What to Wear: GNO

I’ve been trying to conjure up ways to make my Daily Mom Style posts more interesting and helpful. People have said that I make it look easy, but honestly if y’all could crawl inside my head . . . fashion may be easy for some people, but certainly not me! In fact, I started blogging about fashion not because I felt like an authority, but because I figured I’d share what I was learning along the way and get some advice as I went along.

So I thought it would be fun to show the evolution of an outfit and how it comes together. Once I create an outfit I like, I’m good to go. I’ll wear it again and again; you may have noticed, I don’t mix and match that much. But sometimes getting there takes some effort. For example, this GNO (girls’ night out) look that I wore to go out to dinner with some girlfriends last night.

GNO Outfit

I picked up the top at the CAbi Outlet last week on a whim. I’m a sucker for a black top, and I don’t have anything like this. When I got around to getting dressed to go out to dinner last night, I knew I was going to wear this top. My big debate was whether to wear it with white jeans or dark jeans.

fashion conundrum

I was originally planning to wear it with white jeans, but when I put them on I felt like the proportion was off due to the top being so long. Soooo . . . I went back and put it on with dark jeans, and I switched from the black t-strap wedge sandals to leopard pumps. I really wanted to wear the leopard pumps, but something about that outfit seemed off so I decided to put it out to my Facebook Page and see what advice I got.

Usually when I do this, I get a lot of conflicting advice and end up more confused than when I started, but this time the consensus was about 99% in favor of the white jeans.

I went back and put on the white jeans, but I still wasn’t 100% in love with the outfit. That is when I spotted these yellow wedge platforms sitting in my closet.

yellow wedges

I bought them last year and I’ve only worn them once on account of the fact that they’re so ridiculously high. I can only wear them when I don’t have to do a lot of walking. On a whim I threw them on (I’m glad my chiropractor doesn’t read this blog; he’d have my head!!) and I knew I’d figured out the missing piece to the outfit. For one thing, they seemed to solve the proportion issue, since they didn’t create such a stark contrast against the white jeans. Plus, they are more summery and playful, which worked with the ruffly top. So here’s the final look.

what to wear: GNO

For accessories, I wore my Leaf Chandelier Earrings from Blue Nile and I double-wrapped this delicate necklace from Stella & Dot.


I had the pink bracelet on because I was going to carry my pink clutch, but I didn’t have time to switch bags so I ended up carrying my black and white striped tote. Pink and yellow are nice together though, so I guess it worked. I also was going to wear my blue jean jacket but it was so warm outside that I ditched it and just went as is.

I was probably overdressed for our dinner party, but I didn’t care. Sometimes you gotta go all out just because you can.

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  1. Yes. Please. 🙂

    LOVE this kind of post. Love seeing what the outfits looked like with the other options.

    mama of 12

  2. Love getting inside your head. Isn’t it fun to be able to crowdsource and get feedback, though? I think I should seriously start taking pictures of an outfit before leaving the house. It is so different to really SEE it, you know? Also? Your final result was perfection! Great outfit.

    1. It’s incredibly enlightening to see yourself in pictures. I am kind of addicted to it now! When I’m not sure about an outfit, I take a picture, then upload it and look at it – that’s how this post got started, lol.

  3. Love the post and it makes me feel better about trying on 10 different outfit combos before a night out! Also, I must buy that top!!

  4. Yes Please! I dont dress up Very often but i Have Been inspired by you to do posts like this When i do. Thank you!

  5. Yes, please keep doing these types of posts! seeing your thought process as you choose pieces helps me when I’m trying (and I have to try hard!) to pull an outfit together. Now I’m going to go pull my white jeans out of a bin in the basement because I haven’t gotten my warm weather clothes out yet, lol…

  6. I did it. I bought 2 pair of platform shoes last night . . . in my two favorite colors (teal and coral).

    I totally thought that they would be too “young” for a 50-something. But, since I am updating my whole style due to my 65 pound weight loss . . . my 27 year old daughter told me she thought I should buy this “new” style. (Of course, it’s not really a new style, as I had a pair back in 7th grade, in the early ’70s.) 🙂 I was shocked that this very fashionable daughter would suggest them to me, so I thought, “Why not?”

    I’m 5’6 and hubby is 6’2, so it’s going to be fun being a bit taller, too.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I look forward to Wednesday’s posts. I am 57yrs.old and I’m never sure if I’m dressed too old or too young. You give me ideas.

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