Fashion Friday: CAbi Shopping Spree!

A few weeks ago I hosted a CAbi party for the Philly Social Media Moms, and I promised you I’d show you what I got when it all came in. I’m sure you haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since that moment. You’re dying to see what I got, aren’t you?

Okay, nevermind. But I’m going to show you anyway.

I absolutely LOVE the CAbi Spring 2011 line. They really nailed it this time. I could have ordered so much more, but I tried to stay within budget.

I already showed you the Sigourney Dress. I didn’t order it the night of the party, but I can’t stop thinking about it so I went ahead and placed the order this past week. I hope it arrives in time for my trip to the beach next week! Can I get a Woot! Woot!!

I go through phases with my shopping. Some seasons I buy a ton of jeans and pants, and some seasons I feel the need to beef up my accessory wardrobe. This year I feel like all I’ve bought are tops. I pretty much stocked up on tops at my CAbi show.

You’ve seen the Cottage Cardigan with the Asymmetrical Tank underneath as well as the yellow Songwriter Tunic. Both tops look great paired with white jeans for lunching with the girls or Sunday church.

Note: Usually I roll up my skinny jeans when I wear flats. It makes for a better proportion. The night I wore that outfit with the Cottage Cardi, I remembered I was wearing flats and rolled up my jeans before I got to my dinner; unfortunately I didn’t realize that before I snapped pictures.

The radiant tank was a given. I mean, black and white… hello. I live for black and white. I knew I wanted it the second I saw it hanging on the rack.

You could wear this to the office, to church, out to dinner . . . it’s so versatile. It looks great with white or back pants. I wore it to church a couple of weeks ago with these white bootcut jeans. I tried it on with black slacks first, but I felt super dressy so I opted for the white jeans. (Our church is very casual.) It would also look great with white or off-white wide legged dress pants for the office.

I also ordered the Grecian tank in red.

I absolutely love this top. This is more of a date night outfit, and conveniently, my husband owes me one. (HINT! HINT!) I like it with the white denim, but I also like it with bluejeans for a little more of an edge. You could also pair it with a darker, more uniform wash for a dressier look.

And that about does it for my CAbi shopping spree. If you like any of the Spring 2011 pieces, you better move fast. Soon they’ll be gone and the Fall collection will be moving in. Word on the street is that the CAbi Fall 2011 collection, which will be unveiled next month at their semi-annual Scoop (remember, I attended the Spring Scoop back in January), is even better than the Spring collection. It there’s any truth to that, I cannot WAIT to see it.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CAbi, and I was provided with a gift card to help me experience the Spring 2011 line.

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  1. The radiant tank is BEAUTIFUL. It fits you so well and the pattern is so complimentary!

  2. I love that red tank.

    I laughed out loud about you remembering to roll up your pants- because I? Would have probably forgot I had pants ON these days.

  3. Since you love Cabi clothes so much when are you going to start selling them yourself – I am sure you would get a HUGE discount! Do you still run with your Vibram 4 Fingers?

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