Turning the Tables

You know you need to get a little more sophisticated in your form of bribery when your 4-year-old turns the tables on you.

This afternoon C wanted to turn on my heating pad. I told her no. At least four times. She’s nothing if not persistent. I’m sure that trait will serve her well some day in her chosen profession, but at the moment it tests the very limits of my good nature.

So finally, in a last ditch attempt to get me to change my mind, she said, “I’ll give you some money if you let me do it.”

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6 thoughts on “Turning the Tables

  1. I just discovered your blog and have since voted for you on the Share the Love thing. My motherhood/interest resume reads almost identical to yours (including the three kids, sahm, scrapbooking, retail therapy, etc.) You’re a great writer and I look forward to checking back often!

  2. Children: $50 gajillion over their lifetime (including THEIR offspring)Heating Pad: $40Realizing that your 4-year-old is practically as smart as you are:priceless.

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