Weekend in Williamsburg & A Wedding

Evidently, the Traverse brought the rain, and took it back with it.  This gloomy weather seems to be letting up, now that my fun car is gone.  At least I got a real sense for how it operates on slick surfaces.  I even got to test out the heated seats this morning, once I figured out that one button was actually COOLING the seats, which is a really awesome feature for the summertime heat, especially considering how hot leather seats can be, but notsomuch for a damp chilly day like today.  But I digress.

First, I have to tell you about this wonderful restaurant we discovered.  If you ever go to Williamsburg, you MUST eat at the Chickahominy House.  All the food was made from scratch and served in an elegant, colonial atmosphere.  We liked it so much that we ate there both mornings we were in Williamsburg.

Inside was not only a restaurant but also a gift shop, thus combining my two favorite past times — eating and shopping.

I wound up leaving with a tummy full of homemade country ham biscuits and a box full of fancy Christmas ornaments.  The girls enjoyed the swing on the front porch, and it kept them out of my hair when I was browsing the gift shop so it was all good.

As I’m sure you could tell by my pictures, our second day in Williamsburg was MUCH nicer than the first.  We enjoyed a late lunch at the Kings Arms Tavern (it always comes back to the food, doesn’t it) and we visited many of the shops and tradesmen.  There was even a reading of the Declaration of Independence, which I think my history buff of a husband enjoyed more than the rest of us, but it was a fun day all told.

We used some Hyatt points that I had left over from a blog giveaway and stayed at a nearby Hyatt Place. The Hyatt Place is the most economical of the Hyatt brand properties but the service was no less excellent. The services are somewhat limited compared to the more posh Hyatts, and the decor is minimalistic in a trendy urban contemporary sort of style. There is no spa or full service restaurant, but there is a complimentary continental breakfast and their signature coffee and wine bar.

It was just perfect for a family getaway weekend when we really just needed a clean, comfortable place to stay without all the bells and whistles. What’s really nice is the room has a separate sitting area with a fold-out bed, which fit our family of 5 quite comfortably.

Then on Saturday we attended the wedding of a dear cousin.  Somehow, they managed to find the only two sunny days in the past two weeks to have the wedding.  It was like the clouds parted and the sun shined just long enough to dry out the ground in her backyard and for them to say their vows. No really, you have to read Kelly’s post about all they went through the week before the wedding.

It was a delightfully non-traditional ceremony, and absolutely perfect for Ashley.  I loved the fall colors and the nature theme.  Note the chairs and the wooden backdrop that her dad built.

Ahhhhh… young love.

Isn’t she a gorgeous bride!?

The cake was gorgeous too.  (See there?  FOOD!)  Don’t you love the way they used the burlap and the fall berries around the bottom?  The table centerpieces were equally creative; in fact, each one was a little bit different.  I’m sure Kelly is going to be showing pictures of those on her blog in the days to come.

Here’s to you, Ashely and Chris!  I hope you’re having a fabulous time in Hawaii.