posts, not the quantity, or number of new outfits, in the post. Thank you for all you do! It’s good, and it’s more than enough!

  14. What a great dress that you look so nice in! It is a style that you can wear for so many different occasions and can change out your accessories to make it look different.

  15. I love these kinds of posts because I enjoy the styling and the beauty of the environment and the snippets about where you like to stay. The try on hauls are great but if I am not actively shopping for something, I like something like this. Just a few items to focus on in a beautiful location.

  16. Love the dress & post. I have missed the one outfit posts. I always found them particularly inspiring. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy the posts of larger content but sometimes I’m tight on reading time & can’t give them the attention I’d like. Thx, JoLynne, for keeping us stylin’ 🤗. You are AWESOME.

  17. I like this type of post! Show an outfit, tell how it fits and feels, give some options on other ways to wear it, done. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, this is a great post!

  18. Honestly these are my favorite type posts. I enjoy the longer try on posts and such but sometimes I don’t have time to read a lengthy post. And even if I do, often I catch myself just skimming and looking at the outfits. I actually miss the collabs you and Cyndi used to do (25 days of spring/summer/fall/winter fashion). So simple, just one new outfit a day, but I loved it. I also enjoyed the how to wear a (fill in the blank) three ways type post, as well as outfit formulas. Keep it simple and don’t stress yourself, this is supposed to be a fun job!

    1. Sorry I wasn’t done. My phone went crazy. I enjoy your posts whether long or short. Just do what you want to. It’s your blog. I appreciate how you answer questions. Some fashion bloggers don’t. Sometimes people have questions about an item in order to make up their minds.

      I ordered from Loft using your link last Saturday. I hope you got credit for it. I did have to sign in to my account to use my rewards.

  19. Hi Jo Lynne – a question from your previous post…does the mascara you recommended stay in place? I have a problem with mascara ending up under my eyes after a few hours.
    Thank you for your posts – I enjoy the short and the long ones.

  20. I’m sorry technology was giving you fits today! I do hope it got better. This is such a lovely dress in such a pretty color!

    1. Just a little PS lol. I love all your posts. Short, long, it doesn’t matter. You put in so much time, hard work, and effort. I say this often, but it does not go unnoticed! Give yourself some grace. ❤️

  21. I love and appreciate all your posts! They have been so helpful to me, I love all your try on hauls, all your seasonal posts, your links are easy to find if I see something I gotta have! Everything, Thank you! Janet from Texas

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