What I Wore Lately Vol. 31

Hi friends! It’s already Wednesday again, and that means it’s time for What I Wore Lately — a roundup of my daily outfits from the past week. Let’s dive right in!

What I Wore Lately: Everyday Outfit Ideas for Women Over 40

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish, with a slight hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Starting with last Wednesday, I guess I got myself all gussied up for some mundane errands and a day of working from home. I don’t see anything on my calendar, but I feel like I went somewhere; I just don’t remember where.

It was clearly a nice day, since I was in a short-sleeved t-shirt.

I do recall having some really lovely, warm weather last week before a cold front moved in on Saturday. This time of year, I’m so busy with work that sometimes I forget to even look outside!

Anyway, I took this picture to show my bracelet, and as you can see, I’m carrying a bag, so I must have gone somewhere.

Also, this belt is too big. I bought it before I lost weight, and I like it so much that I continue to wear it, but I realized last week that it’s time to pass it on and find something that fits.

Good grief, I took a lot of pictures. I was clearly feeling this outfit.

I’ve mentioned these shoes a few times, but I love and adore them. They just went on a deeper discount — now down $129!!! Sizes are flying off the virtual shelves, so act fast if you wanted them. Size up half; I have the 8 1/2.

Oh my goodness, these jeans are marked down too! Sizes are selling fast. I found them true to size; I have the 6.

cheetah tee (sold out; similar for less) // off-black jeans (TTS and on sale!) // studded flats (size up half) // Everlane studio bag // similar hoops // wrap bracelet c/o Victoria Emerson

Okay, so the next day was Thursday.

I don’t know why I say things like that… we all know Thursday comes after Wednesday.

ANYWHO. I spent most of the day Thursday working from home, and I threw this on for an afternoon meeting.

This ribbed dolman top was in my October Favorites; I expect it to get a lot of use this fall.

I added a layered necklace and small drop earrings even though I was wearing minimal makeup and my hair was kind of ratchet. At least it was an attempt at looking put-together.

Oh, and these TB flats are on sale! This color is very similar to mine, just a tad darker.

dolman top // raw hem skinnies // similar suede ballet flats (30% off!) // layer necklace // drop earrings

Friday was our last high school football game and band performance. R was really down about it. She feels like she just got started, and it all came to a screeching halt.

I used the opportunity to wear my band mom tee one last time.

graphic tee // grey skinnies // P448 sneakers // leather jacket (sold out; similar here and here) // similar hoops // nails: Fuji Love

We attended an Oktoberfest party on Saturday afternoon, and I wasn’t sure how to dress. It had been really nice and warm earlier in the day, but a cold front was moving in.

I decided on this lightweight camo print sweater (from Anthro last year) and my trusty off-black jeans. I brought a black quilted vest along in the car to throw on later if I needed it, which I did.

And I decided I was overthinking the jeans/boots combo (see last week’s post if you don’t know what I mean), so I threw on these Chelsea boots and just wore them.

I think the length of the jean is okay with the shaft height of the boot, but I wish the jeans had a smaller leg opening so it would match up to the opening of the boots a little bit better. I doubt it’s that noticeable when I’m wearing them and moving around, though.

camo sweater (sold out) /// off-black jeans (TTS and on sale!) // Chelsea boots // similar hoops

That brings us to Sunday, and church! I was running late, and I threw on this long rust cardigan from my recent Ann Taylor collab with my raw hem black skinnies.

I totally forgot to add my snake print belt, but I guess the gold hardware wouldn’t look quite right with the silver studs on the shoes anyway.

These hoops are old and no longer stocked, but John Hardy designs some really nice pieces. I dug them out for the first outfit last Wednesday, and since they’ve been sitting out, I found myself wearing them a bunch this week.

rust cardigan (XS) // woven tank // black skinnies // studded flats (size up half) // croc print tote // necklace // similar hoops // nails: Fuji Love

After church, I switched into comfy jeans, a cozy Vince sweater from last year’s #NSale, and my favorite slippers.

My sweater is sold out, but there’s one lone blue one still available at Nordstrom Rack.

v-neck sweater // similar rag & bone Cate skinnies (30% off) // UGG slippers

Okay, so the last two days have been a bit of a bust. On Monday, I threw this on to go pick up my mail-in ballot and cast my vote at our local library because I was planning to go for a walk or run afterwards.

Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea. With the deadline to claim a mail-in ballot looming, there was a verrrrry long line wrapped around the parking lot. It was rainy and cold, so we decided to bail and take our chances on Nov 3rd.

We came back home, and I worked the rest of the day like this. It was rainy and depressing, and I just couldn’t get motivated to fix myself up, or even go for that walk/run.

Vuori hoodie // Zella tee // Lululemon leggings // Saucony running shoes

And yesterday, I had a facial and I never put on any makeup or did my hair. I did put on real clothes, though. I didn’t want to spend a second day in a row in joggers.

bell sleeve sweater // Paige crop skinnies // snake print slip-ons (size down half) // nails: Fuji Love

And that’s all I’ve got to show for myself this week. Today looks like another dreary, depressing day, but I’m planning to get myself dressed and made up just because I always feel better when I do.

I also want to play around with some of my straighter leg jeans and boots, but we’ll see if I get that far. I have a lot of deadlines to meet this week, and I’m a little behind. I have a feeling this is going to be a computer day.

Make it a good one!

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16 Responses

  1. A year later and I still regret not picking up the Anthro camo sweater. I was waitlisted and when it finally came back in stock it was holiday season. Wasn’t feeling the camo.  At the time I thought “hope I’m not sorry.”  Well…S-O-R-R-Y. But, hey, looks great on you, Jo-Lynne 😉
    I love that your posts are real, like no make-up jogger outfit day. I call those “letting my skin breathe” days. Gives them a purposeful sound. 

  2. Loving the Vuori hoodie. I popped the black jeans into my Nordy cart, but I have a pair of button-front Madewell jeans with raw-cut hems that are very close to the same color. They are a little bit longer than I like these days, though and I keep putting them on and then substituting a pair with a shorter inseam. Maybe I’ll get brave and pull out the scissors!

  3. What you wore to church is such a nice outfit.  Everything about the cardigan is spot on.  And what you wore on Monday, to go wherever, looks very put together while being comfortable.  I suspect that you are still doing the intermittent fasting and it’s working for you.  It’s dreary here today, as well, ahead of Zeta.  It’s going to impact so many states in various ways.  I hope that you are able to get a lot accomplished today.

    1. Yes, I’m still doing IF. I think my body has found its “happy weight” – it is weird, for the first time in my adult life, I’m not trying to lose 5 pounds or struggling to maintain where I want to be. It’s very freeing.

  4. I grabbed those black flats at that price before I finished reading your paragraph! Then I went back and saw your recommendation to size up. Had to order another pair a half size larger. Oh well! Two pairs coming is better than zero pairs. Haha! Thanks, Jo-Lynne!!!

  5. It always seems when we are having beautiful weather you aren’t and visa versa.  Today is so sunny and a perfect Fall day. We’ve been this way for awhile now and no rain until Friday only then back to the sunshine and low 60’s. So great for NW Oregon. Don’t forget we FALL back our clocks one hour this weekend. I thought there was talk to stop this?  Heading to do some online Christmas shopping. I’m working hard to get it done so I don’t have to be concerned for delayed shipping or low stock during this covid ordeal. Time is flying by. Happy I don’t have to host Thanksgiving this year. Just a quiet one at my daughters with 5 of us. My other kids and spouses on the other side of their families. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like it’s a ton of work for one meal we eat in 10 min. Lol. 

    1. Oh I wish they would quit Daylight Savings so bad. I hate it. I doubt it will ever happen.

      And yes, the 2 days of work for a 10 minute meal is for the birds. Sometimes I request that we go out to eat for Thanksgiving!

  6. Love all the looks! That camo sweater is a winner. I agree about being “make up free” days as days to let your skin breathe. And Daylight Savings time is a big pain. I feel like I need to be a NASA astronaut changing all my clocks. My high tech induction stove esp is tricky and have to ask my engineer husband to help out and even he struggles. The weather has improved to the 50s and the snow has melted – yay for that!

  7. I have that same Rebecca Minkoff belt from my size 14 days and it’s too big too! What’s funny is I’m wearing it. I paired it with some faded grey skinnies (Wit and Wisdom, old pair but rarely worn because they would not button ((yikes)) and I added my newly dubbed cow sweater from amazon. It’s comfy but a weird color white. I’m keeping it though. I think I’ll try to have a leather worker shorten the belt. I’m not buying any more large anything unless I try it on at Ross or TJ’s. 

    Yes I’m wearing a sweater. It got cold here with the horrible fire danger winds that finally stopped. The afternoons are nice mid 70°s. A relief from last week’s 90+ days!  

    My Botox bruises are almost gone. I never bruised before. Not sure why but it’s been full on makeup even on lazy days. After my weight loss my joggers went to bless larger ladies thru a donation box. I hate giving away nearly new stuff but I try to think back to the lean college years when finding nearly new jeans in a thrift store just made my day. But I am keeping my belt!

  8. Hi Jo Lynne, looking at your round up is reminding me that I should incorporate more v-neck and round neck sweaters! Almost everything I have is crew neck. 

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