What to Buy During Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Good morning! I was up at o’dark-thirty, hunting down the best Prime Big Deals. This event happens at Amazon.com over the next two days, October 10th and 11th, and there are some really good deals to be had on electronics, home accessories, clothing, and beauty.

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You’ll see lots of coverage of the sale all over the internet, but I know how overwhelming it can be, so I’ve rounded up some of the best deals I think are worth shopping below.

Prime Big Deals are exclusively for Amazon Prime members, so if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial and enjoy all of the Prime Day benefits. Once you see how convenient it is, you may decide it’s worth the subscription, but if you don’t, you can cancel anytime.

Best Amazon Prime Big Deals Worth Shopping:

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    1. I’m the same size and recently discovered Soma Enbliss. It’s the same underwire free type style. Disclaimer: I only recently tried it on in an outlet and they didn’t have my size in store, but said I could order online. However when I tried on a 36DD sister size, it felt like it’d be supportive once I got the correct size.

    2. I would also try Lane Bryant they have some styles in34DDD especially unlined. also try 36DD set to the far inside hook. Good Luck Bra shopping is the worst

    3. Thanks ladies. I do like Wacoal. Lane Bryant is an interesting suggestion. I will check them out. I do have some Soma too.

  2. This sale must only be on specific items. I keep a good bit of “pending purchases” in my cart to watch prices, as amazon prices do fluctuate. Nothing I have currently saved seems to be on sale. Maybe it’s just for big ticket items?

    FYI- I recently found these hangers on Amazon, same slim shape as velvet but in a smooth plastic that won’t leave flocking. Can’t wait to try them!
    Quality Hangers 50 Pack Slim Plastic Hangers for Clothes – Heavy Duty Non-Velvet Hangers with 360° Swivel Chrome Hook & Non Slip Notches – Ideal for Dresses Coats Shirts Jackets & More – Black https://a.co/d/9KpQIDU

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