How to Wear a Black & White Striped Skirt

how to wear a black and white striped skirt

One of the fun things about Google Analytics is seeing how people find my blog. I get discovered by all sorts of crazy (and totally irrelevant) words and phrases, but this one (how to wear a black and white striped skirt) sounded like a great post topic idea, so here we are!

How to Wear a Black & White Striped Skirt

The easy answer to this question is to treat a black and white striped skirt like any neutral. Pretend like it’s a solid black or white, and go with it.

Don’t feel like you can only wear white or black on top. Although you certainly can, and that will be striking. But have fun with it and try a color instead. Or perhaps even another neutral such as gray or maybe camel. Or for a fun twist, consider a graphic tee! Then it’s all about the accessories.

I don’t have a black and white striped skirt (no clue why that phrase brought several visitors to my blog, but no doubt they were sorely disappointed) so I can’t show you real live photos, but thank goodness there’s Polyvore! I will give you links where I have them (from my affiliates), but these are intended to be ideas for inspiration; I’m not necessarily recommending these exact products.

Here’s a casual look I’m digging. In fact, I think I need a black and white maxi skirt now!!

how to wear black and white skirt

How fun is THAT!? I paired a black and white maxi skirt from Gap with a simple magenta t-shirt. (Any color would work.) The sleeveless vest adds interest and gives it a rockstar vibe. The flat cork sandals and aviators are on trend, and I’m loving the Amanda crossbody bag right now. It’s the perfect summer brown. The bracelet pictured is Stella & Dot (of course!)

You can also dress up a black and white striped skirt by sticking with black and white and perhaps add some metallics. (Or a fun red blouse as shown in the photo at the very top. Or a blazer. Or a drapey sweater over a shell. Or . . .) The possibilities are practically endless!!! Here’s a pretty look.

dressy black and white skirt outfit

This black and white pencil skirt from from Kohl’s is perfect for wearing with a dressy white blouse and pumps. A silver clutch and silver jewelry (yes, Stella & Dot… sorry, guys, but even before I sold it, I always searched it when making outfits on Polyvore because I can always consistently find something that works from their collections!) I threw in the red lipstick and dark nail polish for fun, but any brand will work.

Basically you can treat a black and white striped skirt just like a solid black skirt (or a white one), but the stripes add a level of interest, and depending on how they’re positioned, can be very flattering. You can see more ideas for how to wear a black and white striped skirt in the image at the very top of this post.

If you have other trends or wardrobe items you want ideas for, feel free to let me know in the comments! I’ll do my best.

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8 thoughts on “How to Wear a Black & White Striped Skirt

  1. Love black and white! If i’m not careful, black and white would be the only thing I had in my closet with maybe a few pops of color. I just love the classic striking look of black and white.

    Great tips! 🙂

  2. Hmmm. That’s weird. I found this blog by typing that in. I bought a white and black striped maxi skirt and wanted to get ideas for what to wear with it. I have got out of my comfort zone lately by buying a few different pieces and I always need help with what to wear with them. Another item I was looking for that brought me to some other blogs where “what to wear with a mint green cardigan.’ One thing I am always looking for also is modest tops for larger breasted women, and supportive bathing suits. Also, dresses that do not show cleavage.

  3. All great topics, thanks Ashley! Tucking them away for future posts. 🙂

    I do like Lands End suits for modesty, and you can order by bra size.

    And how funny that you found my blog with that search phrase! At least 5 others got here that way too, according to my analytics. 🙂

  4. I have two pair of loose, flair legged linen pants. Are these even in style? What tops and shoes would go with these pants.
    The waists are elastic.

  5. Hi! I thought only black or white tops worked best myself but not after seeing this blog! I love the pop of color it brings. I have a pair of black and white palazzo pants, would this also work for pants? The pants aren’t striped, would that make a difference? The pants have a circle and line pattern but are symmetrical and not busy at all…please give me your opinion! Love your blogs! I would love to see you in a pair of palazzo pants in your daily mom style blog! I see them in every department store and picked up a couple of pairs but match my tops exactly because I’m too chicken to experiment :/

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