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What to Buy During Amazon Prime Day

Good morning! I was up at o’dark-thirty, placing my #NSale order and hunting down the best Prime Day deals. It’s going to be a long day, but a fun one! Not only is today the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s also Amazon Prime Day! (And the good news is, EVERYONE can shop that right away!)

This sale happens over the next two days, July 11th and 12th, and there are lots of deals electronics, home accessories, clothing, and beauty. You’ll be seeing lots of coverage of the sale all over the internet, but I know how overwhelming it can be, so I’ve rounded up some of the best deals I think are worth buying below.

As a reminder, Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime members, so if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial and enjoy all of the Prime Day benefits. Once you see how convenient it is, you may decide it’s worth the subscription, but if you don’t, you can cancel anytime.

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Worth Buying

True & Co Women’s True Body V-Neck Bra // My daughters love these bras and turned me onto them. They’re very comfy with light support, so they’re great for the smaller chested ladies, and I like them for lounging and sleeping. This is a great chance to try one, if they’re new to you, or stock up on your favorites while they’re on sale!

Apple AirPods Pro // If you haven’t bought yourself a pair of AirPods yet, you’re missing out. I wear mine to listen to music when I run or walk the dog, and around the house when I want to finish a podcast I was listening to in the car, and I love that there’s no cord to get in my way as I’m cleaning the kitchen and things like that. These are the noise canceling version, which are great for travel, or the regular ones are on sale here.

ghd Platinum+ Styler – 1″ FlatIron // This highly rated flat iron is the one my older daughter swears by to tame and style her naturally curly hair. It has ceramic plates and heats up to the optimum temperature to smooth hair without damage.

Drawer Organizers // These are my favorite drawer organizers; I got them for the bathroom last summer, and I like them so much that I just ordered another set for my office. I also used some in the kitchen.

Mighty Patch // These are a life saver if you or your daughter still get breakouts. They dry them up overnight without leaving a mark.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray  // Got frizz? You need this hair treatment. It acts like a mini-keratin treatment with humidity-blocking technology that lasts 3-4 shampoos. It works on all hair types, and it makes my hair feel so silky-smooth and shiny. You just spray it on wet hair, then dry it with a big round brush, using some tension as you straighten it.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm // If you’ve been around for a minute, you probably already know how much I love this Elemis cleansing balm. It’s part of Amazon Prime Day, and it’s even available for free same day delivery to certain areas.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 With Stand, Smokeless Fire Pit // Upgrade your bonfire nights with this smokeless fire pit that’s easy to clean up after using.

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows For Sleeping // When was the last time you bought new pillows? I had to think about that one for a bit. Apparently, you’re supposed to replace your pillows every 1-2 years, and these have great reviews.

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner // This is predicted to be one of the best sellers for Amazon Prime Day. While I haven’t tried it myself, I’m tempted! If you’ve been meaning to clean your couch or need to spot clean your carpet, it’s worth a second look!

WIBIMEN Mini Ice Cube Trays /// There’s something so much better about little pebbles of ice compared to the big chunks that come out of the fridge. So many of the reviews on this say that once you use them, you won’t be able to go back to normal ice again.

Instant Vortex 5.7 Quart Air Fryer // If you haven’t hopped on the air fryer train yet, this is your chance to get one on sale. I think it’s time for us to finally take the plunge. Now that Becca has to eat gluten-free due to Celiac Disease, this will allow her to get that fried flavor and texture without the gluten. It’s supposed to make great wings, fries, salmon, and so much more.

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller // I’m a mosquito magnet, so I’m going to order one of these for our patio. I love that it’s scent-free, rechargeable, and on sale for 25% off!

Shark WANDVAC Cordless Hand Vacuum // Vacuums are always one of the best deals during Prime Day. From the cordless stick ones to the robot style Roombas, they’re on sale, and they go fast. This one is especially good for the car since it’s cordless, and we keep one in our pantry to clean up crumbs and spills.

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7 thoughts on “What to Buy During Amazon Prime Day

  1. Well, I didn’t intend to “need” anything from the prime sake, but I’m going to give that little carpet cleaner a try, thanks to seeing it on your blog today lol. I was going to try the bra because I desperately want a comfortable lounging bra, but I saw that it has removable pads and that’s a no-go for me. Thanks for curating today’s list! Oh, and I already have a Solo stove—LOVE, LOVE it. It really does reduce smoke so you can walk away without smelling like you’ve been camping!

  2. As a family with a daughter who has Celiac, the air fryer is DEFINITELY worth it if you have room in your kitchen for it! Going to order another one for her to take along to College next month!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try that mini carpet and furniture cleaner. Cyndi I think has one. It’s hard to keep my light chairs from soiling on the arms. Also been wanting to try an air fryer. You are right. It woujd be great for Becca. Thanks for your hard work. Amazon and Nordstrom should talk and do their sales different times. Lol.

  4. Wow I’m adding several of these items to my cart! Thanks for the list! Also, I’ve used the Lumineux strips for a few years and really like them…they make a difference…my daughter uses them, too. 🙂

  5. I’ve used the Lumineux stain brush with not much results but haven’t tried the strips. I wish I would have thought of them when I ordered the Crest white strips. I really wanted non toxic and not sure why I didn’t think of Lumineux to try. Next go around. I just am whitening for the first time. Getting older and much needed with drinking tea and coffee. Let us know if you try them.

  6. Jolynne if you buy the Bissell cleaner will you consider doing a post on your experience after using it?

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