Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 06.01.11

This week I was really dedicated to getting out of my sweatpants rut. I’m not sure my summer uniform of tanks and jean shorts is that much of an improvement, although I have been putting some thought into my accessories. Nevertheless, I feel better and find that I’m more positive and more productive when I take some effort with my appearance. So thanks, Lindsay, for inspiring those of us who work at home to put some thought and effort into our appearance.

WEDNESDAY: This is my standard summer uniform — tank tops and skirts or denim shorts.

When the temperatures hit 85, the only question to ask myself is, Which tank top shall I wear today? This particular tank is from Banana Republic. I like the knotted detail on the straps. And I love, love, love this loden green cargo skirt. It’s a size too big (they didn’t have my size so I bought a size up) and it has a torn pocket and a grease stain on the front, but I refuse to part with it till I can find a suitable replacement. I picked it up at Target a couple years ago and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth.

The rubber flips are just casual and comfy. I threw on my favorite Silpada necklace and earrings and a gold cuff bracelet, which I promptly removed when I started working at the computer. The coral bag lends a pop of color and pulls from the coral in the necklace. Funny thing, that bag. I was about to ebay it last year because I hardly carried it, but this spring it seems to go with almost everything.

THURSDAY: I basically hung out at home, baked, and took my daughter to the park. Such is the glamorous life I lead.

These are my favorite jean shorts — the Joe’s Jeans Crinkle Cuff Bermuda. They have basically replaced a similar pair that I wore to death last summer. I like the fit of these better, though, so YAY! I bought them off of back when summer was only but a dream. Now that it’s finally warming up, I’m getting my money’s worth out of them. I love the flap pocket on the back. The tank is another Banana Republic find — several years ago. I wish they’d bring it back because I love it. It’s slightly ribbed, and I feel like the neckline is more flattering than the typical v-neck. The flips are from Target last summer. I like the molded cork sole — very comfy and it adds some interest. Simple jewelry from Studio Jewel and JanMary jazz it up a little bit.

Thursday night I went out to dinner with some ladies from church so I decided to forego my daily uniform and put on something just a little bit nicer… my new CAbi Cottage Cardigan and Asymmetrical Tank with my old white cropped skinny jeans (Gap, last summer) and pewter sandals (Target). Please ignore my daughter’s sandals in the background; this is real life, after all. I don’t have it in the photos, but I carried my coral leather bag.

FRIDAY: I worked from home all day and left the house only to take my daughter to and from school so I just threw on a gray tank and, you guessed it, the same jean shorts. My brother always said, jeans never get truly dirty, they’re just different degrees of clean. Works for me!

SATURDAY: We took the family on a drive to a bird refuge and went on a short hike.

I traded out my new jean shorts for my old ones and put on yet another tank top. Variety is overrated, I’m just sayin’. Even though I was planning to be at one with nature for most of the day, I still took the time to put on jewelry and do my face because I’m high maintenance like that. Hey, it’s all part of my charm, or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself.

And no, I didn’t hike in those flip flops. I brought my red Keens along and changed when I got there. Shoes make my feet hot, so I don’t wear them any longer than absolutely necessary. I love Keens for hiking. They are lightweight and comfy, and the soles are nice and grippy. They’re also a lot cuter than those clunky hiking boots.

Okay, this is hilarious, I went to look up my Keen Shoes review post from last summer, and I was wearing this exact same outfit (except this time I had my shirt on frontwards). See, told ya this was my summer uniform!

SUNDAY: Now this is a new look for me. This is the CAbi’s Songwriter Tunic with my white skinnies and favorite wedge sandals.

I wasn’t sure about this look at first, but I really like how light and summery it is, and I was surprised at how much I like this shade of yellow on me.

And then I abruptly stopped taking pictures. Because I think you got enough of the tank tops and skirts/shorts, did you not? And that’s pretty much all I wore the rest of the week.