Baby’s Got the Blues

I’m all about the blue nail polish for summer.

It makes me think of the water in the swimming pool and the sky at the beach. Ahhhh… summer!

And I’m loving the trend of choosing colors that are complimentary. Like matching the color of your purse and your shoes, matching the polish on your fingers and toes is kind of passé. It’s not necessarily a fashion no-no, but it’s more current and fashion forward to choose complimentary colors.

In the immortal words of Clinton and Stacey, “It doesn’t have to match. It has to go.”

These actually came out pretty close in the end. Next time I’ll try to find colors with a bit more contrast.

On my feet, I thought I had Essie’s St. Barth’s Blue, but when I googled it this morning, that one looks a lot lighter than the one I have. So I think I looked at the wrong bottle when I was walking out the door of the salon.

On my hands, I’m wearing a Soak Off UV Gel nail polish, which is AWESOME because it stays on for 10 days without chipping. If you’re careful, you can get over two weeks out of it. (I don’t know the brand or the color.) Soak-Off Gel polish is perfect for moms like me who can’t seem to get 24 hours out of a traditional manicure. You have to let it set under UV lights, so it’s a bit more of a process, and it does cost a bit more, but it’s worth the time and expense to get a manicure that actually lasts. Of course, I’m sure it’s killing me somehow, but it sure does make for a great manicure.

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  1. I don’t bother with a manicure. My hands are in the dirt to much from gardening, so I just keep them really short and filed. I do love a pedi though, but I usually wear red, since it is a color you would never find on my fingers.

  2. I really want to try one of those mani’s! My friend always gets at least 2 full weeks and she is not so careful.

  3. Ha! I always have blue toes in the summer, I have for years. Except I go in the royal/navy/tealish family rather than the light blue.
    Here’s why: a) I don’t wear any pinki/ peachy/red colors at all and b) blue matches my tattoo on my ankle best. 🙂
    My Mom, sister and I all got pedis at the same time and it cracks me up how our color choices reflected our personalities! Totally different–I had never noticed before. Now I notice everyone’s toes.

    1. I love teal. I did that last year. And I often do navy. This blue is a bit of a departure for me, but I’m loving it.

  4. You are so funny. Pioneer Woman did a post about a similar (maybe the same) type of manicure awhile back. Really sturdy, have to soak off the polish, etc. I thought the same thing at the time when I read it….sounds really cool, but I wonder how it is bad for you. Ah, the curse of being “real foodie” and knowing there isn’t much that is cool and convenient that doesn’t have some sort of negative consequence. 🙂 Your nails look great anyhow!

    1. Yep, pretty much. I figure, I’m trying to lighten the load, you can’t avoid everything. Of course, this is easily avoidable. But I pick my battles. 🙂

      Still, I guess I’ll probably just save it for a special occasion, like vacation. For a single event, I’m probably better off using regular nail polish and taking it off when it starts to chip the next day.

  5. I hate to be debbie downer, especially since when I hear from them it makes me roll my eyes (feel free to do that to me) but you do know that UV lights at the salon are pretty much tanning beds right??

    that being said, I LOVE the blue!!! what fun.

    1. Yeah, I figured it was something super duper bad for you. Anything that awesome has to be toxic. LOL.

  6. Love it! I had an OPI polish on my toes that lasted almost 3 weeks! Long enough that my hubs said maybe I should get pedicures more often! LOL. Right now I have a nude/camel color on my fingernails and I LOVE this color, I didn’t think I would. It’s whatever brand from Sephora. On my toes is a violet color. I don’t usually match my fingers and toes! 🙂


    1. Yes, pedicures last a lot longer. I can usually get 3-4 weeks or more out of them. They don’t do gel nail polish on toes at my place, just hands, b/c they say the regular polish lasts long enough on the feet.

  7. I just painted my nails blue. Look at that- the power of suggestion! I like your light, summer blue better. Still, blue nails are fun and just want I needed today.

  8. I almost got a deepish turquoise when I got my pedi last time…..but I chickened out. Sigh. I like this color on your a LOT. I saw Pioneer Woman had a post a while back about the same type of nail polish. Lasted a LONG time!

  9. Essie St Barths Blue is a very light blue with Grey undertones.It’s almost white.Either you got a fake essie or you put another color on.That color looks more like turquoise. It kind of ooks like OPI What’s with the Cattitude.

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