What Are You Watching This Fall?

The fall TV lineup is in full swing, and I’m having a REALLY hard time keeping up with my 9:00 pm bedtime and 5:30 am wake time. It doesn’t help that it’s still dark outside when that alarm goes off.

Let’s have a moment of silence and remember summer, shall we?

Bright sunshine streaming through my window with its cheerful morning greeting… lazy mornings in our pj’s… the heat of the noon-day sun beating down while the kids splash in the pool and soak up that glorious vitamin D… late evenings hanging out in the ‘hood… no deadlines… no bus stop… no homework…

Ahhh summer, how I miss you.

The one good thing about fall, other than pumpkin pie, is the fresh, brand spanking new TV schedule. I haven’t picked up any new shows this year because I have enough to keep up with as it is, but I eagerly set my DVR to record all my old favorites — Survivor, The Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars, Parenthood, and GLEE!

Unfortunately, GLEE, one of my favorites from last season, has fallen out of favor with me this year. I just can’t get into it. It’s suddenly so dumb. Is it just me? I turned it off mid-episode last week and haven’t watched it since.

Survivor, on the other hand, amazes me with its ability to hold my interest after what, 17 seasons?? It’s such a great study of human nature. Or perhaps I’m just that simple. But for whatever reason, I’m still riveted. My son really wants to watch it too (he’s almost 11) but I feel like it’s a bit much for him. Does anyone let their kids watch Survivor? What are your thoughts on that.

Dancing With The Stars continues to amuse and baffle me (why some of these people put themselves out there to look like total fools, I will never understand — Michael Bolton, anyone?) and The Amazing Race is always fun to watch with the family.

Parenthood is my one non-reality show, and I alternately laugh and cry all the way through. Sometimes I do both at once. If you don’t watch anything else, you should be watching Parenthood.

What am I missing? What should I add to my line up?

I’ve considered watching The Good Wife. I’d need to get the past seasons on DVD and catch up; I can’t stand to start a series in the middle.

I never got into Grey’s, and it’s way too late to catch up with that. Besides, it sounds awfully intense. I watch TV to relax, not for additional stress.

I’m looking forward to American Idol, new judges and all. It won’t won’t have the same edge without Simon, but I can’t resist tuning in to see how it goes. I’m reserving judgment until I see it for myself.

What are your favorite must see TV shows this fall? What should I be watching?

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74 thoughts on “What Are You Watching This Fall?

  1. Oh Jo-Lynne, you HAVE to watch “The Middle” (ABC, Wednesdays) – so funny and “real”! That, and of course, watching some PHILLIES thsi fall 🙂

  2. Still a Glee fan, but I am a die-hard. We love Cougartown, The MIddle, Mad Men, & Modern Family. Then I watch stuff like Hoarders and weird documentary stuff on TLC. I need half hour shows though so I can get to bed on time 😉

    1. I thought I was die hard too, but it just isn’t doing it for me this year. I don’t have TLC so I have to stick with network stations. 🙁 I’ve wondered about Cougartown.

      1. Don’t let the name fool you, they writers considered changing the name between seasons. It’s a great ensemble cast that’s funny, and the stories are quirky and heart warming.

  3. The Good Wife, other than Parenthood is one of the best dramas on TV. I think you will love it! And for the best laughs I have ever had – Modern Family – brilliant!

  4. Glee was amazing the first half of the first season…such a great dark comedy…the writing has gone down hill…it seems to be more about the music and choreography than anything else now…so sad…I agree with Modern Family and The Good Wife…we are big House fans around here…

  5. Well, I cancelled our Dish months ago because I figured why pay for what I can get on the internet for free! I gotta say, it’s really been working out too. I may have to wait a day or two for some shows but, truth be told, I’m not really missing much. Anyway, the ones I still try to catch are Modern Family (LOVE IT) and Cougartown. I do watch Grey’s but I’m not letting it get me too upset (yet)! OH, I also just started watching Sister Wives on TLC. It’s about a family of polygamists in Utah and it’s absolutely fascinating to me. Not in a “wow, we need to try this way” but a “what goes thru their minds” way. I love to see how others live…lol Having been stationed in Utah for a little over four years, I had to check it out. I do have to say, though, when are people going to realize that if you want to have a nice, normal life, TLC is NOT the way to go! They are currently being investigated for it since it’s illegal.
    Oh, and of course Dancing with the Stars is a fave and Psych is pretty funny. I do sometimes watch The Real Housewives franchise on Bravo when I’m feeling naughty…lol Other than that, I can’t think of anything. I thought perhaps I might starting watching The Chase because they filmed part of it in my neighborhood but I keep forgetting. Hope this helps!

  6. LOVE Modern Family. I tried to watch Glee and it’s just not my thing – which is very surprising, considering my love of craptastic music! I also like Brothers & Sisters, but it’s kinda depressing… and, might not make much sense if you haven’t watched from the beginning. Have you watched Rules of Engagement? That’s a funny one – if you like David Spade-type humor (but he’s actually my least favorite part of the show).

    And… true story… I still watch The Real World and all of the horrible Challenges that go along with it. Oh my stars. I am 36 years old, WTH am I doing still watching that crap?? Oh well. Somebody’s gotta. 😉

    1. I couldn’t get into 30 Rock when I tried to watch it. I think sometimes you have to watch these things from the beginning or not at all.

      1. I don’t think that’s the case with 30 Rock. It wasn’t great in the first year, but it’s really fantastic now. Also Matt Damon as Tina Fey’s love interest-hilarious.

        I just love the throwaway lines on the show. IE Matt’s pilot character comes to see Liz (Tina’s character) and says, “I had to bump an overweight teen of the plane to get here, but it was worth it.” HILARIOUS.

  7. I was totally non-plussed about the first two episodes of GLEE, but it redeemed itself this week. You should give it a second chance.

    I watched the Good Wife, but then got behind.

    My friend watches the Parenthood. I need to go back now.

    I LOVE How I Met Your Mother. We watch on DVD, so I didn’t watch last season. You’d want to get caught up from the beginning, but it’s so funny and nostalgic.

  8. Last week’s Glee was bubblegum. All sugar, no substance, it was meant to showcase Brittany on the show (who was a real life dancer for Britney Spears). This week went back to plot and I bawled my eyes out. I wouldn’t discount it entirely yet.

    All I watch are House and Glee. Sorry, I’m no help! I was pleased when Lost ended b/c it meant I got another hour of my week back.

    1. Thanks! I’m gonna give GLEE another shot. I never did start up with House. Again, I figure it’s too late now.

  9. I actually don’t watch any “first-run” tv, except for Idol. Looking forward to seeing how this season will play out.

    I watch NCIS in re-runs. I’ve seen The Good Wife before, too. Just hard to find time to sit down every week at the same time & watch a show, and (GASP!) we don’t have a DVR.

  10. Let’s see, what do I watch??

    Monday — House, MD (I’ve missed a lot of this season due to football and practice — we don’t have a DVR — I need to catch up on Hulu)
    Tuesday — Biggest Loser & Parenthood (LOVE it)
    Wednesday — Modern Family (LOVE it)
    Thursday — Community & Outsourced

    I try to hit Amazing Race when I can, but it’s not consistent.

  11. I only watch Grey’s Anatomy because I’m trying not be glued to the television all the time, but my Mom really loves Rookies and I really don’t think it’s that bad. I don’t even know if it’s back on or not LOL

    I could totally be glued to almost any reality show though – I love them! I normally wait until the episodes get posted online and watch them there because I have an ancient tv and no dtv box!

  12. Oh you must watch Modern Family. Go back and watch last season first to get your bearings. It is so “snort your soda out of your nose” funny, but really a grown up show.
    The Big Bang Theory is also brilliantly written, and although I was originally turned off by the title, it has nothing to do with evolution! It’s about a bunch of nerds. Hilarious. On the drama/mystery front, my two favorites are Castle and the Mentalist. A) they have a funny side to them, too–great one-liners. and B) the male leads are easy to appreciate, if you know what I mean.
    Writing this comment I realize that apparently I watch too much tv!

  13. I’ve been watching The Ev3nt on NBC as my show to replace LOST. it’s pretty good so far.

    Also, a must watch is Modern Family. that show is probably one of the best on TV! And I did hear that The Middle is really good to, I just need to watch all of the recorded shows from last season to catch up!

    My wife said that The Whole Truth is good and she doesn’t even watch TV!

    1. Modern Family is coming up a lot. Is it a sit-com? For some reason, I haven’t gotten into sit-coms in recent years, but I’ll try it and The Middle.

  14. We normally watch way too much TV, but this year, so far, we haven’t watched much. We’ve been recording a lot, but haven’t had time to catch up with them all yet. We love Parenthood (even though we aren’t even parents yet!). Some of our other favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two &a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, The Office, and The Mentalist. We used to watch One Tree Hill, Chuck, House, and Lie to Me, but just haven’t had the time to keep up with everything. I hope one day we will be able to catch up with them. Some new shows we are recording and hope to watch this season are Mike & Molly, Outsourced, The Event, and The Defenders.

    Man, after that list it looks like all we do is watch TV! But, that’s certainly not true. I promise we love to get out and do things! 🙂

    ~ Jessica

    1. LOL. That IS a lot of TV. 🙂 But I know I love to veg out an hour or so before bed with the TV. It’s how I unwind.

  15. Looks like I’m pretty status quo. I would also suggest The Middle, Modern Family, OUtsourced, The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory. My daughter and I aren’t too impressed with Glee so far this season and it was one of our favorite shows to watch together. My absolute favorite though is Chuck!

  16. Don’t you LOVE Parenthood?!?! It is so entertaining on so many levels, the sibling relationships, parenting young kids and teens, so funny, so bittersweet.

    We like DWTS and Amazing Race too. I think we’re going to break up with Glee, I like the musical numbers (most, some are a little raunchy) but some of the storylines/drama are just too much.

    Check out Modern Family on Weds. nights, it’s hilarious.

  17. I Love the Good Wife, watched it all last year. I also watch all the CSI’s…it is addicting! Hubby is really into them as well. Parenthood is a constant on my DVR too.

  18. We really love Community. It is bizarre and sometimes a little offensive but also hilarious. We’re still watching the Office, but it has slipped in quality. We watch Biggest Loser but even that is getting old.

    We are watching Mad Men on DVD. It is in season 4 on TV but we are only on season 2. It is fascinating and also visually stimulating with the fashions and home decor and such.

  19. i have to be the oddball here! i do watch some of the shows mentioned, but i have became a recent fan of American Pickers on the History channel. (M/W nites @ 8 central)
    It is two guys who go around the US in their van “picking” for junk to resell. I love trades day sales and old, vintage style decor so it thrills me! They meet the most interesting people. It is a real reality show and one you can watch with the kids!

    Cast a Big vote for Big Bang Theory too. Sheldon is one of the funniest characters to come along in many years! Or perhaps we just share the same sense of humor…..funny show!
    Love parenthood.
    Hubby enjoys Castle and the new Blue Bloods and TEXAS RANGER BASEBALL!!!

  20. It’s not on the current line-up, but Friday Night Lights makes for some great television. It has excellent writing and the lead characters portray a refreshingly realistic marriage. It will be back this spring for its fifth and final season, but you could catch up with the DVD’s of seasons 1-4 and watch them whenever you choose. I’m addicted.

    1. I was going to suggest “FNL”, too. It’s a fantastic show. I’m don’t watch a lot of t.v. but I never missed that show. My husband loves it as much as I do. I’ve gotten several friends hooked, too. It’s not for kids- there are some mature themes- but it’s great.

  21. I’m a bit of a tv junkie right now (yikes!) I do Glee and I’m reserving judgement for another couple of weeks. Husbando & I were talking about it the other day and we think Parenthood is the best show on tv right now – for writing, acting and just general greatness. It reminds me of Thirtysomething.

    We started watching both Lonestar & The Event but dropped Lonestar after 2 episodes and we’re loving the event. We’re also big House fans & Husbando avidly watches the Tudors.

    We’ve got Madmen on dvd and I’ve also been hearing good things about Rubicon?

  22. You need to watch The Middle and Modern Family. They are both so funny. We really enjoy CSI and NCIS along with Grey’s . You have me worried about Glee. We have this seasons 3 episodes recorded we just haven’t watched them yet.

  23. I LOVE Parenthood. I’ve always liked Lauren Graham, watched every episode of Gilmore Girls. I’ve always been a WB fan and still watch some shows on the CW, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected and Smallville. Survivor and Amazing Race.

  24. Another vote for The Middle and Modern Family on ABC. I don’t have a TV so I just catch shows on hulu. I also religiously watch Better With You (ABC), The Simpsons (Fox), Community (NBC- better this season) and Raising Hope (on Fox). I have watched The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother and Medium (CBS) last season, but it’s hard to catch them all on Internet. I enjoy Amazing Race, too! I’m getting a short attention span for the hour long dramas, though.

  25. Glee–used to love it and after this weeks episode, not so much anymore. 🙁

    LOVE The Good Wife–you should catch up and watch it. Still have this seasons episodes waiting to be watched on my DVR.

    And love, love, love Parenthood. I am totally with you on that one.

  26. Oh my, if I had to get up at 5:30am everyday, the only thing I would be watching at night is the backs of my eyelids!

    1. Heh. Yeah, in the summertime, nothing good was on TV so I just went to bed with the kids. Now I feel like I want that unwinding time after they go up, so I’m getting off schedule.

  27. My brother-in-law writes for a website called “Buddy TV” & is currently reviewing Survivor. Seeing that you’re a Survivor fan you might be interested in what he has to say! Here is the link to his latest piece! http://www.buddytv.com/articles/survivor/survivor-interview-jimmy-t-was-38312.aspx#comments

    And as far as “new” what I’m watching I DVR’d Modern Family for the first time the other night & have only watched the first 5-ish minutes and it was HILARIOUS!!!

    1. That one’s been mentioned a couple of times here. I had never even heard of it before. Going to google…

  28. I just watched this weeks Glee and I have to agree with a previous poster. The show redeemed itself this week. This is the Glee I know and love. Here’s to hoping it stays this good…

  29. It has been mentioned 1000 times, but Modern Family is the best comedy on TV. Best drama? Hands down The Good Wife. But I would watch previous seasons and get caught up. You could easily jump in in the middle, but from the beginning is much better. Also I will throw in an extra plug for Chuck. We absolutely love that show.

    As for Glee, this season has been disappointing for sure. I am a die hard fan, but I still don’t think it has redeemed itself. Every single episode I am left disappointed. That being sad, I keep watching because I love the music. And until another musical show comes along, I will probably keep watching.

    Oh also, Undercovers is kind of fun. I don’t think it is getting great ratings so not sure it will stick around, but I enjoy it. And the male lead isn’t too bad to look at. Not that I am looking…..

  30. Oh my goodness, you’ve gotten a lot of replies!! My two cents:
    Bones & Castle are great murder mysteries – all the drama and very little of the gore. The gorgeous male leads don’t hurt a bit, either 😉
    How I Met Your Mother & Big Bang Theory are two hilarious and easy to watch sitcoms.
    Other than that, I enjoy watching House (admittedly harder to catch up on midway through than these others) and Dancing with the Stars. And I’m looking forward to the next season of Make It Or Break It – have always loved gymnastics, and even though it gets a little dramatic sometimes, it’s fun to see the “behind the scenes” of elite gymnasts training for the Olympics.
    … and I watch these all on my computer!! Goodbye, annoying cable bill.

  31. Tim & I only watch one show and I can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned here! It’s “Fringe” (and it’s a-mazing!). It keeps me on the edge of my seat for every single episode. The character development is intriguing too.

  32. Daughter and I started watching “The Event” and it’s pretty good so far. One of my very favorite shows is a Canadian award winner: “Flashpoint”. I know one of the US networks used to carry it at one time but I’m not sure anymore. Definitely worth checking into.

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