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Happy Friday, friends! I’m super excited that 25 Days of Summer Fashion starts tomorrow! That’s when I team up with Cyndi Spivey, and we each style a new summer outfit every day except Sundays during the month of June!

Because that’s a pretty full schedule, I may not be doing weekly try on hauls along with my daily outfits, although I sometimes share those on Sundays during these style challenges.

I prefer to keep Sundays to non-business related content, though, so I may just save up my outfits for a big What I Wore in June post. Honestly, my daily outfits during the summertime are verrrrry repetitive, so that would probably be better anyway.

All that to say, today is probably my last Try On Haul + Daily Looks post for a while. Let’s start with what I’ve been wearing.

My Daily Looks

It’s actually been almost two weeks since I did one of these posts, so this goes back a ways.

This is what I wore to a potluck dinner with friends from church one Saturday night. For size reference, I have this top in a small and the pants in a 29. The pants are currently $25 off at Bloomies, but I got them for 25% off, so I recommend waiting if you like them… unless you’re dying to have them right away; $25 off is better than nothing!


I wore this to church two Sundays ago, and afterwards to host some friends at our house for a cookout, and I was comfortable all day. It’s a shame this dress is almost sold out. I have the medium, for reference.


I don’t remember where I wore this, but evidently it was a day I didn’t put on makeup because I cut off my face, ha! Actually, I’m remembering now, because of my Facebook caption. I had an appointment that morning that I didn’t want to wear makeup for, and after that I kept intending to put on my face, but things kept cropping up that took priority, and it just didn’t happen. #ohwell


I wore this or something like it probably 5 days of the last 10 weekdays. The tank is a small, but I wish I’d ordered the medium because it did shrink some in the wash. I ordered the solid grey in medium, and I like the drapier fit.


I also wore this outfit more than once in the past week or so, although I wore my Millers with it the other time I wore it.


I wore the same top with white shorts and white sandals to host friends by the pool last Friday night.


And this is what I wore to church last Sunday. I’m all about these stretchy sheath dresses right now!


I wore this next outfit for a Memorial Day BBQ with friends in their backyard. This tee is super old, but I love the neckline, and it’s linen so it’s lightweight and breathable — nice for warm days when you still want a polished look.


Tuesday was a bit rough. As you can see, I put on some minimal makeup but I didn’t bother with my hair. It was also a weird day, weather wise. I kept vacillating between being hot and cold, and I had a few appointments that required being in offices with the A/C cranking so I wore this cardigan over my tank and took it off when I got warm.

I changed into sandals later in the day when the cardigan came off for good (and the necklace, evidently.). I actually took pictures of both looks. This is the tank in the medium, so you can see how it has a little more of a drape than the stripe one in the small, but it’s still cut high enough under the arms not to show bra straps, which is nice.


I wore this on Wednesday morning to run to the mall for a few things. Unfortunately this top is almost sold out in the navy, and I’m really bummed because Alison and I took pictures with shorts for my summer style series. I guess those won’t ever make it to the blog. I did find a short-sleeve version, though, in a green and a lighter blue, and it’s really cute!


And then it got hot so I changed into this after our photo shoot and wore it for the rest of the day. Yes, I do have this tank in 3 colors. What “no duplicates” rule??? 🙈

I think that pretty much covers it, at least for the pictures I have. Let’s move on to my try on haul.

Try On Haul: Loft + Nordstrom

This is more of a gentle tug than a haul, ha! In other words, I don’t have a lot to share, but I’ll show you what I’ve got.

I stopped into Loft on a whim one day last week, even though I had just placed an order during the Memorial Day weekend sale. That order still hasn’t come, but I tried a few things on in-store.

First up, this striped shell


And with a front-tuck…

LOFT Striped Ruffle Henley Shell (size small) // This top is really cute, but unfortunately not on me. I was expecting the neck to split open where it’s unbuttoned, to create a bit of a v-neckline, but it didn’t really do that, and the ruffles by the neck and at the arms just make me look more top-heavy than I already am. It also doesn’t have much structure through the waist.

That said, I love the vertical stripes and the idea of a casual blouse as an alternative to the t-shirts I usually wear, so I’ll keep looking. If you like it, it’s 40% off right now!

also wearing: MOTHER Looker Ankle Fray Skinny Jeans (TTS or size up if in between) and Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats (TTS)

LOFT Tie Hem Tank

LOFT Tie Hem Tank (size small) // I like this top in theory, but it’s a little long for me. #shortwaistissues

It’s a nice, thick material though; and it has a flattering v-neck and thick enough straps to wear a regular bra with no issues, so there’s a lot to like about this top.

It also comes in olive and navy, and I would recommend sizing up one. The small was a little snug, and there is no room for shrinkage. It’s also 40% off.

also wearing: MOTHER Looker Ankle Fray Skinny Jeans (TTS or size up if in between) and Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats (TTS)

LOFT Tie Waist Shirtdress (size 6) // This dress is all sorts of no for me, but I’m sure it would flatter someone. Again, it buttons up, and when I leave a few unbuttoned, it doesn’t split open in a flattering way, like I expected it to.

It was also too tight over the bust, but fits well everywhere else, so keep that in mind if you’re larger on top.

I’d also like it better in a different color, I think. I know utility dressing is having a moment, but this shade of green is kind of sickly. At any rate, if you like it, it’s 50% off!

LOFT Striped Wrap Skirt (size 8) // This right here is why I don’t wear many skirts. This skirt requires a tucked-in top because of the tie detail at the waist, and I’m too short-waisted and busty to tuck in my tops when the waistband of the bottoms sit at my natural waist.

How many times can I use “waist” in a sentence???

Maybe a top that’s a little looser and blouses out some would work… or a t-shirt with a front-tuck? I probably should have kept trying because I like this skirt, and I definitely recommend it for work wear if you like skirts. Also note, I sized up to an 8. The 6 was too tight in the waist.

LOFT Cutaway Tank (wearing a small, but I bought the medium) // This is a nice layering tee, if you don’t mind the high neckline. It also fits very snug, even when you size up, so keep that in mind. It’s a nice piece to have if you need a simple tank to tuck into shorts and skirts.

Both this skirt and tank are 40% off!

LOFT Striped Tie Waist Button Skirt

LOFT Striped Tie Waist Button Skirt

LOFT Striped Tie Waist Button Skirt (size small) // I have the same issue with this skirt as with the other. Fortunately it gives me some more flexibility with where it sits on my “waist” — because of the elastic waistband, I can pull it down some, to give myself the illusion of a longer upper body. I also think it would look better with a looser tee that I can front-tuck because I don’t care for the back view with the tucked-in shirt.

Really cute skirt, though, so if it works for you, I highly recommend! It also comes in petite and plus sizes, and it’s 40% off today!

also wearing: LOFT Cutaway Tank

LOFT Floral Button Front Midi Skirt (size small) // This time I was able to leave the tank untucked, and I like it better because it helps elongate the upper body, but I’m wearing the small and I need the medium. I’m sucking in my gut for all it’s worth to avoid a muffin top, ha!

This skirt is really pretty, and the midi length is nice for a change. I think I could like it with the right sized top and a neutral heeled sandal. It also comes in petite sizes, and it’s 40% off.

also wearing: LOFT Cutaway Tank

LOFT Fern Kimono (size XS/S) // I love this kimono, and they actually have quite a few cute ones right now. This is a really good length for wearing with jeans or shorts. You will probably see this again during 25 Days of Summer Fashion! It comes in just two sizes, and I went with the smaller. Also, it’s 30% off today.

also wearing: LOFT Cutaway Tank with MOTHER Looker Ankle Fray Skinny Jeans (TTS or size up if in between) and Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats (TTS)

LOFT Tie Hem Linen Tee

also wearing: MOTHER Looker Ankle Fray Skinny Jeans (TTS or size up if in between) and Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats (TTS)

LOFT Tie Hem Linen Tee (size small) // This tee is cute, but it’s on the thinner side, and I’m not a big fan of the crewneck. Definitely size up with this one, my usual small is snug on me. It also comes in navy if you prefer one that’s not as see-through. It also comes in petite, and it’s 40% off.

Boyish Jeans The Zachary Super High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 29) // I don’t know why I keep ordering straight leg jeans. I must have seen another blogger recommend these, although I don’t remember which one.

First of all, they run small. I could barely button them. They also might possibly have the biggest rear pockets I’ve ever seen. Plus they’re too long, but I could cut them since they have a raw hem. The wash is really nice, I’ll say that much. For that reason, I’d definitely try this brand again, but this pair is going back.

also wearing: Treasure & Bond U-Neck Tank (size small but wish it were a medium) with Treasure & Bond Miles Slide Sandals (TTS; size 8)

Lucky Brand Camouflage-Print High-Low Tank Top with Madewell 9" Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White

Lucky Brand Camouflage-Print High-Low Tank Top

Lucky Brand Camouflage-Print High-Low Tank Top (size small) // This is possibly THE softest tank top ever. It definitely rivals my new favorite Treasure & Bond U-Neck Tank. I’m wearing a small, but it just fits; a medium might be safer, so I’d recommend sizing up if in between.

I wish it didn’t have such a dramatic high-low hem, but I know some ladies like their tops longer in the back. It’s also cut a little big around the armholes, so my bra shows just a little, which is bothersome, but not a deal-breaker.

I wouldn’t pair it with the white jeans and espadrilles, for the record. That’s just what I happened to be wearing that day. I tried this on at Nordstrom, but I can’t find it on their site. I did, however, find it on sale at Lord + Taylor.

also wearing: Madewell 9″ Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White (TTS or size up if in between) and Eileen Fisher Washed Leather d’Orsay Espadrille Flats (size up half)

J.Crew Tie Back Tank Top (size small but need a medium) // This top is cute, but I need the medium. I tried it on at Nordstrom, but can’t find it in this color on the Nordstrom website. You can find this color at J.Crew for 40% off, but it’s backordered. This top is also 25% off at Nordstrom in other colors, and J.Crew Mercantile has a similar one for less on Amazon.

Wit & Wisdom Stretch Denim Skirt (size 8 but need a 6) // This denim skirt is so cute for summer, and it’s a really comfortable stretch denim. I’m wearing the 8 here, but it’s definitely too big. I purchased the 6. The fading keeps it pretty casual, and I wish it wasn’t faded so much on the back, but I can overlook it because of the fit.

also wearing: Eileen Fisher Washed Leather d’Orsay Espadrille Flats (size up half)

Ali & Jay Sleeveless Slim Leg Asymmetrical Jumpsuit

Ali & Jay Sleeveless Slim Leg Asymmetrical Jumpsuit

Ali & Jay Sleeveless Slim Leg Asymmetrical Jumpsuit (size medium) // Now this is really cute on, but just a tad too low-cut for  my personal comfort level. I wasn’t sure about the “envelope tailoring” but it’s actually very flattering and helps camouflage a bit of a belly. Overall, it’s a super flattering jumpsuit, especially if you’re not a fan of the wide leg trend.

It also comes in red and black. For size reference, the medium is none too big on me, so definitely size up if in between.

KUT from the Kloth Lauren Crop Jeans (size 8) // Okay, you guys. I MAY HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT STRAIGHT CROP JEANS!!!

If only Kut from the Kloth wouldn’t always overdo the whiskering on the front of the thighs. Le sigh… Anyway, I can ignore that and the slightly rough fabric because the cut on these is perfect, and the fit is pretty great too.

The 24 1/2″ inseam is shorter than any other crops I’ve tried (26″ is more typical) and it does put them dangerously close to capri territory, but they still fall below the widest part of my calf, and they’re straight without being baggy or flaring. And while I don’t love the whiskering, I do really like the wash. It has a subtle texture to it that’s summery and fun.

If you’re any taller than my 5’5″, these may be too short on you, but if you’re on the petite side, these could be a great pair of crops for you. And they do actually come in petite sizes as well.

also wearing: J.Crew Linen roll-cuff T-shirt with Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Light Makeup

And that’s a wrap! I love it when I can end on a high note.

I’m excited about my summer style series starting tomorrow. As always, I’m open to ideas and styles you’d like to see me feature!

Have a fabulous Friday!

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45 Responses

  1. I am going to try the Treasure and Bond U-Neck Tank. I need something like this for shorts for the summer. On the model it looks very low, but that could be because she is so flat-chested. On you it looks great (and my top half is like your top half 🙂

  2. You are selling me on that Treasure & Bond U-neck tank! The cut is so flattering on you – hope it looks the same on me. Ha! I’m also glad you reviewed the LOFT cutaway tank! I had one of those in my cart but the color I wanted sold out. It’s probably for the best since it sounds like I would have ordered the wrong size!

  3. Happy Friday! I know we’re supposed to focus on the clothes but I really like your glasses. I think they are new because I remember you mentioning your eye appointment. They look like Tory Burch glasses that my daughter has and she gets a lot of compliments on them. I did put a few items in my Loft cart😉

  4. In the first picture,  you mention the olive pants being $25.  However when I click outfit details it opens to a tab that shows two pairs of pants, one $119 and one $209.  Are these the same pants?  Surely the price didn’t increase that much?

    1. They Paige pair is $25 off, not $25. 🙂 The other pair for $119 is a similar for less style. I haven’t had much luck finding anything similar under $100, but if anyone does, let me know!

  5. Which slides are more comfortable the Nine West or Treasure and Bond? Looking forward to 25 days of summer fashion!

  6. I think you’re drawn to stripes as much as I am. I love those little flutter sleeve shells from Loft. I have 4 and have to control myself not to buy more. You look great in tank tops! Happy weekend! XO

  7. I’m looking for a summer hat that is not a ball cap. Any recommendations?
    Love your blog,

  8. Love your eye glasses too!
    Wild fires out of control in northern Alberta causing special air quality health advisory. Sky is so smoky and hazy, can’t see the skyline. Smoke has spread all the way to Denver, Chicago and Detroit! From so many tornadoes in mid west to these fires and heavy smoke, it has been tough. Praying for relief and safety of all.

  9. Great try on and what you wore. I wish our weather would cooperate more. It’s been cool damp rainy or drizzle. What happened to our nice days? The nicest day so far this year was last Saturday for our daughter’s wedding which topped 80!!! We couldn’t believe it. That was an answer to prayer. I’m fearing I won’t get to wear half the new stuff I’ve bough. Our spring and summer wardrobes definitely overlap. Have a great weekend 

  10. Hello!  Was wondering if you outfit links fir your third outfit ( the stripped top and black slip ons)
    Thank you!

  11. I bought the navy and white striped skirt from Loft and wore a white silky blouse and rolled up the sleeves. I love the sarong style skirts. I, too, am busty and look top heavy with tucked in tees. I accessorized with gold jewelry and the outfit turned out pretty cute (at least that’s what a friend said!).

  12. I am short waisted too and have the very same issue with skirts. That U haped tank reminds me of the one from Topshop that I love and is always sold out. May have to try this one instead.
    You tried on some cute, cute things!

  13. Well, I think you had plenty to share with us!  I have been looking for very economical tank tops, that cover a regular bra, to wear when mowing our yard, and am having a real challenge.  This almost 63 year old is not one to let her lingerie show.  I’m glad this weekend is supposed to be nice for y’all!  We are praying for rain, unlike so many others.  Have a great rest of the day!

  14. I just love a JoLynne Try On Sesh!  I think those Zachary jeans are really cute on you!  I get what you’re saying about the big rear pockets, but overall, they look good (or you make them look good)!  Great post, and I’m looking forward to the Summer Series.

      1. Ha!  I just looked at the price of the jeans, and you are right!!  For that price, you need to love love love them!

  15. I just got the T&B tank in the gray stripe, thanks so you– love it!!! I think the jeans look great on you, BTW, but I know we often see ourselves differently than other people do. I have a build similar to yours with some of the same issues, and I avoid tops like that first Loft one you featured. I got this top at Old Navy, which is a more flattering alternative for me– TTS, drapey & comfortable! https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=391000012&cid=1046693&pcid=72087

  16. Fun post, as always.  I too enjoy the try-ons, even though I agree there were some “no’s” in there this week (that green dress….now I know what you’ll look like if you ever go to prison… :P).  Two questions.  First, did you link to the snake sandals?  Are they comfortable?  They look super cute, and I desperately need new sandals.  Second – the jean skirt.  How does that compare to your AG one (I think it was AG – the one you wore last year)?  This one looked cute, cheaper than some, and longer than some, which appeals to me.  I wondered about the fit though (I know you said it was big).  Sometimes those skirts accentuate my stomach – not a good look.  Maybe because they’re too straight?   Not sure if you have that issue.  I also love those glasses!  Have a great weekend. 

    1. Let me check – the snakeskin flats should be linked in outfit details beneath the post, but sometimes I forget and leave something out. At any rate, here they are: https://shopstyle.it/l/33ZY

      And the skirt… I bought the 6 but haven’t tried it on yet. I can do that in a bit. I know what you mean about jean shorts adding to the stomach.

      The AG skirt was a little shorter maybe, and it had a raw hem, which gave it a more trendy or “junior” look to it. I still like it but this one is a little more adult, lol.

  17. Really enjoyed this post! Try on sessions are my favorite! Trying not to buy tons of stuff as I lay around and online shop recovering from my surgery 😬😂

  18. Love seeing the ‘try ons’! I’m working on consolidating and trying to minimize my closet and this really helps to see the versitile combinations with fewer peices.

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