Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 06.08.11

I’ll probably be sharing fewer pictures each week because honestly, I tend to wear the same thing over and over. And I’m okay with that. I think I wore a black tank and jean shorts three days this week, but I did accessorize. That counts for something, right??

Here’s a comfy, casual outfit that I’ve probably posted before, but oh well.

Um, who needs to iron her shorts?

I know short shorts are back in style, but I still like a Bermuda. These are from the Gap last summer, and I liked them so much that I bought them in two colors. Then one day I caught a glimpse of myself from behind in a family vacation photo, and I realized they’re probably not the most flattering shorts. But they’re modest and comfortable so I keep wearing them. If they were cut a bit slimmer, they’d be perfect.

What I like about this outfit is the top. I used to buy the Old Navy “Perfect Tee” in every color under the rainbow and wear those almost every day with jean shorts. B-o-o-o-ring! Why did no one ever tell me my wardrobe was boring? Then I started watching What Not To Wear, and Stacey and Clinton said to find shirts with some embellishment or details that make them interesting. They also said to watch your neckline and show a little skin — nothing indecent, but I seem to remember something about how showing your collarbones is slimming. I really find that to be true for me.

This tee does both. The simple contrasting trim around the scooped neckline and on the pocket adds interest without being fussy. It also has some gentle shaping through the waist without being tight, and the material is forgiving — it’s thin without being see through. I got it at Banana Republic last summer. I wore simple drop earrings (and my ever present sunglasses) and my favorite Frye sandals.

The other picture I have is from Sunday. This outfit is old, I may not have even worn it once last summer, but I pull it out every once in a while for something different. I love yellow and brown together.

I don’t usually wear fuller skirts, but this one works because it’s fitted down over the hips before the pleating begins. And because the material is very thin and silky, it hangs pretty close to the body, which is how I can get away with it. I got it and the sweater at the Loft a few years ago. The yellow Fossil bag was a birthday gift from my mom, and I like to carry it in the springtime. The shoes you’ve seen before, and I chose them because they (along with the denim jacket) help dress the outfit down a bit and keep it from being too fussy.

Have you gathered that I don’t want to look fussy? Okay, just making sure. LOL.

Once again, I found myself going for that same Stella & Dot earrings and necklace that I post about every week. They just look great with so many outfits!

Finally, I wore this outfit to meet a friend for coffee at Starbucks.

The Woven Shoulder Tank and white skinny jeans are both from Gap. Its the same yellow Fossil bag that I carried to church on Sunday — I hadn’t emptied it out, and I though it made a nice contrast to the blue. The flips are my Reefs. I wore my Stella & Dot Riveria Coin Necklace and simple diamond studs. The silver bead bracelet was a Christmas gift from my husband that I wear often.

What did YOU wear this week?

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12 thoughts on “Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 06.08.11

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne – I was sent to your blog by our mutual friend and fellow Army Mom, Jo. I love these outfit posts – not boring at all. They can give inspiration to rest of us. My go-to outfit is a pencil skirt , tshirt, jewelry and sandals, and I often get the comment, “gee, why are you so dressed up?” LOL.

    1. Yes, I love pencil skirts with tees (or tanks) and sandals and jewelry. Makes me feel pretty without being too dressy.

  2. I have a million pieces of jewelry, but still tend to wear the same ones again and again. When they work with everything, you might as well let them work, right?:)

  3. It’s tough finding a good, substantial tee that has something special to it, but you definitely have found the perfect one.

    And I really love your yellow Fossil bag. I’ve often walked around Macy’s carrying one and end up always putting it back. You are convincing me it’s the perfect bag and color, though.

  4. I am learning from you how to dress less fussy. I am. I mean it. WHAT?! Sigh.

    I love that blue tank. GORGEOUS. You look so good in jewel tones.

  5. You look great! I too am trying to get out of my “t-shirt in every color” wardrobe rut. Good points about the deatails & collarbone – thanks! Stopped by from the Pleated Poppy link :O)
    (love your hair cut too!)

  6. Is that yellow handbag new’ish? I like.

    And also, you look great in that shade of green!

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