Coffee Talk #OldSchoolBlogging Vol. 4

I feel like we’re finally settling into summer around here. You know what’s funny, though? Last night I dreamed we had snow. I think this winter scarred me for life.

My parents are in town for my daughter’s first piano recital, which was last night. She was so nervous, but she did great. She played two pieces, and one she had down pat, but the other had a spot she kept messing up on and she was terribly anxious about pulling it off during the performance, but she did it.

piano recital

Of all my kids, she has the most passion for her instrument, and I hope she never loses that. It’s neat to see her truly enjoy practicing and looking forward to her lessons each week. I never enjoyed my instrument that way so I can’t even really relate, but it thrills me to see her so excited about it.

On the flip side, my older daughter is over her violin, and I think she’d quit in a hot minute if I gave her the option. I know my mom cajoled and kept me playing for many years longer than I truly enjoyed it, but I am also glad that now I can look back and say I played for 10 years. I’m really not sure what the right parenting thing is to do.

I finally called my doctor about scheduling the PRP injection for my plantar fasciitis, and he advised me to wait until we get back from vacation because I will be in a boot for 2 weeks afterwards. Oh joy!

I actually went out this morning and walked/ran for 4 miles. It was a beautiful morning and I couldn’t resist. It felt great to be outside. So now I’m sitting here with my foot wrapped in ice, hoping that I haven’t done any serious damage. But at this point, I’m going to try to enjoy myself and be as active as I can because I know I’ll be down again for at least two weeks in August. I’m almost tempted to just get it over with this week and move on, but I guess I should give myself the best possible chance of healing, and going on vacation for two weeks isn’t likely to afford me the luxury of babying my foot.

So now I wait.

Tomorrow we drop our son off at overnight camp for the week. I hate that he’s always gone over my birthday and the fourth of July, but this is the week he likes to go. He goes with a good buddy, and they love the theme. I know he’ll have a blast, and lord knows he needs to get out of this house after two weeks of video games and Psych episodes, so I’ll miss him but I’m happy to give him this opportunity. I can’t imagine sending my kid away to camp for the entire summer, though. Do people do that anymore? That seems nuts!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. It’s gorgeous here. Not too hot, but sunny and pleasant. Mother Nature is finally making amends for that dreadful winter! Happy Saturday!