Yet Another Reason to Covet a Keurig

It’s no secret, my favorite indulgence is a nice, fresh, strong mug of coffee — cream, no sugar, thanks. But in the summer heat, there are times that the last thing I need is a steamy hot beverage elevating my body temperature even more.

I often order iced coffee in the summertime when I’m out and about, but I’ve found that at home, it’s just too tedious to make. You have to brew a special pot that is stronger than the ordinary coffee you make for breakfast. Then you have to wait for it to refrigerate. By the time it’s ready to pour over ice, you’re out of the mood. I’m not much of a planner, so I never think to prepare the coffee earlier in the day. When I’m in the mood for an iced coffee, I want it NOW.

Enter the Brew Over Ice K-Cup® portion packs for Keurig.

Keurig has created some of their most popular coffee (and tea) flavors in a stronger formulation for use as iced beverages. They even sell this cute Iced Beverage Tumbler to hold your favorite iced drink creation.

I was eager to try it so I took my Keurig out of the box, set it up, and set it to brewing immediately. You do have to use plenty of ice because the coffee that it produces is hot and much of it will melt, but not to worry — they have formulated the coffees to be strong enough to withstand the watering down that occurs.

Also, if you don’t yet have a Keurig and you plan on making a lot of iced drinks, I’d recommend getting one of the full sized ones — perhaps the Keurig B60 or the B-70. The Keurig Mini Plus is adorable, but it doesn’t accomodate the height of the Brew Over Ice tumbler so I had to brew a mug of coffee and pour that over into the tumbler. But whatever. It still works.

I tried the French Vanilla iced coffee yesterday. I guess I didn’t use nearly enough ice because it melted immediately. Still, it was a yummy treat, even though it didn’t stay quite as cold as I like.

Today I tried the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Iced Coffee, with much better results. First off, I made sure I filled the tumbler to the top with ice.

When I re-read the directions, I realized that yesterday I put more water in than I should have. It says to make a 6 or 8 oz cup of coffee, and I think I made a 10-oz. So today I put only 6 oz of water in. That did the trick because . . . Oh. My. Word. PERFECTION.

This is officially my new summer drink. Anyone wanna join me for an iced coffee?

If I have any complaints about the system, it is that they don’t have very many flavors — just the two coffee flavors at the moment. May I humbly recommend a chocolate variety? Something like the iced mocha I get at Starbucks. I’d buy a lifetime supply of those. I’m sure they’ll add more if these take off, which I’m sure they will, because they are delicious and convenient. What more could you want?

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy more Brew Over Ice K-Cups…

Disclosure: I received a Keurig Mini Plus coffee brewer and samples of Brew Over Ice coffee and tea K-Cups to facilitate this review. All opinions and caffeine headaches are my own.