What I Wore This Week

Greetings from Vero Beach, Florida! We got in early yesterday afternoon after a smooth flight into Orlando and a 1.5 hour drive to the coast. It’s gorgeous here, warm, and sunny. It feels SO good!

Today I’m sharing what I wore this week. It’s been cold so hard to dress for April, but I did my best!

This is what I wore last Saturday to the ladies’ retreat at our church and then to my son’s band performance. It was a chilly day, so I was going for winter weight and spring colors. Get all outfit details HERE.

I wore this to church on Sunday. It’s kind of casual, I guess, but I was cold and threw on a comfy cashmere sweater and jeans, but then decided to jazz it up with these pink suede pumps. Get similar outfit details HERE.

I wore this one day last week to run some errands. This sweater goes with so much, and it’s marked way down. The pink pants are part of the Shopbop sale! Get all outfit details HERE.

This was my travel outfit yesterday. Stay tuned for a packing post early next week! Get the details HERE.

And finally, this is what I wore to dinner last night. All I have is this Insta Story picture with the caption. We had been by the pool and on the beach in the afternoon so I just did a quick shower off and threw on this sweater and jeans. (It was chilly last night.) Makeup and hair was looking pretty rough — I’d been up since 4AM.

I can’t find my sweater online but this one is similar although more casual. My jeans are on sale at Shopbop and my sandals are too but sizes are very limited. You can also get them at Tory Burch, as well as Nordstrom, Saks, and other department stores, but they’re full price.

And that’s a wrap! I’ll continue to post our escapades on my Insta Story, and I hope to get some fun pictures with my friends when we’re not so travel-worn.

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Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. I know y’all will have a wonderful weekend!  The hotel is gorgeous!  Our weather is staying warm enough to prevent sweater wearing except for prior to 10a.m.  Looking forward to seeing your posts on Instagram.

  2. Have a great time and enjoy the warmer weather!  I’m looking forward to your packing post.  I have a girlfriend trip to your neck of the woods coming up in June!

  3. Looks wonderful! You’ll come back all rested, smiling and tanned. A get away with the girlfriends is always so much fun! 😀

  4. Oh I love your outfit for supper with the girls… hope you have a great time:) hoping you have lots of fun and sunshine ☀️ 

  5. Have a wonderful girls get away weekend in the sun! 😎🌴🍹

    For those of us not on Instagram (ummm, maybe only me???), please post photos on your regular blog too if you can.

    Have fun!!

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