Preschool Graduate

I have to admit, I’ve always thought the preschool graduation hoopla was a little bit ridiculous. I even blogged about it once, and received a variety of responses — some which pretty much told me to get a life and that I clearly don’t care about my kids.

Frankly, I think kids these days get entirely too much applause, but I have to say that I’ve changed my ‘tude about the preschool graduation. It’s really not about the kids, after all. It’s more about the parents. And maybe that’s just fine after all.

Last Friday night, I walked out the door and left the building that has been a second home to one of my three kids for the past five years. I wasn’t bawling my eyes out, but it was definitely an odd feeling. And I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the graduation ceremony, and it was nice to have some closure.

I have had a child in preschool for the past eight years. It truly is the end of an era — a precious, magical era. I absolutely love the preschool years. Fortunately the thought of no more tuition payments is helping to ease the pain.

For her, it was all about being on stage. She has decided lately that there is no better place to be.

She was so precious, marching in with her class. Since she’s the tallest (and oldest) in her class, she got to lead the class in, holding her teacher’s hand. I’d post a picture, but I’m not sure her teacher would appreciate having her face plastered on my blog. They sang a few songs, and then they each walked up onto a little podium and received a diploma. We closed the night singing This Little Light of Mine, and then it was time to party.