What I Wore Wednesday

This week it’s slim pickins for WIWW. Almost everything I’ve worn, you’ve already seen. But I decided that I need more summer skirts, so when I saw this at a street vendor as I was walking the streets of Asheville, I snagged it.

I need to pick up a chocolate brown tank top to go with it, but isn’t it just so cute and casual? It’s comfy too, although it’s a true wrap skirt, so I found myself obsessively checking the ties to make sure they were secure.

And that’s all I’ve got!

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  1. That skirt is adorable!!

    So glad you went nekked the rest of the week. 😀 Makes me feel so normal. 😛

  2. I love it and you look adorable! I still have more clothes to choose from because I just started this, but I don’t really have the style or “flair” that some of the other bloggers do. So I think I’m already bored with most of my pictures, lol! I’m learning though and this week added in some jewelry, haha!

    1. Jewelry is key. And also, I admire the fun poses some of the other girls capture. I’m usually just standing in my kitchen. Bleh. I need to get more creative with that!

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